You need three things to stream your music to your house: a stream music device, digital music access, and a speaker to stream your music. You can use Spotify as a primary player for your entire home audio system if you are interested. Then, Sonos, Bose, or another connected speaker system is all you require! Easy, breezy!

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service with a list of approximately 30 million songs offering free and paid subscriptions. You can access the entire (with ads) catalog of your mobile device, computer, or video game console free of charge with a subscription. You can enjoy a free music catalog if you upgrade to a paid subscription, skip tracks, and listen offline.

Spotify is a digital streaming music service that gives you access from artists around the world, to millions of studios, podcasts, and videos. Spotify is attractive immediately since you can access content free of charge, either via an email address or through connection to Facebook. It is easy to get started and there is no commitment if you do not like the monthly subscription fees for the Spotify Premium or just want to dip your dog in and test it out.

What Devices Can You Use Spotify With?

Spotify can be accessed via many intelligent devices. You can log in to your account and stream music via your Mac or PC using the Spotify web replayer. The Spotify application is available on devices like iOS, Android, and Windows. PlayStation also offers support for Spotify and the Spotify app support for Amazon Fire TV products.

There is a brief reply and a long reply. Short reply: you can use Spotify with any device that is Bluetooth enabled if you have a Bluetooth speaker. Long reply: you will need a decent speaker system if you want to hear Spotify in every room in your home. You can upgrade it with the Bluetooth upgrade kit, if you have an old stereo kicker, or you can pick up almost any Bluetooth speaker, according to the budget and the quality that you are seeking.

Using Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect is the easiest way to use the Android or iOS application. You don’t have to run a setup routine to stream into a new speaker; if the Spotify Connect device is on the network, then you can see it on your phone. The “Devices Available “message appears at the bottom of the screen, once the app detects compatible speakers.

Use this to list your network players, with a choice of Spotify Connect, Chromecast or even AirPlay / Bluetooth connections.

The Devices icon is located on the right side of the slider when you use the Mac / PC application. Click to find your devices on the network. You can try Settings->Display Devices if the “Devices Available “icon does not appear.

Check whether that device is connected to your network for some reason that does not work. There is no manually added synchronization process. It connects or does not connect. Please note that all network compatible devices, plus those previously connected to all parts of the world, are included in the list. You can do that if you really want to mess at home with your pets.

Using Wi-Fi speakers for Spotify

There are also Wi-Fi speakers that are easier to use than Bluetooth speakers, but this may not matter depending on the size of your home. If you wish to stream music from a speaker in a room, the options above are great. But, what if the music in every room of your home is to be streamed? If so, you would like to see speakers connected in a household sound solution.

You have a lot of options to enjoy Spotify, depending on the immersion of a system you want to create. There are a number of cheap Bluetooth speaker options if you want to have a cost-efficient system and just need to stream in one room of your home. In order to connect each room in your home and control everything from your phone app, start with one or two Sono speakers and add new speakers as you wish.

Using Spotify with Bose Speakers

The speaker system of Bose Soundtouch has been designed for Spotify ‘s work from the box. You can control your music using the Spotify application in your Bose system. This may not sound like a lot, but you can’t do this using other wireless speakers.

When you download the Bose Soundtouch app, you can check which speakers Spotify is streaming to throughout your home, so you can browse through paths using the physical buttons on the speaker, which is quite handy if you stream Spotify from an office computer, but want to change the path while you’re inside the kitchen.  Pancakes, anyone?

Using Spotify with Sonos

Spotify is also greatly supported as an entire home music system by the Sonos family of speakers. Sono speakers use the existing Wi-Fi from your home to create the SonosNet, a wireless network that Sonos speakers use to communicate and share audio.

The Sonos Controller app integrates Spotify, enabling you to add music, build playlists, and control the music playing in which rooms. You can control Sonos on any Sonos device with the physical buttons, so you can track your device even if it resides in a room other than the speaker.


If you are looking for an integrated whole-house audio experience, upgrading to Spotify premium will give you the most control over your music; however, if you plan mainly to manage your music on your phone by using Spotify, and you keep your phone most of the time in your pocket, you might not be asked to pay for the upgrade.

To find out if Spotify works for your whole home music needs, start by testing Spotify ‘s basic audio system version and sign up for a Spotify Premium Trial free of charge. Let us know which audio works best for your home, and let us know which speakers you use as you get your jam on!

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