Every young adult should be familiar with what we call headphones. I have seen people plugged headphones to their PCs even though they might need lessons on how to set up headphones on the PCs. I have walked three blocks across my street and every young person I saw was plugged in with headphones buzzing. I had to get one. Well, at first, I like the “swag” and how it makes me feel. Well, when I got the headphone, I realized its usefulness. You need to get one of these headphones, if you don’t have one.

Headphone Brands

They are exceptional gadgets that can take you away from this world. I don’t mean it would kill you. Don’t get me wrong! Have you ever listened to soul music on your headphone? It would make you feel like the song is directly talking to you. If you have a headphone and you have never felt like this. Get yourself the best headphones that would bring out the quality of the best as well as that of the song. I’ve searched out the top best brands of headphones in the world, some of which are:

  • Audio-Technica
  • Beyerdynamic
  • Sony
  • Sennheiser
  • Shure
  • Grado
  • Bose
  • AKG
  • Panasonic
  • Phillips

If you have one of these “badass” headphones, you are good to go. However, our focus in this article is to enlighten us on the usefulness of headphones, most especially on how to set up your headphone on your personal computer (PC). Stay tuned!

A lot of us are familiar with headphones as well as its uses. You use them on a daily basis- in class, at work, while waiting on a queue at your favorite and just virtually everywhere. However, there might be some usefulness of headphones you have not encountered or explored. I know DJs are professionals when it comes to making use of headphones. Day and night, they are plugged in.

So, Let’s Dive Into Some of the Benefits of Headphones:


Music and work go hand-in-hand. 90% of young adults out there would agree with me. Most times when I want hundred percent concentration on whatever I’m doing, music is my escape route. Headphones now make music more fascinating and enjoyable. I know you have several playlists for different kind of things. Playlist for early morning work-out, yoga, jog, while ironing and many more. Headphones can come in handy, you don’t need to hold your phone or avoid your earbud from cutting.

Music can be a solution to a lot of things and headphones makes it better. Are you a student in a university or college? Or are you aspiring to be one? Get one of these headphones. Some professors might give you audio or video files to study. Headphones would definitely give you the kind of concentration you want. I mean some headphones would literally block you out from the world.


A lot of medical practitioners have warned the young population of the dangers of making use of Earbuds, due to radiation and emission. However, headphones decrease the level at which radio frequency radiation is exposed to one’s head, it reduces the risk involved to a minimum. Well, it is enjoyable as well as safe to use. How cool! You must be aware that you can’t make use of an Earbud in just anywhere, it could get entangled in something or cut. Headphones are more comfortable, you don’t need any wire or cord.

According to some studies by some medical practitioners, it has been established that headphones can help decrease tension in the muscles in the neck as well as reduce risk of having chronic pain in the neck.

Quality of Sound

The main reason why a lot of people love making use of headphones is because of the sound quality, headphones bring out every aspect of the music you are listening to, the combination of beats as well as the rhythm makes it more enjoyable. Headphones have good and quality amplifiers which you can adjust to suit your taste. Its speakers can be held directly on the ear depending on how you want it.

Headphones have a lot of things people use it for e.g. music, health, sports, DJing, playing game, receiving phone calls and so on.

How to Set Up Headphone on PC

It might be an easy thing to connect your headphones to your mobile phones but when it comes to personal computers, it might be a little complicated.

Firstly, to start on how to set up headphones on PC, you need to find a way to connect it to the PC. All headphones have means of connection to the computer, either by making use of a USB cable or a mini plug.

USB Cable

If you are making use of a USB cable for connection, this is easy! First, you have to look for a USB port on your personal computer. Make sure it is not in use, plug the USB cable into the USB port of your PC and also to the headphones.

After doing all these things listed above, your personal computer would automatically recognize your device and start installation immediately. When properly installed and ready for use, you would receive a notification on the right corner of your computer.

Most times, it is better you fix your USB cable in front of your computer instead of at the back.

Mini Plug

Probably your headphone doesn’t have a USB cable but it came with a mini plug. Before you start the setup, you have to check whether the plug is color-coded green, white or pink. A green indicator tells you that is the connector for hearing while the pink indicates a connector for microphone. Just fix it to your computer at the back, Sometimes, the plug is just one.

If you are making use of a laptop, check its side for the symbol of a headphone and fix your plug, installation should start immediately.

Test if it’s working by playing music or video on your PC. In case, it is not working after installation, check if the headphones came with software, if yes, try to install it on your PC.


We have perfectly established the usefulness of headphones in the life of a young adult as well as solved the problem of how to set up a headphone on a PC. However, headphones could be dangerous, it is advisable not to misuse, don’t use while crossing roads to avoid accidents. I hope you have learnt one or two things on how to set up headphones on your PC from this write-up.

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