A keyboard is a component of a laptop or a personal computer. As a matter of fact, I’ve not seen any computer without a keyboard. Keyboards are mostly useful when you want to type a document or a prepare a presentation.

If your computer keyboard isn’t functioning well, you would definitely not be able to do anything on the computer, probably only if you want to watch movies or something. This is to say how important they are.

However, keyboards differ from each other depending on the kind of laptop you are using. I remember when my keyboard had an issue, it was really frustrating! I couldn’t even type in my password. Thank God for in-built keyboard. Get yourself the best laptop with sound keyboard tech to avoid having any issues in the future.

This article solely lays emphasis on answering the question “what is backlit keyboard laptop”, most especially what backlit keyboards are and any other important things about them.

Different Types of Computer Keyboards

We have different types of keyboards, with some having some additional features. We have Traditional Keyboards, island style, mechanical switch, Touch and Hepatic feedback and so many other.

Traditional keyboards are those kind of keyboards with keys at the edges. They usually have a small space between the keys. Mostly outdated and replaced by new style of keyboards. I like them because they are easy to type with. Another benefit of traditional keyboard is that it is detachable from its tray, therefore it could be replaced.

Island style of keyboard is a kind of keyboard not really different from traditional keyboards. Although we could say it is a modern laptop with a beautiful view. They have an additional spacing between the keys like traditional keyboards. The only difference is that it doesn’t have sloping edges. This kind of keyboard whenever you use them gives a tactile feedback.

Mechanical switch is a rare kind of keyboard way different from the others mentioned above. It literally has a switch under the keys which flaps when clicked. They usually make a loud noise when clicked. It is not particularly ideal for use in places where quietness is essential like a library. You would probably get sent out.

Touch and Hepatic feedback is a kind of keyboard style in which the keys have no tactile feedback. You just have to activate the keys with a touch. If your keyboard vibrates after activation of a key, then you got yourself a hepatic keyboard.

What is Backlit Keyboard?

A backlit keyboard as the name implies is a kind of keyboard that has a lighting feature. Sometimes, probably your mum doesn’t allow light on after 8pm and you still want to finish up that online game you indulge in every night, a backlit keyboard laptop is definitely what you need to get. It allows for illumination of a keyboard in the dark or dim light.

This keyboard backlit are usually durable and long-lasting. They are made up of mini led light bulbs which are very strong, reliable and efficient. The lighting feature on the laptop also makes the laptop really beautiful at night or when the light is low. Have you ever seen a backlit laptop in the dark? See below.

All laptops do not come with this lighting feature. Some people feel that if you have a lamp held up in the dark you are good to go. It’s an entirely different thing. When using a lamp your shadow might fall on the computer and you might probably not be able to see properly. With backlit keyboards, the keys can be seen properly, thereby making use of keyboard easier and enjoyable.

Backlit keyboards can also be fixed to replace a non-backlit keyboard. All you have to do is get a backlit keyboard that is compatible with your laptop or PC and you are good to go. Well, if your laptop is not compatible then it means your laptop wasn’t designed to have backlight, you could get an alternative to work in the dark.

Top Best Laptops with Backlit Keyboard 

In case, you are thinking of getting a backlit keyboard laptop, we have taken the time to do a little research on the top best laptops with backlit keyboards. We don’t want to leave you hanging in case you want to get one. Check out our list of the best laptops with backlit keyboard.

Benefits of Backlit Keyboard

Backlight keyboards have their advantages as well as some drawbacks. Some of them include:

  • The major benefit of a backlit keyboard is that it illuminates your keys enabling clear vision in the dark. Is it possible to type in the dark? Backlit keyboards makes it possible.
  • Making use of a backlit keyboard makes your computer look cool and beautiful.
  • If you are making use of a backlit keyboard, then your computer is good and updated one.

However, as backlit keyboard as it’s advantages, it also has some demerits. They are usually very costly. This makes it restricted to people that can afford it. Backlit keyboards contain strong mini led bulbs which tells on the battery of your laptop. They use more battery power. It is advisable to use only when there is low or dim light.

How to Turn On/Off Backlit Keyboard

Most backlit keyboards have a key assigned to it on the keyboard itself for turning on and off. Some laptops don’t make use of hardware controls to turn on and off their backlight.

Use of Hardware Controls

  • Some keyboards have some kind of sensor which on touching or pressing the keyboards the light come on and off when it is not in use.
  • Check the function keys (F1-F12), you might see an icon that indicates backlight on one of the function keys. Some laptop brands like HP have their icon on the F5 key or space key.

Use of Software controls

Simply go to the control panel of the computer. Search for keyboard and mouse or just keyboard. Click on the keyboard option. You would see <keyboard backlight> click on the follow the on-screen instructions. When next you’re thinking of changing your laptop, think about backlit keyboard laptop for a whole new experience.

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