FM Radio has come a long way since its birth back in the twentieth century. Now you can listen to it in your house, in your car, on portable radio players, and even on your phone. But, you also have AM Radio. You might say, “Well, AM is mostly talk radio, and FM is largely music”. While this is true somewhat (there are exceptions with both), it certainly is not the main characteristic that distinguishes them. In sum, the greatest difference between AM and FM is how the carriers’ waves are modeled, even though they working in the same way and follow the same principles.

But that is some information for people who are really into this domain. For music enthusiasts, you don’t need to worry about that. Simply read our guide on how to play FM Radio on your Bluetooth speaker.

How to Play FM Radio Through your Bluetooth Speaker

With the invention of the Internet, FM Radio has moved to Internet radio. This made it accessible to more people and more radio stations, including international ones. Isn’t it cool to be in Germany and be able to listen to some country tunes from an American radio over the net? We think it is!

Listening to FM Radio on Bluetooth Speakers with FM Tuner

Now, some Bluetooth speakers come with FM Tuners inside them. This can be activated by pressing the “Mode” button on the speaker. That way, the speaker will change between AUX, Bluetooth and FM Tuner. After the FM Tuner mode has been selected, you can use the Vol Up and Vol Down to search for your favorite station. Some speakers will search automatically for the radio station and do not allow for fine tuning.

Listening to FM Radio on Bluetooth Speakers without FM Tuner

On the other hand, we have Bluetooth speakers that don’t have an integrated FM Tuner. For those type of speakers, the use of Bluetooth connection or AUX cord is required. You have to open the FM Radio or Internet Radio app on your smartphone and look for your favorite station. After you’ve found it, simply turn on the Bluetooth connection and pair with the speaker. Or, simply plug in the AUX cord in both devices and enjoy the tunes!

The Advantages of Listening to FM Radio on Bluetooth Speakers

The main advantage of using a speaker is to enjoy music at a higher volume. Sometimes your smartphone might not have the greatest volume, or if you turn the volume all way up, the sound might get distorted. We want our music, not contact with alien species!

Better bass – Bluetooth speakers will offer a better sound quality than the normal phone speakers. With this sound quality, comes a better bass. Enjoy your music at its best!

Portability – You can plug your phone into the wall to have it charged and carry the Bluetooth speaker around your house. This is cool! Or, if you have a Bluetooth speaker with an FM Tuner, you don’t need to worry about using your phone to play radio! The sky’s the limit!

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