You have a Pandora account, and want to mask the annoying sound of your vacuum cleaner as you whip your house into tiptop shape. What’s the best plan of attack? You can achieve this goal in several ways, whether you convert your existing stereo to stream music (yes, that’s a thing) or you connect some wireless speakers to your computer, phone, or tablet. You can do this either way.

Pandora is a great way to enjoy your music. It also has solid support for Sonos speakers, making it even groovier!

What actually is Pandora?

Pandora Radio is an advisory and streaming music service is only available in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. It works by playing the same music as your favorite musician or song. You can hear your own station, a generic, pre-made genre station, or stations made by others, based upon your own preferences.

On the PCs, Windows 10 mobile devices, Android devices, and iOS devices, Pandora is running. You’ll hear up to three ads every hour, and ads appear on the application interface. Pandora can be used freely. Free users can’t skip the number of songs; but if they pay the subscription, they can. Plus, paid users don’t receive any advertisements. Maximize your time with Post Malone, Travis Scott, or Halsey!

No genre, user connections, or ratings concept has been developed for Pandora. It does not matter. It takes a rather radical approach to provide you with a personalized selection when you create a radio station in Pandora, which analyzes the music structures of your favorite songs and plays other songs with similar musical characteristics. Copycatting never looked so good!

Listening to Pandora on Bluetooth Speakers

You can pair with any Bluetooth capable device, and there are a number of excellent Bluetooth wireless speakers available. On almost all phones or tablets and many computers, Bluetooth is available. However, Bluetooth technology has certain limitations. One is its small range.

Bluetooth operates well for distances between less than 15 and 30 feet. Such a short distance may work in a small apartment, but support for a whole house is insufficient. Another is the loss of quality for audio played on Bluetooth.

This makes it difficult for a Bluetooth connection to obtain really high-trust audio. Finally, you can only connect to your favorite Reggae channel on the Pandora device at the same time–not as useful when your significant other or roommate is using your phone.  Talk about bad romance?

Listening to Pandora on Wireless Speakers

WLAN speakers, such as Bose SoundTouch and Sonos, are the best way to go if you really want to enjoy Pandora’s experience in your homes. You can receive the high fidelity sounds from the Wi-Fi speakers that you can’t even approach with Bluetooth, with a much larger range than Bluetooth speakers, up to 120 feet indoors and much better audio quality with an unlucky sound codec. Since Wi-Fi speakers communicate via the Wi-Fi network in your home, all your devices can be connected simultaneously.

Pandora has announced that Sonos users now have a similar way to Spotify Connect to directly control their hardware via the Pandora app. However, unlike Spotify Connect, the app lets you control your Sonos system, no matter which levels of subscription you have–even the free level is working.

The application allows you to play and select speakers, group and ungroup, to check where your music plays, and to adjust the volume. Pandora Premium can perform any song, album or playlist on your choice of speakers.

Controlling SONOS Speakers with Pandora

You will be able to manage your Sonos speakers from the Pandora app, once the update has been received. You will not only be able to play music from the Pandora app, but you can also use it  to group and unbundle speakers, move music from one room to another, increase or decrease volume, etc. This should make playing your favorite music easily, without having to jump between various apps constantly.

Pandora can also be controlled on Sonos with your voice using Amazon’s Alexa Assistant, provided you have the new Sonos One. Or you can allow a friend, as long as you are connected to your Wi-Fi, to take over DJ duties with the Pandora app on his or her own phones.

In order for you to listen to on-demand songs and albums (as on Spotify or Apple Music), Sonos also adds support to Pandora Premium as part of the update. Until now, only Pandora automatically generated radio playlists were supported by speakers of the company.

This is good news for everyone who prefers to choose every song for himself or herself, instead of relying on the algorithms that are sometimes shaky in the company. Shake it, don’t break it!

You can only play music with your voice using Amazon Alexa. Put Pandora as your default music service and then ask an artist or your favorite station to turn it up, stop, or skip it.

Final Words

One of the most renowned Streaming Music names, Pandora continues to evolve into a modern music service. The firm has simply moved its car to the sometimes-questionable Music Genome Project for far too long, yet this recommendation engine was insufficient to prevent Spotify by offering attractive and innovative features.

Since its premium schemes, Pandora has come a long way in offering a number of decent competitive features, new streaming music subscription levels. However, the new options still do not provide enough for users to move away from the top players.

I would strongly recommend Pandora Premium for long-term Pandora Radio users. It has many new goodies in a familiar setup. Also, new service from Pandora for a test drive should be taken from subscribers to other premium services. It might not be fit, but it can still be worth your time and consideration, depending on your preferences.

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