This Viewsonic PA503w review highlights the mouth-watering features of the projector and also lists certain reasons why it is a worthy pick, aside from considering the fact that it is an affordable projector. Additionally, its price comes as a surprise to most projector owners.

Our Full Review of ViewSonic PA503W 3600 Lumens WXGA HDMI Projector

Viewsonic PA503W projector is cited as worth the price, based on the fact that it is an attractive one and also user-friendly. In comparison to other projectors which are quite difficult to set-up, this one offers ease. The brightness of the Viewsonic PA503w is also impressive, compared to other projectors, which gives the projector an edge when it comes to purchase.

In addition, our Viewsonic PA503w review informs you that the lamp life has a long lifespan, so you have the luxury of using it for an extended time, without having to make efforts to replace the lamp.

As formerly mentioned, it is very easy to step up this projector. The Viewsonic PA503w comes with the modern SuperColour technology, which offers all users a wide range of colors which can be displayed at and for your own pleasure. Besides, you are exposed to first-hand color precision, without the quality of your picture being reduced, irrespective of the settings of the lighting settings.

Also, the Viewsonic PA503w has a solid connectivity structure, which can work well with almost all media players such as laptops, Macbooks, smartphones and the likes. Hence, I can say that the Viewsonic PA503w can rightfully take its place as one of the best projectors in the market. The features highlighted below verify why my claims are true.


ViewSonic PA503S DLP

Resolution typeWXGA
Throw Ratio1.55 – 1.7
Throw Distance3.28 – 36.02 ft
Brightness (Lumens)3,600 ANSI
TypeDLP Lamp
Contrast Ratio22,000:1
Lamp LifeUp to 15,000 Hrs
Aspect Ratio16:10
Net Weight (lbs)4.9
Dimension (inch)11.6×4.3×8.6
Connector3.5mm Audio in/out, VGA in/out, HDMI, Mini USB


Remarkable Performance:

One of its endearing features for the purchase and eventual usage of the Viewsonic PA503w is the fact that its performance is extremely impressive. First and foremost, its displayed images are very bright, due to the 3,600 ANSI Lumens in place, and also the contrast ratio of 22,000:1, which is quite high.

The combination of these two factors facilitates the production of bright pictures, irrespective of the setting, even in rooms with strong amounts of light.

As mentioned above, the color precision is impressive because of the SuperColour technology. All these features ensure that the colors produced are more notable and accurate in both bright and dark settings. Radiate that rainbow!


The Viewsonic PA503w is also easily accessible when it comes to its handling. It is effortless for you to toggle on and off the projector, by just making use of the settings in place, which are simple to understand. The first setting is the Direct Power On. All you need to do is to set  the power code and click on start. Once you do this step, the projector will start itself, with the power coming on automatically.

The second setting is the Signal Power On. What you need to do in this case is to connect a VGA cable, and it powers on itself when the VGA cable is detected.

Asides from this, it is easy to allot the projector to eight different remote control instructions in the same location, by using one remote control. This operation is an effortless one.

Broad Connectivity:

Aside from being well-suited with a good number of media players, this amazing projector has a flexible connectivity, which includes HDMI and VGA inputs. The HDMI input can be connected to digital HD sources such as satellite boxes and Blu-Ray players.

Also, the available dual VGA inputs are in place for analog sources, while the VGA outputs are used to ensure that the available source is uniform when it comes to display.

Asides the HDMI and VGA inputs, there is an analog audio input and output, with a speaker which is fixed on-board with a rating of 2watts. This speaker is responsible for the high-quality audio, which plays along with the video. What more can you ask for?

Long Lamp Lifespan

The Viewsonic PA503w projector has variable lamp modes, so you have the opportunity of selecting which mode works well with you. For instance, when I tried out the Power Saving Setting, I discovered there was no input signal in place; hence, the projector switched automatically to the Super Eco mode, sometimes, it transferred to the Eco mode.

Once this occurred, energy was saved: it changed to the former from the normal mode when it was left untouched for around six minutes. Also, it did not detect any input signal for around twenty minutes. Moreover, the images became dimmed by 70 percent, which then ensured that the lifespan of the lamp was extended to around 15, 000 hours.

Modern Presentation Devices:

Another beneficial feature of this projector is the presence of modern presentation tools. To start with, there is a timer on-screen, which helps you to manage your time effectively during any viewing or presentation. Once the time limit is attained, there is a signal in form of a beeping sound, which implies that you should stop. Don’t you wish a pizza had that same cue after you’ve gobbled your fifth slice?

There is also a blank timer, which can be employed, to ensure  that the attention of your audience is refocused while a presentation is ongoing. It also allows you to conceal images which are on-screen during different points while presenting.

viewsonic pa503w review 2


  • Amazing performance irrespective of the light in the room
  • The input latency has a value of 16ms which ensures delivery of fast frame by frame action.
  • The SuperEco mode steps-down the total cost of ownership.


  • There is only one HDMI input, and the projector does not come with a HDMI cable.


Having gone through our Viewsonic PA503w review, you’ll like agree that the features of this projector  are worth the purchase. The performance is wonderful, and the features, design, and capabilities are top-notch.

Was the Viewsonic PA503w an eye-opener for you, as it was for me? Hence, you can opt for the projector anytime and be assured of a high-quality delivery.

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