If you prefer a home quality sound solution, but you do not want to turn to the audio system, a decently priced and best soundbar under $300 will do the job, especially for the living room and generally for your small and medium sized rooms. The biggest benefits of these devices include: affordable price, easy connectivity and average performance that will be appreciated by conventional users in many cases.

However, if you are planning a purchase in the near future but do not know where a soundbar at a good price is available to other potential customers or what technical features you need to follow to make a wise choice, we briefly present some aspects to help you to buy the best soundbar under $300!

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Soundbar under $300


This can separate these devices into traditional models and pedestal devices. When you are accustomed to making a lot of changes in your home and you are unsure which layout is best for your TV and the rest of the multimedia devices you use, we suggest you choose a conventional model, which is basically a built-in speaker bar can be placed anywhere, at will.

These examples are always accompanied by a wireless subwoofer box and have the advantage that they can be mounted even on the wall to save space. The only downside disadvantage is that sometimes they can interfere with the signal transmitted by the remote.

Otherwise, when you have already set up a TV spot and viewing movies, it’s easier to pick a pedestal track. In this category come all the variants that can be used as support for TV or monitor, being basically a thin base, which includes the respective speakers. Since the subwoofer is missing, low-frequency sounds will not be perceived as well as a traditional design appliance.


It is good to include the following components: two tweeter speakers, two mid-range speakers and the subwoofer. If you’re wondering what to choose, soundbar or home cinema, but you do not have enough funds for a 5.1 audio system, the closest alternative is the soundtrack with a separate subwoofer, especially because you can place them differently and can be wirelessly connected and interconnected.

When you want more acoustic power than the conventional speakers built into your TV or monitor, but you do not want the camera to distort remote controls and the subwoofer does not occupy extra space, choose a pedestal that will include all the necessary speakers, helping to save space, too. If you opt for a multi-speaker model, surely the sound quality will increase.

Playback format:

This must include at least the following variants: AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG or FLAC. If you have the habit of using multimedia files from which you want to listen to as many typologies as possible, the primary care must be on the playback device, being connected to the best soundbar under $300.

Even so, a quality device must be able to reproduce sound frequencies with fidelity, depending on what information it receives from the designated player. Also, with regard to acoustic quality and frequency diversity, many opinions about the best soundbar under $300 may agree that a digital amplification function will be very useful, filling as much as possible the lack of an acoustic amplifier. Make sure the product description lists this feature when you have specific high performance claims.


defined based on connectors and control modes. The most important connectors should include: USB, HDMI, Audio In, Audio Optic In, and, if possible, wireless connection to the subwoofer. Do you want to avoid getting stuck in cables? Then choose a model with built-in Bluetooth feature. This option allows you to stream audio directly from your phone or tablet and is very important for gadget lovers, based on its usefulness and versatility.

You can easily control the playback process, either directly based on your phone application, or by adjusting it on your TV when you plug it into the soundbar.

Only after carefully considering these parameters can you decide which is the best wireless soundbar that will fit properly in your home. If you are interested in more advantageous price offers, we recommend that you check which models are available for online ordering and purchasing.

A Comparison Table of Our 10 Best Sound Bars under $300:

ModelWhat We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
MEGACRA Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker• Easily portable
• IPX4 waterproof
• 32 feet connection range
• Not great to use as a TV soundbar
• Not as loud as other soundbar speakers
Yamaha YAS-106 Soundbar with Dual Built-In Subwoofers• Easily mountable due to keyhole design
• Ultra-slim
• Comes with a remote control
• Slim design is easily breakable if you don’t look after it
• When using Bluetooth mode you must be in the connection range
Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar• Customizable LED lights
• Excellent bass
• Goes well with gaming setups
• Heavy design means you can’t mount the soundbar
• LED lights can be distracting
Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Channel 300W Sound Bar• Comes with external subwoofer
• 300 watts of power
• Easily mountable
• Sometimes the NFC pairing doesn’t work
• Heavy design
Samsung HW-F450 2.1 Channel 280-Watt Soundbar• Comes with external subwoofer
• Comes with mounting brackets
• Slim design
• External subwoofer takes up a lot of space
• Keep Bluetooth device near the soundbar as otherwise disconnecting interruptions will be heard
Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar• Comes with a remote control
• Ability to customize the bass
• Easy to mount
• No external subwoofer unlike other options
• Must keep Bluetooth device near the soundbar to keep connections stable
Klipsch R-10B " target="_blank">Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer• Light and easy to mount onto a wall
• Comes with a separate subwoofer
• Fast Bluetooth pairing
• Subwoofer can take up too much space
• Bluetooth consumes a lot of smartphone power when using
ZVOX SoundBase 570 30″Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer• Surround sound technology
• Excellent bass
• Stable connections with Bluetooth up to 40 feet
• Must use a high quality AUX cable otherwise audio quality will be lower than usual
• Can’t mount
VIZIO SB3651-E6• Elaborate configuration.
• Great sound overall.
• Wireless.
• Simple design.
Polk Audio's MagniFi One• Stylish design.
• Great performance and sound.
• Good value for the money.
• Shape might not fit every mount.

MEGACRA Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

MEGACRA Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

The MEGACRA Bluetooth Soundbar is equipped with advanced Bluetooth technology that allows connections up to 32 meters away. You can use Bluetooth connectivity to control the music without touching the soundbar, which is convenient because you don’t have to go to the speaker whenever you want to adjust the volume or skip the song. Helpful when you don’t want to hear that Taylor Swift song again for the 100th time!

You can also play music using the 3.5 mm AUX port, which is a great alternative to Bluetooth because you don’t use the same smartphone battery. The sound bar itself has a 1000 mAh battery, which guarantees 5 hours per charge of playback time.

The power of the MEGACRA Soundbar Speaker is 7 watts in total, providing excellent sound with vibrant lows and pinpoint heights. You can also take the soundbar to water-based areas like pools and beaches because it has a durable IPX4 shell.  Unlike you, no SPF required!

Because of its durable design, this sound bar speaker is great for road trips and outdoors. This speaker is not the most practical as a TV soundbar, however, because the power output is not competitive with other options.

Even with its flaws, this soundbar comes at a decent price and offers more than it takes away. This is why we chose the MEGACRA Soundbar Speaker as the best soundbar under $300! Drum roll!

Yamaha YAS-106 Soundbar with Dual Built-In Subwoofers

Yamaha YAS-106 Soundbar with Dual Built-In Subwoofers

The Yamaha YAS-106 Soundbar design is extremely slim so it does not take up as much space. You can place it on your television set or mount it on the wall, as there are several keyholes. The sound bar also adjusts the sound profile automatically according to your designed placement type, which further enhances the audio.

In addition, you can connect your smartphone to the sound bar because Bluetooth technology is integrated. The advantage of connecting to Bluetooth instead of a SD card or AUX is that you can walk freely from a distance with your smartphone and control the audio.

The soundbar can also be set up quickly on your TV or smartphone, because it uses a single optical cable that delivers the best performance. The speaker also supports 4k/60p video and digital copy protection, making it compatible with the latest TV applications.

You will receive a remote control in the box that you can use to adjust the sound level, adjust the speaker by increasing the bass or triple and mute the speaker when necessary. The slim design makes it easy to interrupt and break if you are not properly looked after. Also, ensure that your smartphone is always close to the sound bar when using Bluetooth, as it can disconnect if you go too far.

Yamaha is a brand that has some weight in the audio industry, and we know that for good reasons. We’ve ranked the Yamaha YAS-106 as the second best soundbar under $300 on our top 10!

Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar

Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround Soundbar

The Sound BlasterX Katana has a design of 5 drivers, 2 mid-bass drivers, 2 high-excursion tweets and a long throw subwoofer. Together they produce amazing beats, and the soundbar immerses you in the picture when you watch movies. Lord of the Rings binge, perhaps?

You can adjust the drivers to make the audio sound better and more suitable for your preference, which is a great feature because some users prefer more bass or treble. You can also connect to the speaker via an HDMI cable that provides clear HD audio during the listening period. You also have the option to connect to Bluetooth, so you can play music from your smartphone.

The Sound BlasterX Katana also features 49 programmable LED lights that can be customized to your preferences. The soundbar speaker is great for game setups, because you can choose the color you want to use.

The soundbar weight is quite heavy and weighs about 20 pounds, which means that you cannot mount it unless your setup has strong supports. LED lights can also distract you when you watch movies or games. To sum up, the Sound BlasterX Katana is a great sound bar because it has customized LED lights!

Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Channel 300W Sound Bar

Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Channel 300W Sound Bar

The Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Soundbar speaker can deliver incredibly high audio thanks to the professionally tuned drivers with a total power of 300 watts. You will get an external subwoofer when you purchase this soundbar speaker. This subwoofer produces an excellent bass that gives a beat life or when you watch a film.

The soundbar speaker can be connected to the TV with 3 HDMI inputs that provide ultra-HD quality. You can, on the other hand, connect to Bluetooth and NFC pairing. When you first connect to the soundbar the next time you turn on the speaker, the NFC technology will automatically connect it.

The soundbar speaker brand is Sony, a reliable company with which you can’t go wrong. Their products are made to be of the highest quality because they must maintain their reputation at the highest level. In addition, larger brands like Sony give out years of warranties so that you can easily replace it if the soundbar is damaged.

However, brands usually have higher prices, so that you can get a smaller brand at a lower price. Sometimes the NFC technology does not work when you connect to Bluetooth and you have to manually connect.  Bit of a bummer but totally doable!

Samsung HW-F450 2.1 Channel 280-Watt Soundbar

Samsung HW-F450 2.1 Channel 280-Watt Soundbar

Another great soundbar speaker is the Samsung HW-F450, which comes with a large bass external subwoofer. With HD drivers, the soundbar can produce vibrant beats that point to the sound, regardless of what you do–whether you watch a movie or listen to music. Samsung is also a high-quality brand, so it is a great indicator of competitiveness in the sound bar.

The soundbar is also extremely quick to set up–you just have to plug the speaker into an AC power input and connect your Bluetooth device. Bluetooth is great because you can set the volume, skip songs and tune drivers from a distance with different apps.

In addition, you get a Samsung remote control that can be used to adjust the soundbar audio. The speaker’s design is slim and black, so that it does not distract you when you watch TV. The external subwoofer also connects to Bluetooth so  you don’t have to worry about purchasing separate wires.

This means, however, that your soundbar always has to use Bluetooth technology that consumes a lot of power. You also have to create space in advance to place the subwoofer, as it takes a lot of space. When using Bluetooth, make sure that the device you use is kept close to the soundbar to keep connections stable.

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

The Bose Solo 5 TV soundbar produces an excellent sound that improves the experience of watching television. The soundbar speaker delivers richer bass and better treble than TV speakers can. The speaker setup is extremely fast, as you only need to connect an optical or coaxial cable from your TV to the sound bar.

The soundbar is also easy to use when you have a universal remote that can even control other devices, such as Blu-ray players. With this remote control, you can adjust the audio to match the program you are watching by increasing or decreasing the bass.

In addition, Bose offers you the option of mounting the speaker on a wall that saves space for other items on the TV set. Make sure that the mounts are set up correctly; otherwise, the drivers can fall and break inside.

Unlike other soundbar speakers, the Bose Solo 5 doesn’t have an external subwoofer, but it’s not as big as you can control the bass with the remote. Furthermore, Bluetooth technology does not provide excellent connections when you are too far away, so that you always have to keep your device close to the sound bar.

Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

The Klipsch R-10B Soundbar can deliver extremely loud and vibrant audio, as it has high-performance drivers with a total power of 250 watts. The audio is in two ways, which means that when you watch movies, the sounds are enhanced and you are immersed in the actual experience.

The speaker also comes with an external subwoofer using aptX sound coding technology that makes the sound extremely pinpoint and high quality. The subwoofer also uses an extremely wide range of frequencies to play deeper tones, making it great to play bass boosted beats.

The lightweight soundbar design makes it easy to mount on a wall that saves space and is safer because animals or children cannot reach it. In addition, you can use Bluetooth technology to connect to the speaker, which is extremely convenient because you can play whatever you want and control the volume.

Before placing the order, make sure that the external subwoofer has a place because it can take up a lot of space. Bluetooth also drains the battery of your smartphone faster, so sometimes it’s better to use an AUX cable to save power.

ZVOX SoundBase 570 30″Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer

ZVOX SoundBase 570 30″Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer

The ZVOX SoundBase 570 Soundbar is excellent when it comes to watching movies or listening to music, because it has extremely precise tuned drivers. The speaker has 3-dimensional sound, as it uses virtual surround sound technology from PhaseCue.

The ZVOX SoundBase 570 Soundbar has a clear voice playback feature, unlike most soundbar speakers. This enables everyone in the room to listen clearly to the audio, even if you have hearing aids. There is also an easy-to-read four-digit display that shows the settings for volume, bass and treble. Party like a rock star!

In addition, you can connect to the speaker via Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to use your smartphone. The sound bar uses aptX technology that enables smartphones to wirelessly stream high-quality music.

You can also connect up to 40 feet away, so don’t worry about leaving the sound bar too far. You can also use the speaker with an AUX cable, but make sure you use a premium wire, because otherwise the quality can dip. You cannot mount the soundbar on a wall also because it does not have mounting brackets.



The sound bars of VIZIO have built a well-known reputation for performance and overall quality. VIZIO SB3651-E6 increases this performance policy above all else. It packs a tough but highly formulated punch and makes it one of the best in its class. It might even be a bit higher than its price range.

Depending on your tastes, you will love or love the esthetic simplicity for which VIZIO has developed this package visually. They are essentially black boxes capped with silver ends, and this may be enough to discourage some buyers who don’t want to share their living rooms with anything that doesn’t catch one’s eye!

Polk Audio’s MagniFi One

Polk Audio's MagniFi One

MagniFi One from Polk Audio is what happens when a brand decides to provide a good value for the customers’ money.  This sound bar has a stylish design and brings a great sound stage to medium-sized rooms.

Apart from the standard set, some rather rare features can be found. It’s a very attractive package. One potential disadvantage for some is that this model has a slightly unusual shape that can make it a challenge to mount or even put in a room. You will probably have to find a special mount for the MagniFi One, which is not a deal breaker at all, but something you should remember when you buy it.


To conclude our top 10 list, we have chosen the MEGACRA Bluetooth Soundbar as the best soundbar under $300! It is a great device that offers a lot of features and a decent sound quality for the price.

But if you feel uncertain about the MEGACRA brand, you can go with our second pick, the Yamaha YAS-106 Soundbar. It is a soundbar that comes from a brand with a heavy name in the sound industry, and it arrives fully packed with features. Although it did not make it in the first place, it still is the runner up for the best soundbar under $300!

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