Privacy Policy of Listoftech:

This content regarding privacy policy is putted down on paper to assist those visitors of the site who are conscious about the use of their “Personally Identifiable Information” (PII) online. PII is basically the information that can be used solely or with the support of some other material in order to recognize, contact or locate an individual. Kindly go through this content concerning privacy policy to have a better understanding of how your Personally Identifiable Information is gathered, managed, used and secured at our platform.

Type of Information do we collect from the people that visit our website, blog or app:

When an individual registers on our site, he/she is asked to provide some general information regarding him/her for provision of better services by us.

Phase of Information Collection:

Your information isn’t being added into our directories unless you open an Amazon link for purchasing any product, which takes you to Amazon Marketplace or any of its related department’s sites.

Usage of your Information:

We use your personal info for just one motive gathered by registration on our site, a purchase, a survey response, registering for our circular or website surfing. That aim is “To make your experience more wonderful by refining our system further”.

How is the user info shielded?

We’re only the information providers of technological gadgets, not any personal information in any way. User info is completely guarded when it comes to us for the following reasons:

  • User is never asked to provide private material about him like name, email, credit card number etc.
  • No malware scanning is incorporated in our any platform.
  • SSL certificate isn’t being used.


Cookies are the light documents sent from the site to the hard drive of visitor’s personal computer through browser (if cookies are enabled). It’s not vulnerable in any case because it just assists the website or ISP to identify your browser and get certain information into the database. So your question might be whether we use cookies in our systems or not. The answer is yes. Cookies are used by our systems to recall and process things there in your shopping cart. We also use them to guess your inclinations based on your past and recent activities on our site with an intention of providing you with a better-quality service. Moreover these cookies are also taken under application for the collection and analysis of the overall data of site visitation and interactions. All these things are carried out just to know the needs and interests of users, so that we can offer that kind of services and tools on our platform in future.

Cookies Applications:

We use cookies to

  • Keep track of advertisements.
  • Track the record of our affiliate sales.

It’s not a compulsion imposed by us on you to provide your data for better services. You always have leverage to stop the browser from sending cookies by turning off this option from settings. Each browser has this setting at a different place; you just have to explore it.

What if you disable cookies?

So, what happens when you disable cookies in your browser?

It’ll definitely hinder the browser to send the files, but your experience over the site will also be degraded due to malfunctioning of some of our services.

It also halts our ability to use Amazon Associate Programs. It’s the source of our earning actually.

Third Party Disclosure:

User PII is never traded with any third party for money or any other need without an advanced notice to user. The consent of our collaborators and web hosting partners in making this information private is necessary and we’re not responsible for the consequences in case of any kind of stand from their side. Private information provision to third parties can’t be hindered when it comes to law enforcement, implementation of our policy and protection of our or anybody else’s rights and property.

Non private or general information about site visitation might be shared with other stakeholders for marketing, promotion and other purposes.

Third Party Links:

There are often third party links on our website for promotional or informational purposes. All those external sites have their own privacy policy so we’re not related in any way with the protection of private user info over those sites. Amazon Affiliate links aren’t included in such kind of third party links however for which we don’t take any responsibility.


Our structure follows Google’s Promotional principles very strictly.

No Google AdSense kind of thing is incorporated in our website. However, we’re using Google Analytics Program.

Google itself uses cookies on our website being an external party. Google has got the leverage of serving ads to the user by the use of DART cookies.

Following services are implemented by us:

Demographics and Interests Reporting:

We also collect user interest and interaction data with ad impressions and other ad services along with other third party providers using first and third party cookies.

Users always have the customizing option in Google Ad Settings page to modify the settings of how Google provides promotional stuff to them.

COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act)

Any kind of interaction or information collection from children under the age of 13 is strictly prohibited as per COPPA. Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, ensures the safety and privacy of under age children online by enforcing some kind of regulations on website operators and online services.

Children under 13 aren’t included in our audience altogether.

Fair Information Practices:

This principle is the basis of Privacy Act in United States and the essence of this principle has affected all Information Protection laws around the world. A good understanding of Fair Information Practices is indispensible to meet the informational privacy needs of public.

We’re very keen to stick to this practice/law whatever you say, and we’ll inform the users within 7 days in case of any miscarriage/stealing at our data protection center.

We completely agree with Individual Redress principle according to which user/site visitor is completely authoritative of using legal rights against the data collection/processing centers in case of any breach of agreement from their side. Principle also states that the users don’t only have rights but resources as well to contact law enforcement or govt. investigation departments for taking further action against contract breaching firm.

Can Spam Act

The CAN-SPAM Act is a law implied on commercial organizations. It gives rights to general public receiving promotional mails from companies of stopping such kind of emails. Companies are charged heavily in case of violation.

We strictly follow Can Spam Act after taking your email and you can always email us to remove you from the recipients of promotional emails.

Contacting us:

You can always consult us in case of any kind of query regarding Privacy Policy.