Have you ever heard of standing desks? Have you ever such product? If NOT, there’s nothing to worry about. I’ll share various important aspects of best standing desks.

I am going to discuss all these keeping in mind the features, brands and most importantly quality. In the modern era, it doesn’t matter what kind of job you have in your office – Mostly people work on computers and laptops. Ultimately, most of the time, they work in sitting posture. Whether you are a bank manager, a clerk or doing any other office job, you have to sit most of your time during your office hours. Too much sitting causes severe physical and health consequences. There are many downfalls of too much sitting. In 2017, we have observed that best standing desks with some famous brands.  But this year has emerged with some new brands which are getting popular because of their excellent products.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Standing Desks Buying Guide below before making any purchase.


Best Standing Desks 2018


Ergotron is a US based firm which provides smart and innovative products to improve your lifestyle, whether you are looking for outstanding office furniture or you are in search of tech supporting products, this huge product line of company ensures fulfillment of all of your needs.

This desktop standing desk is equipped with some modern and advance features to accommodate needs and requirements of the ultimate gamers, geeks that prefer multi-tasking and most importantly for workers who want to achieve greater productivity. Smart looks, portability and dual screen support capability makes this product a unique and lovable product as compared to any other desktop standing desk.

This product provides a modern layout for your computer and related accessories. It Some key features of this valuable product are:


This desktop standing desk can support two monitor screens simultaneously which enables you to perform multi-tasking. Therefore, you can easily maintain your workload. You can talk to your customers or clients through one screen while the additional screen will allow you to perform any other tasks that you might have.


As it is a sit-stand desk attachment, therefore you can work in the most appropriate and feasible position according to your preference. If you aren’t feeling comfortable with sitting, you can perform all tasks in a standing position. On the other hand, if you are tired of standing, you can complete your task in a sitting position. In short, it is up to you to do your work in the way you want.


You don’t have to use any tool to reposition this setup. Instead, you can adjust height of the pole in an easiest way. Counter-balanced adjustment points enable you to position this stand in the preferred working way. Therefore, you can continue your work without any interruption.


You can easily set height of the bar to set your display at an optimal viewing angle. Sliding panel enables you to choose the best length of the monitor holding bar according to your height and working position. Up to 23 inches extendable arm length enables you to adjust position of the monitor screen in accordance with your working posture.


The main feature of this product is that it helps you to stay away from all kinds of harmful effects and physical as well psychological issues that too much sitting can cause – Doesn’t matter how comfortable your sitting posture is. With the help of this product, you can continue your work in a more appropriate position with less stress and strain on your body as compared to any sitting position.


  • Rotational (360o) capacity
  • Greater load capacity
  • Usable while working
  • Adjustable to height
  • Setup is easy


  • Monitor is close to the keyboard
  • Not much durable
  • Small mouse pad


It is a best choice for professional programmers, Freelancers, gamers and for those who prefer multi-tasking. Rotational facility is so remarkable and valid that you can depend on it for the use. Probability for any breakdown is a long shot. Its a sure have product , must be bought at the drop of a hat.


Best Standing Desks 2018


Ergotron is a US based company, famous for its unique and innovative products. This is a trustable brand that provides smart solutions that not only improve your life style but also offers you the maximum comfort you require. This firm’s product line carry some outstanding products like desktop mounts, dual desktop stands, medical and chemical apparatus stands etc. In short, product-line of Ergotron covers all aspects of your modern needs.

This is a sit-stand desk attachment which is designed to provide you maximum comfort and feasibility to work for long hours jobs. Its durable material, table like shape and awesome design gives it a perfect fit for all kinds of offices, labs and interior designs.

It is a features-rich product. This adjustable desktop standing desk is equipped with modern features which makes it feasible for different kinds of tasks like multi-tasking, reading and gaming etc. Some key features of this useful product are:


This desktop standing desk is designed just like a table. Wide base makes it stable while surface of the standing desk provides you enough space to put different kinds of stuff. From books to important file, everything is in your access.


The main feature of this product is that, you can either work on this adjustable desktop standing desk by sitting on a chair or you can work while standing. The choice is yours. Choose whatever is feasible for you. If you are tired of sitting in one position, you can convert this sit stand desk to a standing desk. It enables you to continue your work without any interruption and brake.


You can easily adjust this stand to switch positions. Counter-balancing adjustment mechanism of this product makes its adjustment easy. You can instantaneously alter height of the table without using any tools. CF technology of this product enables you to choose the optimal height without any further adjustments. This ensures that height adjustment is easy and balance is accurate.


Wide surface enables you to place a lot of stuff on this table. Moreover, its strong and durable material provides enough strength to hold products up to 65 lbs of weight. Special adjustment panel allows you to attach rolling board to hold your key board.


  • Fits with all kind of interiors
  • Premium quality material
  • Compatible design
  • Extra space
  • Very stable


  • Shakes while typing on keyboard
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Bit expensive


So as a whole, it is an excellent product. If we get down to the business, its not going to disappoint you anyway, rather go extra mile for you! If you don’t have any budget issues and want some more space for your accessories, this is a best choice. Yes , its an obvious recommendation. Do try at least.


Best Standing Desks 2018


Haven’t you heard about Varidesk?This firm manufactures high end products like desktop mounts and standing desks. Although it only provides monitor mounts and desks but products of this firm depicts its creativity because of their innovative designs and smart styles.

This is an awesome office product because of its unique style, better compatibility and ability to hold more stuff. Use of this product isn’t limited to the office or lab instead, you can also use it in your home.

This adjustable standing desk is tooled with some stunning features that not only makes it feasible for common use but also grant it captivating looks which makes it a top selling product. That’s why, it is called as one of the best adjustable standing desks. Some notable features of this wonderful product are:


This adjustable desktop standing desk is designed keeping in mind the modern needs of the user like multi-tasking. Its spacious surface provides room to accommodate monitors which makes it feasible item especially for Multi-Taskers. Since this desk is quite large, you can also place some other stuff like headphones, books, newspaper and important files. In short, it has enough space to hold all basic utilities that a professional gamer or developer uses.


Two separate compartments make it possible to place monitor screens on upper compartment and other accessories like mouse, keyboard and joystick etc. on the lower compartment. This not only saves space on the upper part of the desk but also makes your desk clutter free because you can place relevant computer accessories on the lower portion. Thus, you can easily work in a neat and organized environment.


You can adjust height of this adjustable desktop standing desk according to your requirements. Ergonomic structure of this desk makes it feasible for you to adjust position of this product according to your working position. You can adjust height at 11 different levels which enables you to choose a right orientation according to your posture.


The main advantage of this adjustable desktop standing desk is that you don’t have to waste your precious time on assembling its parts. Instead, it comes fully assembled. You just have to shift it to your working spot – nothing else is required. No assembly, no tools, no installation is required.


You can adjust its height according to work needs. If you wanna work in a standing posture, you can easily raise height of this adjustable desktop standing desk. Also, if you prefer to work in a sitting posture, you can shrink its height to sit on the chair.


  • Suitable for heavy stuff
  • Easily adjustable height
  • Adjustable height
  • A lot of stability
  • Sturdy base


  • Not suitable for short people
  • Difficult to be organized
  • Cannot be repaired


The company is in full swing regarding this product. This ground breaking product is so strong and stable that you can depend on it for sure. Assembly is damn easy. Although not suitable for short heighted people, but if you are reasonably tall, don’t miss this desk because it’s a perfect organizer and best solution for dual monitor mounts.


Best Standing Desks 2018


This is a product of Stand-up Desk Store. This firm provides outstanding products for tech freaks. Product line of this company varies from standing desks to collaborative furniture for offices and homes. All products of this firm promote overall wellness and healthy lifestyle.

This stand up desk attachment is a wonderful product in terms of material, design, durable structure and ease of adjustment. It is designed to provide innovative solutions to the customers who prefer working in a standing posture.

It is equipped with many advance features which makes it a preferable choice of professionals. Multiple shelf design, adjustable height and captivating looks make it an ultimate standing desk. Some key features of this useful product are:


Versatile height adjustment makes this stand up desk attachment a best product that reduces all kinds of health issues that a sitting posture can do. Adjust height of the desk to attain a better posture that’ll ultimately prevent you from back and neck pain. Moreover, working in a different posture will surely improve your productivity and efficiency. Crank adjustment mechanism ensures easy adjustment of height from sitting to standing position and vice versa. Moreover, you can change height of the both shelves individually.


Dual shelf design makes this stand up computer station feasible for displaying monitors at an optimal viewing angle. Moreover, two shelves make it easy for you to mount two monitors on the upper shelf and other accessories like keyboard and mouse on the separate shelf.


This stand is manufactured from metal which gives it strength and durability. Moreover, this stand up workstation is coated with powdered paint which prevents its body from any kind of rusting and other environmental factors. Thus, ensuring long-life of this desk.


This product is designed to provide greater flexibility to its users. By using this product, you can either work while sitting or standing. Whatever position you want, you can easily adjust height of this stand up workstation according to your desired position and working posture. Position switching is very easy because of the use of crank adjustment mechanism.


  • Height Adjustment is very easy
  • Innovative design
  • Greater stability
  • Modern look
  • Dual shelf


  • Can be used only for computer
  • Monitor should not be high
  • No room for other stuff


If you are looking for a mounting desk for your setup, I’ll recommend you this desk because of sit-stand working support and durable material. Facilitated height adjustment and well-grounded design is remarkably productive. If you ask my honest recommendation, its the right thing guys. Go ahead. It must be bought at the drop of a hat.


Best Standing Desks 2018


This is another product by Stand Up Desk Store. This firm is famous for its creative and smart desk designs. Another reason behind fame of this company is that it provides best solutions to improve wellness and productivity in the form of valuable products. Product line of this firm not only contains standing desktop desks but it also contains other collaborative furniture especially for offices, classrooms and labs.

Although, this product looks quite simple but its features are outstanding. Let’s have a closer look on some key properties of this product.


This standing desktop is a smart product because of its simple yet efficient design. It’s simple design looks perfect whether you wanna use it in your office or in your home. Its classy looks make it favorable for all scenarios.


This adjustable height standing desk easily stands on your table thus providing you more space to work upon. You can place monitor screen or your laptop over this desk. Because of its long legs, it provides a fair amount of space beneath its surface. Therefore, you can easily utilize this space to place keyboard and mouse. In short, it gives a neat and clean look to your work desk and you can work easily while standing.


The main feature of this product is that you can easily adjust height of the desk according to your requirement. Snap buttons of this stand up workstation enables you to alter height with a lot of ease. You can either lower height of your desk or can increase height of the desk with the help of these snap buttons. Every increment or decrement will be of one inch. Moreover, you can increase or decrease height of the desk up to 6 inches.


This stand up desk topper comes in parts and you need to assemble it before use. But, there is nothing to worry about. Assembly of this product is very easy. You just have to fix 8 screws and that’s it. Your device will be ready to use. Moreover, its assembly is so easy that you can assemble it on your own without getting help from someone else.


  • Height adjustment mechanism
  • Helps burning extra calories
  • Increased productivity
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Greater surface area


  • Inflexible height adjustment range
  • Not very stylish
  • Little heavy


If you don’t want too high stands, this is the best computer stand desk because of its spacious design and fair price. Even though its not recommended for short heighted people, but for the rest of you all, buying it is a no brainer ! Do give it a try and hopefully you won’t find yourself at loss a tall. Good luck !


Best Standing Desks 2018


This is another exceptional product of Stand-up Desk Store. This firm provides outstanding products for tech freaks. Product range of this company varies from standing desks to collaborative furniture for offices and homes. All products of this firm promote overall wellness and healthy lifestyle.

This stand up workstation desk is an innovative product because of its versatile features, compatibility and durable material. Ergonomic design of this product saves lot space and also gives a captivating look to your office.

It is a features rich product that contains a wide range of specialties. Its modern design, strong structure and spacious shelf make it the best desk. Some key features of this versatile product are:


This product provides a lot desk space because of its wide dimensions. Its 39.25 inches wide shelf provides a reasonable space to place your computer, related accessories and other stuff like files, coffee cup, books etc.


Wide range height adjustment makes this desk easy to use. You can work while sitting as well as in standing position. From 28.75 inches to 42.75 inches, you can choose the best height according to your choice and preference. The features of this ergonomic standing desk are incredible.


This stand up computer station desk comes with a built in monitor mount. This monitor stand can hold a monitor screen up to 24 inches. Moreover, monitor mount is equipped with modern features of tilt and swivel which enables you to adjust the monitor according to your feasibility and working position. Strong material of the monitor mount enables it to hold heavy monitor screens because it can hold up to 25lbs of weight. Thus, you don’t have to worry if you have a heavy monitor.


This product is manufactured according to universal quality standards. It is manufactured according to ANSI / BIFMA standards which make this product compatible as well as durable. Moreover, its sturdy frame contains silver grey powder paint finish which prevents it from rusting and other environmental effects. In short, you don’t have to worry about strength and durability of this product.


  • Budget-friendly product
  • Fair amount of space
  • Ergonomic design
  • Modern design
  • Spacious shelf


  • Assembly isn’t very easy
  • Is difficult to mounting
  • Not durable


Innovative design and outlandish look is reasonably presentable. However , you might have problems in assembling and disassembling of the product. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly and durable desk, this product is a lone competitor.


Best Standing Desks 2018


Safco is a US based multi-national firm which provides innovative products to offer greater ease and comfort. This product line of this firm covers all aspects of life. From colorful tables and desks to ergonomic storage shelves and private carts, each and every product of this firm is unique in its design and innovative structure.

Advance shelf type design of this stand up workstation desk makes it masterpiece because of its spacious compartments, iconic look and durable material. This is a best product considering its price, durability and construction material.

This is a features-rich product. It is tooled with some outstanding features which not only give it spacious compartments but also gives it stunning looks. Let’s dive deep to get a glimpse of features of this stunning product.


Height of this stand up workstation is adjustable. You can easily alter height of this stand according to your sitting position or working posture. You can vary height of this desk from 35 inches to 49 inches which enables you to choose the optimal position of your desktop whether you are sitting or standing.


This stand up desk topper is equipped with multiple shelves which not only gives you freedom to place more stuff but also enables you to keep your things well-managed and organized. Three different shelves of this adjustable desktop standing desk allow you to keep your work station and other accessories like keyboard, mouse etc. separated from one another. Moreover, the lowest shelf gives you plenty of space to place important stuff like books and files. In short, your stuff will be more organized if you are using this adorable product.


Side panels of this adjustable desktop standing desk are very useful to give a neat look to your work station. Decorative side panels are very useful because these panels hide messy wires and your desk looks clean and clutter-free.


The main feature of this adjustable desk top is its portability. That’s why, it’s also called as portable laptop desk. Because of its four wheel structure, you can easily move it from one place to the other. Thus, you can place it wherever you want without unloading your stuff from this adjustable desk top.


Another innovative addition in this product is its locking wheels. These wheels provide extra grip and stability to the whole structure. These wheels fix this adjustable desk top on one place which ensures smooth working. Moreover, if you wanna move this product to some other place, unlock the wheels and carry it wherever you want.


  • Fits perfect with all interiors
  • Powdered paint coating
  • Ergonomic design
  • Highly adjustable
  • Spacious shelves


  • Height adjustment is a bit tough
  • Is suitable for short heights
  • Material is cheap


This is an excellent item of this kind. If you are looking for a modern solution to get more space and clutter free desk, this is the best option. Sound coating has made this product durable and reliable to make-believe its long term use. Perfection in design and built is making it ahead of curve. It is recommended, just do give it a try.


Best Standing Desks 2018


This is yet another product manufactured by Stand-Up Desk Store. This firm is known for its smart desk designs. This company provides best solutions to improve wellness and productivity in the form of its valuable products. Product line of this firm not only contains standing desktop desks but it also contains other collaborative furniture especially for offices, classrooms, libraries and labs.

This product contains all the advancement and modernity to fulfill needs and requirements of high end customers. This is a best product for those who believe in creativity and productivity.

Since it is a new product, it contains a best blend of features that makes it a distinguished standing desktop among all other competitors. Let me show some key features of this valuable product.


This stand is equipped with extra height feature. As compared to other products, you can adjust its height to a greater extent. Height of lower shelf varies from 28-7/8 inches to 42-5/8 inches, on the other hand height of upper surface can be varied from 33-1/2 inches to 47-1/4 inches. In short, this product gives you a better choice to set height of this stand up and sit down desk according to you working position.


Another amazing aspect of this product is its two tier design which makes it feasible to keep the monitor at an appropriate viewing angle and also you can set height of the lower shelf (that contains keyboard and mouse) at an optimal height. In short, this sit stand desk attachment provides you a best viewing angle as well as a comfortable position to use keyboard or mouse.


Material of this stand up desk attachment is quite durable. Firstly, it is manufactured from heavy duty metal which gives it strength to hold heavy stuff like monitors. Secondly, surface of the metal is coated with high grade powdered paint which not only gives it a shiny look but also prevents it from corrosion and all kinds of environmental factors. In short, you can use this adjustable desk top for a long time.


  • Crank adjustment mechanism
  • Versatile height adjustment
  • Feasible for multiple use
  • Easy to adjust height
  • Captivating design


  • Couldn’t resist hot items
  • Hard to put together


This is a flawless standing desk because of its highly customized design and appropriate size. Versatility in height adjustment is substantially incredible. All supporting features are adopted according to user requirements. The product is quite reasonable and can’t get any better in the stipulated price. It is recommended for sure.


Best Standing Desks 2018


Stand Up Desk Store requires no introduction because every product of this company introduces the brilliance and creativity this firm holds. It is a trustful brand in the field of stand-up desks because of its versatile product range and creative solutions. Besides stand up desks, this firm also manufactures other collaborative furniture for offices, schools, colleges, labs and libraries etc.

This product is designed to uplift the ease and comfort of users. It is tooled with some modern features which makes this product a top rated desk when it comes to innovation and ease of use. It is one of the best standing desks because of its excellent costumer reviews.

From electric push button adjuster to captivating design, each and every aspect of this desk depicts smartness, comfort and ease that this outstanding product provides. Some key features of this product are:


You don’t have to do hard work now, do you know, why?

It is because this electric standing desk is equipped with an automatic height adjustment tool. You just have to push a button and the installed system will do the rest of the work. With the help of automated height adjustment tool, you can change position of this desk from sitting to standing and vice versa by just pressing a button. Isn’t it awesome? I bet, it is.


This desk contains a four-wheeler structure which helps the user to move it from one place to the other with extended ease and comfort. A furniture caster makes the work even easier and acts as a steering wheel. So that you could easily control the movement of this product. Another important aspect of this product is, you can lock its wheel to fix it in one position. In short, this desk contains everything – you need for comfortable working.


Fairly large surface of this stand provides plenty of space to accommodate a large amount of stuff. Therefore, besides computer or laptop, you can place other useful things that are mandatory for your working like files, stationery etc.


You can choose a perfect height that best suits your posture. This stand provides a versatile height adjustment range i.e. from 29.5 inches to 45.25 inches. Choose the height according to your working position.


  • Available in many attractive colors
  • Supports standing position
  • Powdered paint coating
  • Easily transportable
  • Heavy duty material
  • Very durable


  • Hard to clean
  • Bit expensive
  • Little heavy


If you have no budget issues and you want greater comfort, this electric standing desk is the best option because of its electric height adjustment system. Well one must be on his toes regarding the price of the product, but if you prefer quality and look over price, this is the thing you are looking for. Recommendation is must.


Best Standing Desks 2018


ApexDesk is a US based firm that develops and sells high end adjustable desks for schools, kids, home and especially for offices. This company doesn’t contain wide range of products but it provides innovative and unique desk designs because of its versatile experience in desk manufacturing. In short, if you are looking for best desks, products of this firm are the greatest solution.

This is an outstanding product of ApexDesk because of its distinguished and creative features. This product is designed to ensure premium working experience to provide the best working atmosphere.

Versatile height adjustment, better load capacity and innovative height adjustment mechanism makes this product one of the best adjustable standing desks for your office. It is equipped with all the modernity and advancement to fulfill all requirements of tech lovers and work-worms. Some important features of this product are:


This desk contains the most innovative and fast mechanism of height adjustment. Are you thinking how fast it could change height? It changes height at a speed of 1.3 inches / second – it is pretty fast.


Overall, this desk is very stable because it contains a steel beam which not only provides it strength to bear extra loads but also makes it more stable. You will not feel any kind of turbulence while working on this desk.


This product provides plenty of space to organize your stuff over desk. Core of this desk contains 1 inch thick, 71 inch long and 33 inch wide sheet which not only provides strength to the whole structure but also gives a lot of space to accommodate your basic needs. Due to large surface area, you can easily place a lot of stuff on this desk. From piles of files to heavy monitor screens, you can place what you want.


Assembly of this masterpiece isn’t very hard. It merely takes about 30 mins to assemble this giant structure. This product is assembled with the help of levers instead of screws. Thus, screw-less assembly saves a lot of effort and there’ll be no issue of loose screws.


  • Strong and sturdy structure
  • No molding or de-shaping
  • Can hold heavy stuff
  • Easy to adjust height
  • Scratch-free


  • Hard to put together
  • Bit expensive


This product is an ultimate standing desk because of its durable material and high end construction. Strength and stability in its built is making the product ahead of pack. Scratch-resistant technology makes you little shiny and new-looking enjoy product for long. Its only recommended to those who wanna place heavy stuff on their desk.


So, it was all about best standing desks reviewsChoose any of the above mentioned desks to improve quality as well as quantity of your work.

Well , keeping all the points under consideration from quality to price and customer’s reponse , here’s the ranking of top 6 products by me.  VARIDESK-Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro Plus 36 stands ahead of the packBut by 5 star rating due to astonishingly supportive features and idealized quality.

But if you want a budget-friendly and simple desk, go for 24″ Adjustable Height Standing Desktop Desk by Stand Up Desk Store which is on second number by ranking, done on all grounds with 4.5 stars on reviews. On third number , the product is Safco Products 1929CY Muv Stand-Up Adjustable Height Computer Workstation, it is not only easy to move but also provides you a better organization.

Ergotron Work Fit-D, Sit-Stand Desk, which is at top forth position on record also provides exemplary quality. You can choose Apex Desk Electric Height Adjustable Standing because of its greater load capacity and scratch-resistant body which has made it to stand at top fifth position. Ergotron WorkFit-S Standing Desk is the one taking top sixth rating because of all its captivating features.


To understand the importance of best standing desks and reasons of using these, study of its buying guide is very important. Let’s start it.


First, we will have a look at the negative impacts of over sitting.


If you are sitting most of your time, you’ll definitely gain weight because we cannot stop eating and believe me, no one wants or likes an out of shape bulky body because it severely impacts your personality.


No doubt, you are not sitting idle; you are working and upper parts of your body are moving but it is still not enough to stop you being lazy. Sitting in one posture on a chair will ultimately make you lazy because to remain active, agile and operational, you need some movement.


You can easily cope with weight gain by eating less fat and with some regular exercise but, what about our veins that are storing unburnt heavy carbohydrates and cholesterol pieces? Surely, they are forcing your heart to work harder to pump blood throughout the body. In short, less physical activity is making you sick – Really sick.


People who work in a same posture often complains about back pain. It is true! While sitting, your movement is limited which makes your body dull and especially you feel pain in your lower back. Back pain not only disturbs your ability to work but also makes you physically unfit.


Being a human, we can work faster if we are given a break or a comfortable working environment. Although, you have everything in your office; the comfort, best furniture, and hardware according to your working requirements, yet you can’t be more productive if you are working in a same physical position. It’ll surely make you dull and thus will greatly affect your productivity and working capabilities.


Desktop Standing desks help you to improve your working-posture. They are quite helpful because you can alter your position, posture and working environment with the help of these useful products.

Some key advantages of these desks are:


If you are standing, your whole body is facing equal level of stain and stress. You can take baby steps to move to and fro. These minute movements help you to make your body fight against the weight gaining. You’ll burn far more calories while standing as compared to the sitting. Therefore, you can not only stop the weight gain but also can burn some fats that’ll ultimately help you to improve overall health.


If you are suffering from stage 2 diabetes, it will assist you to maintain a stable sugar level. Moreover, it’ll also help you to fight against insulin resistance. In short, you can better control your sugar level with a few body movements.


In standing position, it is easy for your heart to pump blood in the body. So, you are saving your heart from extra work that this vital organ might have to do if you are sitting. Just keep it in mind that a half hour workout can’t repair the damage that your body faces during all day sitting.


Since whole body faces equal stress and strain while you are standing, therefore, your lower back doesn’t have to do the whole tough work and you can enjoy a pain-free work.


You’ll not become lazy if you are working in a standing position because, you can move your body in the way you want. Therefore, you’ll be more active and of course it’ll enhance your productivity. Experiments have shown that those who work in a standing position can process more work as compared to those who work in a sitting posture.

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