Weekends are all about friends and family, and are incomplete without a movie night. Crowding around a 40” TV is no fun. What you need is a multiplex experience at home. A projector is what will give your friends and family an enjoyable experience of a multiplex at the comfort of your home. Not just any projector, but one of the best projectors under 500 dollars is what you need.

Finding Your Best Projectors under 500 Dollars

Projectors can be very expensive and sometimes not worth the money. However, we have found a couple of projectors that are affordable and have a variety of features. The best part is they will get connected to your phones, laptops or tablets and will give you a multiplex display.

So, we have listed down the best projectors under 500 dollars. They are not only budget friendly but will also give you a full entertainment experience. We have evaluated each projector and its core feature, so that it is easier for you choose among them.

Best 1080p Projector under $500: AEHR Mini Projector, Portable Pico Video Projector

AEHR 1080p Mini Projector

AEHR mini video projector is a small projector that supports 1080p. It has a built-in Android 7.1 system which enables it to connect with smart devices including smart phones and tablets. It can be easily used in both, indoors and outdoors.

This mini projector has a projection image size of 30”- 120” and an excellent resolution. Its compact and portable size often creates a doubt on its performance but in reality, it makes no compromise on its efficiency.

It is a very easy to use and convenient device for movies, matches, games, education or business slideshows.

It supports wireless Wi-Fi signals that is three times faster than the usual. This results in a faster transmission speed. You can easily watch movies or any other portal online.

The AEHR Mini Video Projector has a built-in 4 core system. It has a USB Same Screen that will project the picture directly to a large screen through your phone or tablet.

All you have to do is connect your phone with the portable projector with Wi-Fi and open the happycast app. It has an Intelligent Automatic Trapezoidal Correction technology incorporated in it that get rids of manual trapezium correction.

It accompanies a remote control, a power adapter, a USB cable and a tripod.

The best part about this projector is that you can take it anywhere you want. It is small in size and can be easily carried in your pocket.

The AEHR Mini Video projector gives a big display vision. It is one of the best projectors under $500 due to its efficient performance and its portability.

Pros & Cons


  • good battery life
  • easy to install and setup
  • good picture display


  • The device only allows you to control the volume when you are using HDMI.
  • The remote does not turn on the projector.

Best Home Theatre Projector under $500: ViewSonic PA503W 3600 Lumens WXGA HDMI Projector

ViewSonic PA503W 3600 Lumens WXGA HDMI ProjectorViewSonic PA503W has a big screen projection that gives your family an enjoyable home theatre experience. It projects versatile visuals that reflect quality and performance.

Most importantly, ViewSonic PA503W is a user-friendly device and has an easy and simple setup. You just have to plug and play your videos, presentations and pictures.

It has a Super Eco Mode that allows the lamp to shine bright for up to 15000 hours. Isn’t that amazing?

You can connect the ViewSonic PA503W with media players, PCs, Macs and any smart devices easily. It supports HDMI and VGA input options.

The box includes a power cable, VGA cable and a remote control. It has 3-year warranty of parts and a 1-year warranty of lamp coverage.

ViewSonic provides excellent customer service regarding its projectors. It is a budget friendly projector that will deliver smooth and clear images. It offers cinematic performance with balanced color and brightness. Hence, it is the best home theatre projector under $500.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • One of the brightest projectors
  • Performs well as compared to high- end projectors


  • It has loud fan noise.

Best Gaming Projector under $500: Optoma GT1080 Short Throw Gaming Projector

Optoma GT1080 is ideal for gaming. It offers high performance under $500. The projector displays a screen size of 111 inches from 4 feet and 166 inches from 6 feet.

The gaming projector is a high definition gaming projector designed for gamers who want improved visibility and attention to detail.

It delivers 2800 lumens bright HD display. Also, It offers flexible connectivity options including two HDMI ports, MHL connectivity and VESA 3D sync port.

It has amazing visual features due to a razor sharp 0.5:1 short throw lens. Optoma GT1080 offers a digital 3D gaming experience with excellent audio of 10-Watt, 12 volts output, and whisper quiet operations.

The gaming mode has to offer less than 14 msec latency that results in fast response times and excellent color contrasts.

If you are a gamer and want the best gaming projector that is affordable as well, then Optoma GT1080 is right choice for you. It is one of the best projectors under 500 dollars in the market.

Pros & Cons


  • Especially designed for gaming.
  • Has a short lag time.
  • Offer 3D display with HDMI.


  • It shows some rainbow artifacts.

Best Business Projector under $500: Epson VS350 

Epson VS350 XGA 3 HDMI 3LCD ProjectorEpson VS350 XGA 3 is an excellent choice for business presentations and meetings. It has 3300 lumens of brightness and color even in well-lit rooms. The crystal-clear resolution will make your presentations richer and will gain more attention.

The accurate color and visual display gives presentations a professional look.

The best part is it can be easily controlled and can get connected to latest laptops and media players. It supports HDMI connections. Epson VS350 XGA 3 is a portable projector which users can travel with for official business meetings.

It offers value for money along with amazing features. It has a stylish design which goes well with the professional attire of users. The light weight of the projector allows it to fit in anywhere.

Epson VS350 XGA 3 is the best projector for business presentations and meetings. So, if you are looking for a business projector grab the Epson VS350 XGA 3 right away.

Pros & Cons


  • very easy to setup.
  • user- friendly.
  • a multi- purpose projector.
  • light-weight.


  • It does not have a 3D video capability.
  • Its in-built speaker is not loud enough.

Best Short throw projector under $500: iRulu BL20 Mini Video Projector

iRulu BL20 Mini Video ProjectorIRulu BL20 is the least expensive short throw projector with all the basic specification all the name brands have. It is ideal for users who don’t want to spend too much on a projector but want good performance from it. It is equipped with LED light source and a glass lens. The glass lens keeps the image in focus and increase clarity.

iRulu BL20 is suitable for a dark environment. It is not ideal for presentations and day time use.

The iRulu projector can be easily connected with any smart device through a wireless adapter. Moreover,It also supports multimedia and can connected with a TV or Tv box.

iRulu BL20 is ideal for a movie night with friends or family. It delivers an enjoyable home theatre experience. It is durable and saves energy. The Smart Eco Lamp care Technology gives this projector a run time of 20000 hours.

The iRulu BL20 supports 3D movies also with Red-Blue and Red-Green 3D glasses. The optical Keystone button enables to manually adjust images and picture proportion. It results in no distortion.

IRulu BL20 is a great choice for users looking for an affordable and pocket friendly projector for occasional movie nights.

Pros & Cons


  • Supports a variety of file types.
  • Has an image size of 200 inch.
  • Supports 1080p.


  • There is no included battery in the remote.
  • It is not suitable for PowerPoint.

Best Outdoor movie projector under $500: Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector

Meyoung TC80 LED Mini ProjectorMeyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector is an excellent projector for outdoor movie nights with friends and family. It can easily project music videos, pictures, movies etc. from your smartphone. It supports video games as well. But its ideal use is for outdoor movies.

You can carry it along with you on camping trips, picnics or road trips. Its lightweight and portable. Watching movies or matches in the outdoor atmosphere will be an overwhelming experience with Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector. It displays a crisp and clear image in the dark.

SD cards, USB flash drives and mobile phones can be used to play music and videos. The interesting part is that it comes with a built-in loud speaker amplifier so sound will no longer be a problem anywhere.

Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector has taken entertainment to a whole new level. Users can enjoy movies, matches or any videos in the outdoor atmosphere. Users always fascinate about a movie night with friends or someone special under the moonlight but it was never possible. But now with this pocket friendly projector you can have a movie night wherever and whenever you want.

Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector is among the best projectors under 500 dollars. It offer good performance and is reliable.

Pros & Cons


  • It is portable and compact.
  • This mini device gives high performance.
  • The projector supports SD card, USB and mobile HDD.


  • It is not suitable for well-lit environments.

Best 3D projector under $500: BenQ MX525A DLP Video Projector

BenQ MX525A DLP Video ProjectorBenQ MX525A DLP Video Projector is an excellent device under $500. It has multiple connection options which makes it a good choice for all kinds of users. It has an HDMI port, A VGA port, a USB port and a S-Video input port. There is also an audio mini jack that enables users to connect external speakers.

BenQ MX525A DLP Video Projector has a brightness of 3300 lumens which makes the visuals clear. It has a resolution of 1024 x 768, which creates an excellent display.

This projector supports 3D movies as well, which makes it an ideal choice for users who are interested in 3D movies and games. It is a DLP projector with a lamp life up to 10000 hours.

The BenQ MX525A DLP Video Projector is an eco-friendly device that uses only 0.5W power. The Smart Eco power technology saves energy and uses minimum power.

BenQ MX525A DLP Video Projector doesn’t weigh too much and is portable. It has a variety of connection options which makes it convenient for users.

BenQ MX525A DLP Video Projector is among the best-selling projectors and one of the best projectors under 500 dollars.

Pros & Cons


  • It has very good lamp life.
  • The projector can project 3D content.
  • It has a very good brightness.


  • It doesn’t have a good audio.

Best Smart Projector Under $500: Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector by Anker

Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector by Anker

Smart is the new trend these days. Users want everything they own to be smart. From smartphones to Smart home theatres, every device is getting updated day by day.

The Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector by Anker is the trending projector these days. Its unique and portable design makes people dwell over it. It has looks of an expensive device but it is actually very affordable.

This smart device comprises of a 360-degree speaker which is multi directional. This smart device has a mobile Qualcomm processor with four Cortex-A7 cores.  It can project content from Netflix, YouTube and anywhere from the internet.

The smart mini projector by Anker works on Android 7.1 Nougat operating system therefore it streams and runs media without any flaw.

Nebula Capsule is super smart and a portable device. It can fit right in your pocket. Users can carry it with them anywhere. It is ideal for users who like to carry their smart gadgets everywhere.

Also, the Anker projector has excellent clarity and contrast. It not only looks efficient but also has a high performance. The DLP IntelliBright algorithms give a very good display.

The mini projector comes in two colors; red and black. This smart device is a dream of many. It is the best smart projector under $500. It is light and compact. Its smart technology enables applications to download in one click, which is a super smart feature for a projector.

Pros & Cons


  • Its display is bright.
  • It is convenient and easy to control. It has a remote control.
  • The sound quality is very good.


  • The device itself has less controls.
  • There is no cover for the lens.


Projectors are not only required by offices and universities but are also needed in homes. People don’t tend to buy projectors because of their high prices. Not anymore.

We have listed down the best projectors under $500 in this article. Each with its best core feature. So, all you got to do is identify your need and select a projector for yourself.

Entertainment is a requirement of every individual and it is incomplete without a movie or two. A TV screen is not very comfortable when you have more people around. However, a projector is what will make your weekend special.

So, grab one of these affordable projectors and plan a movie night this weekend.

Our favorite is the Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector by Anker. It is smart, portable and has the latest features. It is a must have for a true entertainment lover or even a professional who needs a projector every now and then. In other words, it is the best projector under 500 dollars with the latest technology and portability.

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