“Keyword” is the magical word which can either make your website or break it. To bring best results on your websites, it’s very important to research the right keywords. Typing in the search box is the perfect beginning of the keyword. Here in this article, we will discuss some Best keyword Research Tools.

The searching on a keyword is the most important task to bring accurate results to your business. But the question that comes here is that how to find the appropriate keyword? Now, one has not to work hard as the process has become very easy. With the invention of a large number of keyword research tools, one can easily catch the right keywords.

Best Keyword Research Tools

For all the SEO users, it’s very important to pick out the best keyword research tool.  No doubts, there many that provide accurate results and one can use any of them. The top most keyword research tool that is used frequently is named as “SEMrush”.



SEMrush is the most powerful tool which helps in researching the competitive keywords. If you want to become successful in your business, it is mandatory to get the information about your competitors like what they are doing in attracting the traffic and Google rankings. It is the best keyword research tool that performs well on both Google and Bing. This tool comes in a premium pack as it is not only helpful in finding the appropriate keywords but also beat your competition.

Features of the SEMrush

It is an excellent tool that provides deep research on the concepts of SEO and PPC.

The best part about this tool is that it researches the long tailed keywords.

With the use of this tool, one will analyze the common keywords and these come in the form of synonyms.

It is the perfect suite for all the top keyword research in the world of SEO.

How to use this tool?

At the very first step, one has to find all the top organic keywords in this tool for the use of the client.

Secondly, there is need of identifying all the competitors and explore their keywords.

On the third step, there is need of importing the competitor’s keyword data into the Google sheet.

Further, start work on the data by proper analyzing them.

Now, one has to identify all the foundational content Gaps.

After that, identify the strategic content Gaps.

Finally, add all the keywords and add them to your Editorial calendar.

Benefits of Using SEMrush

This best keyword research tool provides with the well-tested keywords which are helpful in providing high rankings on the Google research.

This tool offers the depth analysis which is completely clear and accurate.

This tool is the easy and simple digital marketing strategy and greatly helpful in improving the performance.

The major focus of this tool is to get analyze about the competitors.

It is the most effective and excellent way to research all the high ranking keywords.

Google Keyword Planner:


Google Keyword Planner is another such wonderful research tool as it allows you to get the high volume relevant keywords. The best thing about this keyword is that it is completely free of cost.

Google Trends:

It is another best keyword research tool which is completely versatile in searching the keywords.  This tool allows the specific user to capture all the specific keywords for their website without any cost.


This research tool provides you the best base keyword which is greatly helpful in ranking your business. This tool is not only proving to be essential for the researchers but also for the planners as well as marketers. One can also make use of this tool to gain various blog posts ideas that will boost your creativity.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the kind of research tool which is completely free, versatile and easy to use. One can use this tool to engage the maximum traffic for the campaign.

Apart from the entire mentioned best keyword research tools, the final statement says that, every researcher has different reviews on these tools. So, whatever is your choice, if it’s really changed your SEO part, then go for it.

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