There is no universal taste for everybody regarding music preference, but all of us are interested in finding the perfect sound system for our favorite tunes– or for to own a perfect sound system. The perfect sound system doesn’t have to be the best sound system; instead, it simply has to fit our own requirements and our own lifestyles. For many, a portable Bluetooth speaker is the best choice, and it’s a good idea to sit back and carefully take your options into account with a wide range of choices. A bit like choosing your favorite ice cream flavor without the melting mess!

The Harman- Kardon Onyx Studio 2 is a Bluetooth speakers system that needs serious attention when looking for sound quality at an affordable price. Although the retail price is approximately $400, it is often found for less than $200 on sale, which is a substantial saving. Regardless, it is still very good for the money because it makes a very impressive sound.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2 Rating

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Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2

ConnectivityBluetooth, Wireless
Hands-Free FunctionYes
Build-in MicrophoneYes
Speaker Channel TypeStereo
Battery Recharge Time5 Hrs
Battery Run TimeUp to 5 Hrs
Dimension (in)11.02 x 6.34 x 10.24
Weight (lbs)7.52

Balance in everything

The best Bluetooth speaker systems come with multiple speaker drivers to produce everything from a quality system that most of us expect. You have to use the tweeter to make three sounds, passive heaters for these center- level colors, and deep bass subwoofers that are great for those drum tracks. This Harman- Kardon system has two woofers, two 0.75 inch tweeters, and two passive heaters for a complete, rich sound, all of which are designed to specifically address these matters. The end result is that your music sounds like its creator wanted– moving and powerful. The lows are maintained with a single bass radiator and enhanced with strong, deep bass kickings to the table. Every thump and bump on your bass is felt and you can truly say that every kick has a lasting oomph!

Onyx Studio 2 has an integrated lithium-ion battery, so you can bring it anywhere with you. It should be played when you leave. It will take you approximately 5 or 6 hours; not bad but rather a little deceptive compared to some other Bluetooth systems. On average, the majority of Bluetooth speakers with rechargeable batteries last 8 to 10 hours, and even systems continue to play for up to 14 or 15 hours. When you compare the battery performance of this speaker with some of these competitors, it is a bit short. Hey, it works for Tom Cruise!

Small But Powerful

I am always amazed when I meet a small speaker who presently produces a sound level that just puts your hair on end. I had an old Pioneer stereo system in the nineties and I thought it was pretty impressive. However,  when I look back on it now, it sounded like the Harman- Kardon Onyx Studio 2 with its large number of speakers and its expensive amplifier system. This little speaker is only 15W, but it can amplify that sound on four channels to produce 60W strong sounds using technological tricks. When you think about it, it’s quite impressive stuff. Want the right stuff, too?

Some Extras

Bluetooth speaker systems were designed to play music from an MP3 player in the early days, for one thing, and only one thing. Today, Bluetooth speakers can achieve many more options, and Harman is no exception to this model. This speaker has a built-in component, which allows it to be used in combination with your smartphone as a crystal clear speaker system– it is simple to configure and a great additional function. The speaker also features a USB micro port to connect your devices directly if you do not want Bluetooth to play music, and software updates can also be used.


It indicates that it could last 5 hours of continuous replay with its 2600mAh( 3.7V) rechargeable Li-Ion battery. However, it could only lasted less than three hours after playing non- stop music through Bluetooth streaming. The parameters include 85 percent Bluetooth playback during song playback by Spotify. It offers a no battery indicator, so users won’t know when the juice is going to go out. The same applies to charge because you wouldn’t know whether or not the equipment is fully loaded. We just left it unplugged until we needed to take it elsewhere and the only time we unplugged it out of the socket.


In addition to the limited battery life, we mentioned that this speaker has several other problems. At about 7 pounds, it is a little heavy; it is not ideal to throw in your bag. It’s still quite portable. The one thing that surprised me really about the speaker is that it has no auxiliary port. Although Bluetooth is used for most devices these days, many of the best Bluetooth speaker systems are still available for compatibility with older devices with an auxiliary port. In my view, this should definitely be included by Harman- Kardon.

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Final Verdict

The Harman- Kardon Onyx Studio 2 is a Bluetooth speaker system designed for impressive sound quality in your room. Its sound driver combination produces 60W, more than enough for most people. Also as a bonus, the speaker and a rechargeable battery make it fully portable. For the backyard summer grills, if you’re looking for a great Bluetooth speaker. Grab your brats and deem this as the right choice.

A worthy upgrade from the old model, Onyx Studio 2 now has AUX functionality if you simply opt for a wired connective system. We also liked it to have its own battery, so it doesn’t fully rely on a socket and can easily be transported from one room to the other.

As for the sound, we liked it, even if its volume cranked up, so it could produce clear audio. Thanks to the radiator, which adds oomph to each drum kick, the bass is also very impressive. One thing we find it a little lacking here are the high points, which, if you ask us, can still be improved.

However, if we had one critique, they would have asked us to know how much battery it would be no battery gauge on the Onyx Studio 2. It shows no sign that the battery is indeed charged or when it is fully charged. Therefore, it can just die on you without giving up heads after extended periods of playing music.


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