Getting into your car and seeing the dead battery can throw a wrench into your day, but you can avoid this hassle by having the best lithium jump starter for your car battery. If you think the only solution to this problem is jumper cables, then think again. Portable jump starters get your car going without the need for another jumping vehicle and buddy, making it much more convenient to use than jumping cables. Perfect for those wintery areas with all the ice, ice, baby, Arctic blasts!

There are now a wide variety of portable jump starters on the market that have become more popular in recent years. If you’ve shopped for one, you’ve probably realized that there are many different features to expect. We’ve rounded up the 10 best portable jump starters in this article to buy money, so you can add this valuable tool to your emergency car kit. Think of us like the battery transformers!

The best lithium ion jump starters, as you can tell, have a variety of specifications that can make it difficult to determine the right one for your specific vehicle. What you need to know is that in cold cranking amps (CCA) or peak amps (PA), jump starter power is typically noted. A fully charged battery is placed in a cold environment-0 ° F-to measure CCA and determine how many amps it discharges for 30 seconds. In the worst starting conditions, this value explains what to expect from a battery. The more amps a jump starter offers, the stronger it is. But does that mean you just have to buy the most powerful product? It doesn’t necessarily.

What is important is to determine how much power your vehicle needs. Compact cars or even small sedans can start with just 150 CCA, while full-size trucks and SUVs require around 450 CCA. But other things need to be considered, such as the size of the engine and how old the vehicle is. Larger engines and older vehicles require more amps to start jumping, which is why powerful jump starters are usually advertised as capable of starting engines up to 8.0L. However, 400-500 CCA is generally sufficient to start most vehicles. We’ve got the juice to cover you!

If you’ve experienced an uncomfortable situation when your car or motorcycle battery dies when you’re in the middle of nowhere or you just don’t have anyone to help you with jumper cables, then you’ve definitely thought about a reliable solution just in your trunk or even better in your glove box. Mini jump starters based on lithium-ion have many advantages over large, heavy regular jump starters, including size and multifunctionality. The truth is that a regular jump starter can produce much more energy to start your vehicle, but what if you don’t really need such a large box in your trunk or if you use a motorcycle, you can’t even have it with you?

Here we have compiled a table with the best lithium ion jump starters, so you can have a quick look at their pros and cons:

A Comparison Table of Our 10 Best Lithium Ion Jump Starter for Your Car

ModelImageWhat We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
NOCO Genius UltraSafe Lithium Jump StarterNOCO Genius UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter● Offers up to 80 jump starts
● Delivers fantastic amperage and reliability for many vehicles.
● Equipped with built-in LED flashlight
● Is deemed by many auto professionals as the best portable jump starter
● Some owners express displeasure with questionable charging time and warranty support.
DBPOWER 600A Peak Portable Car Jump StarterDBPOWER-600A-Peak-Portable-Car-Jump-Starter● LCD screen with digital compass
● Offers fantastic build quality
● Exhibits a sturdy frame
● Reliable
● Provides an easy-to-use product
● Grants a 3-year warranty
● Some complaints that claim it's ineffective on heavy-duty vehicles.
● Battery often loses efficiency fast
Beatit 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (BT-D11)Beatit 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (BT-D11)● Twin 2.1A USB charging ports
● alligator clamps
● built-led LED lights to indicate power
● emergency flashlight
● 2-year warranty
● Complaints about poor instruction manual
● Some users allege that the battery drains quicker when charging auxiliary devices.
STANLEY Jump Starter (J5C09)STANLEY Jump Starter (J5C09)● Multi-purpose and easy-to-use device
● Illuminates with a bright LED light
● Provides built-in USB port
● Offers a reverse polarity alarm
● Can also be used as an air compressor
● Complaints about battery's longevity
● No Warranty
● May demonstrate an unreliable compressor performance
FlyHi 500A Portable Car Jump StarterFlyHi 500A Portable Car Jump Starter● Can charge up to 8 laptops
● LED strobe light for emergency situations
● Instills numerous protection and safety features
● Delivers questionable reliability
Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter (JNC660)Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter (JNC660)● One of the best-designed jump starters
● Offers a replaceable battery
● Includes a carrying handle
● Is reliable
● Extremely limited warranty
● Battery wears quickly with extensive use
Schumacher Portable Jump Starter (XP2260)Schumacher Portable Jump Starter (XP2260)● Numerous power outlets
● Allows a simple choice between modes Delivers a sealed, lead-acid battery
● Its clamps fit both sides and top mount
● Comes with a built-in compressor
● Heavy
● Several users feel that the built-in compressor could be better.
GOOLOO 20800mAh SuperSafe Car Jump StarterGOOLOO 20800mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter● High-rate polymer battery
● Offers a built-in LED flashlight/SOS light
● Is ultra-compact in size
● Makes a great companion for outdoors.
● Delivers an 18-month warranty
● Battery's longevity is questionable.
DEWALT Jump Starter (DXAEJ14)DEWALT Jump Starter (DXAEJ14)● Delivers a built-in 3.1A USB ports
● Provides a reverse polarity alarm
● Offers an alternator check function
● Versatile: works on a variety of batteries
● Very easy to use
● Questionable warranty offered by a third-party vendor.
● Its charging capacity diminishes over time.
JACO BoostPro Car Jump StarterJACO BoostPro Car Jump Starter● Fireproof, rugged casing
● Has a digital LCD screen
● Offers dual USB ports
● Grants a 12-month warranty
● Due to the short jumper cables, some
owners complain that the controls are fidgety.

NOCO Genius UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

NOCO Genius UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

This powerful lithium ion jump starter is rated at 4,000 amps and offers a single charge of up to 80 jump starts. NOCO Genius UltraSafe Lithium jump starter is safe and easy to use with spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection.

A nice addition to this jump starter is a 500-lumen LED flashlight with seven light modes: low, medium, high, flashing, strobe and emergency SOS. This built-in light can run for up to 6 hours continuously. This jump starter can be used on petrol and diesel engines up to 10 liters and more with the amount of power it has to offer. Its flexibility accommodates cars, boats, trucks, pickups for diesel and even tractors.  Light up your life with this option!

DBPOWER 600A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

If you’re looking for something compact that fits your glove box comfortably, check out the DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter. This starter features dual USB outputs and a DC output, capable of jumping starting vehicles with up to 6.5-liter gasoline engines or 5.2-liter diesel engines with 600 amps of peak current.

This portable jump starter can also be used as a battery bank for all your portable devices with a battery capacity of 18000mAh. A LED flashlight can be switched between lighting, strobe, and SOS modes, all incorporated into this device. Talk about a mighty multitasker, right?

If necessary, there is also a red emergency light. There’s a small LCD display on the side of all the ports that shows the jumper’s working status. If you ever need one, there’s even a built-in compass.

This product comes with gold all-metal spray clamps that are more solid and durable than standard clamps when it comes to actually jumping from the start of your car. The safety features baked in this starter include short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, reverse polarity protection, reverse load protection, over-load protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, low-voltage protection and an integrated protection system.

Beatit 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (BT-D11)

Beatit 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (BT-D11)

The Beatit BT-D11 Portable Car Jump Starter is designed for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more with gas engines of up to 7.5 liters and diesel engines of up to 5.5 liters. It can also serve as a battery bank for your portable devices with dual 2.1A USB outputs, housed in a compact body. A 100-lumen LED flashlight with emergency strobe and SOS modes is also included in this starter.

This product has been tested at extreme temperatures between -20 ° C and 60 ° C. There is also a multi-function LCD display with the user interface, charging status, battery power, operating mode and voltage, allowing you to easily view everything that happens with the charger. The included jumper cables have spark-resistant technology and reverse polarity protection design, which allow you to connect this device to any battery safely. No more shock and awe treatments!

STANLEY Jump Starter (J5C09)

The STANLEY Power Station Jump Starter offers 1000 peaks, 500 instant amps and a built-in 120 PSI air compressor, although it is not as portable as the other jump starters we’ve looked at so far on the list. It exemplifies more of a heavy duty jump starter, aimed at owners of trucks with bigger engines under the hood. Monster trucks, baby!

What it shares with the other portable jump starters is that it has a USB output and a 12-volt DC outlet, so that other devices can be charged. There is also an integrated LED light that swivels 270 degrees, so you can adjust it accordingly.

It can also be used as an emergency air compressor for secure connections with a brass-tipped SureFit nozzle. This jumper has a reverse polarity alarm for additional security, which alerts the user if there is an incorrect connection. Simply attach the clamps to the battery, turn on the switch, and start the vehicle. Just remember this is a bigger jump starter, tipping the scale at almost 18 pounds while measuring 11.2′′ by 8′′ by 13.5′′.  Baby got back!

FlyHi 500A Portable Car Jump Starter

FlyHi 500A Portable Car Jump Starter

If your vehicle is equipped with a smaller engine, the FlyHi Portable Car Jump Starter can save you some money. This compact unit offers a maximum current of 500 amps, which is good enough to start up to 4.2-liter diesel engines and 3.0-liter diesel engines. It can also jump on one charge up to 20 times to start your vehicle.

Branded as a 5-in-1 jump starter, this product can also be used as a USB power bank, a8-in-1 laptop charger, a 12V / 16V / 19V outlet and a three-mode LED flashlight (torch, fast flashing and SOS). A LCD display screen with a blue back light is on the front of the starter, making it easy to read even in dark conditions. No flashlight or fireflies required!

The display shows the battery life, input and output status, and output voltage remaining. The security features of this device include low voltage protection, overload protection and over discharge protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, overload protection and overheating protection. Each product is equipped with an AC adapter, battery clamping cables, micro USB charging cable, 8-in-1 laptop charging cable, user manual and 18-month guarantee.

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter (JNC660)

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter (JNC660)

The Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry Starter reflects another more traditional portable jumper. This portable starter features PROFORMER battery technology with 425 cranking amps and 1,700 peak amps, which are designed to provide extremely high-power output, extended cranking power, and long service life.

This charger includes 46-inch, heavy-duty copper insulated cables #2 AWG with Hot Jaw clamps of industrial grade. Although this product is not as modern as other jumpers without USB outlets on this list, it has a 12-volt power output to power a variety of accessories.

There is also a voltmeter on the front to check the battery status in the starter. This jump starter is ideal for owners of vehicles who need something more durable. It is housed in a heavy duty case that is impermeable to shopping fluids and is designed to withstand the rigors of professional everyday use. There’s also a nice handle that makes it easy to carry. Perfect gift for the ladies in your life, too!

Schumacher Portable Jump Starter (XP2260)

Schumacher Portable Jump Starter (XP2260)

Another portable jump starter that offers a built-in air compressor comes from Schumacher. This unit also incorporates a 400-watt power inverter for two 120V AC household outlets, as well as two 12-volt accessory outlets and a single USB port. This charger can be safely stored in any position, powered by a maintenance-free, sealed lead acid battery.

It offers 185 cold crank amps and 1,200 peak amps, as well as Sure-Grip clamps that fit batteries at the top and side.

On the front of the starter, there is a digital display along with an integrated working light. With many additional features and outlets, if you often go camping or even off-road, this is a great portable jump starter. Its main purpose may be to start a dead battery, but it is much more useful, especially with the built-in 150 PSI air compressor.  Ready to hit the trails or hunting cabins with me?

GOOLOO 20800mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

GOOLOO 20800mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

Another jump starter power bank-style comes from GOOLOO, which offers 800 amps of peak power, which is good enough to start gasoline engines up to 7.0 liters and diesel engines up to 5.5 liters. This product is intended for cars, motorcycles, watercraft, ATVs, UTVs, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, and even yachts. Two USB ports, including one USB 3.0 port, are integrated into this product.

Thanks to features such as over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-load protection, over-load protection and high temperature protection, this device is safe to operate using intelligent jumpers. GOOLOO’s offering, like other similar jump starters, also has an integrated LED light with three modes: flashlight, strobe light and SOS light. This product has a battery capacity of 18000mAh and is guaranteed for 18 months.

DEWALT Jump Starter (DXAEJ14)

DEWALT Jump Starter (DXAEJ14)

You’ve probably heard about the brand DEWALT for its wealth of quality tools, so the company also offers a portable jump starter. This product offers 700 instant start amps and 1400 peak amps, along with a patented control function for the alternator. A 120 PSI digital compressor with auto shutdown and a safe nozzle is integrated into this starter.

USB ports are also built to charge your portable devices and offer plenty of versatility. This product has an audible warning for safety if the clamps are incorrectly attached to the battery of your car. They are heavy duty powder-coated clamps with 3′ of 4 AWG cables. This charger works with a variety of batteries, including 12-volt batteries AGM, GEL and WET.

JACO BoostPro Car Jump Starter

The JACO BoostPro Car Battery Jump Starter boasts 300 amps of start current and 600 amps of peak current. This product can start gasoline engines up to 6.5 liters and diesel engines up to 5.2 liters and uses a battery of 16500mAh.

Dual USB ports allow you to keep your portable devices charged when this product does not necessarily have to be used as a car jump starter. It even has a 12-volt DC adapter, so that you can power any number of products that normally use the outlet of your car. Phone charger friendly for sure!

A super bright LED flashlight can be used, while a robust outer fireproof case surrounds the entire starter. This device also has a sharp LCD display so you know the battery life remaining. JACO delivers a 12-month warranty and lifetime customer support to its portable jump starter.


Battery jump starters are nothing new, but so far, those who worked well in our tests have been sized like a hardcover dictionary powered by heavy lead-acid batteries. While traditional booster packs are great for car dealers and auto recovery services, they are a bit too large to carry as part of an emergency car kit. However, the new generation of tested mini-jump starters uses compact lithium-ion batteries. Most of them weigh around a pound and are roughly the size of a newsletter. Pick one of our 10 best lithium ion jump starters and keep yourself worry free on the road!

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