When your car battery is near the end of its life, you need the best portable jump starter and air compressor to keep you going. Air compressor, you said? Modern jump starters come equipped with air compressors, and they are great tools to have when you get a flat tire or when you want a quick engine bay cleaning.

We’ve all been there: We get out of the car, close the door, and press the lock button on the key, but nothing happens. We manually unlock the car, get in, turn the key, and the engine won’t roar. The battery is dead. Of course, there’s not a soul in sight, and the jumper cables won’t do any good. It’s time to call one of our friends or family members to rescue us. Avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment with one of the best jump starters on our list.

Why a Portable Jump Starter?

  1. It’s all DIY: Once you have a jump starter, you don’t have to ask for help and waste the time of someone else. The big and obvious advantage here is that you don’t need to search the parking lot to find a host vehicle when using booster cables. You’re sometimes in a more remote place or say it’s late at night. You’d have to make a phone call in that case and bother someone to save you from your stupid mistake. No one likes it.
  1. Avoid risks: You have to connect the battery of your car to another with jumper cables. This is not only more dangerous for operators trying to jump the dead battery, but there is also an added risk that the costly electronic components of one or both vehicles will be damaged. This notion is especially true for new vehicles, as the inherent risk continues to increase. During the jumping process, voltage spikes or other anomalies can damage sensitive electrical and electronic components. On the other hand, a portable jump starter is usually not powerful enough to damage the jumped vehicle.
  2. Convenience: The parking of the disabled vehicle is no longer a matter of concern. Either you need long booster cables or find a way to get the other vehicle facing the disabled vehicle’s front hood. If you can’t do either, you’d be lucky. A portable jump starter allows you to jump your car in the most remote areas (yes, we’re looking at you owners of jeeps!).

I’ve recently noticed that many of my friends opt for this type of jump starter, but very few actually understand how things work behind the curtains or don’t want to find out. Since you’ve gotten so far, I’d like to share the difference between peak amps and (cold) cranking amps, as these two terms are often tossed around, but nobody really minds explaining the difference. Basically, the following aspects are described. As you can see in the first part of our article, amps represent the mathematical number of electrical power that any device can supply, not just jump starters.

Here we’ve created a list of the best portable jump starters and air compressors to help you pick what’s right for you.

Below we’ve offered a pro and son table of each pick for the best portable jump starter and air compressor, so you can have a quick look through our suggestions:

A Comparison Table of Our 10 Best Portable Jump Starters with Air Compressor

ModelImageWhat We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700● Fireproof, rugged casing
● Digital LCD screen
● 12-month warranty
● Questionable warranty offered by a third-party vendor
● Charging capacity diminishes over time
Stanley J5C09Stanley J5C09● Fantastic build quality
● Sturdy frame
● Reliable
● Easy-to-use product
● Battery drains quicker when charging auxiliary devices
Suaoki 600ASuaoki 600A● Built-in 3.1A USB ports
● Reverse polarity alarm
● Alternator check function
● Works on a variety of batteries
● Easy to use
● Short jumper cables
JF.EGWO Portable Battery Jump StarterJF.EGWO Portable Battery Jump Starter● High-rate polymer battery
● Ultra-compact size
● Great companion for outdoors
● Battery's longevity is questionable
DeWalt DXAEPS2 Professional Power StationDeWalt DXAEPS2 Professional Power Station● Replaceable battery● Extremely limited warranty
● Battery wears quickly with extensive use
Bolt Power G06CBolt Power G06C● Reliable
● Choosing between modes is simple
● Sealed lead-acid battery
● Battery wears quickly with extensive use
Stanley PPRH5 Professional Power StationStanley PPRH5 Professional Power Station● Fantastic amperage and reliability for many vehicles● Questionable reliability
Rally Portable 8 in 1 Power SourceRally Portable 8 in 1 Power Source● Fantastic build quality
● Sturdy frame
● Reliable
● Easy-to-use product
● Heavy
Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12V Jump StarterJump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter● One of the best-designed jump starters
● Replaceable battery
● Carrying handle
● Reliable
● Questionable reliability
Schumacher Portable Jump Starter (XP2260)Schumacher Portable Jump Starter (XP2260)● Numerous power outlets
● Choosing between modes is simple
● Sealed lead-acid battery
● Clamps fit both side and top mount
● Built-in compressor
● Heavy
● Some users complain that the built-in compressor could be better.

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700

First and foremost, a good jump starter needs the power to run your engine when needed. The 1700 amp Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700 has the juice to jump a car a lot before it has to be recharged. The built-in automatic charger also makes it easy to keep the battery ready when it comes to jumping your car without someone else’s assistance. No ET phone home here!

The Profromer battery technology from Jump-N-Carry is designed to keep the battery running at maximum efficiency during the long life of the jumper. High power output can wear a battery over time, extending the life of the battery. If you need range, this jumper is also perfect. If you need the extra distance, extra-long 68 “power cables and a 12” coiled air hose for the compressor will extend far.

Stanley J5C09

Jump starts with a smaller power output, which often extends the battery life of the starter while providing sufficient juice for most cars. Stanley’s J5C09 provides up to 1,000 amps for small cars, ATVs, trucks, RVs and tractors. A small battery and frame also mean a lower power output. Use less trunk space for your emergency kit and have peace of mind if there is ever a problem. More space for a grocery runs!

A 120-PSI air compressor is also included in the multi-use portable jump starter, so you can fill up your inflated tires. Plus, it comes with a USB port, so your mobile devices can be charged. If you’re in the dark pitch, the portable jump starter has an ultra-bright LED swivel light of 270 degrees, so you can shine light where you need it. In addition, the J5C09 has a reverse polarity alarm to alert you if you have an incorrect connection to your car.

In addition to the 120 PSI air compressor included, this jumper also charges 12-volt and USB outlets double duty to recharge other personal electronics such as tablets and smartphones. This feature gives you extra power in emergencies that don’t necessarily threaten the start-up up ability of your car.

Suaoki 600A

The Suaoki 600A has much to offer for a highly reliable budget option. The 18000 mAh battery can start a typical 6L engine twenty-two times with one charge. This device also works as an emergency light and power bank for your personal electronics in addition to being a portable jump starter and air compressor.

Unlike similar devices with USB outlets for small recharging, this device is smarter in order to detect the type of device you are plugging in automatically. This quality allows it to adapt more efficiently to the device’s specific recharge rate.

If you are concerned about the beginner being dinged along the way, the portable EVA case should ease your fears. The molded exterior is sufficiently large to carry the starter, without taking up much space in the car or trunk.

JFEGWO Portable Battery Jump Starter

JF.EGWO Portable Battery Jump Starter

The JFEGWO is another good budget option to save you in a pinch. If you want a little more from the air compressor, this one is particularly suitable. The integrated air station is powerful enough in just seven minutes to inflate a standard car tire. Better still, the compressor comes with three different needles to fill other items such as sports equipment, balloons, and even inflatable watercraft. Your wife will thank you before all those kiddos’ parties!

Besides starting your engine and recharging your personal electronics, the EGWO is also equipped with a safety eye. A smart jump cable chip can detect the short circuit, overheat, discharge or otherwise damage the battery or the car automatically.

DeWalt DXAEPS2 Professional Power Station

DeWalt DXAEPS2 Professional Power Station

It’s nice to have something that does everything sometimes. While high-capacity jump starters are at the high end in terms of price, they usually have a plethora of features that make it worth the investment.

The Professional Power Station DeWalt DXAEPS2 is no exception. The output of 2800 watts is suitable for larger motors and jumping tasks. This also includes a 1000-watt power inverter to provide a constant power supply to the dual 3.1 USB outlets or other devices that are directly connected to the battery.

This starter doesn’t skimp on the air compressor. The air compressor 120 PSI can handle larger objects such as heavy duty tires, air mattresses and large sports equipment. In combination with a multifunctional LCD screen, the power and air compressor settings can be monitored and controlled in real time. Tick tock, you don’t stop!

Bolt Power G06C

Bolt Power G06C

Mid range jump starters are ideal for compact cars, jet skis, motorcycles, and other smaller vehicles with a premium space. The Bolt Power G06C is smaller in size and has a compact, slim profile, which makes it easy to slip into any available nook or cranny. The 80 PSI compressor continues this small presence with sufficient power to inflate a compact vehicle with four tires.

The 16,500 power bank has sufficient capacity to recharge a number of small devices before recharging for smaller devices. The voltage you use from the 12V/16V/19V DC outlet is controlled by a built-in key switch. Which devices can you charge if you don’t have a USB outlet? The included 7-in-1 laptop adapter works with a variety of popular brands, so you don’t have to fight for extra cords.

Stanley PPRH5 Professional Power Station

Stanley PPRH5 Professional Power Station

Small is still strong. The StanleyPPRH5 Professional Power Station is equipped with a 1,000 amp battery to start most standard and compact cars, but that’s not everything. In addition to the standard jumper and 120 PSI air compressor, this power station provides you with a great personal charger.

Although most of the options on this list include a few USB outlets to power most tablets and smartphones, the PPRH5 gives you more outlets for more charging options. The starter also features both DC and AC charging outlets in addition to the standard USB port. The typical 12V DC outlet is compatible with most personal devices from outside the USB. The 120V AC outlet provides the same power output for a couple of hours as a wall outlet from home. In essence, this is the charger you need to select when you must be within reach.

Rally Portable 8 in 1 Power Source

Rally Portable 8 in 1 Power Source

Only one type of jump starter will continue to run even if the battery is dry: the trusty old hand crank. A hand-operated starter such as the Rally Portable8-in-1 Power Source ensures that a standard 12-volt battery can be started anytime, anywhere you need. With the standard 12V DC adapter or on-board pull handle generator, the starter can be recharged.

This one also includes one of the most powerful air compressors on this list, along with the hand-operated starter. At 260 PSI, you can store more air for larger tires or longer uses under higher pressure. The air compressor runs off the same battery as the starter, so that when the battery runs out, you can use the onboard pull handle to provide consistent power.

Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter

The Jump-N-Carry JNC660 is the market’s best-designed jump starter. Its sleek design features a robust and professional heavy duty case. It’s also one of the only portable jump-starters on the list with a handle. It offers 1,700 peak amps and 425 cranking applications and features extra-long, 46-inch heavy-duty #2 AWG cables, which are more than sufficient without setting the unit on your car engine. It is equipped with a replaceable PROFORMER battery that is specifically designed to perform a jump-start application, ensuring that each attempt gives your vehicle sufficient power. Feel like a superhero with this baby!

The JNC660 has lights on its front side to show its built-in automatic refill, so you’ll know when it’s fully juiced. The unit also has a voltmeter dial to check the battery status by pressing a button. In addition to jump-starts, it includes a power output of 12 volts with an automatic circuit prevention system that can power a number of your accessories. Although it is one of the heaviest portable jumpers on the list, weighing 18 pounds and measuring 16.3 x 14.1x 5.1 inches, it has a 30-day guarantee.

You immediately know that this jump starter is on the more professional / heavy duty side of things with 18 lbs. and dimensions 16.3 x 14.1x 5.1 inches. It comes with 44′′ long #2 AWG cables, making it easy to reach even more inconveniently placed car batteries and ensuring maximum power supply. It is a great jump starter for tow truck drivers, fleet managers, and can jump most of the usual vehicles and some (tractors, diesels, etc.) with its capacity. It’s not one you’d carry a lot, but it’s not for that. The output of 12V and the integrated charger complete the package. The real deal here!

Schumacher Portable Jump Starter (XP2260)

Schumacher Portable Jump Starter (XP2260)

Another portable jump starter that offers a built-in air compressor comes from Schumacher. This unit also incorporates a 400-watt power inverter for two 120V AC household outlets, as well as two 12-volt accessory outlets and a single USB port. This charger can be safely stored in any position and is powered by a maintenance-free, sealed lead acid battery.

It offers 185 cold crank amps and 1,200 peak amps, as well as Sure-Grip clamps that fit batteries at the top and side.

On the front of the starter there is a digital display along with an integrated working light. With many additional features and outlets, if you often go camping or even off-road, this is a great portable jump starter. Its main purpose may be to start a dead battery, but it is much more useful, especially with the built-in 150 PSI air compressor.


A portable jump starter can be defined as a reserve or additional power unit that can power the electrically driven starting unit of a car if it cannot generate electricity to fire the motor of a car. It’s a backup battery that gets the engine of your car moving again and the alternator to recharge the battery. All you have to do is match the colors of the alligator clamp with the battery terminal colors (red for positive and black for negative). If equipped with one, turn the power button on the jump starter. Some models have peak amps without the button on / off.

There are many bonus features on the best car battery jump starters. Some of these new products are quite handy and batteries can be used for charging devices like your smartphone or laptop, and some of them have a built in air compressor in place to fill your tires. You’ll l always have a backup jump or the ability to charge your phone in case of an emergency as long as you’re vigilant about keeping it charged and keeping it with you.

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