Eager to be on trend with the latest and greatest? Our Optoma gt1080darbee review advises you what you can expect enjoy by choosing it over other projectors.

Presently, it is known as one of the top mediums to receive the best cinematic experience. It becomes a whole lot better, if you have a considerable space to use it. I am not urging you to replace your TV with it, but consider it as a viable option.

However, a TV does not have the ability to attain the viewing dimensions which projectors give. This reason reflects why many people prefer the use of projectors to a TV. Besides, in a cinema, using a projector is considered more appropriate than a big-sized TV. Ready to transform into

Optoma as a brand is known for the production of excellent quality features, also embodied by their projectors. Thus, the Optoma gt1080darbee is one product which stands out among other projectors. There are only few projectors on the market which are gaming inclined, and the Optoma has made its mark in the gaming world.

Optoma Gt1080Darbee

The Design

The Optoma gt1080darbee review has quite a lot to say about its design. It is conventionally known that most 4K projectors are quite massive in size. However, when I encountered  the gt1080darbee, I was pleased to see that a smaller-sized projector could deliver an even better viewing quality. Its weight is also light, which implies that it is a projector that you can effortlessly carry or move from one place to another. If your roommate ditches you or your landlord invalidates your lease, then you still have it!

The cover of the gt1080darbee is white in color, and it comes with a deceptive plastic cover: upon first sight, this image could make you deem it as inexpensive. At the front, the lens is positioned and the focus slider is placed on the top: the same applies to the control buttons, which are fixed in a circular pattern.

When it comes to cooling, there are air vents at the front and on both sides, so it is a settled case. As far as the design in general, I must say that Optoma really knows their users, and the gt1080darbee is really worth it.

Video Quality

This projector comes with a 1080p resolution, which can suffice for an audience who would most likely want to use the projector specifically for the purpose of gaming; Fortnite, Overwatch, LOL and you name it!.  Although, it can still play the role of movies viewing as well. It is however obvious that, the maximum resolution which it offers, is meant for a particular need.

Taking a look at the brightness of the Optoma gt1080darbee, it measures around 3000 Lumens, which works really well if you are in an environment, which is not well lighted. It can also be used in the daytime, but it best performs at night. Night owls unite!

There are different modes which can be used with this projector. In sum, these are as follows: The reference and game modes. They both give the best settings, which eventually produce an excellent result: balancing the image quality produced, the brightness, and a host of others.


At this point, I am sure you would agree with me that the Optoma gt1080darbee review is more of an eye-opener than you thought it would be. This projector has been furnished with all the necessary connections, which are essential for its usage and the production of quality images.

The two ports it comes with are HDMI ports with the version 1.4a. One of the available ports is MHL enabled, which implies that other devices that support MHL can be connected to this particular port.

In addition to this, there are two USB ports: The mini and the standard port. The mini port is used for external storage connection, such as hard drives, while the standard port powers streaming sticks and other devices.

There is also a 3D sync port which 3D glasses can be connected to, since it is a 3D projector. Avatar, anyone?

Application and Operating system

The Optoma comes with a short throw lens, which can be positioned close to the projection wall and still produce a large projection image. The projector also encompasses Darbee processing, which plays its function by ensuring that the image being produced is sharpened, and the contrast is enhanced. Hence, the images produced are more real and have more depth.

There are also some settings in place which are meant for color management, and I would advise that it should only be tampered by those who have experience in color calibration.

For the sound, the audio out port can either be used, or the built-in 16watts speaker. Lastly, there are backlight buttons which can be toggled on and off. In brief, the backlight plays the role of helping with pushing the right buttons, if you are in a room with insufficient light. Think Batman in Boston?

Optoma GT1080DARBEE PROJECTOR review 2


  • The technology is supported by Texas instruments.
  • The video compatibility has a decent number of formats.
  • The computer compatibility is also quite broad, as it cuts across many formats.
  • The zoom type is fixed.
  • It has a weight of 2.66kg.
  • The dimension is 315mm by 224mm by 114mm.


  • The Optoma gt1080darbee gives an excellent picture quality when viewing films and playing games.
  • Considering the features which the Optoma gt1080darbee includes, the price can be deemed as relatively affordable.
  • The processing of this projector is great, as there is not much lag.


  • The Optoma gt1080darbee could produce some light variability due to the dynamic black quality.
  • There is no 4K resolution.


The Optoma gt1080darbee review shows that it is a projector which has a lot to offer, without costing much. The color production and the produced image, is unusual for low-cost projectors.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, the short throw lens which accompanies it, is a pleasurable feature. Therefore, you can enjoy every bit of your viewing of that romantic comedy on date night this weekend (or alone with your dog!).

Conclusively, the Optoma gt1080darbee review validates that if you need a projector which is very affordable, alongside having mouth-watering features, the Optoma gt1080darbee is one you can count on for sure!

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