Almost everyone carries smartphones in today’s wireless technology world. That means that nearly everyone can access their favorite music on the go. You may want to listen to it any time or anywhere if your mood strikes, if you are already carrying music with you. Perhaps you are already carrying a set of headphones as well?

If sometimes you want to share your favorite music with other people as well, what can you do? There is a Bluetooth speaker here. They are not only portable but can also be wirelessly connected to your smartphone or laptop devices, thereby saving you messy cables and clumsy moments. Stop tripping, okay?

We’re here to help! A USB AC adapter connects to the ac outlet or built-in battery connection is used to operate the Bluetooth speaker. But it still means that you must bring a loader with you for your speaker.

Are you sometimes searching for a wireless way to go? Or you may be here because your charger can’t be located or it is MIA? We can help, regardless of the reason. Instead of using a boring old charger, the following are some cool ways to charge your Bluetooth speaker:

1. Using your Laptop

The carrying of a micro USB cable is always easier. In addition, you might have some additional micro USB cable hiding somewhere anyway in your home. The bigger side of the cable is connected to the USB port of the laptop, and the lesser end of the cable is connected to the DC IN 5V jack. You can see that you’re charging your Bluetooth speaker. In general, when charging, a red lead lights up and when the charging is done, it may turn off or the light might turn green.

But remember, before plugging your Bluetooth speaker into your laptop, make sure to turn it off. This way you can extend the battery life of the speaker.

2. Using a Power Bank

Got the power like that 90s song? There are many online platforms for charging your Bluetooth speaker that sell power banks. This is a portable option: and when your talker is out of charge, you don’t have to worry about finding an electrical outlet.

The smarter the device, the greater the battery use. If you want to use them in full on a single trip, you absolutely need to be able to charge your devices. All require some time to power up and unfortunately, there is no power outlet. Yes, as we live in a world of mobile electronics, as we already know that power banks are important to us. The battery life of our beloved phones is outstripped by the time we spend using them every day, so Power Banks became increasingly popular. But are we actually aware that many more devices can be charged? The majority of battery packs charge devices via USB.

Portable Bluetooth speakers are very convenient and comfortable to use. They include a battery so you don’t have to keep them plugged in every time you want to listen to music. Nowadays, Bluetooth speakers can be charged via power banks or they can act as power banks themselves. All you have to do is carry a power bank alongside your Bluetooth speaker and enjoy the music without fearing that the battery will run out. Energizer Bunny to the rescue!

3. Using a Car Phone Charger

Car phone chargers have come a long way, and today you will never find a car without one. It is a small piece of tech that plugs into your cars cigarette lighter port and provides a decent 5V output. 5V is what you need in order to charge your Bluetooth speaker. Simply plug the phone charger into the socket and plug your speaker in via a USB cable.

4. Wireless Charging

If you do not want to have to stem and plug from your charger constantly, then this is an option for you. A lot of new, innovative wireless technology can charge your Bluetooth speaker. Check your model Bluetooth and see if the wireless charger is supported. A suitable one for your speaker can be found online.

5. DIY Wireless charging

Perhaps you might make it yourself if you can’t find a wireless charger for your speaker. DIY, dude? It can be somewhat complex and technical, but you can do it yourself with the right instruction.

6. Using your Phone Charger

Bluetooth speakers use micro USB as their charging port, so do most of the mobile phones on the market. You can use your phone charger or charger adaptor to charge your Bluetooth speaker. All you have to do is simply plug it into the wall and into the Bluetooth speaker.

Yet you need to be aware of something. Phone chargers have the same 5V output, but the AMPs may differ. For example, a Huawei P Smart uses a 5V 2.0 AMPs charger, while the old Nokia Lumia 520 uses a 5V 1.5 AMPs charger. You need to make sure that the AMP output is similar, or closely similar to what the speaker likes. Have it too low and it will take a longer time to charge: have it too high and it may charge faster, but it will also degrade the battery.

It’s not the end of the world if you use it once or twice. But you have to keep that in mind.

How Battery Protection Circuits Work?

Bluetooth speaker batteries come with some protection circuit, to some extent. Some cheaper ones may not include this at all (that is why we mentioned on the laptop charging to not use the speaker while charging). These protection circuits will ensure that the battery stays healthy and does not explode while in use or while charging. They will disconnect the battery from the circuit when the battery is almost empty and y will slow down the charging process once the battery is fully charged. This way they can prevent any overheating of the battery. Be hot, not battery hot!


Hopefully, you’ve received a good idea of how to charge your Bluetooth speakers with no charger since you are at the end of this article. By the end of the list, you can certainly do something to make the music journey a bit more fun and enjoy it with your Bluetooth speaker. The power is yours!

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