Often wireless or wired routers can cause networking problems. The cause for this is, either because the thought of choosing the correct router didn’t cross your mind or you were simply unaware on how to choose one. Selecting a fully-functioning router is incredibly important, thus, the provided list by our experts and professionals of best wireless routers 2018 will assuredly save you a whole load of headaches and tantrums in the time to come.

Take full advantage of this list of 2018 wireless routers, with the fastest networking speed along with wide range of internet connection. Enjoy the increased mobility, scalability, and productivity at its extreme potential, without a single word of complaint.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Wireless Routers 2018 Buying Guide below before making any purchase.


Best Wireless Routers 2018


Ever heard of Netgear pals? It’s not a scientific term; it’s an American global networking organization actually, which is in the 5th gear of developing quality networking gadgets for the consumers. Quite Amazing! Umm? You’d probably be drained of finding a durable and efficient gadget for your network. Your needs are just catered here in this device ladies and gentlemen, Netgear Nighthawk X4s router is your savior.

I’m gonna list down some of its important features to put you at ease in finding one of the best long range netgear wireless routers.


You know what “Design” of a router portrays? It depicts class, mates! It’s because nobody believes in eminence of a product anymore unless it’s visually appealing. Based on people’s interest in this particular section, Netgear hasn’t broken the mold and fabricated a fascinating and eye catching device in the form of Nighthawk X4S.


Hardware is positively the backbone of every technological instrument. Have you experienced faulty hardware in the gadgets of your daily use? If yes, your approach will be so careful now in buying a technological item. Isn’t it? This sense of fear should come to an end my friends. Your plane just landed on the most suitable airport because hardware of this Netgear’s device is pretty strong.

The black angular framework processes 1.97×11.22×7.26 inches hardware with four detachable exterior antennas. Five network (4 LAN and one WAN) and three peripheral (two 3.0 USB and one eSata) ports, dual core 1.7GHZ processor, 256 MB RAM and 512 Mb flash memory, all contribute towards the powerful hardware of the item.


Gone are the days when the user had to read complex and lengthy installation procedures. People need plug & play features now. Netgear just got this aspect covered for you. This product is configured with a Wi-Fi network (information printed under the product). All you have to do is to connect the WAN to a broadband modem and switch it on. And that’s not it; Network customization can also be easily done. This is also termed as WiFi modem router.


The Multiple User-Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) is the new trend that sets the X-4S aside from the X4. By the use of this technology, a more efficient connection is provided to each client as the feature ensures that multiple transmissions to different Wi-Fi clients are sent concurrently.


Do low range signals, connection errors, slow speed and such kind of issues in your device infuriate you?

Well, don’t trouble yourself anymore, because all your worries and tensions are gonna fly to skies, courtesy of this amazing instrument.This product has surpassed many big fishes in the domain of networking in the aspects of quality signals and excellence.


Are you obsessed with low range wiFi devices?

You don’t have to be anymore and I am not joking my fellows. What else can somebody require than 105Mbp score on 2.4 GHZ band in close-proximity test and 52.3 Mbps on 30 foot test? That’s not all; this device is on fire on the 5GHz band with a score of 786 Mbps at close proximity and 538 Mbps at 100 foot test.


  • Four-stream (4×4) Wi-Fi Architecture
  • Open VPN to access home services
  • Mu-MIMO technology
  • Easy installation
  • Dual 3


  • 0 USB
  • Slow performance
  • Bulky design
  • Expensive


Of all the Nighthawk routers I’ve reviewed, all things considered, the X4S is the best. The new router is super fast, has a long range with stable signals. If you have around 10 or so active Wi-Fi clients in a large home with a fast Internet connection, this router is a great choice.CNet

There are certain points that need to be considered before buying this router. If a person can afford this router well then it is a good option. Ultimate choice is yours.


Best Wireless Routers 2018


TP-Link, a Chinese manufacturer of computer networking products, is known to produce the top-notch products in the said field. The Talon AD 7200 also happens to be one of those wonders. Being lauded as the world’s fastest router, this product here will put an end to all your worries and tensions fellows.

Let’s discuss its features in detail to know why it is called as one of the best buy wireless routers.


Although you can’t judge a book by its cover but what if the cover is like the summary of the book?

The AD 7200 has a boxy yet elegant design. Although, it has eight adjustable antennas, yet these aerials can be folded into the cutouts on the top panel to give it a distinct look. To avoid over-heating, the top panel comes with vents. To top it off, the panel also has LED indicators in front row.


You always want the hardware of a product to be the best, don’t you?

That’s why, the AD 7200 is powered with a 1.4 GHZ dual core processor. 2.4 And 5 GHZ streams are linked with Qualcomm’s QCA9980 chipset, whereas, the 60 GHZ radio is driven by QCA9500 chipset. This is not it, it also offers MU-MIMO supported 802.11ac network on the 5GHZ bandwidth.


From an extremely user-friendly interface to multiple menu-options, the AD 7200 has everything you can ever wish for lads. Gone are the days when you used to spend so much time in activating the device. The user is free to choose from the basic or advanced menu, but can also give priority to certain devices upon the others. To add icing on the cake, AD 7200 has a plethora of fascinating features like parental control, port forwarding, dynamic DNS, VPN, all are here to make your life easier than ever.


Talking about the performance, Talon AD7200 has no match when it comes to swiftness. It is the world’s first router which is 802.11ad enabled. It can not only broadcast a single 2.4 GHz or 5GHZ, but also 60 GHz. Super-fast is what you want your Wi-Fi router to be.


Lethargic transfer-speed always blows your head off, doesn’t it?

Well, here’s a quick fix mates. You can now transfer data up to a rate of 4,600 Mbps at 60 GHZ network and 1733Mbps at 5GHZ. In addition to that, the 2.4 GHZ offers up to 8Mps. In a nutshell, the combined transfer rate is 7200 Mbps-giving the product its name.


Handling technical stuff has never been your thing?

Don’t be bothered, Tp-link has it covered because their team is ever-ready to help, when you need help. But you aren’t gonna need anyone’s support because this instrument will itself assist you in the best possible way. To top it off, the product also comes with a 2-year warranty.


Who wouldn’t want to download hundred photos in less than a second or an HD movie in forty seconds or an entire 4k movie in less than ten minutes and that too all over the Wi-Fi? Well mates this has to be the best deal for you as it has excellent streaming speed.


  • World’s first wireless AD router
  • Fastest to support 802
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Easy to install
  • Faster Wi-Fi


  • Bad quality connection
  • Poor signal strength
  • Expensive


Well lads, if you think you got to need the best product. You got it. The reliable and easy to use Tp-Link is here at your service. To get the best, don’t think and just get this one, it surely has the ability to match your requirements.


Best Wireless Routers 2018


Amped is a computer and accessories development firm ranked number 1 in the fastest growing computer hardware companies recently. Company is introducing to you a very user friendly and multi featured device which stands out; the “Athena MU-MIMO” never fails to impress its buyers. If you’re hunting for a wireless router with classy features and a beautiful design combined with an extraordinarily fast processer, you are looking into the right place chap.

Let’s peep into some specifications and key features of this item which have been breaking records lately.


Are you a style lover and like to buy everything glamorous and classy?

This gadget is the best of both the worlds. The design of this device is remarkably compact as it could easily sit flat on the table but either could be fastened on the wall.


Wanna own an efficient portable Wi-Fi router dude? Not a problem anymore.

Wireless nature of this product is the principal feature of it with its full charms and fascinations.


Looking forward to a smoother and better internet experience?

Well, this device has a dual core 1.4 GHz processor for you which will provide you a good environment of heavy tasks when connected to various gadgets.


Athena MU-MIMO makes your experience worthwhile as it is designed to offer extraordinary, fantastic coverage, reliability and speed to the most demanding networks which are connected to many gadgets. What else do you need anyways?

Do you love multitasking or do you need multitasking? Do your tasks need fast processing? Can you lose in your competitive environment due to a weak network?

Of course you never want to. Good news for you pals. MU-MIMO technology in this product offers you multi-tasking features such as multiple users, multiple outputs and multiple inputs at a time. Get your hands on this tech miracle before Elvis left the building.


Are you tired of all notifications of full memory storage or like that?

Here’s the magic buddies. You don’t need to worry about it anymore. Because this item offers 128 mega-bites flash memory storage and DDR3 system memory of 512 mega-bites which doubles the rate transfer of data in it. I’m not joking lads, believe me. Despite that, this item also consists of two USB drive ports, one supports USB 3.0 port on the right side and the other one supports USB 2.0 port on its back. These all will provide a good environment and can be used as host storage devices.


Hey lads! Looking for interruption-free experience?

Amped has made it possible for you, because this Wi-Fi router has four Gigabit LAN and one Gigabit WAN ports on its back which would give faster internet with no interruption to your streaming.


  • More efficient than other routers
  • Easy customization
  • Responsive interface
  • Strong performance
  • 5 GHz performance


  • Does not support media streaming
  • Slow and expensive
  • Fewer features


In the view of my own experience, I would definitely recommend this for you guys. The reason being, uninterrupted data coverage even at low streaming speeds. This is something everyone loves, and I found it very beneficial while using the device, that’s why it’s a reliable and must go product from my side.


Best Wireless Routers 2018


Asus is a $1.3 Billion Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company, which has got its place in top 10 Asian IT companies as well. The new arrival in the world of innovation, design and technology, ASUS N66U has set some astoundingly good records in the market that’s why, it is called as one of the best budget wireless routers.

Let’s take a look at its vast number of features one by one.


Wanna Wi-Fi router with a sophisticated and breathtaking design?

Well, this Wi-Fi appliance has got the potential to satisfy you my mates. Its design is very compact with detachable antennas. It has USB ports, WAN and LAN ports etc. and also a WPS button on it. All these charms make this item an ultimate product.


Are you looking forward to a device which is user friendly in true means?

You’ve landed at right place then. This device is easy to use as all the specifications and buttons are displayed on the gadget which makes the user more comfortable in order to understand its functionality. This is because Asus doesn’t put wool over people’s eyes, rather they deliver.


Wanting a dual-band router which fits your needs just right?

Your wish isn’t gonna be a wish anymore my friends. It’s gonna be a gadget under your use for a long time certainly. This extraordinary product comprises of dual-band WI-FI system with two USB ports and four Ethernet ports, which provides you an access to the USB drivers and printers connected to it across your network. It offers a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WI-FI bands simultaneously and allows the user to option his band which he actually wants to use. I don’t think you expect more from this device. Do you?


Are you tired of dealing with complex interfaces and comprehensive systems?

Let yourselves be relieved and comforted by the expeditious design and interface of this fabulous gadget. The router’s interface is more than good, well-organized, simple and, most important, very responsive.


Don’t you want a multi purposed and smart Wi-Fi router?

Don’t think buddy. Of course you do. Well, now you just have to click on one of the devices to get it connected to the router. These efficient USB ports also give an access the router to the printers through which anything can be printed while searching online.

External storage connection is also very easy to build in this technological miracle. Also, these ports are used as host storage devices which make the device manage downloads itself from different sites. However, this feature doesn’t support downloads from the websites where it needs authentication.


Worried about security and privacy of your network?

This smart Wi-Fi router covers it as well. It’s VPN server supports an adjustable firewall, QoS, and IPv6. This VPN server is useful for creating a secure, virtual private network for users. Must be soothing for you! Isn’t it?


  • Also, works as a VPN server
  • Offers a good coverage
  • Stable wireless signals
  • External Antennas 3x
  • Superb performance
  • True dual-band core


  • USB port doesn’t support USB 3.0
  • Quite expensive
  • Little buggy


All the nice talk boils down to this, that it is an average rated product. The features are good, the people using it are satisfied but yes the bugs are still there. So actually it is up to yourself whethr to choose this one or not but this product got no awesome rating on its hand.


Best Wireless Routers 2018


Linksys is a well-known name when it comes to networking hardware products. The primary router makers, being used by number of internet service providers, have just gotten better. They have introduced “EA7500 Max-Stream” pals, one of the two routers by the company having MU-MIMO enabled. Use it once and you’ll never opt for any other brand, that’s a sure thing.

Let’s have a look at its important features to know why it is called as one of the best buy linksys wireless routers under $100.


Design holds the key in most of the cases. As it is said, first impression is the best impression. Isn’t it applicable here? It sure is. Gone are the days when one had to compromise upon those chunky, angular colossal designs. Linksys presents to you the EA 7500 Max-Stream, a model that is pleasingly built. Its design is stylish and elegant. From its modest matt-black plastic to its gently curved shape, it is one of those products that give you a soothing feel whenever glanced upon.


Hardware, like the design, is also pivotal for making a decision. Whether you want to take it to your home or not, depends to a certain degree on the hardware. You can disagree, but that ain’t happening in this case, right?

The EA 7500 has gotten this aspect covered very nicely. This great device with the dimensions of 257x184x56mm has got everything in it. At the back, one can find the power nod along with three external detachable aerials. They can be moved or removed to find the best spot for signals! Four gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, another port for the modem, two USB ports, WPS, reset and power buttons, all can be found at the back.  The front of the product contains no led indicators and is a relief to the eye.


To be honest, no busy beaver has the time to read those lengthy user manuals these days to set up a product. The ultimate solution to all your problems is here. Setting up the EA-7500 is a piece of cake. Simple as ABC and your device is up and running in no time. Not many brands offer this luxury, but Linksys does with this amazing device. All you have to do is to set everything up and simply visit the link: http://LinksysSmartWiFi.com or from your browser and you are all set to begin. The automated process commences and the device is set up.


Most of us are trend-followers these days; it sounds cool, doesn’t it? Coming to the point, the Multiple User-Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) is the new exciting feature  now. Originally this feature enables this item to send and receive information from as much as twelve gadgets at a time. Mates! Now you can feel the more responsive and faster throughout whenever multiple devices are accessing the same modem. Goodbye to those cranky moods and frustrated heads.


I used to hate my data networking items, merely because of the boring waiting time. I have just found the right device, you will too, soon.  The EA 7500 can do wonders when it comes to transfer speed. The product surprisingly hit a monstrous 60 MB/second read as well as 38.9MB/s write. This is, by the way, much faster than the rest of the routing products. It is an excellent WiFi modem router.


No one wants to buy a router which isn’t capable of providing continuous signals throughout the place. Linksys has here for you a product that with its 1.4 GHZ dual core processor, can do wonders. Who wouldn’t want a router that delivers 1300 Mbps over 5GHZ bandwidth and 600 Mbps over 2.4GHz.


  • Speedy throughput in testing
  • Lots of management options
  • Great storage performance
  • Fastest Wi-Fi speed
  • Wall mounting


  • Pushy towards smart Wi-Fi
  • No Open VPN


Among the cheapest ways to get a MU-MIMO router, the Linksys EA7500 is a great option for large households – such as student digs – or small offices with many users.TrustedReviews

Well this Jumping to the conclusion, I’d say that it’s a must-have product in your home or office, wherever you need. This is an excellent gadget and this is not a random joke, I’m saying by experience. Although it’s specs are not very enticing compared with the competitors, it’s quality and durability is just worth it. So, yes…highly recommended piece of equipment.


Best Wireless Routers 2018


D Link is a Taiwanese Multinational corporation providing networking equipment to consumers since 1986. The long awaited step taken by D link into a new technology of wireless routers has resulted in the D Link DIR-880L Wireless AC1900. This device doesn’t only fascinate you with wireless speeds of up to 1.9 GB per second but it has been coupled with an extremely affordable price too to win you over.

Let’s look at some of the features of this one of the best home use wireless routers.


Are you a design seeker guy/girl?

You must wanna check this. D Link router 880, with three detachable antennas at the back, might just be the product with most eye-catching and appealing design.

It is adorned with an arrangement of LED lights to give it more exciting look. A power port, reset button, on/off button, two USB ports, LAN and WAN ports are few things beautifying the appearance and functionality of the device at the same time.


Tired of the granular menus and complex interfaces pals?

I think D Link has got the answer to your problem. It has adopted a completely different interface for this Wi-Fi router DIR-880L. Its stylish design with drop down menus and category buttons on top is just enough to intrigue any fellow.


Does setting up instruments irritate you buddy?

You should say thanks to this product, believe me. All the hassle you experience in setting up the conventional gadgets is catered in this particular instrument. You’ll finally be free of all the hassle it takes to set things up to get them working. As simple as drinking water.

  1. Connect router
  2. Plug WAN port into broadband modem
  3. You’re set

If you’re looking for any other device for ease of setup, you’re just beating around the bush, believe me. To change settings, you can go to the router’s default IP address and make changes to suit you.


Wanna be able to manage the settings and view router status remotely?

Well, it’s gonna be a good news for you my fellow:

The DIR-880L comes with a cloud feature where users can manage their home network through MyDlink portal over the internet.


You know what’re the perks of a dual-band router?

Well, it allows you to use internet at multiple speeds actually. DIR-880 is a dual-band Wi-Fi routing device which offers up to 1300Mbps on 5GHz frequency band and 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz frequency band. It’s just more than enough for you. Isn’t it?


This technological wonder makes it incredibly easy for you to exercise web-filtering and put controls to screen out objectionable content. Does that not make your life easier? You can’t miss this boat I’m sure. Get your hands on it. This excellent addition to the new D Link routers is one of the hallmarks of 802.11ac routing appliances in the market.


Everybody wants high range wifi devices. Who don’t? You can’t find such a person. DIR-880’s is built just as per your demands. Its range is highly impressive, showing great speed and no distortion for up to 200 feet. That is a notable achievement in the D link series because this is one of the very long ranges recorded by their routers. If you miss it, you’re definitely not playing with full deck.


  • Efficient wireless performance
  • Faster and uncomplicated UI
  • Good USB implementation
  • Smart and attractive design
  • Easy to manage via cloud
  • Wall mounting


  • Features need to be accessed
  • Fairly large in size
  • Large Antennas


This is something astonishing which I came by. I used this new D Link router and I found that they are really making their mark in the field of networking. The people interested in experiencing brand new user interface along with a stout home network should go for this router. This can really be a turning point and yes this is a product that I can rate, ”Must to use”.


Best Wireless Routers 2018


Trendnet is a trend setting networking organization providing award winning networking solutions to the patrons since 1990. If you wanna get hands on a next generation Wi-Fi gadget which has taken the internet by the storm, then stop barking up the wrong tree by looking for Wi-Fi items other than the new TRENDNET TEW-812DRU. It has a dual-band design which allows you to connect 4 main Wi-Fi networks and 4 guest Wi-Fi networks on each band.

Let’s look into some specifications and key features of this device which has turned a lot of heads lately because it is one of the best cheap wireless routers.


Want a wireless router which has the ability to hide in plain sight but still be attractive when put in the spotlight?

Trendnet-Tew-1 is the device you’re looking for, buddies. It’s a small black device with grey edging and nine LCD lights on the front which show activity on its Wi-Fi channels. It also has four Ethernet ports and a USB port as well. That means you get to connect your networked hard drive or even a printer to it.


Looking forward to a networking appliance which comes with a long lasting warranty?

We know that these days, most routers come with a warranty of only two years. Well, worry no more tech lovers, this brand new Wi-Fi router comes with a warranty of three whole years. That says a lot about its durability, doesn’t it?


Hey chum. Are you tired of following the complicated setting up procedures? Say hello to its less-than-five minute set-up method:

The device has an encryption password underneath for gaining access to the router’s network settings. Then all you have to do is log on into its host address portal and connect to the Wi-Fi.


Do you know anybody who doesn’t want a secure wifi gadget?

At least you don’t because there isn’t a person with such concerns. Let Trendnet oblige your wishes by introducing this new feature of the instrument:

With NAT (Network Address Translation) and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall, you can keep persons from logging on, put parental controls and set up weekly schedules for access.


Are you ready to revolutionize your browsing and networking experience?

Glad to provide you the details of this device with a User Interface which is just more than impressive, fellows.

The main page of the Web User Interface shows the connected devices, any attached USB devices, online connection status and the state of the security.


Are you disappointed in the networking horsepower of internet routers you’ve experienced?

Be ready because specs of this tech giant are gonna enlighten you. The 812DRU is powered by an 800 MHz processor. It also has 8 MB of flash storage coupled with 64 MBs of RAM. You can finally get rid of internet stuttering when your family is watching movies on Netflix or streaming online TV shows.


Geared up to blow your mind with a wide range  networking appliance? Read on.

This offers a range of up to 270 feet. Within this range, this device has passed our 48-hour test without any distortions. Our clients did not disconnect with the network for even a second.


  • Impressive features for security
  • Three year warranty
  • Doesn’t require fan
  • Doesn’t get warm
  • Less expensive


  • No wall-mount option for router
  • Poor range performance
  • No advanced features


All of the checking and troubleshooting has finally blessed me with these solid facts that this wireless router is far better than some of very expensive routers in the market. There are, of course, some problems with it but the speed and performance outruns these minor cons. I suggest that this wireless router is an amazing opportunity and all the lads out their searching for durability should hop on board and check this out.


Best Wireless Routers 2018


Are you tired of trying out the new and promising wireless routers which seem to be the best by their look but do not deliver as advertised?

Well, not everything that shines is gold indeed. It’s time to stop judging a book by its cover and get to know about the routers which REALLY work. Asus is pleased to introduce you the best of its products, RT-AC88U, a dual-band router which will not turn you down at all.

Let’s look at some of the features of this one of the best rated home use wireless routers.



Bored of the usual Web interfaces of other routers which are just too technical and difficult to decipher?

Don’t worry at all. This device has been specially designed to interact with its users through its Web interface. No matter if you are a techno-blonde, this device is easy to use and you’ll get used to it within no time.


Who likes interruptions while having fun?

At least I don’t. Making sure that you do not face any hindrances during the quality entertainment, this device is here. It is equipped with eight Gigabit LAN ports with additional support for Dual-WAN. Now, streaming your favorite seasons and watching Netflix won’t be a problem, would it be?


Are you a hardcore gamer with a special knack for your favorite games?

Good news for you. MU-MIMO technology in this device offers you some exclusive and unique features such as multiple users, multiple outputs, which allow you to have the best gaming experience.


Are you looking for a user friendly device which offers you a platform to connect more than one devices with it at a time easily?

Congratulations. You’ve entered the right door actually. This gadget has two USB ports which are indeed helpful to host external hard drives and USB printers. You can now effortlessly connect the hard drive and share data through internet. This tech giant brings everything on plate for you without having to move a muscle.


No one wants their privacy to be breached right?

This device takes good care of that. Having a unique feature of Air Protection, this device is designed to protect your home network against viruses and malware. This outstanding feature thus makes sure that you experience entertainment without any risk.


Looking forward to a smoother internet experience with impeccable speed?

Well, gear yourself up for the most enthralling internet experience with this device. It has a dual core 1.4 GHz processor which will make sure you’re unstoppable.


Are you ready to experience the luxury of owning a device with almost unlimited space?

Well, it’s high time you get a taste of it by using this gadget which has 512MB of DDR 3 system memory and 128MB of flash storage.


  • Smartly Designed Web interface
  • Speedy Wi-Fi performance
  • Fast Gigabit LAN ports
  • Lots of useful features
  • (MU-MIMO) enabled
  • Dual-Band


  • Awkward placement of USB 3.0 port
  • NAS performance is not as good


Hey guys, I would say that yes. You can buy cheap routers but you will not be able to enjoy this expensive router’s speed and creative web interface. These salient features are the reason that makes this router a delicate candidate in our list which needs to be tried essentially. Go for it guys, you will not regret it.


Best Wireless Routers 2018


Crazy for gaming? If yes, then this is next generation gigabit router designed especially for you mates. This is the gaming router which is new in town and is setting new records. Offering stellar and outstanding performance, Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Router offers work on 5GHz band and is affordable for a top-notch home networking.

Let’s look at some of the features of this one of the best long range netgear wireless routers.


Do you prefer devices with a durable built and smart design?

This device comes with a sleek design and is easy to place on flat surfaces. Moreover, three detachable external antennas make it all the more attractive. The skin of this device doesn’t attract fingerprints which make it look clean and appealing to eyes all the time. Smart, isn’t?


Are you fed up of the slow and dreary networking instruments with nothing exciting to offer?

Well buddies, I’m here to pull you out of this pathetic situation and offer you something thrilling. Nighthawk is powered by a dual-core processor that runs at 1GHz, which makes it the fastest 802.11ac router from Netgear and amongst the fastest in the market.


Are you sick of slow buffering?

Worry not friends. I have a solution for you, which is user friendly and multi featured Netgear Nighthawk With built in amplifiers and flexible external antennas, you can get the worthy internet experience even when you’re away from home.
Let’s look closely into this device.


Are you somebody who fills their download folder up way faster than others?

Your problem is going to be solved right now. It’s because this device offers 128 GB of flash memory.  The most exciting feature of this gadget is that when coupled with an external storage device, the  gadget is also prepared for the automatic backing up the data at regular intervals. Cool, isn’t it?


Looking forward to an unhindered Internet experience?

Well, this device comes with a flawless working quality and an impressive speed. On the 5GHz band, it offers up to 1.3Gbps Wi-Fi speed while on the 2.4GHz band, the R7000 offers up to 600Mbps of wireless speed.  Now, you definitely don’t have to be anxious about the slow Internet.


Hunting for a device with USB ports and enough juice to power any portable bus-powered external drives?

Nighthawk makes everything easier for you. From external drives to hard drives of top capacities, this device supports them all and lets you share data via internet in a blink of eye.


  • Great USB network performance
  • Powerful hardware
  • ReadyShare vault
  • Unique features
  • Long Range


  • Slow to apply setting changes
  • Quite expensive


As per my experience, the Netgear is expensive but its qualities and performance totally account for the price of the product. This is a best router for gaming. The mesmerizing speed you get with quality and durability. This makes it a good option if you have enough money.


Best Wireless Routers 2018


Are you a computer geek with a lot to browse on? Or you tired of the slow snail speed internet connections? Do you need a super-fast and efficient device with lower price tag but with high-quality features and advanced coverage to come and change your life altogether?

If YES, then you need not to look further tech heads. The Netgear ac1200 smart Wi-Fi router is here to the rescue. Let’s see what it has to offer you.

Let’s look at some of the features of this incredible device to know why it is termed as one of the best buy wireless routers under $100.


Who doesn’t want a Wifi-router with wider coverage and fast speed? Well, this Wi-Fi router does it all for you. External antennas enable this item to give a broader area coverage which makes it ideal for large homes having more than 8 Wi-Fi devices. Such kinds of features aren’t common, peeps. It happens once in a blue moon and it’s happening in the case of ac-1200 smart wifi router.


You’re lucky to be reading this if you are a gamer chap, because this Wi-Fi router has a processor with impeccable performance. It allows high performance Wi-Fi connectivity which is ideal for online gaming and streaming HD videos.


Do you want to stay aware of what your child is at? Of course you want to. Netgear-ac-1200 is the best of both worlds for you. A growing need of parents from all walks of life is being addressed by Netgear here. Parental Controls let you to be in control and don’t allow your child wander on the face of Internet.


Dual band connectivity is another charming feature of this tech machine which makes it easier and efficient to use. It also supports multiple gadgets like the iPhone 5 and iPad.


You know what’s the best part of this device? It has the Wi-Fi speed AC1200 WiFi-300+867 Mbps. This is the fastest speed you can experience mates, in such a low price.


This outstanding product comes along with “Denial-of-service (DoS) attack prevention” and “Double firewall protection (SPI and NAT firewall)” features which puts the mind of customer at great ease. No need to fret at all buddies.

Do you feel like I am keeping you in dark about the negative aspects? No no buddy, it’s not like that. Don’t worry. Here are some goods and bads of the item.


  • Strong Dual-band performance
  • Makes printer compatible
  • Manages home network
  • EZ mobile connect
  • Share files easily


  • USB 2.0 connectivity is outdated
  • Lack boosting technology
  • Non-removable antennas


For those who want to make the router the center of their digital world, the R6220 can connect a USB printer or hard drive, and its Genie app lets you not only see what’s going on with your network but also make changes. This is the router to get for families that have a hunger for lots of wireless data.Tom'sGuide

Given the low price tag and astonishing high performance of this device, one can easily forget its design flaws. I don’t remember a time arguing about any of the features of this gadget. There is a serious balance between its price and amazing performance. The enhanced coverage and excellent built quality really impressed me. This product has stirred its competitors to bring something bigger and better. Go for it.


So, it was all about best wireless routers 2018 reviews. What did we learn in the end? Let me cut it short for you friends.

The best thing when you look at the above detailed list, D Link DIR-880L Wireless AC1900 is the best d link router that a person can have. It is an excellent solution and lads it will give you all the fast connection and data flow that you required.

Tp-link that you can get your hands on is the TP-Link Talon AD 7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router. This is a fast, accurate and reliable option.

Netgear Ac1200 Smart Wi-Fi Router (R6220) is another option but an option which require more funds.

The TRENDNET TEW-812dru is a nice choice in case of multiple options. The Trendent is a good choice but with a high price.

The ASUS RT-AC88U provides an amazing user interface and offers average speed in the performance. This makes this product the average rated product in our final countdown for WiFi router.

The last but not the least, ASUS N66U can be solution to the problems if you could afford this one. This router has some setbacks as it has bugs but the overall standing of this router is better than the rest. The ASUS N66U is rated at average in the run of best routers.

The above explained conclusion is done in the light of my own research lads. Remember, all we care about is speed so I would say that it is the feature that all of you should peruse.



It is a device with 3 important components embedded in it:

  • Router is a device which manages and guides the data packets between various clients in a networking environment.
  • That’s not all. It also serves as a Network Switch which facilitates in establishing a connection between WiFi and wired devices by taking Ethernet cables under application.
  • Third component of wireless router is the Wireless Access Point which functions to convey and collect wireless signals.


Are you confused between Wireless and WiFi routers? Well don’t be anymore, mates. They’re one and the same things actually, just two names of a single gadget.


Why it’s important to know about this? Why does it matter? It’s because now or then you’re gonna need it.  So why not be ready for your needs? It’s always better to be informed than sorry.

This gadget has got the ability to communicate one internet connection to a bunch of users in a particular area of range. Multilateral applications of this instrument are just very hard to find in any other device. It’s wide and undeniable role in the workplace and domestic networking environment is the primary reason why everybody need to know about this.


Broadly classifying wireless routers on the basis of frequency bands, 3 main kinds appear to be there:


As the name suggests, it has something to do with the number 2. There are 2 frequency bands actually in this particular kind of router, one of 2.4 GHz and the second of 5 GHz. Dual Band routers have 802.11n wireless network standard which enables these technological gadgets to provide optimal internet speed. It’s a wide category of wireless routers encompassing N600, N900, AC1750 and AC1900 gadgets.

So what’s the difference between these further sub types? Are you curious, huh? Well, keep curious and read this content till end. Here you go.

N600 router has got a speed of 600 Mb/s, 300 Mb/s for each of its 2.4 and 5GHz bands. These gadgets are a bit old in the market, that’s the reason, they don’t cost an arm and a leg. It is exceptional for web surfing.

N900 router, as obvious from the name provides a speed of 900 Mb/s, 450 Mb through each of its band.

AC1750 is also a gadget included in the category of dual band routers, which provides a combined speed of 1750 Mb/s. This speed is divided among the frequency bands with a proportion of 1300 Mb/s for 5 GHz band and 450 Mb/s for 2.4 GHz frequency band.

AC1900 is quite a same thing as AC 1750 excluding its 2.4 GHz band, which is allocated with a memory of 600 Mb/s escalating total memory to 1900 Mb/s.

AC1300 wireless is a recent addition to the family of dual band routers. Being the latest ,it provides maximum speed than the rest. 1000 Mb/s speed is provided by its 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band is responsible for the provision of remaining 2166 Mb/s speed.


An extra band of 5 GHz is introduced in this category of wireless routers. Further two types under the umbrella of tri band routers are AC3200 and AC 5300.

AC 3200 wireless router is capable of producing 3200 Mb/s of internet speed which is massive of course. 5 GHz bands result in a speed of 1300 Mb/s while 2.4 GHz band gives the remaining 0.6 Gb/s of speed.

AC 5300 is another router which exists in the class of tri band routers. It’s unquestionably the fastest available wireless router currently with the total speed of 5300 Mb/s almost.


After listening a lot of ACs and bands, this name sounds strange? It doesn’t only sound different buddies! It’s a different thing actually providing some extra functionality in fact.

DD-WRT is a firmware based on Linux designed for wireless routers and access points. It has a range of services which have the potential to magnify the performance of a router many times. Services supported by DDT-WRT routers are Kai Network, Daemon-based services, IPv6, Wireless Distribution System, RADIUS, advanced quality of service and overclocking ability.


A Portable WiFi router is getting popular all over the world. It is like your internet box at your own home. This portable WiFi router is little different from other routers as it has inside SIM card instead of being attached to phone cable. With the help of this portable WiFi router, one can set up his own private internet connection anywhere, anytime, on at least 10 devices at the same time like phones, tablets, iPads and cameras etc.


Technical discussion might be a little less interesting. But here’s is the charm. Let’s talk about the goods these giants of technology deliver to the mankind.

  • As the name implies, “A wireless router”, it ensures the minimization of wires in the whole network. It sounds very soothing for the people fed up with the forest of wires at home and work place.
  • You know what’s the best part of a wireless router? It’s the provision of unique Internet protocol (IP) address to every device connected to it. This functionality ensures the security of your network like a 50 inch thick concrete wall built around it.
  • Network storage expansion is also possible in some advanced routers by connecting external hard drive to them.
  • Some modern latest wireless routers are also launched with the support of DLNA. It basically provides administrator the ability to manage and control file sharing permission over the network hard drive. Distribution of media files is also handled from here.
  • Some other added features of a wireless router include Network Prioritization, Backup servers, Shared printing by usb connection and parental control.


Cost isn’t the main thing peeps but quality is. A balance of cost and quality is rather a most appropriate choice. You know what? There are wireless routers in the market ranging from $50 to more than $400. Cheap wireless routers are of course easy to buy but their functionality and efficiency for many users and high quality videos is seriously questionable. So it’s better to invest high than wasting a little.

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