As our computers and tablets deteriorate, our phones become thinner. In turn, we find ways to reduce our technology for the better, so we popularize mobile Bluetooth speakers. For many people, it is much more diversified than huge floor models that require a mover and an electrician to help. As a result, the appeal of a small speaker can be moved, re-positioned, or moved on a whim.  House hunting, anyone?

Although I exaggerate a little here, it is certainly true that our music devices are just as portable as our beloved song in our phones. That’s why the setup of mini home stereo systems with two or more Bluetooth speakers is becoming increasingly common.

Follow These Steps to Connect your JBL Speakers Together!

  1. Turn on the speaker and connect it to your smartphone. To do that, turn on the Bluetooth connection on your phone and pair it with the Bluetooth speaker. The speaker should “beep” when the connection is established.
  2. Start playing some music on the first Bluetooth speaker.
  3. Now, press the Connect or Connect+ button on every speaker you want to pair. This button should have an hourglass logo on it. Once you press it, the button should light up. After 20-30 seconds, all the speakers should be connected.
  4. Enjoy the music on all your speakers at once!

Some speakers, like the JBL Flip, will allow you to either turn your speaker pair into a stereo, divide left and right channels, or keep it playing the same thing. It’s up to you; you should check to see if the speaker you have (or get a speaker) has the stereo option, if that’s a critical feature. It’s also good to note that with some brands, the pairing process sometimes needs to be repeated each time you use it.

Most smart devices can only synchronize one or two other items with Bluetooth. It is a need, which all of us knew, but never really thought about: to create a centralized hub and broadcast music anywhere, such as your other smartphones or your existing Bluetooth speakers. Get in synch, and not the boy band!

What are the advantages of using multiple speakers at the same time?

The main reason people want to pair multiple Bluetooth speakers together is to improve the sound quality. More speakers mean better and louder sound. Instead of having a group of people gathered around one set of speakers, you can have multiple speakers playing in sync at the same time.

Another merit is the ability to generate an awesome sound surround system. Having a group of Bluetooth speakers connected at the same time can be turned into working as a fully functional sound surround system. All you need for this to work is to have the right setting applied to each.

You can set the amount of volume that goes to each speaker. You can pair multiple Bluetooth speakers to work in separate channels. In this manner, you can control the volume of each channel. This can also be used to control what sounds each speaker is playing. You can set some speakers to work as tweeters, able to only play high frequency sounds, or the other way around, to have them play only low frequency sound, like woofers. Ready for that early Mardi Gras party?

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