In a progressing society, the older models of electronic appliances are superseded by the new fashioned, futuristic gadgets perpetually. Light therapy lamps are certainly not an exception. Best Light Therapy Lamps, by our experts, resonate the evolution of modern technology and bound to give you the best therapy through the most efficient therapy lamps.

These are the best light therapy lamps when it comes to versality, lighting area and setting options. They are all designed to be easy on your skin and eyes while raising your mood. These models, will undeniably, get your body-and mental health-back to normal. Make some potential lifestyle changes that you will assuredly be grateful for.

For this purpose, I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Light Therapy Lamps Buying Guide below before making any purchase.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Carex is a globally recognized organization devoted in the manufacturing of healthcare products for consumers. It’s serving the public for the last 35 years. Therapy Lamp DL2000 is a healthcare product that helps people in getting therapy for pain reduction and comfort. It can help treat mild psychological disorders such as the winter blues, jet lag, circadian sleep malfunctions and low energy levels as well.

Want to know details about this therapy lamp? Let’s discuss its features in detail to know why it is called as best bright light therapy lamp.


Curious about knowing the dimensions of the device?

Well, here you go. It’s 13.8 x 10.5 x 27.2 inches product with a very light weight of 8.2 pounds.


What do you prefer, moving the TV to get the right angle to watch or moving yourself? Of course the TV. Well, this is a lamp not a TV but it comes with two angle adjustments which suit yourself mate.


You don’t like light blinding you, right? No one does, in fact, don’t worry. This lamp has a glare-free diffuser that absorbs 99.3% of UV light. You can stare at it all night without putting any shades on.


Are you a celebrity, buddy?

Even if you are not, I believe you also don’t like light flickering in front of you like cameras, I mean it’s annoying. The point is its double light adjustment which is flicker free. Just press a button and adjust the amount of light coming at you.


You must have heard things about sad light lamp that it will kill you? Its a joke to me and it won’t because it meets the strict criteria set by the experts in this therapeutic field.

This is not heaven, let’s just be clear on that. This is a world and everything and everyone has got some pros and cons. This innocent thing certainly has got some too.


  • Approved by CET as a legit product
  • Durable product with heavy base
  • Wide swath coverage of the light
  • Stable and relatively easy to use
  • Glare free


  • Confusing operational ability
  • Bulb issues


A sound sleep is necessary for a sound health. In my opinion, this product is certainly reliable in the therapy. The results not only helped me to sleep well but also helped me to focus better. The use of this product is easy and hence the versatility and other prominent features make it an good light therapy device. The red light therapy can be successfully done by using this product.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Day-Light, the provider of bright light therapy devices to help improve symptoms of seasonal affective disorders, has recently come out with the Day-Light Classic 10,000 LUX bright light therapy lamp.

Let’s take a closer look on its features.


Let this product blow your mind out of the water because of its soothing light intensity.

The bright light therapy lamp provides a remarkable light intensity of 10,000 light LUX box.


Safety is the most important feature of any light lamp. Don’t be fooled by all the phonies in the market.

To treat sensitive issues related to mental problems, this lightbox for sad makes sure that the light provided is 99.3% free of the harmful effects of UV radiation.


Peeps, this little device will go exactly where you will need it to go. The product comes with a built-in stand and handle. Its height is also adjustable based on your preference. So, don’t stuff your head with non-existing concerns.


Guys, if you want optimal light therapy absolutely free of damaging impact on your body, you are looking in the right place. The light emitted from this device is the glare-free white light which does not irritate your eyes. It aims to increase your energy level also and the exciting thing is that it’s free from any sort of flicker.


The 10,000 LUX Day-light Classic puts safety at the top of its priority list. This product meets all the clinical guidelines for effective and efficient light therapy.


Peeps, let’s look at how carrying this device around, will be easy for you. To all the lazy chaps out there who’re hesitant in lifting heavy weights, this gadget is the answer of your dreams. With a small size (16” x 16”), it’s pretty convenient to take it with you while travelling. Weight of only 6.5 pounds, enhances its portability.


We like it when companies put our needs above their own, don’t we?

This product now comes with a limited warranty of five whole years. It’s more than you will get with any other type of light therapy device.


  • Small and compact size
  • Has suitable strength
  • Excellent bright light
  • Urgent results
  • Lightweight


  • Lack important safety measures
  • Smell of burning plastic
  • Poor quality stand


Looking for a bright light therapy? Well look no more; you have arrived at the right spot. This device is a safe light therapy product which ensures that the light being provided to you is free of any harmful radiation. The overall use of the product is easy which can be used on any part of body. These features of warranty and positing advantages earn this product the spot of excellent product in my view. I said bye bye to blue winters, thanks to this brilliant product.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Technology has gone too far, now you can just stare at the light and feel better. I’m not joking. Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp is the product that produces light that helps you get rid of depression and sleeplessness, well sleeplessness is one serious issue for all sleep loving folks out there. It’s not magic peeps; instead it’s infrared light therapy. Carex Health is the manufacturer of this exciting product which is one of the leading companies in developing therapeutic products.

Let’s discuss its features in detail.


An exciting thing about this device is that you don’t have to be worried about the angle and height adjustment to experience maximum light coverage. It’s just suitable for every angle and height.


Glare and stare freaks you out?

Well, it may stare at you as long as you do, but there is definitely no glare in this one. It has a glare free diffusion screen.


You love your eyes don’t you? Don’t worry, it will not blind you. It blocks 99.3% of UV light for eye safety and comfort.


Do you intensively want technical details? Ok. This therapy lamp is (h x w x d) 28.5″ x 16″ x 3″ and has a weight of 6.6 lbs.


This is something that everyone loves to have right? This light therapy lamp for sad offers a 5 year warranty. In case of any technical failure, you may get it replaced or fixed.


  • Brilliant and effective light
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Clinically approved
  • Solid build
  • Eye safety


  • Requires to assemble before use
  • Heavy to carry with no charm
  • No auto select voltage option


In fact all the information boils down to this fact that, this sad wake up light is effective along with a low price and warranty. This makes it a good choice for easy therapy. Try it, it is a nice try for sure.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Experiencing a notable drop in your energy levels because of seasonal depression?

Philips, the famous manufacturer of healthcare and household products, has come out with a light therapy device, called the GoLITE BLU Energy Light. It will help improve your mood and make you more productive. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Let’s see its features if this product is actually worth the hype of best rated light therapy lamp.


Are you looking for a device that gives performance along with user friendliness?

Well, here’s the beauty. This device is operated through a touch button. It also comes with 5 light intensity settings, treatment time indicator and light intensity memory.


Tired of the hassle that comes with non-reusable batteries?

Philips has taken care of it. It comes with a full rechargeable battery that has a treatment time of up to 60 minutes. You can use it for a couple of days after charging it once.


Guys, if you are looking to prevent your device from unauthorized access, take a look. The travel lock on this device is a game changer for people looking to maximize their security.


Are you ready to be blown away by this gadget’s new high-end technology?

Well tighten you seat belt to be safe. It simulates the effect as that of a blue sky on a sunny day to maximize the comfort level of its users. Sufficient to get rid of your winter blues and seasonal affective disorders in the best way.


You will have no worries about moving this machine around now. It is portable and has a compact design which offers no trouble in moving around. It weighs only 0.4 kilograms, quite interesting.


You don’t need safety goggles with this piece of technology. It has got it all under control:

This product is specifically engineered to protect your eyes from the harsh effects of light. It also controls the glare for maximum eye relaxation.


Are you attached to cordless use of devices?

Don’t be worried fellas, it can be used with or without the cord, based on user preference. Have a sunny smile.


  • Observed to increase energy levels
  • Light intensity is adjustable
  • Uses blue light technology
  • Cordless feature
  • Suitable price


  • Bright light hurt eyes seldom
  • Not easy to get used to
  • Cause headaches


The product is very effective to deliver the led light therapy to you. This product has been an excellent solution for my pain and irregular sleep habits. The product is reliable and brings about excellent results. I would really like to bring this fact to everyone that I have not regretted even a single buck that I have spent on this light box for seasonal affective disorder.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Guys, Sphere Gadget Technologies may have the perfect solution, alternative to medicine, for your mental and psychological health issues. Let me introduce the Lightphoria 10,000 Lux Energy Light Lamp which features advanced technology from Sphere Gadget Technologies.

Let’s take a look at one of the best light therapy lamps for sad which can alter your daily health care routine.


Look people, you don’t even have to be worried about UV protection anymore. This light box has the perfect solution to end your distress. The UV light provide an alternative for natural sunlight instead of any heat or UV radiation.


Guys, is portability on the top of your priority list?

Keep it on top because this gadget is highly efficient for travelling due to its compact size and convenient carriage.


This lamp’s breakthrough technology will blow you away. 72 eye-optimized 10,000 Lux LEDs, bound to give you a natural sunlight experience. It will also eliminate the entire harsh glares you are experiencing with other light boxes.


Searching for a product that bows to your command?

It has a programmable timer which you can customize each time to suit your needs my peeps.


Guys, are you looking for a wide coverage sad wake up therapy lamp to experience the calming effect on whole body?

Well, here’s the charm for you because the light emitted by this has a vast spectrum wavelength which offers you a soothing glow. This commendable light therapy device has been a game changer for my healthcare issues.


Are you expecting a therapy instrument which gives you bright and dim, sharp and dull light at the same time according to your mood and need?

Let me give you good news pals. You can adjust the light intensity on this lightbox for sad lamp very conveniently for effective therapy, best suited to fit your requirements.


Peeps, a product’s warranty tells about its quality right?

A warranty of 1 year is provided, by Sphere Gadget Technologies, for this incredible light lamp.


  • Absolutely free of all nasty smells
  • Small enough to carry anywhere
  • Artificial wakeup call capability
  • Does not take much space
  • LEDs do not emit heat


  • Longer Reliability issues
  • Defective on/off button
  • Poor cord quality


People who want a solution for their fatigue and sleep problem can use this product. This is a reliable product for lamp therapy. This lightbox for sad can effectively help the patients with their body pains and sleep. The product is portable and gives an odor free solution to the patients. This is a good product to use for people who struggle to find a solution to their illness.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Guys, the manufacturer of Medical Grade light boxes, Alaska Northern Lights has recently come out with a new product, the Northstar 10,000.

This light box for sad is designed to combat your issues of winter blues, temporary depression, fatigue and irritability by its convenient light therapy for skin.

Let’s see its features if this product lives up to its word:


Don’t lose your bucks on light boxes emitting dim light. Don’t make hasty decisions in buying such kind of product because the fruit of haste is just repentance. The Northstar is an exciting gadget which operates at a complete 10,000 LUX at as small a distance as two feet.


Guys, this lightbox for sad comes with the perfect way to protect your interests. This incredible gadget comes with a 7 year warranty. It has an added 60 day satisfaction guarantee as well. Enough to get anyone’s attention.


Looking for a lightbox for sad you can carry everywhere?

This product has a built-in convenient carrying handle and is small enough to be called as portable.


Do you believe that user safety trumps all other aspects of a product? Yes.

The company believes this too. The light emitted from the Northstar is completely free of any sort of UV radiation. This is designed to protect its users at all costs.


Guys, this light therapy device aid takes user satisfaction to a whole new level. To protect your eyes from harm, this device has an efficient light diffuser. It will minimize the glare and make your experience comfortable.


Peeps, you’ll never have trouble with having it where you need it. This light box for sad is able to stand vertically or horizontally, based on your requirement. It can also be mounted to walls based on user preference.


Looking for a fine build and superior quality?

My friends, you won’t find it anywhere but here. The Northstar is made up with fine quality and durable steel material. It also contains a 95% reflective mirror finish for the perfect brightness.


  • Significant decrease in stress level
  • High quality with robust build
  • Recommended by doctors
  • No irritating flicker
  • Easy to assemble


  • No instruction manual
  • A bit expensive
  • Not dimmable


In the end all that matters is the performance. This product has been a reliable solution for years. Even now, it is successful in delivering the results which help to reduce pain. The medical results obtained by the use of this product are astonishing. I myself find this product generally different from the other light therapy device. This product gave me solutions that I had never imagined before. In terms of use, it provides excellent results.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Philips is one of the leading companies producing top quality health technology products for a better living of the current and future generations to come. It aims to better the lives of around 3 billion people each year by 2025. It is ranked number 42 on Top Multinational Performers, number 313 on Global 2000, number 340 on World’s Best Employers and number 90 on World’s most valuable brands.

This product of Philips uses Medical Grade Energy Light Therapy to fight energy dips, muscular fatigue and winter blues by simply using it about half an hour each day. To discover more treasures hidden in this magical light, read the review below.

You can try oodles of similar products but will not be able to find something as perfect as this one. The light lets you enjoy the numerous benefits as they unfold upon usage. What great benefits it has for you are stated below.


Are you space conscious and delicacy is a must for you?

Thanks Philips for respecting your concerns and bringing to you a compact designed light with massive benefits to give. The dimensions are 12.48 inches by 4.41 inches by 16.3 inches.


Are you too busy for prolonged treatment?

Let Philips take care of this. It provides you a feature to track your treatment with a timer set to 30 minutes and that’s all for a day. No need to worry about sparing time for some particular treatment while you have this ultra-cool technology to help you as you do your work side by side.


Are you new to this technology and require help?

Download the free application from play store or app store and get great tips for maximizing benefits of using this gadget. Search for Philips Energy Light app and you are just one click away from making your lives easier.


Who would want to compromise on their comfort? I suppose no one.

With 100 percent ultraviolet free operation and a balanced even distribution of the light, this tool will ensure to maximize the comfort at optimal values.


The light can swing features as much as your mood swings.

Wish to have bright as sun light or dim as almost no light, the product lets you set the intensity of the light to five different levels for your comfort. About 10,000 lux natural treatment would mimic a sunny day.


Here’s some great news for our health conscious friends!

The company has spent over hundreds of years to gain expertise on lighting and health tools production. Along with that, they have collaborated with it, the contributions of doctors and scientists to ensure safety and better health of customer through their products.


You are not sure what angle of light you wish to have and you think you are in trouble once you mount it.

You are clearly mistaken if you have this gadget. You may adjust the angle and tilt it anywhere you wish to focus the light. You can mount it on the wall with the brackets it comes with.


Are you still not sure if this is the right product for you?

Nothing to worry about as the company allows you to have a 90 day money back guarantee upon purchasing this essential.


  • Adjustable brightness and angle tilt
  • Better moods and improved sleep
  • Simulates blue sky on winter days
  • Only 20 to 30 min treatment a day
  • Let’s you stay sharp all day
  • Increases energy level


  • Slightly over sized to port around
  • Bit expensive.


It is a great product if used correctly, to elevate mood, keep you energetic all day and customize light brightness as per user demands. Though it is expensive to be used as a light alone, yet it is worth the price if it satisfies your needs in its money back trial period.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Guys, the manufacturer of lifestyle products engineered to help improve symptoms of seasonal light changes. Verilux has recently come out with the HappyLight 10,000 LUX Sunshine Simulator, a perfect device for light therapy for pain.

As the tree is known by its fruit, a device is known by its features. Let’s have a detailed look over its features.


This light therapy device will go exactly where you will need it to go. The 10,000 LUX Sunshine Simulator is compatible with different sorts of positioning and placement options. You can put it on a table stand, nightstand or even mount it on the wall based on your preference.


If you’re tired of all the phony light lamps giving off light that disturbs your sleep patterns, take a look. The Sunshine Simulator provides a remarkable light intensity of 10,000 LUX. This white light therapy is most definitely recommended by all medical practitioners.


Verilux believes that safety is the most important feature of any light lamp. To treat sensitive issues related to mental problems, Verilux makes sure that the light provided by this gadget is completely free of all sorts of UV radiation.


My friends, Verilux’s biggest aim is to satisfy its users by enhancing their therapy experience. The light emanated from this sad wake up light does not irritate or flicker. It simulates natural sunlight and aims to increase your energy without disturbing you.


The 10,000 LUX Sunshine Simulator puts safety at the top of its priority list. Safety procedures and tests have been conducted on this device to make sure that no harm is done to your eyes while using this product.


Peeps, let’s look at how carrying this device around will be easy for you because the Sunshine Simulator is small in size. It is easy for anyone to carry it around while travelling. Its compact size always makes it portable.


  • Small and compact size
  • No need of direct vision
  • Free of all UV radiation
  • Affordable price
  • Comfort sleep


  • Not as effective as advertised
  • Works only within 18 inches
  • Can cause headaches


This sad wake up light therapy has helped in countless ways. I no longer have to worry about pain and fatigue. I can now easily relax and my sleep is improved. I was able to overcome the stress and depression in my life. The product is truly awesome when it comes to results.This lightbox for sad has completely revolutionized my experience with the seasonal depression too. I have been able to improve my focus, alertness. I believe this to be the Holy Grail for people who want to find an effective alternative to medication, as this product is recommended by doctors.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Friends, looking for efficiently intense skin rejuvenation?

LED Technologies’ DPL is a skin care infrared heat therapy that trumps any professional therapy you will get for acne, wrinkles, fine lines and age spots due to sun damage.

Let’s see its features how this product is actually worth the hype:


Peeps, you can place your trust in this product. This company has gone to great lengths to protect its customers. This device is FDA approved for the treatment of wrinkles, acne and repairs sun-damaged skin. That’s why, it is also called as best light therapy lamp.


Who doesn’t want to kill two birds with one stone?

That is saving the time and money at the same time spent on medical practitioners for medical remedies of SAD.  You certainly won’t be doing it anymore. The DPL has two generously sized rectangular 6.5” x 9” LED panels. These panels are also detachable for treatment through light therapy.


This sad wake up light does the work and automatically notifies you. Impressive, isn’t it? It has a built-in automatic timer. This timer is able to be adjusted to the type of treatment required by you and signals you when the treatment is completed. It is FDA approved


Friends, if safety is at the top of your priority list, you need to take a look at this. This device is completely free of any sort of UV radiation in its therapy. The DPL also does not generate heat to protect your skin.


LED Technologies now gives you the DPL with a treatment stand attachment, panel cord, worldwide AC power supply (110 – 240V) and a Velcro strap system.


This lightbox for seasonal affective disorder will reap benefits and practically pay for itself after you’ve used it. This device provides medical grade light therapy based on NASA study specifications. It is also recommended by certified medical practitioners around the globe.


We like it when companies put our needs above everything else, don’t we?

LED Technologies, to satisfy the consumer base, has added an additional feature to DPL. It now comes with a warranty of one whole year.


  • Does not cost too much
  • Heals skin very fast
  • Automatic timer
  • FDA approved
  • Very durable


  • Beep can’t be turned off while active
  • Brown spots might appear
  • Directions are difficult


The professional phototherapy can be achieved by help of this product. It gives a reliable solution to the skin problems. The overall results and its features outrun its cons which makes it an ideal product for use. I personally have used it for a few minutes every day and its results were amazing. All of skin problems were gone with use of just few minutes daily. I recommend this product as this is the best that I have ever experienced.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Nature Bright is a company that believes in making your mood charming with the lights and lamps instead of pills. We are living in time where anything could happen, even to the extent of sunlight indoor. Well, it’s scary and astonishing at the same time because it’s new, but don’t worry. Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp does all that for you.

Have a look at its features to know why it is called best light therapy lamp on the market.


Device is observed to be very effective in many cases. Some primary ailments for which it can be best cure are Winter SAD, insomnia, low moods, fatigue, menstrual discomfort, irritability and jet lag.


People love things that are automatic. They don’t want to spend their energy on things as small as a button or maybe they are lazy enough. Well whatever, this thing has got a timer with 15, 30, 45, 65 minutes options. All you got to do is set the time and it will turn itself off after that interval. Now, you can get a tension less sleep without any fear of being over heated by the light therapy lamp.


Are you annoyed by the dazzling vehicle lights?

You will be hesitant to use any infrared lamp, I’m sure. Well, it’s not like going out in snow on a sunny day that blinds you. It is glare free, believe me mates. It emits negative ions though, but they aren’t dangerous as they help you feel real sunlight.


Believe me even if this came for free, you wouldn’t use it if it meant harm to your eyes, right? Don’t worry, it doesn’t emit any harmful UV light so that your eyes don’t get damaged. Safety and security are its top features.


Just to get you an idea of where this thing will fit the best, here are some technical details, then again it’s your house put it where you want. It has got following dimensions: 13″H x 9″W x 6″D and 4.16 lbs weight, light as a feather right?


1 year warranty is sufficient enough I guess to take this device under use.


  • Combination of Sky Effect and Ion technology
  • Functions in every weather
  • Bright soothing light
  • Multi-beneficial


  • Emission of Ozone particles
  • Ionizer emits bad smell


You want a versatile product in a nice price range. Well look no further. All the results you want with just the right price are available with this product. The light for sad product is multipurpose which makes it a better choice over the other comparative products.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Revilux is a globally renowned company manufacturing multiple therapeutic products since 1956. Winters are just here folks. For some, it has already begun. But with winter, comes an old friend of some people which they don’t like. We like to call that old friend, depression or more accurately, the notorious Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). HappyLight Compact Energy lamp is a device which can put you at ease by providing its led light therapy for skin.

Let’s discuss its features in detail to know why it is called best lamp for sad light therapy.


A light box’s effectiveness hinges on its “Lux” capacity and range. It provides a Lux capacity of 2500 to 3000 for the treatment of the people who are experiencing sleep, fatigue problems and SAD. Minimum of 10,000 lux capacity is observed to be necessary for effective results. This low functionality is the reason why this device doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Guess what’s the most important thing in any light box for seasonal affective disorder?

Don’t think too much buddies. It’s a “Full spectrum” light, a replica of the light the sun provides. This is exactly what the Happy light compact energy lamp gives you. Finally, a solution to your SAD light lamp related problems to keep you productive during the day.


Believe it or not, weights matters everywhere, in every aspect.  Guess how much can it weigh? 5 kgs, 6 kgs? No my mates. The device is way more light than your expectations. It’s just 1.3 pounds.


Are you looking for a beautifully designed lamp with small dimensions?

It’s dimensions are 12.1 x 7 x 22.9 cm and design is elegantly chosen for convenient moving and use.


Since, the Lux capacity is smaller, more time will be required to fulfill the body’s need of full spectrum sunlight. A recommended time of exposure is 6 hours per day.


  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Increased productivity
  • Reasonable price
  • Energy efficient
  • Less fatigue


  • Need to stay within a few inches
  • Lack of full room exposure


So, it was all about this device. As a whole, it is a decent product. If you look it keenly, it has more goods than bads. I think in this price range, it is a decent choice for all of you. But ultimate choice is yours, buddies.


Best Light Therapy Lamps 2018


Verilux is a company, primarily specializes in Healthy lighting for good health. You would be pretty aware of the Seasonal affective disorder or SAD. This company provides people the best alternative of their sleeping and fatigue problems by offering this remarkable gadget, Verilux HappyLight Liberty 10,000 LUX Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp.

Let’s have a look whether this device can prove itself a bed of roses for you or not?


Such kind of light therapy systems often cause eye irritation due to glare, but quality equipment don’t. LUX Natural Spectrum lamp has got the potential to reduce the glare and eye fatigue which are essential features to incorporate as the user will be sitting close to the device most of the time.


Intensity level of anything whether it’s in a handheld tech device or a therapy lamp, is subjective. Don’t you want to adjust it according to your will?

Here’s the good for you. Intensity of the full spectrum light can be adjusted very conveniently in this infrared lamp therapy instrument.


Does the space of room occupied by machines and furniture hurt you?

Well, take it easy buddies. Just integrate this device without making drastic adjustments to your living room. It fits in perfectly and looks like a decoration piece which enhances the looks of the room also. Its design is also compact enough to be carried and transported with any hassle.


Customization is the thing you’re looking for?

Correct me if I’m wrong. Well, pals, don’t worry because this light treatment instrument offers two modes to the user for switching lens according to their mood, energy level and purpose at a particular time of day.


Worried about the effectiveness of this device chums?

Here’s the best part, believe me. This product has got 10,000 LUX capacity, perfectly according to the standard limit for enhanced treatment efficiency. That’s why, its also termed as 10000 lux light box.


  • Actual feeling of the natural sunlight
  • Energy efficient with bright light
  • Most powerful light box ever made
  • Simulates the sunlight very well
  • Compact size


  • Cause migraine headaches
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Hurt eyes in some cases


A best product that can ensure that your energy levels remains boosted. This is a revolutionary product offering something more powerful than ever before to give you guaranteed increase in productivity and overall energy starting from day one. It’s definitely a game changer my fellows. It has EXCELLENT reviews as a whole. Follow your heart and choose the best. I will definitely recommend this.


So, it’s all about my best therapy lamps reviews. Now is the time to make the final decision about purchasing the suitable device for you. You’ve gone through all the content and the principal conclusive aspects should be very clear in your mind now. If you’re still struggling with that, don’t worry fellas.

So, which are the gadgets you should be interested in? “VeriluxHappyLight Liberty 10,000 LUX Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp” is a device you must look into guys because it’s been ranked at the top. It doesn’t only have stupendous lux capacity and glare adjustment, but compact dimensions and light weight are its other prominent features. Second best device having good review is “D/UV-F KBD Sperti Fluorescent Table Top Lamp”, with brilliant features. “Bright Light Therapy Box – Alaska Northern Lights- North Star 10,000” is the third one in list having decent functionality, but it’s a little heavy comparatively and lacks position adjustment as well. Next best therapy product which might be intriguing you is “Day-Light Classic 10,000 LUX Bright Light Therapy Lamp”. This device has got superb functionality with a lot of customization and good user review. Carex Health Brands Day-Light Sky 10,000 LUX Bright Light Therapy Lamp (DL2000) is the device ranked on number 5th fellas, because of its enticing features and user response. Sphere Gadget Technologies Lightphoria, 10,000 Lux Energy Light Lamp is on the 6th stand with good specs and high durability. Now, the ball is in your court. Choose the best and leave the rest.



In fact, Light therapy is a way to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and certain other conditions by exposure to artificial light.


Peeps, first and foremost question arises in our mind why do you need it? In fact, the answer is very simple. You need it for a perfect sleep and a remedy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a disorder experienced by some people in mostly winters but some experience it in summer too. Thinking about what a person feels while being a victim? Here you go mates. He/She has to go through a certain type of sadness also called Winter Blue, summertime sadness, summer depression and winter depression. Pretty annoying? There’s a solution. Have a look.


Millions of Americans every year suffer from SAD; it happens because of less amount of sunlight that a person gets in a day throughout a season. SAD light therapy lamps are the savior in such a condition by their infrared light therapy. Don’t believe in anything about the side effects of these light therapy devices by hearing them on the grapevine. These little sad wake up lights act like a sun to your body, tricking it into believing that it is receiving enough sunlight and thus preventing SAD because nobody likes to be sad. SAD light lamp doesn’t only better your mood, it also has additional benefits too. Exposure to sunlight helps our body generate Vitamin D and which helps prevent heart disease and strengthens bones.


Like human types and nature, there are numerous types of sad light therapy lamps available in the market too. Some of these provide UV light, similar to sun, whereas others limit them and instead generate narrow-band beams of short wavelength to help with the blue-light therapy. Look at the following things for best selection.


It is our misconceptions that expensive products always come with bulk of features. It may be true in some cases, but not for all. So, first of all look at your budget and then go for the best one.


Many famous brands claim that their products are the best in business, but it is not true all the time. To judge this, you must read user reviews closely and get the best one for yourself.


Two types of spectrums are offered in a Therapy lamp. Full-spectrum light is one of the most important aspects of many light therapy programs because it emits light similar to sunlight thus offering many of the same benefits as sunlight. Other therapies, however, does not require full spectrum light. Instead, they use blue-light which is very significant in melatonin production which enhances our brain’s circadian rhythm.


Several types of light therapy programs require a certain Lux of sunlight without reaching that level, it is not possible to completely benefit from sad light lamps. Capacity of at least 10,000 Lux is required for almost 20 minutes every day to bring out the best results from SAD therapy lamps. Lamps, with Lux less than 10,000 may not be able to generate enough amount of vitamin D in our body but they offer other types of benefits. Thus, chose sad wake up light based on prescriptions from doctor or therapist.


The usage of this sad light lamp is very much based on the size of your light therapy lamp because smaller lamps that might be able to generate 10,000 Lux light levels, they might not work appropriately on larger units because of their size. Basically, the Lux measurement standards are based on the measurement from the lamp which determines the effectiveness of light lamp therapy.


As beneficial as UV light, these therapy instruments have certain negative effects on our skin too. As we commonly know that UV light is good for our skin in generating vitamin D (very useful for our body), it might damage our skin in some ways if exposure to it is not under-control. Even this small harm might sometimes be considered so significantly that few companies out limit the possibility of UV rays completely. Whereas other lamps use UV rays and thus exposure to them need the same precautions taken as in disclosure to direct sunlight.


Most of the sad light therapy lamps have a replaceable bulbs option so that once your bulb, the soul of therapy lamp, burns out, you can replace it with a new one without getting it to a shop or repair store.


There are multiple brands of sad wake up light therapy lamps at wholesale just like any clothing brand. Different brands have different features and different prices. You must need to know all these to put your money on a valuable and useful product. But it has seen that 10000 lux light boxes and LED sad lamps have won the hearts of many along with other light boxes for seasonal affective disorder.

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