Ever heard about Inversion tables guys? If you have, that’s probably because either you or someone close to you experienced a back pain. And if you haven’t, well, you are lucky you never had to experience the sting of the back pain. Either way, we’ll start from scrape and discuss about best inversion tables reviews for back pain to clear all your ambiguities and queries about the functioning of this exciting kit.

Basically, inversion chair for back pain is exercise equipment used for the therapy of back pain, easing the muscles and improving circulation by soothing the joints and tendons. These stands can also be used for cardiovascular type of exercises. Tables have different characteristics like any other exercising equipment.

Last year, lots of brands were famous like Exerpeutic, Ironman, Teeter, Kettler, etc. but now, few other brands have also be included.
I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Inversion Tables Reviews for Back Pain Buying Guide below before making any purchase.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.
NameCapacityHeight LimitWarrantyRating
Exerpeutic Inversion Table With Comfort Foam Backresty300lbs4’10” – 6’6”2 years4.5/5
Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table300 pounds4’10” – 6’10”4 years4.6/5
IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table350 poundsUp to 6’6”5 years4.7/5
Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table/Padded Backrest300 pounds4’10” – 6’6”5 years4.2/5
IRONMAN High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table350 pounds4’10” – 6’6”1 years4.5/5
Teeter EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table With Back Pain Relief Kit300 pounds4’8” – 6’6”5 years4.7/5
Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table With Back Pain Relief Kit300lbsUp to 6’6”5 years4.6/5
Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table350 pounds4’9” – 6’6”2 years4.7/5
Teeter Hang Up EP-960 Inversion Table With Back Pain Relief300 pounds4’8” – 6’6”5 years4.6/5
IRONMAN LX300 Inversion Table275 pounds4’10” – 6’6”1 years4.4/5

1. Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backresty: Buy Now

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain 2017

Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest is designed and manufactured by Exerpeutic Company that makes therapeutic fitness machines, for gaining fitness obviously. Just when you thought you had to live with back pain forever, this came into play. Perfect for all the lazy fellows out there who don’t like to jog.


Now you would not be playing with a full deck if you just buy stuff without looking at its key features first.

Weight limit

Love to eat and a little over-weight?

Well, don’t worry my mates. Don’t let your passion of eating down at all because this inversion machine can handle 300 lbs on it, that’s pretty tough if you ask me.

Height limit

Worried of tall or short height?

Don’t bother at all buddies as this machine isn’t made for people with average height only. You can adjust it as per your height though it has a height limit too. As long as you aren’t 20 feet tall, you don’t need to worry, that was a joke by the way. It is fine for people with 4’10” to 6’6” heights.

Comfort level:

No one likes to sit on a hard surface right?

I mean that hurts……a lot. It is designed for maximum comfort, has cushioned ankle holders and foam rollers, no more bruises on body.


With 46.4L x 27W x 57H inches, it weighs 64 pounds, not so heavy I guess.

You would be living in a world of delusion if you thought things can be without cons or vice versa.


  • Easy to put together and adjust.</li
  • Back rest is made of thick.
  • Affordable and Comfortable.
  • Very well constructed.
  • High quality padding.
  • Holds up to 300lbs.


  • Can’t be folded easily.
  • Poor quality control.


This product has got pretty decent features for its price really. I mean I would definitely buy this kind of stuff if I am suffering from back pain, Ouch. If you have got the back pain, you need it surely my mates. Problem in folding might be an issue but still the quality makes it worth buying. If you can afford it , just go for it.

2. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table: Buy Now

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain 2017

Spinal decompression can occur to anyone, but bearing it should not be your only option. So what to do my fellows? Get rid of the ache at the drop of the hat with this newly designed Innova ITX9600- a product by Innova Fitness, a name you can trust when it comes to health.


Let’s discuss its features in detail to know why it is called as one of the best inversion tables for bad backs.

Weight Capacity and Design:

Built with a heavy gauge steel tubing to ensure sturdily with weight capacity of 300 pounds, this upside down inversion table for back pain is best for anyone out there. One simply falls in love with the long and wide back rest support which also happens to be fully padded to provide maximum coziness and support. Thick rollers and foam handlebars make it a beautiful piece of use.

Side positions:

Why should you compromise on only one position when you can rotate your body throughout?

This device is right up your alley as Innova introduces 5-position side inversion pin. Time to bid good bye to those old school straps and take into account of this magnificent pin chaps. All you have to do is adjust and position the pin in the appropriate hole, present in the rod of the best rated inversion table.


Tired of moving heavy objects around the places?

Well, your concerns are gonna fly to skies my mates because this product is not just like any other. It’s an easily transportable product which is not only convenient to use but also easy to pack away in the matter of minutes. It does not take up much space too.

Height Range:

Being tall isn’t a crime, eh?

Therefore, the Innova ITX9600 covers this aspect really well. It can accommodate heights varying from 4ft-10 inches to 6 ft-10 inches. You don’t have to feel left out any more.


It’s better to be safe than sorry. Isn’t it?

No one wants to get injured while using any sort of equipment. Therefore, this machine comes with two full lengths; non-slip safety handles one on each side of the frame. These handles can be used for firm brisk over this inversion kit. What else can one ask for?

Inclined Angle:

With the Innova ITX9600, you will never have to compromise upon the inclined angles. Using the locking pin, you are able to reach up to a maximum angle of 170 degrees. This is a lot better than many out there.


  • Cheaper than other products.
  • Great quality and well made.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Easy to push around


  • Does not allow an angle of 180 degrees.
  • Has a potential side effect.


Keeping the virtues and evils of device under consideration, it is stated that the alluring features of this back inverter make it a must have. Its stable and substantial. All the qualities outweighs cons if any. Its a sincere recommendation. Do give it a try.

3. IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table: Buy Now

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table Review

Well, if you think this back pain is gonna be there forever, think again. IRONMAN fitness, a company manufacturing fitness products has a solution for you. They have developed this ironman inversion therapy table that could help relieve the back pain. Perfect for all the lazy fellows out there who don’t like to move around. That’s why, it is called as best inversion tables to buy.


Perfect or not, you are the one suffering from back pain right? You gotta buy a machine like this, mates.

Weight limit:

Most people don’t carry other people’s weight, do they?

No doubt, this one is pretty tough feel but this product can support weights up to 350 pounds. But you know, lean people mostly suffer from back pain. So, this limit is pretty satisfying.

Height limit:

Having height problems?

Don’t worry buddies, take the cake and have a sunny smile. This machine can be adjusted for people who have heights up to 6’6” with extra 3” for balance adjustments. As long as you aren’t very tall, you will do just fine.

Comfort level:

Everyone likes to sit on a comfortable seat, is it?

I mean hard surfaces are irritating. This machine’s backrest is covered with 2 ½ inches of padded memory foam, you won’t sink into it either. The back support is nice and wide to add to the overall level of comfort and feeling of security.

If you like to play around a little with machines, let me tell you a secret, you can even do inverted exercises on this one and see the world upside down, sounds cool to me.


With 49″L x 26″W x 65″H inches, it weighs 75lbs. Seems heavy to me and all the lazy friends out there who don’t like to move things around. Don’t know about you but I would definitely call hulk to move it around.


  • Greater weight capacity.
  • Very strong and precise.
  • Very well featured.
  • Easily assembled.
  • Very comfortable.


  • Can’t be moved around easily.
  • Can’t be folded easily.
  • Little heavy.


It’s affordable with decent features. Weight capacity is up to the mark. A reall top -notch quality. If you buy it, for sure you will not find yourself at lost because I didn’t either. Plus, you will need it sooner or later because back pain doesn’t go away just like that. Take it pals, before it’s too late.

4. Invertion Premium Folding Inversion Table/Padded Backrest: Buy Now

Invertion Premium Folding Inversion Table/Padded Backrest Review

A healthy body helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the most important part of the human body is the spinal cord. For those having back issues, Invertio’s folding inversion table/padded backrest is well worth the investment to get started. It is one of the best folding inversion tables because of its amazing features.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.


Innovation is the modish tenor. There are present padded cuffs on the model to grip the legs. This helps in suspension of the user and elevates his body. Moreover, there is a weight capacity of 300 pounds. This not only gives you a comfortable experience, but also ensures that you enjoy it.


Talking about the construction, this machine offers the best of the both world by using a 1-1/4” round painted tube style steel frame. The frame is enhanced by welding a cross bar whose function is to stop the table in mounting position. So now mates, you don’t have to worry about falling off.


Safety is for all, my fellows, don’t you believe that?

You do! Using a product to follow dreams and getting hurt. This sounds like a worst nightmare. Well, stop barking up the wrong tree and get this machine. It has a non-skid surface with avert slips. To gain your balance while performing exercises, padded handrails are offered.


This therapy table is 27-1/4” wide and 48” long and about 7’ of front to back space for the inversion to occur. Moreover, as compared to other machines, this one is light as a feather weighing only 46 lbs. What’s more is that it also comes with one year warranty. Mates, you definitely need to take this one into consideration.


For those out there who are tall and worried due to the limitation of finding the clothes and shoes of their size. You can’t complaint here chaps, because it’s no more happening. With the height range from 4’10” to 6’6”, this one is for all.


  • Vinyl covered hinge protectors.
  • Removable lower back pad.
  • Assembled easily.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Very Sturdy.


  • Foam roller pads both front and rear.
  • Thin padded backrest.
  • Not durable.


The appealing features of this equipment can make any of the fitness freaks out there get it at the drop of a hat. Flexibility and modification features are making the product are making it go ahead of curve. So if you don’t like compromising upon your health, then this is a must have.

5. IRONMAN High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table: Buy Now

IRONMAN High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table Review

Pain opens the doors to new things just like necessity make an individual invent new things. Well pain won’t stay there forever if you do something about it and you gotta do something about it, if its back pain. Manufactured by IRONMAN fitness, a company that makes fitness product, this HIGH CAPACITY GRAVITY 3000 INVERSION TABLE might help you get rid of back pain.


Looking for everything about this one before buying it?

Well you lazy creature, you aren’t barking up the wrong tree. You came to the right place infact. This inversion table for back pain has got pretty decent features.

Weight limit:

Does this overweighing thing annoy you?

I would ask about how much, but I understand everyone likes to eat, let’s just not personal. It will carry your 350 pounds body, anything above that and you are in trouble mates. Here is a free tip for you. Exercise a little bit.

Height limit:

Is your height between 4’10” to 6’6″?

If it is, then you should roll up your sleeves to get hands on it. It suits you the best. If you are above or below this limit, you gotta find a new way honestly.

Comfort level:

I definitely like comfortable seats, and you do too, right? It has got a foam back rest and side grips for comfort and stability.

If you’re the lover of comfortable cushions and seats, let the cat out of the bag my fellow.


With 49″L x 26″W x 65″H inches, it weighs 65lbs. It doesn’t sound too much heavy, although it’s still enough for all the lazy fellows out there. Don’t worry you don’t need any exceptional power to lift this, believe me.


  • Greater weight capacity.
  • Easily assembled.
  • Easily adjusted.
  • Less in price.
  • Comfortable.


  • Can’t be moved around easily.
  • Can’t be folded easily.


Not so expensive with cool features. Good weight capacity makes it reasonable for all and sundry. Can’t get any better in the price. And you also need to do something about that back pain buddies. It’s the best of both worlds for you. Get your hands on it right away and let the pain of your back vanish like ghost.

6. Teeter EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit: Buy Now

Teeter EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit Review

Manufactured by Teeter, a company that makes fitness products, this Teeter EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table might help you get rid of back pain. You would just do anything to make the pain go away. It will get you to buy something like this for one. Have a sunny smile my mates and take a look at this product.


You might be wondering what is the best inversion table for back pain, right? Well you came to the right place you miserable thing, no offense just being friendly here. Look at the features and decide yourself.

Weight limit:

Worried that you are a little flabby?

I would ask about how much, but I understand everyone likes to eat, let’s just not get personal. It will carry your 300 pounds body, anything above that and you are in trouble mates. Free tip? Exercise a little bit.

Height limit:

Don’t worry, if you are a little tall or short or with an average height, Teeter EP-90 supports people with heights from 4’8”-6’6”. Most people have height within that range, right? I mean I have height between those numbers.

Comfort level:

To be honest no one likes to sit on rigid surfaces, right?

I mean it hurts down there. This device is right up your alley. This one comes with ComforTrak Bed, removable head pillow, grip and stretch handholds that guarantee comfortness.


With 84″L x 28.8″W x 86″H inches, it weighs 65.4 kgs.

You would be living in a world of delusion if you thought things can be without cons or vice versa.


  • Can give you relief from chronic pain.
  • Reasonable weight capacity.
  • One can use it regularly.
  • Material is good enough.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Can’t be folded easily.
  • Bit expensive.


As a whole, it is a decent product with a little overpriced. But if you are of those people who do not compromise health over money,  this is the thing you need. Comfort ability it offers is great for the price. Now the ball is in your court whether to purchase or not, buddies. Don’t sit on the fence, take it right away.

7. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit: Buy Now

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit Review

Teeter is a renowned company manufacturing great home healthcare appliances and equipment for consumers. It presents you one of the top rated inversion tables model guys, from Teeter’s ComforTrak Series, the EP-560. This machine is specifically build to target all your back muscle problems. In fact, it is one of the best inversion tables on the market.


Let not shoot the breeze and have a close look at its key features.


Let me take away your struggle with being overweight or too tall. The thing we’re talking about comes with a weight and height capacity of 300 lbs and 6’6”, respectively. That’s bound to impress you.


Teeter is so confident in its product that it’s willing to give you a warranty lasting up to 5 years. All sorts of accidental coverage will be taken care of under this surety.


You will be impressed with how Teeter has taken the inversion strap to a whole new level. The adjustable angle teeter strap allows you to invert yourself at any angle to target your particular issue. It’s simple and safe, you’ll love it.


Peeps, if you are looking for some customization in the back therapy tables, Teeter took the cake in this aspect. Look, EP-560 can be accessorized with Teeter’s EZ-Up Gravity Boots, EZ-Stretch Traction Handles, optional head cushion and many more.


Let me eliminate your concerns about build by providing you these details:

The strong steel base is attached with the easy-to-clean bed surface. It also features stretch resist handles and ankle supports.


You’re probably looking for a piece of equipment that can fit in your closet. Well, look no further, because the EP-560 can be folded for compact storage. As easy as drinking water.


Guys, for the purpose of security, Teeter has introduced auto-locking hinges and cam locks. This is sure to prevent the EP-560 from unauthorized access.


  • Fully customizable with accessories.
  • 5 additional healthy back routines.
  • Good for back pain patients.
  • Material is of good quality.
  • Gives security.


  • Not easy to assemble.
  • Hard to move around.
  • Bit heavy.


This inversion table has completely redefined my ideal of back exercises. All the accessories are amazingly awesome, making it raise the bar. This durable gadget is extremely easy to assemble and use, and has eliminated any distress my back has ever faced. After you know what it does, you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Essential to get hands.

8. Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table: Buy Now

Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table Review

Inverter tables for back pain  are the true blessings for those with spinal issues and Ironman IFT 4000 is like the cherry on top as it’s the most recent and most advanced. Its features and specifications can do wonders. Something definitely worth your time and money, fellas. It is also called as one of the best consumer inversion tables.


Let’s discuss its features in details.


Design seeker? Well, with a sleek design, this machine is also easiest to put together. The parts are simple and easily joined together. Assisting it are LED controllers to display temperature and remote controller. To make a long story short, its design is definitely a plus point.


You know the importance of frame. Don’t you? Made up of tubular, heavy duty powder coated steel, the frame of this appliance is not just durable, but also scratch resistive as well to heat and weather conditions. Its 27” x 50” footprint makes it by far the most considerable device. Due to the lack of any crossbar near floor, you are free to get onto or off this table. Use it the way your heart desires.

Infra-red Technology:

Here comes the point which makes this inversion chair for back pain stand out from the rest. Ironman IFT 4000 has very efficiently broken the mold and has introduced heat for the relaxation of the user. The mixture of traditional inversion and infrared heat therapy increases blood circulation and lessen the need of medication.

Ankle Support:

Scared of falling or losing support from the table while lying? Don’t you bother buddy. There is an easy to reach and release ratchet ankle locking system in the device. It’s to ensure safety and ease of the ankles while inverting. This is definitely adding up as a plus point.


Worried of weight problem?

Teeter feels for you my mates. Weighing only 75 pounds, this instrument is capable of bearing weight up to 350 pounds. Furthermore, it can also accommodate people varying in height from 4feet 9 inches to 6feet 6 inches. What’s left to even ask for any further?


Safety should always be kept in sight. This is why the ITX 4000 offers nothing but the best. It not only fulfills all safety requirements, but also comes with non-skid floor stabilizers and extra-long safety handles. There is left absolutely nothing to compromise upon.


  • Mesh pocket for remote control.
  • Helpful for chronic pain.
  • Very good heating pad.
  • Inverts to 180 degrees.
  • 3 starting positions.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not easy to store.
  • Not easy to fold.


So, its all about this awesome product. Amazing features won’t let you be at loss. Well-grounded product it is which is going to deliver the results as stated.  For those out there who can afford it, I would say make this your own inversion table. Don’t worry To take the plunge, you gonna Be at profit only if you buy this.

9. Teeter Hang Up EP-960 Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief: Buy Now

Teeter Hang Up EP-960 Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Review

Ladies and gentlemen, Teeter brings you Teeter’s technologically advanced inversion bench here, the hang up EP-960. It’s time to bid farewell to all the backache problems you’ve been experiencing lately, simply by using this incredible device.


To play your cards right, let’s explore more about this gadget to know why it is amongst best rated inversion tables.


Double the therapeutic effect by this device mates. For additional health benefits, Teeter allows you to accessorize this table with a lumbar bridge and acupressure nodes.


Assembling things is always a hassle. I believe you’ll agree with me at this point. Let’s save you from the assembly irritation by giving you some good news. This toolkit can easily be assembled in less than 25 minutes. The nuts and bolts won’t drive you crazy.


Worried about safety, peeps?

It’s covered in this device. For enhanced durability and reliability, Teeter has taken measures like auto-locking hinges and cam locks on the Hang up EP-960.


Guys, if a sturdy and tough build is what you require, the EP-960 will be perfect for you. It’s made of heavy duty steel with a scratch-resistant finish. It’s also UL listed for tough quality standards.


Look; you can easily invert yourself at a variety of different angles using this piece of equipment. You can choose an angle that best targets your problem area and benefit from it.


You’re probably looking for a piece of equipment that is compact. Well look no further, because Teeter Hang Up EP-960 is right up your alley with the ability to be folded in seconds.


Teeter is confident in its product to the extent that it’s willing to give you a warranty lasting up to 5 years. You need not to worry about any sort of accident my mates.


  • Can bear up to fair amount of weight.
  • Height customizable ankle heights.
  • Very suitable for chronic pain.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to use.


  • Takes up several feet of space.
  • Little heavy.


The bottom line is that the Hang Up EP-960 is durable, sturdy and fit for daily use. You’ll experience a sharp reduction in any sort of back or muscle issues with the help of this equipment. This is a must buy inversion table for you. Highly recommended. Do give it a try and you wont be disappointed for sure.

10. IRONMAN LX300 Inversion Table: Buy Now

IRONMAN LX300 Inversion Table Review

Ironman, a trusted name in healthcare equipment, brings you the LX300 Inversion Table. Your back pain and muscle tension issues are, now, a thing of the past. Don’t know about this device? Don’t miss the boat by ignoring this information. Let’s have a good look at this remarkable therapy equipment:


Let’s discuss its features in details to know why it is called as one of the best cheap inversion tables.


Guys, this has the sleek and stylish finish.

A sturdy metal frame and scratch-resistant finish are other alluring aspects of its design. The cushioning on the seat and footrest will never give you backaches.


Need easy to follow instructions and directions for assembly?

This gadget comes with parts specified for each step, to put it together. It can be assembled within 30 minutes.


Looking for a supportive and strong build, peeps?

The heavy duty steel frame and washable vinyl-covered backrest adorn this machine. It also has a strap for different inverting angles.

Ankle Support:

Do you think holding yourself on the table will be difficult for you?

It’s not buddies. Couple your experience with a firm seating and hold, this therapy table comes with adjustable ankle holders and cushions.


Stop worrying about your weight. Here is a charm for you.

The weight capacity of this table is 275 pounds. It will not disappoint the bulky fellows.


Minimizing risks is at the top of your priority list?

By this bench, your such kind of worries are gonna fly to skies with a warranty of 1 year. You can try and test it out as much as you want.


Worry no more about the storage hassle, my friends:

You can easily fold this therapy kit in an upright position and store it in your closet.


  • Easy and compact packing.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Quality material.
  • Very sturdy.


  • Quite heavy with a weight of 55 pounds.
  • Can leave marks on feet.


In my experience, this incredible piece of technology has helped many individuals with their back issues. It’s an inversion table available in the market if you compare it with others with same features. For all the people looking to minimize these issues, this product is the Holy Grail. Its effectiveness and benefits outweigh any cons. I’ll recommend it for a healthier lifestyle.

Final Thoughts And Conclusion:

So, it was all about my list of best inversion tables reviews based on durability, quality, affordability, comfort and consumer reviews. Cutting the long discussion short, I would like to say, everything has got its significance in the selection phase of one particular inversion therapy board.

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit” is reviewed 5 star by all the users and top of my rated list. It’s probably due to excellent features and 5 years warranty of the device, which happens once in a blue moon. “IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table” takes second position by 4.6star ranking, competes here with Teeter’s EP 560 which also at 4.6 staring position with responses of  good capacity and durability by customers.

Teeter Hang Up EP-960 Inversion Table” with 25 min assembling time, nice build and good warranty option, being ranked third by my observation and experience.On forth is the “Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion table with its capacity significantly greater. Go and get one for yourself. Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table and Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table being ranked on top fifth and sixth respectively due to there comparable quality and facilities.

 Best Inversion Tables Reviews for Back Pain – Buying Guide

Buddies, it is a talk of the town that what are the best inversion tables?

There are lots of things one should look at before buying best inversion tables reviews for back pain. These are listed below:

  • Size of the table (Min. and Max. height and width).
  • Space it will cover. Since they are available in every size. Choose the one you find suitable.
  • Types: Motor and Manual
  • Other characteristics

So, you’re thinking, “How do I know about inversion stand in the market?” Well, you’re gonna see a list of top 10 best inversion tables for the money in the market buddies. Soothing… Hmm?

Why Should You Care To Read About This?

Why do you need to know about this? Why it’s crucial for you?

Tolerating severe back pain and muscle spasms is not a child’s play; it can ruin the sleep of your nights and comfort of your day. Believe me, some back pains are so wrecking that even laying down on bed makes you wanna scream your heart out but don’t worry because it’s totally treatable.

Although there are some treatments available for this muscle fatigue, yet ponder upon the famous saying: “Prevention is better than cure so better start exercising while you still got it. But if unfortunately you were late in realizing this; don’t worry because back pain treatment is not like what it was before. Innovative solutions are now there to help you out in hour of need. Inversion therapy happened to be the most effective treatment. These special tables have got the potential to provide relief to your back in case of any strain or pain. So why not try them?

Why Buy An Inversion Table?

Are you in doubt my mates about buying an inversion stand because you find many people complaining about uselessness of Inversion tables for back pain and exercises?

Let’s not bother you with the hollow points of such kind of people with lack of knowledge. I’ll advise you to listen to the experts and those people who experienced this therapy. Experts are of the opinion that most extreme cases of back pain have been cured through an inversion table (Inversion therapy). It’s because due to any reason, your back muscles got compressed or you got spasm in your muscle, it won’t heal by some miraculous medicine or energy injections. The best way to make them all healthy and soothing again is by going through some serious physical efforts and that physical effort should be assisted by none other than inversion boards, specially designed for your care. Inversion table benefits are plentiful, believe me.

Types of Inversion Tables:

Two types of inversion benches are there in the market. They are discussed below.

Manual Inversion Table:

It is a simple and economical table with no rocket science gadgets installed in them. User has to move the table handle himself which is a little more exhausting than Power inversion table but its result is not much different than the other.

Power Inversion Table:

Power inversion stand is a type of equipment that comes with a motor adjusted to give you an automatic turning motion. Well, this is something charming. Isn’t it? The motor moves the table in any direction without any effort of the user. Power tables are expensive than manual tables but good things come at a cost, right?

Important Features of Best Inversion Tables:

Some important features of top rated inversion tables are given below.

1. Frame:

Their frame is of two types: One is foldable which could be used for home and storage use, other one is the static frame which you might find fixed in gyms and fitness centers etc.

2. Materials:

Materials used in best rated inversion tables making are of important consideration. Best gravity inversion tables are made of High Carbon Steel which is the strongest material available; it ensures your safety throughout the exercise.

3. Adjustable Holds:

Depending on the posture of your exercise, you can move and fix the holdings of your table.

4. Back Pads:

Inversion chair for back pain have very comfortable back pads for your comfortable stretching exercise. Because during this type of exercises, your back needs to be rested on soft foam to give you a soothing feel.

5. Inversion Degree:

Inversion exercise picks up pace gradually which is why inversion degree is very significant aspect of inverter table for back pain. It allows you to invert at even a 30 degree angle for starters.

6. Fear of Cost:

Don’t let your body fallen into the pit of low cost. Always buy the table made of high carbon steel with the features you need because safety before everything.

Keeping all the above mentioned important points in mind, I have compiled a list of 10 upside down table for back pain relief. Have a keen look over their specifications and decide yourself.

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