According to your computer’s life, it is expected to last for four years. After four years you are advised to replace it.  This will only be based on your cost analysis and the average time your laptop will take to wear out its internal parts. How often should you replace your laptop will be determined by how you use your laptop. That is if you use your home desktop many times than your laptop. Then you might use your laptop for five to six years. Maybe you use your laptop when traveling for trips or only when in bed. You could be extending your best laptop for your needs lifespan.

How Often Should You Buy a New Computer?

It would be, when your laptop is getting old and does not meet your requirements. For example, if you love gaming and the laptop you bought did not have the best processors; you might need to buy a new one very soon. If you are purchasing a laptop for gaming you will have to use complicated graphic programs and processors. You could use your laptop for few more years if you only work with Microsoft office applications.

Even though that isn’t the only reason that will make you buy a new laptop. There are several factors that will force you replace your current laptop. I will discuss the factors that will help you make a decision when should you get a new laptop.

Do you really need the new laptop?

You may have the excitements of using a new laptop with the new portable design which is the thinnest in the market. The question that should ring in your mind is, do you really need it?

A personal laptop is a big investment and it seriously requires thorough research before making the purchase. First consider the features on the offer. With every new laptop launched, comes with greater power efficiency and other amazing features. But for real you have to ask yourself whether you should upgrade your metallic-silicon case or go for the new laptop. Well the answer to the question will vary from person to person depending on your interests, pocket and usage.

Look at your laptop’s performance

If your laptop delivers all your needs without any compromise then why would you need a new laptop? You need to understand the reason manufacturing companies incorporate new features is to boost up their sale. So you might not need the new metallic-silicon case with an expandable RAM and a high tech Intel i7processor, that high sped is not good for you especially if you only work Microsoft office apps.

Operating systems

One may need to upgrade operating systems. Maybe you can replace your laptop if the operating system upgrade does not match with the hardware specifications. For example windows 8 does not run on older laptops, you will not have another choice but to upgrade to a new laptop to protect your information because computers without new operating systems are less secure.

Charging problems

Numerous laptops have problems with charging systems. The reason behind this might be a damaged cable, a dying battery or probably the socket you are using to charge. The good news is all these are replaceable. What you need to do is detect the problem rather than replacing the laptop.

Display screen

The cracked TFT screen may hinder you not perform any task. Or you may have a fuzzy screen the solution to this is to clean the screen with specified cleaners and sprays that are made for laptops or if the screen is cracked go for a screen replacement. All the measures I have mentioned are both pocket-friendly than getting a new laptop.

Declining speed

Any laptop speed is determined with the CPU and RAM. If you find it hard replacing damaged RAM and CPU. The better option is to go for a new laptop rather than upgrading the RAM. Because expansion of RAM I tedious and complicated in laptops.

Blue screen

If you happen to see a blue screen on your both laptops you have owned. That’s a clear indication of how long should you keep a laptop. That is having seen the blue screen appearing after almost the same time of your laptop’s existence. But blue screen is not always a symptom of your lovely laptop is about to crash and burn. Signs of your laptop is crashing is if it is constantly overheating. If you place your laptop on bed covering fans from doing their job, it may lead to overheating. This may damage internal components necessary for well computing. And if this happens, obviously you will need to buy a new laptop.

Slow boot-up

When booting process of your laptop is taking long then it means something is actually dragging your computer down. It does not take long for fresh laptops to boot up or shut down. So if your computer is taking long to start up and significantly slow for the first period of operation. Then definitely it is the time to buy a new laptop. Or maybe your laptop is running out of RAM. And replacement of RAMs may destroy your motherboard after determining your memory is low. So it will be advisable to read your motherboard’s manual to determine how much RAM your system supports. And if you have hit a memory ceiling you will definitely need a new computer.

Software upgrades

Now if you own a laptop you know that you’ll have to keep up with maintenance. Always have an updated virus protection, always clean your keyboard a fan slits regularly. And pay attention to any issues that crop up often. They are fixable. But if you are running into these common issues often you will need to replace your laptop.


Anyway, always consider what you do with your current laptop. If your laptop is working properly, runs all the applications and accesses all the services you want without any issues, you might as well as keep it. How often you should replace your laptop is when you notice your current laptop doesn’t meet all your needs. What you need to be assured of is even if you buy a laptop today. Tomorrow there will be a better one with performance promises and all kind upgrades.

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