How many people really know how to use headphones built-in mics on their PCs? If you are one of them struggling through “the sounds of silence,” then you are in the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, I will teach exactly you how to use your headset with a built-in mic on your PC.

Connecting a Headset with Built-in Mic on a Laptop or Desktop?

Headphones are becoming essential parts of any PC because of their ease.

They can be used for communication when you are on a call.

Also, you can use headphones for a better gaming experience, since they enrich the audio output of the games and you to communicate with your friends while playing multiplayer online competitions.

So, why are you lagging behind? You can enjoy all these pleasures as well, but you’ve gotta connect your headphones with your PC first. How do you make that first step?

It is easier to use headphones on a PC than it first seems. All you have to do is to follow this simple guide, and you will get to know how to use headphones with built-in mic on your PC in less than you can make that sandwich!

Before we proceed to the problem and its solution, we want you to learn this simple trick first, so that you will grasp the rest of the article easily.

What are audio jacks/ports?

An audio jack is a kind of receptacle or port in your PC with which you can connect audio devices with your . Audio jacks are separate both output (speaker, headphone) or input (microphone) audio devices.

The Audio jack is the first part to consider. Different Desktop PCs and laptops have their audio jacks at different locations according to the design of their specific motherboards. The standard size for an audio jack is 3.5 mm.

Audio jacks are color-coded: a pink jack is used for audio input using a microphone, while the green jack is used for audio output using a headphone or a speaker.

Let’s proceed and learn some simple ways to connect headsets with your PC.

Connecting via Bluetooth:

You can use your headset on your PC by using a Bluetooth connection.

If your headset has Bluetooth installed, it is easier to connect. You don’t need to worry about the audio cables, so  you can sit back, grab that cup Joe, and chill comfortably with your headphones on.

Bluetooth headphones are a good idea, but they aren’t proven as super-efficient. Actually, Bluetooth headsets are designed for mobile phones, but if it works for you efficiently, enjoy your time. If it doesn’t, let’s try learning some other ways to get you and your headphones with built-in mic on your PC connected.

Connecting Via Audio Cable:

The problem occurs when people try to connect their headsets with a PC using audio cables and then inserting the audio cables into the audio jacks. Here we have pinpointed the problem briefly.

Headsets with separate connectors:

There are headphones that come with two separate connectors: one is for microphone input, and the other for audio output. If you have the same type of headphones, then you are not actually undergoing a problem.

All you need is to insert the microphone connector of the headset’s cable into the pink jack of your PC and the headphone connector of your headset into the green jack of your PC. It’ll have you that “True Colors” song in no time!

Here you go! Your headset will work properly for the audio output via headphones and also for the audio input of the microphone.

What else could be the problem while using headsets on PC?

Headsets with single connector:

Apart from the headsets with separate connectors for both input and output, there are some headsets that come with a single connector for both audio output and input.

The single connector makes you restricted to use only one of the audio input and output at a time while using on a PC.

As discussed above, PCs have separate ports for both audio output and input, so you cannot just them both with a single connector at a time.


The problem of having a single jack headset is common among users. If you are one of them, don’t worry. The solution to this problem is available and is not costly at all.

A headset adapter is the best solution to overcome this problem. They are budget friendly, so everyone can enjoy the best gaming experience and calls with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) using different types of messengers like Skype.

Headset Adapters:

A headset adapter is a small cable with two male connectors on one end and one female port on the other end. It is used with headsets having a single jack for both audio output and input.

Headset adapters are easy to use. You have to insert your headset’s connector into the female port of the headset adapter. Then connect the two male connectors on the other end of the adapter to your PC’s jacks.

Remember, the jacks on your PC are color-coded, so insert the microphone connector of the adapter in the pink jack of your PC (the jack with a mic indication on it). Just that 80s movie, Pretty in Pink!

Insert the headphone’s connector of the adapter in the green of your PC. (the jack with headphone induction on it).

Here you go, now you can both your microphone and headphones at the same time.

How to Find a Headset Adapter?

Headset adapters can be found online easily, but we have listed some reputable headset adapters. You can choose any of them. Headset adapters are not costly and deliver a reasonable solution for everyone.

Maeline 3.5mm headset adapter:

Maeline 3.5 mm is one of the best headset adapter with 3.8 stars on Amazon 611 customers’ reviews.

It comes with a 100% guarantee of crystal clear stereo sound. It has a noodle-shaped cable with a length of 8 inches.

It can be used with any of the PCs having 3.5 mm (1/8″) jacks for audio input and output, which is exactly the same jack size as of your PC. Normally, PCs have the same audio jack sizes.

Maeline headset adapter is available on Amazon or $6.Here you can review and buy the Maeline 3.5 mm headset adapter.

Oldboytech Headphone Splitter:

The Oldboytech headphone splitter provides premium sound with 3.5 mm Audio stereo Y splitter, making it highly compatible for all the PCs, mp3 players, and smartphones.

The Oldboytech headphone splitter is durable as well. It has been rated 4.5 stars on  Amazon; a pack of 2 is available for $9.

Here you can review and buy the Oldboytech headphone splitter.


In this guide, we have learned how to use headphones with a built-in microphone on your computer. Using Bluetooth headphones can also be a solution. In case you don’t have a Bluetooth headphone, headset adapters will surely solve your problem!

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