For Gaming enthusiasts, opting out for game controllers that offer high-performance, utilitarian built, mobility, ease of use, comfort and lots of buttons to game with can sometimes prove to be a hard row to hoe. Best PC Game Controllers are here to save the day, with their ultra-modern technology and affordable prices to indulge you with the best gaming experience you’ve ever had.

These latest yet finest of PC game controllers have been selected to become your ideal game controller’s counterpart with the ultimate goal of providing you with the first-rate gaming adventure. Experience the thrill of gaming like never before, and begin your gaming journey with a dedicated controller making your PC games far more enjoyable.

For this purpose, I will strongly recommend you to read our Best PC Game Controllers Buying Guide below before making any purchase.

Logitech Gamepad F310

10 Best PC Game Controllers 2018


Have you ever heard of Logitech? If not, you’ve missed a lot. Logitech is a Swiss firm with many offices and sites across all the continents. This company manufactures a variety of accessories. From ultra-effective keyboards to game controllers, every product of this firm enables you to enjoy the premium experience.

Simple Sleek Design:

This product possesses a comfortable design which makes it easy to enjoy a long gaming session. You won’t feel tired because of less weight of this device. Moreover, it fits perfectly in your hands which enables you to make game moves quickly and efficiently. In short, its simple design not only enhances comfort but also facilitates you to make fast moves during the game.

Easy to customize:

Customization is always a big issue, right? But friends, you don’t have to worry now. You can easily customize each and every button of F310 because of its fully programmable buttons. You can adjust role of every button according to your requirement and feasibility. Logitech provides a software for this, you can use this software to set buttons according to your needs and preferences.

Console like Layout:

Keeping it a traditional controller, Logitech hasn’t changed much in button layout of this product. The only change is, for changing direction you don’t have to push a separate arrow button each time instead, you can guide combined buttons to the way you wanna move your player. This feature fairly shortens your response time. Moreover, it is also very helpful in changing direction of your car if you are playing a racing game.

Compatible with TV:

F310 enables you to enjoy all kinds of PC controller games on big screens. It is compatible with TV and you can easily attach it with your TV to have more excitement and fun. With the help of F310, you can seamlessly navigate through different apps and games. This pc gamepad is a top seller among the whole product line of this company because of its versatile features and budget friendly price.


If you are a windows user, Logitech Gamepad F310 is a best option for you because of its compatibility. You don’t have to install any kind of drivers. Its Plug-n-Play makes it a perfect choice of gamers. High level of customization makes it compatible for all kinds of games i.e. fighting, racing etc. It is a cheap gamepad for pc without a shadow of doubt.


  • Work with more PC games
  • Compatible with all PCs
  • Budget-friendly
  • No drivers are required
  • Plug and Play


  • Can’t use it with Xbox
  • Lacks vibration feature


As a low-cost PC Gamepad, the Logitech F310 is a sturdy and capable controller.TopTenReviews

The windows user can get their hands on the Logitech Gamepad F310. This is because of the easy to use and compatibility features. The additional feature is the price of the product. I would recommend you guys to check out this fairly price product. It would not disappoint you in pursue of amazing gaming experience. It is a best pc gamepad.

Valve Steam Controller

Valve Steam Controller


Valve is an American based video game developer firm which not only develops video games but also distributes gaming hardware. That’s why, it is also called as one of the best video game controllers for pc. Since this firm itself develops games, therefore, it rightly understands the hardware requirements. To cope with all kinds of games and to provide larger game-compatibility, valve manufactured steam controller.

[_titlebox title=”Product features” style=”1″]

Steam controller is a features-rich product. From ergonomic design to catchy buttons, every aspect of this item depicts expertise of this firm. Some key features are following:

Connectable with TV:

Its interesting aspect is that you can attach it with all kinds of TVs. Because of its native support, this device is connect-able with a variety of TV sets. Therefore, you can enjoy your whole collection of games on the big screen.

Highly Customizable:

The main feature of steam controller is that you can customize all of its buttons and control pad according to your ease and feasibility. Advance customization of this device enables you to adjust controls in the way you want.

So, you can switch among controls according to your playing style, nature of the game and your sitting position. In short, to provide you premium gaming experience, this gadget covers all aspects of customization.

Feasible for all kinds of Games:

This device is tooled with dual trackballs which makes it possible to play all kinds of pc controller games with this item. You don’t have to use separate joy stick or mouse to play games which require use of these input devices.

Instead, you can use built in trackballs of this device in place of mouse and pc joystick. Thus, this game controller for pc fits perfect for games of all genres and you don’t have to buy any other stuff in presence of steam controller.

Precise Button Placement:

Buttons of this device are positioned according to frequency of use. Other input zones are also placed in the similar way keeping in mind feasibility and comfort of the user. Thus, you’ll get an outstanding gaming experience because of ergonomic control placements. On the other hand, if you wanna change controls according to your feasibility, you have that option too.

Dual stage triggers:

This is another key feature of this controller. To provide you a balanced firepower, it is equipped with dual stage triggers which can be used in analogue pattern as well as in a digital pattern.[/_titlebox]


  • Advance customization options
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Free from messy wires
  • Cheap Gaming system
  • Wireless Technology


  • Not contains rechargeable batteries
  • Customization method is a bit hard
  • Must have strong Wi-Fi


Guys, if you want to game hard and play hard. Well check out this cool product then. This is a good price product with exceptional performance. I would not suggest the beginners in the gaming to use this product. This is a fairly professional gadget. So, the choice is yours.

Xbox Wireless Controller (White)

 Xbox Wireless Controller Review

This is a product of tech giant Microsoft. I don’t think Microsoft requires any introduction. Everyone whether he/she is a computer user or not, knows this company. So, I don’t wanna waste my time talking about Microsoft.


Let’s move ahead towards the features of this product.


This Xbox wireless controller by Microsoft possesses some wonderful features. From elegant design to wide wireless range, this product contains many features which not only makes it highly compatible but also depicts Microsoft’s understanding for its customers, especially for tech-freaks.

Versatile compatibility:

This Xbox wireless controller is a hot-seller because of its flexible compatibility. This device supports various gaming platforms like XBOX ONE and XBOX ONE S. Moreover, it is also compatible with windows 10. Backward compatibility of this product makes it unique and superior over other competitors. You can use this with PCs as well as tablets. For that reason, it is also called as one of the best tablet game controllers for pc. In short, either you are a team player or you play alone, this gadget has everything to provide a unique and entertaining gaming experience.

Strong Grip:

Textured body of this Xbox wireless controller provides perfect grip which not only makes it easy to hold this item but also makes it feasible to play game in a comfortable way. You can play game in any posture you like.

Wide Wireless Range:

The main feature of this product is its wide wireless range. Because of its powerful transmitter, it can throw wireless signals at double length as compared to any other wireless controller. Due to 12 meter wireless range, you can play games by sitting on your bed or on the couch.

Supports Button Mapping:

This Xbox wireless controller also supports button mapping. This means you can set functionality of buttons according to your choice and feasibility. You can easily change controls with the help of XBOX App. In short, this gives you the flexibility you desire. You can mold functions of the keypad according to your need and requirement. What else you require?

Bluetooth Connectivity:

This device contains built in Bluetooth functionalities. By using Bluetooth, you can connect this gadget with any PC that runs on Windows 10. Moreover, its Bluetooth technology also makes it feasible for tablets. In short, because of embedded Bluetooth, you can not only play games on a PC but also can use this device to play all kinds of games on the tablets. Because of this, it is termed as one of the best bluetooth game controllers.


  • Better connectivity with XBOX.
  • Compatible with windows.
  • Simple sleek design.
  • Provide strong grip.
  • Bluetooth support.


  • Unable to connect play station.
  • Can’t use it with Linux, Mac.


As a low-cost PC Gamepad, the Logitech F310 is a sturdy and capable controller.TopTenReviews

I certainly do know a lot of people using this controller right now. The gamers are very happy because of the compatibility with the XBOX and the windows. These features make this product an ideal choice of most of the gamers. I would recommend you to buy it for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Black)

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Review

It is a features-rich product by Microsoft. Microsoft is not a new name in the world of technology. This leading tech firm rightly understands needs and tech requirements of the people. This wireless controller is an outstanding addition to the Microsoft’s hardware product line.


This Xbox 360 wireless controller is manufactured for gaming-freaks. It contains a lot features which makes it a distinguished and unique game controlling unit. From latest wireless technology to advance buttons, there are numerous factors which makes this product superior over other controllers. Let’s get a closer look of certain important aspects of this product.

Ergonomic Design:

It is designed to enhance precision to improve response time of the player. Therefore, buttons are placed in the way which provides better angle to push. Left and right shoulder buttons are designed to provide greater comfort and ease to use. In short, its ergonomic design not only provides you accuracy but also gives gracious looks to this spectacular device.

2.4 GHz Wireless Technology:

To provide un-interrupted gaming experience to game-lovers, this item is equipped with latest wireless technology with 2.4 GHz speed. Such fast transfer speed enables you to have a real time gaming experience. Actions are instant, moves are deliberate and every game control shows immediate results. In short, there isn’t any delay in the moves. Only this wireless controller can provide you a premium and real time gaming experience.

Supports four simultaneous controls:

Xbox 360 wireless controller enables you to use multiple buttons and controlling operations simultaneously. This takes your game skills to an advance level because, you can not only defend opponents attack but also can deliver a counter punch immediately. It has bad D-Pad size though.

Adjustable vibration Feed Back:

To enhance sensation and to provide a real time gaming experience, this product is tooled with vibrational feedback. It also contains an additional functionality, you can adjust intensity of the vibration. It is a great feasibility because if you don’t like too much vibration, you can easily switch to a lower intensity and frequency. In short, you can customize your game in the way you want.

Headset port for LIVE PLAY:

Online gaming is becoming very popular. To cope with the LIVE play challenges, it is equipped with headset port which not only enables you to get a LIVE preview but also keeps you entertained with the all musical effects of the game.


  • Ensures less power consumption.
  • Enables a long gaming session.
  • Adjustable vibration feedback.
  • Can operate from anywhere.
  • 30 feet wireless range.


  • Can’t play blu-rays.
  • Fewer exclusives.
  • Squeeky joystick.


As a low-cost PC Gamepad, the Logitech F310 is a sturdy and capable controller.TopTenReviews

People, whether you consider the power, or the performance, this Xbox 360 wireless controller will not disappoint you in any aspect. Hence, I would recommend this product for everyone to use. It is an excellent gadget with powerful features. And that is what everyone search for. Hence lads, give it a try.

Microsoft Xbox 360 (Wired)

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller Review


This Xbox 360 wired controller is a wonderful gadget by Microsoft. Microsoft is an American based multi-national software and hardware firm. Most of the people are familiar with Microsoft because of Windows but, this tech giant also manufactures gaming hardware. Xbox is an outstanding product of the Microsoft.


Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller is a features-rich product. As the name depicts, it is used to play pc controller games and control some other functions of the support devices.

Let’s discuss some key features of this product:

Ergonomic Design:

Layout of this Xbox 360 wired controller is designed to cope with modern aspects of the game. Its ergonomic design enables you to react fast according to the game situations. Its comfortable design provides better grip and more precision. Due to its compact design, you can easily switch across different controls. Moreover, its solid layout greatly reduces response time of the player.

Extendable Cable:

Although, it is a wired controller, yet its 9 feet long wire provides all the flexibility and feasibility that is required to achieve maximum comfort and ease to use this device. Its pluggable wire plugs into the console unit and you can enjoy a premium gaming experience due to un-interrupted handling. Moreover, 9 feet length of the wire enables you to enjoy the game while sitting on your couch or bed, wherever you feel comfortable.

Headset Port for LIVE play:

It is tooled with a headset port which not only provides clear game sounds but also enhances gaming sensation. Due to headset port, you can listen all sounds and musical effects of the game which is very helpful to keep track of what’s going on.

Adjustable Vibration Feedback:

This Xbox 360 wired controller is equipped with an outstanding function i.e. you can limit its vibrational effects. This feature enables you to customize this gadget in the way you want. Moreover, if you aren’t comfortable with high intensity of the feedback, you can modify it according to your comfort and feasibility.

Wired Connectivity:

This device uses a wire to establish connection with other PCs or gaming units. Wired connectivity ensures continuous streaming. Due to wired connection, signal breaks and game lags never occurs and you get a smooth and premium gaming experience.


  • Doesn’t need any batteries.
  • Plug-n-Play system.
  • Durable material.
  • Light in weight.
  • Simple design.
  • Lengthy cord.


  • Lengthy cord is quite messy.
  • Bad Connections.


As a low-cost PC Gamepad, the Logitech F310 is a sturdy and capable controller.TopTenReviews

The dudes out there, who are into gaming, but are in their initial stages, they have got to try this gadget out. The professional gamers will not be too much impressed by the performance of this controller. This is an average rated product primarily for the beginners.


Microsoft Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows

Best PC Game Controllers 2018

Every person of this planet knows Microsoft. You can blankly choose Microsoft Xbox one controller because of its top graded precision, high end finish and outstanding features. All your requirements are rightly catered in this device.


This Microsoft Xbox One Controller is equipped with some outstanding features like versatile connectivity, captivating and easy to use D-Pad, and the best among all is compatibility with all kinds of Windows platform. Because of these, it is called as one of the best game controllers of all time.

I’m gonna share some important features.

Ergonomic Design:

Are you aware about the factors that makes any design – A classy design? If not, purchase of this product will reveal all these factors. For premium gaming experience, perfect grip and easy approach to the control buttons is mandatory. Its efficient and ergonomic design provides firm grip. Moreover, re-designed structure and alignment of the control buttons provides greater precision and accuracy to control moves of your player during the game.

Wired Connectivity:

Do you know what compels the most when you are purchasing a controller?

It is connectivity. It provides wired connectivity because you can play games by attaching it to your PC or XBOX ONE with a wire. In short, it suits all your needs.

If you wanna play games by sitting close to your PC, you can use a wired connection. On the other hand, due to fairly long wire you can easily play games by sitting at a fair distance from your desktop. This is a great advantage of this valuable device.

Versatile Compatibility:

The main issue of any controller is compatibility, right? If it isn’t compatible with multiple platforms, it can demolish fun. The key feature of this Xbox one  controller is that it is compatible with all windows platforms. Either you are using latest version of windows 10 or any other version of windows 8.1, windows 8 or windows 7; this gadget is compatible with all of these operating systems. It’ll provide you an un-interrupted gaming experience at every platform. Besides Windows, this gadget works well with the XBOX ONE.


  • No change of batteries is required.
  • Thumb stick enables accuracy.
  • Play wired or wirelessly.
  • Easily fits in hands.
  • Wired connection.


  • Works with only windows 10.
  • Cable length isn’t too long.
  • Can’t sit far away.



As a low-cost PC Gamepad, the Logitech F310 is a sturdy and capable controller.TopTenReviews

All the talk ends to this fact that, the length of the cable is the only problem. If a person can withstand the long coiled wire well then he can have a great gaming experience by the help of this controller.


Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Review

I don’t think any introduction is required for Microsoft. This tech giant has empowered humanity with lots of modern and easy to use appliances in the field of software as well as in the field of hardware.


Xbox one elite wireless controller is a product for ultimate gamers. Microsoft developed this product keeping in mind the needs and requirements of passionate gamers. Some outstanding features of this controller are:

Versatile Hardware Selection:

The main feature of this gadget is its flexible options for hardware choice. This product comes with many spare parts that are designed to meet greater comfort and reliability. You can swap between various metal thumb-sticks and D-Pads which enables you to choose a perfect match according to your palm size and finger’s length.

Moreover, you can try different hardware options for different games which will give you more firepower, control and accuracy as compared to any other gaming control.

Wireless Functionality:

This Xbox one elite wireless controller comes with built in feature of wireless working. This provides greater freedom and comfort to control the game. Wide wireless range ensures un-interrupted gaming experience.

With this, you don’t have to sit right in front of the screen instead, you can play games from a fair distance which protects your eyes from stress and strain. Moreover, it provides greater comfort to sit. You can sit on a sofa, chair and can even play game by just laying on your bed.

Versatile Customization:

You can easily customize thumb controls, buttons and other settings of this controller with the help of an app available on the XBOX console. It enables you to tune your controls in the way you want. Rubberized handle ensures a perfect grip. Moreover, interchangeable paddles facilitate you to choose a better setting for efficient firepower.


This wireless control is compatible with windows 10. To use this control for Windows 10, you can attach it to the PC with the help of USB or via XBOX wireless adapter. It is one of the best usb game controllers. Moreover, it is also compatible with XBOX ONE and XBOX ONE S. Thus, it supports all crucial gaming platforms.

Durable Hardware:

Frame of this Xbox one elite wireless controller is manufactured form stainless steel. Its rust free body makes this device durable and long lasting. Moreover, rubberized holding handles make it easy to grip. Blend of silicon and rubber in the buttons not only provides ease to press but also makes this device durable.


  • Comes with rechargeable battery.
  • Comes in a flexible color range.
  • Adjustable hair trigger locks.
  • An ultimate firing machine.
  • Mature design.


  • Battery life isn’t very large.
  • Quite heavy in weight.
  • Bit expensive.
[_divider top=”20px” bottom=”20px” style=”dotted”]


As a low-cost PC Gamepad, the Logitech F310 is a sturdy and capable controller.TopTenReviews

This XBOX ONE Elite Wireless controller is the best option if you want to enjoy games with high precision and greater customization. The controller is an ideal solution for high tech gaming and I recommend it for the expert gamers.

What other says,

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is easily one of the most comfortable, versatile – and expensive – gamepads on the market. techradar


Power A MOGA Pro Power

Power A MOGA Pro Power


For the past few years, Power A has been advancing the accessory market of Android with its best MOGA line of game controllers. The MOGA PRO POWER modifies your Android device into mobile gaming system with accuracy and console-style comfort for play.


Let’s throw some light on its features in detail.


Featuring an ergonomic, contoured design, it guarantees your comfort even after hours of gaming. It has rubber grip controller edges which decrease the fatigue of wrist during long gaming sessions. It has a small compact frame which is completely portable.


This Power A Moga Pro Power has the best switch setup, with a format similar to the Xbox controller. It has double analog sticks along with a d-pad, begins and select switches, left-right trigger, and shoulder switches. This controller is strong and easy to hold for long time periods.


All devices will not work with this product. Your device must run with android 2.3 or higher and has a USB gamepad charger to use its charging feature. Furthermore, it works for Android, not Apple or Microsoft. That’s why, it is called as one of the best game controllers for android.


Firstly, the Moga has most extensive games library, as most application producers consider it to be the best controller. Extraordinary racing games such as GT hustling 2, Real Racing 3, and Asphalt 8 are supported. If you like shooting games like Modern Combat 5, Conduit, and Nova 3, it is supported. Obviously, HID controllers are not limited to two game genres and its game library includes a variety of games you may have never heard of.


It’s not intended to go about as a devoted charger, but instead, it’s only something that can keep up the battery level of our device while we’re playing a game. Simply consider it for a minute, for the most part since today’s gaming titles are more processor concentrated than any other time in recent memory – creating dramatic battery depletion simultaneously. So instead of having that low battery pointer fly up while playing a game, this product keeps up the battery life throughout that time.

Attachment to Smartphone:

For an active approach, you can connect this Power A MOGA Pro Power to your cell phone through the MOGA Arm. This arm will grasp your cell phone and holds it at a point, changing your cell phone into a handheld diversion support.


  • Extremely flexible with optional HID mode.
  • Analog sticks are more pronounced.
  • Same home consoled grade design.
  • Charging and multiplayer support.
  • Dual wireless profiles.
  • Sturdy build quality.


  • No more rubberized grips.
  • Pretty expensive.


As a low-cost PC Gamepad, the Logitech F310 is a sturdy and capable controller.TopTenReviews

This Power A Moga Pro Power is enhanced with a marginally more responsive and clicky d-pad and in addition slightly stiffer triggers. The product is heavier at 251 g versus the Pro’s 190 g, however, the additional weight really helps in balance and feel. A recommended piece of product.

PDP Mortal Kombat X Fight Pad

PDP Mortal Kombat X Fight Pad Review

PDP is an American firm, a trustable brand that manufactures innovative gaming accessories. This company is known for its creative headphones, USB chargers and other mobile and gaming accessories. If you haven’t used any product of this firm, you can start off with Kombat X Fight Pad to get a glimpse of quality and class which this firm offers.


This product of PDP is an outstanding gadget for all those who love fighting and hunting games like street fighter, Tekken series etc. Name any of the fighting game and you’ll get a perfect compatibility by this device no matter which platform you are using. Some important features of this product are:

Low Profile Design:

It is manufactured with a low profile design which ensures un-interrupted game play. Low profile buttons are placed on top of the pad away from regular control buttons. This is very helpful to prevent unwanted game interruptions. Moreover, you can focus on your game without taking into account that, “Am I pressing the right control?”

Official Licensed by Tech giants:

This fight pad has official license of Microsoft and WB, which means it can support both of these platforms. These licenses depict versatility of compatibility that is offered by this product. Moreover, license by such tech giants ensures quality. Therefore, if you are the one who cannot compromise on quality and compatibility, this product is for you.

Arcade Style Pad:

Attention Fight-Lovers, arcade style metro pad of this game controller is specially designed for fighting games. Layout is structured to ensure quick movement and for fast counter attacks. You can easily switch position of your player to encounter the attack of opponent player.

Moreover, arcade style keypad ensures perfect blocking because you can instantly switch across various buttons. It is easy to use a six button layout as compared to four buttons because you don’t have to remember patterns of different buttons which makes it even easier to fight.

Backward Compatible:

The unique feature of this fight pad is that it is backward compatible which means it not only supports latest versions of the XBOX but it is also compatible with previous versions like XBOX 360. It makes this product feasible for you even if you are using an old version of XBOX. This is an ultimate fight pad if you wanna have best control over your key fighting players.


  • Feasible for mortal combat.
  • Works with 360 XONE.
  • Cost effective product.
  • Arcade style keypad.
  • Stylish in design.
  • 10 feet cable.


  • Don’t have wireless connectivity.
  • Too much light in weight.
  • Can’t use headset with it.


As a low-cost PC Gamepad, the Logitech F310 is a sturdy and capable controller.TopTenReviews

The street fighting players get a complete gift with this controller. This gives you all the advantage that gamers would want over his competitor fighting on the other end. The ultimate fight pad is here and is up for grabs.

Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 Review

Sony is a Japanese based international firm. This company is known worldwide because of its high end and creative electronic solutions. From mobiles to giant screen LEDs and LCDs, each and every product of SONY depicts innovation and tech understanding of this mega-firm.


DualShock 4 wireless controller is an outstanding product in terms of compatible design, precision and connectivity.

I’m gonna share with you its key features.

Share Button:

Share button on this gadget is an innovative concept by Sony. By using this button, you can share your triumph videos or screen-shots directly to your social media account. You just have to press the share button and that’s it. Nothing else is required. If you are playing online with your friends, you can also upload live screen-shots to Ustream. In short, this smart “share” button empowers you to share happy moments with your buddies.

Light Bar:

Light bar is also a key feature of this gadget. It helps you to track status of your player. Moreover, with the help of this light bar, you can easily identify your player and key information related to your player. For example, this light bar will show different kinds of pop-ups if your player is facing too much health damages or having low power.

Ergonomic Shape:

This device is designed to ensure greater comfort and strong grip. Minor changes in button positions provide precise and more accurate control over the game. Due to improved design of analogue sticks, it is easy to attack and defend without power loss.

Enhanced Vibrations:

To enhance sensation, this powerful instrument is equipped with more powerful motors which vibrate at a greater intensity. High vibrations help a lot in increasing sensation because no one want to lose a game. Thus, more vibrations means more passion to win.

Built in Speaker and Stereo Headset Jack:

To ensure a premium gaming experience, DualShock is equipped with built stereo and headset jack. Stereo jack enables you to hear game sounds while headset jack ensures an un-interrupted chit chat with your friends or teammates. In short, you can enjoy amazing sound effects of the game as well as chats with the friends.


  •   Multiple color options.
  •   Fast in performance.
  •   Wireless connection.
  •   Intuitive design.
  •   No messy wires.


  • Only 500GB available.
  • Poor battery life.


As a low-cost PC Gamepad, the Logitech F310 is a sturdy and capable controller.TopTenReviews

The people who are in possession of this Sony Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller for Playstation 4, should definitely get this controller because of full compatibility and efficiency. This gadget will be a perfect match as it is fairly cheap and is outstanding in perspective of its features. I can recommend this device straight away because of its excellent functionality during use.


Final Thoughts and Conclusion:

That was all about this best pc game controllers reviews. So, what is the best game controller or game pad for PC?. There are certain checking points upon which we can base our selection of controllers from the above list.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is an amazing gear that features exceptional performance. The power and the results of this product cannot be ignored. This is a controller that is compatible with windows, it works perfectly with XBOX.

Xbox Wireless Controller is the 2nd best that we have in our list today and it offers all the features that a gamer would desire in his gaming controller.

Valve Steam Controller is professional gaming controller in terms of use and performance. Logitech Gamepad F310 is a windows gaming controller. The Logitech has introduced a good gaming controller that is reasonably price and has all that can be expected from a gaming gear.

Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller is a controller for PS4 and gives a powerful result. The controller is compatible and is fairly cheap. Moving further onto our proposed list we have PDP Mortal Kombat X Fight Pad. This is an efficient gaming controller and gives all the user control, a gamer can imagine. There are however certain draw backs which is the reason of its average rating.The XBOX ONE Elite Wireless  is an expensive controller. There is a lot on its hands by which it can impress its users.

Best PC Game Controllers – Buying Guide

It is a device used with different games or entertainment systems to offer input to a video game, to control actions, objects or characters.

This device usually has multiple buttons, triggers, sometimes a joystick, pads and more. It can also be rigged to use with a PC as well.

Main Advantages

It has multiple advantages.

More Comfortable:

For easy and simple access, it is ergonomically designed. You don’t need to twist or bend your hands or body into an awkward position to reach your required keys for easy and comfortable use, because its buttons are exactly at the position where you’d expect them to be.

More Convenient:

Whether you want to play it at your home, at your friend’s home or anywhere else, this device goes with you with minimal effort. In case you are not travelling, even then, it is stress-free to pick up or set down whenever you like.

Play Many Types of Games:

With the help of this gadget, you can play many types of games on your own choice. You can play as real as you want.

Quick Action:

It is a fact that players using keyboards and mice during gaming take extra time. But these devices take no time in doing their gaming functions because of multiple buttons and triggering.


Xbox Controller:

Xbox controller is a primary device for Microsoft’s Xbox console. It itself utilizes a proprietary USB interface and with the help of user modification and third drives, it can be utilized as a standard USB controller.

PlayStation Controllers:

Numerous gamers like to play PC computer games with their Sony PlayStation controllers. This is feasible with workarounds. There are informal programming software and drivers which can constrain the PC to perceive a PlayStation controller.

Third-party Controllers:

There are PC amusement controllers available at low costs which are particularly intended for PC gaming. These will have their own unique arrangements, requiring the client to adjust to the strategies of that particular controller.

Alternate Controllers:

There are unique controllers for flight and driving reproductions which don’t look like the classic handheld controller. These will take after wheels or extensive joysticks pc.

Considerations when choosing PC Controller For Gaming


First thing to consider while choosing PC game Controller is its compatibility. It is a fact that few devices may have little bit of a fuss connecting to the internet. You must have compatible device drives, plug adapters along with Bluetooth compatibility.


It is a fact that design is a matter of personal preference. But overall design is very important in choosing these. Few wants wirelessly, others find it very small or very large or slippery according to their taste and requirements. Whatever the design you opt, it must be comfortable even after several hours of play.


Button configuration is also an essential factor in in selection. Placement of keys and analog paddles must be easy to reach and fire rapidly with great response time and snap back. Most of the gamers love to have programmable buttons.


Next essential point is the battery requirement for both wired and wireless purchases. Few requires alkaline batteries, other needs to recharge it on a base or with a USB charger. The main thing is that how long you will be able to play between battery changes.


It is a misconception that high end product may have more features and performance than low end products. Regardless of the price, go for device having good user reviews, perfect specifications and awesome features.

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