If you want to crank up the sound of your turntable, you need to have it paired with the best integrated amplifier for turntable. We’ve made this guide to help you to pick the right one for your unique setup.

It’s no joke when selecting the best integrated amplifier for a turntable. Unfortunately, there are some important details such as the power output, the number of channels, the impedance, frequency response and total harmonic distortion, and the auto standby options that you should pay attention to when you want to buy an amplifier that delivers the most bang for your buck!

A Comparison Table of Our Top 10 Best Integrated Amplifiers for Turntable

ModelBluetooth SupportFM Radio SupportPower per Channel(W)
Onkyo A-9050NoNo75
Yamaha A-S501BLNoYes85
Yamaha R-S202BLNoYes100
Onkyo TX-8020 NoNo50
Grace Digital GDI-BTAR513YesNo3 Channels: 40/50/60
Marantz MM7025 YesYes70
Onkyo A-9010YesNo50

Check out our top 10 picks for the best integrated amplifier for turntable. Take a look through our reviews and pick your best integrated amplifier for your turntable!

Onkyo A-9050 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Onkyo A-9050

The Onkyo A-9050 delivers a budget-friendly twist to high-current WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology). Above all, it boasts a high-quality sound system with a relatively strong headphone amplifier for hearing accuracy. This amplifier is also very useful. It enables Hi-Res Audio prospects, casual in-house theater nights and treat yourself to spur-of – the-moment vinyl days with subtle low-impedance speakers. The sound is clear and transparent; but when you need it, the amp can give heavy bass frequencies.

That’s not everything. The chassis of the device adds a modern twist to its sleek technology. The Onkyo A-9050 definitely gives you value for your dinero, consisting of an extruded aluminum heat sink with gold-plated transparent speaker posts. Another good feature is that if you don’t have one, you don’t need to buy a preamp for your turntable. The Onkyo A-9050 is built-in and connects directly to your platform. It also features a remote control system that proves once again that your investment and sensory settings add value. This means that the device can be automatically switched off if no signals are detected within 20 minutes.

• Full sound High-current
• WRAT at a budget
• Built-in preamplifier
• Remote control system
• Sensory settings
• Not Bluetooth compatible

Yamaha A-S501BL

Yamaha A-S501BL

The Yamaha A-S501BL is a long-lasting amplifier. It’s chunky, feels strong, and willprobably last for years. Don’t call it grandpa, grandma, nanny, or nonny, though! In addition to this price tag’s attractiveness, it also has many useful features. The details, from its remote-control handset to its intended chunky finish, trigger our close attention.This amplifier definitely gives us old-school vibes, retro flairs, and looks like the best vintage amplifiers in the past. The design speaks volumes as well. In contrast to its counterparts, the buyer’s intuition was overwhelmingly in favor of the long-lasting Yamaha!

Why is that so? Its range of features, such as5-line level inputs, standby power consumption of 0.5W and a moving phono stage of the magnet, all support this. The only thing it lacks is a USB connection to a PC, but it’s not a deal breaker for many Yamaha admirers, as people report using it more often with a TV, a Blu-ray player, or a turntable. Another small disadvantage is that Bluetooth is not built in, but you can easily fix it by adding theYBA-11. Due to the installation of digital inputs and optical and coax connections, the device is also distinct from its previous version.

• High power outage Spacious sound
• Excellent build Easy-to-operate layout
• Bluetooth compatible through an outboard unit (YBA-11)
• Bluetooth isn’t built in
• No USB connection

Yamaha R-S202BL

Yamaha R-S202BL

As a stereo amplifier, Yamaha R-S202BL prioritizes stereo sound with simple connectivity. RCA inputs and outputs have been installed, as well as a headphone output. This enables the transfer of recordings to external devices such as a CD. However, don’t forget that this is a power amplifier, so you can’t hook your turntable directly. Either the turntable would have to have a phono preamp, or you’d have to buy a completely separate one. Because of its positioning, this amplifier has the ideal circuit layout. Next to the power amplifier is the power transformer.

There is also plenty of storage space for up to 40AM and FM stations, which can be carefully selected either from the receiver itself or from the remote control. Another strength is its simplistic design, which makes it easy for buyers to locate buttons and knobs on the device. It also provides Bluetooth to stream music services from multiple devices. This means that you can connect your Bluetooth turntable easily to avoid dealing with countless cords and wires. This amplifier boasts an advanced power-saving system as a cherry on top. After a while, it converts to standby mode and allows a setting of 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours.

• Powerful sound
• Bluetooth compatible
• Simplistic design
• Advanced power-saving system
• 2-year limited warranty
• Can’t power more than one set of speakers at the same time

Onkyo TX-8020

Onkyo TX-8020

The Onkyo TX-8020 is focused on budget versatility. It has a two-channel audio performance that is ideal for powering audio through digital and analog inputs on a variety of devices, including your PC, TV, Blu-ray player and CDs. This amplifier contains 5 inputs and 1 output, including Phono input for a turntable, when talking about analog audio inputs. The versatility of this product is also reflected in other factors, since it is known to be compatible with a variety of devices such as the DS-A5 AirPlay RI Dock for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod). Overall, this amplifier has an easy-to-use design and layout system.

Another great feature is an independent control of bass, treble, and balance. These controls are useful when trying to maximize the acoustic correction and frequency response characteristics. The TX-8020 also features an authentic, dynamic and mid-range sound with timing accuracy for all music types and settings. Where this amp really shines is in its banana-plug-compatible speaker terminals, which allow the connection between speaker A and B to be established. This feature enables people in different areas to listen to the same audio. A remote-control option is provided for this model First, let’s try and find that darn thing!

• Independent Bass, Treble, and Balance control
• The inclusion of A/B terminals
• Fairly simple control system
• Not Bluetooth compatible

Grace Digital GDI-BTAR513

Grace Digital GDI-BTAR513

The Grace Digital GDI-BTAR513 is our most budget-friendly choice of amplifiers. Let’s look at its main characteristics. The amplifier runs in compact sizes, which are easy to carry or place in your comfortable bookshelves and desktops. However, the budget-friendly Grace Digital device is not only a minimalist aestheticpiece, but it also includes Bluetooth technology for all your streaming pleasures, an aux-in jack system for an additional audio function in the cable, and an AC power adaptor approved by UL. This amplifier is also equipped with a battery remote control system.

In addition, its front base displays not only the bass, treble and balance options, but it also has LED indicators not found in any of its competitors and a standby button. According to buyers, the main advantages of this amp include the ability to power an optionally powered subwoofer and a more satisfying esthetic appeal than its competing amplifiers. We can’t say you get more than you pay for, though. The amp is known to have some faulty let-down problems, and complaints have been raised concerns about redundant battery use and major Bluetooth music failures.

• Excellent price
• LED indicator
• Powers an optionally powered subwoofer
• Good aesthetic appeal
• Several faulty let-down issues
• Redundant battery usage
• Bluetooth music streaming glitches

Marantz MM7025 

Marantz MM7025

This is a dual-channel amplifier with an 8-ohm dynamic resistance power of 140 W. Frequencies up to 40 kHz can be processed. This system is made of an anti-vibrational metal chassis. The Marantz MM7025 can be an excellent solution to update your existing stereo system. There are only two acoustic connection ports: Two pairs-no more for two columns. The front panel has a backlight display. A direct connection option can be selected and the automatic power-off function can also be used. The ports set contains two acoustic output pairs, RCA / XLR input, and input and output triggers.

For the anti-vibration system, the metal chassis is designed. In order to avoid overheating of the output transistors, a built-in fan is available for these purposes and warm air from the inside is constantly blowing. Before you purchase the best amplifier for the turntable, you must examine the specifications and options meticulously to ensure that this tool meets your needs and requirements. These materials are used in the production of the front panel in aluminum and plastic. The display is conveniently located in the center of the panel and can be highlighted in blue, making it easy to use in the dark. Perfect for night owls—hoot hoot!

The LED indicator system, which includes the automatic shutdown function, is used for backlighting. The power supply works at 140 Watts with its parameters. Innovative design and large dimensions ensure the operation of the device and have a positive impact on the clarity and sound quality of the dynamics. The amplifiers are equilibrated with standard inputs.

• Modern technology Dolby Atmos
• Adaptive speakers
• S-Force PRO Front Surround massive and crisp sound
• Automatic calibration
• Inconvenient management through the menu
• Quickly heats up
• There are no network services

Onkyo A-9010

Onkyo A-9010

The Onkyo A-9010 employsWRAT Broadband Enhanced Technology to provide clean Hi-Fi to users at the most affordable prices in the category of tools. The Onkyo A-9010 includes discrete elements in the system itself that provide low output impedance. In addition, there are audio circuits with capacitors. Radiators are equipped with aluminum output transistors that perform the heat removal process in different situations quietly and quickly. The tool is popular with music listeners and connoisseurs with the presence of digital and analog inputs, a phono corrector, and a useful Wolfson digital to analog converter.

The house itself contains the following: The circuit, which is based on discrete low-resistance elements, radiators, and capacitors, is located in the power supply for the production of large currents without distortion and noise. A high sound level is provided by the best amplifier for the turntable. The Onkyo A-9010 is a premium system that includes: High-end amplifiers, an independent headphone power amplifier, golden column connectors, convenient switch selector knobs, timbre controls, and volume make the system multi-functional and popular.

If you’re a vinyl fan, if you want to listen to a high-definition audio, or if you want to be the owner of a universal amplifier, then this might be your cup of tea! From listening to vinyl, listening to TV accompaniment, and listening to music from CDs-the Onkyo A-9010 system, this one can multitask! The best record player receiver gives you the chance to enjoy your favorite music. The amplifier is comfortable and ergonomic due to the location of the control elements. With the following parameters, the digital-analog converter can decode the PCM stream: up to 24 bits / 192 kHz. The contact surface of the connectors on the back panel is golden.

• Modern WRAT technology
• A large set of analog and digital inputs
• Modern Remote Interactive technology for managing multiple systems via one remote control
• Built-in phono corrector and digital-analog converter Wolfson
• Presence of discrete elements with low resistance
• Not universal
• The instructions do not contain clear information
• Big size



The Mini-X a-100 has the same discreet design and engineering standards as the full-size amplifiers from Emotiva. It has a thick, machined metal front panel with a single volume knob of aluminum, surrounded by double-colored LED light (power, fault or standby status) and aluminum plates on the sides without any plastic chassis parts. The unit is nearly 12 pounds and 8.5 “wide x 3.125 “highx 15 “deep, which makes the Mini-X a-100 bigger than other mini amps, but in exchange you get real power. The rear panel has full size 5-way binding posts that accept heavy gauge wires, lugs, or banana plugs.

There are a set of RCA stereo inputs and a set of buffered line outputs, so that a series of other amplifiers can be chained together (not affected by volume control). With an external trigger connection or automatic signal sensing, it can be switched on / off manually. The Mini-X a-100 uses an “AB “type circuit and is rated at 8 ohms with RMS 50 watts per channel and 4 ohms with RMS 80 watts per channel. A large toroidal power transformer with selectable AC line voltage (115 or 230 VAC) is also available. The mini-X a-100 is the perfect choice to power a compact high-end stereo system, a second audio zone, or a desktop.

• Price
• Features such as 4K / HDR compatibility, multimedia music, Dolby Atmos technology and DTS: X
• High-quality sound
• Competitors sound better
• The system is not easy to operate
• Low power



The N22 is a compact built-in stereo power amplifier and headphone amp of high quality. The audio engine markets it with the P4 bookshelf speakers of the company, but it can be paired with any set of passive speakers. It has an upright design with an integrated stand to position the unit vertically, making it ideal for tight spaces at 7 inches high, 2.75 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep. It also helps the unit to cool itself, without the need for a fan or heatsink through passive convection. The amp has a robust construction and is housed in a black,satin, wooden MDF cabinet.

The N22 features a low-noise, high-performance amplifier that works well with all types of headphones. Connecting headphones moves the output of the N22 speaker. The back panel is equipped with two active inputs (no input switch required), a stereo RCA and a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector; a mono RCA output connected to the volume level, which makes it ideal for connecting a subwoofer and a power input. The N22 also includes a power-only USB port (not for audio or data transfer), so it can charge your phone while listening to music, but it can also power the W3 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter from the audio engine to stream music from your computer or iPod wirelessly.

• Capacitors with an output capacity of 30,000 μF
• An amplifier circuit with the possibility of feedback
• Durable operation
• Only two speakers for connecting ports
• Non-informative display
• the front panel is made without a qualitative plastic



Musical Fidelity was mostly known for its hi-fi equipment above the entry level. However, with the introduction of the V90 series, it succeeded in bringing the brand into a price range that was more suitable for the newbie or the audiophile with a budget. The V90-AMP is a small, class-D amplifier that provides both USB and traditional inputs with a large sound from a tiny, discreet unit that easily fits into any room decor. Automatic input selection and simple, combined connections make the V90-AMP suitable for a wide range of input sources such as computers, audio streaming devices, and traditional sources.

On either side of the click-step volume control, the powder-coated silver faceplate features a volume knob that doubles as a power button and two LED lights for power and status. A volume push turns the amp, another push turns it off. The rear panel is equipped with a 24-bit asynchronous USB input, a switch to switch the volume control on or off, an optical / stereo input of 3.5 mm (including a mini-to-RCA converter), spring-loaded speaker connections for one pair of passive speakers, a DC output jack “only for the future MF product “and a three-way power cord socket.

The USB port is given priority, so the V90 will automatically switch to the optical / analog signal if there is no data stream. The Tripath chipset claims to output 20 watts per channel in 8 ohms, with recommended speakers with a nominal 6-ohm load, but it will “drive speakers with almost any impedance.” The V90-AMP provides excellent sound quality and flexibility for computer audio and multi-room applications, so you can do some laundry and cook an egg at the same time!

• New boards to minimize vibration
• Balanced XLR input
• Connectors with gilding
• Input and output 12V signal
• Huge, instantaneous peak power
• Great and heavy
• Small-sized display

Buying Guide for the Best Integrated Amplifier for Turntable

Technology today is evolving as rapidly as the latest hair color on Lady Gaga, and changes occur almost every day in this area, where gadgets dominate, trying to provide a substitute for reality. This case also applies for sound systems that maintain high standards by using high performance technologies.

Well-known audio engineers contend that in order to offer an extraordinary audition, the audio system must be equipped with a stellar amplifier. So good quality sound will result from high quality gains, but most people interested in a cheap and decent amplifier cannot always benefit from the sound engineer’s opinion.


Besides hybrid amplifiers, there are two major types of amplifiers: tube amplifiers and transistor amplifiers. Before you ask yourself, what is the best wireless amplifier, it’s ideal to know some details about the usefulness of each typology; so, you can determine your purpose for buying the amplifier.


There are 5 main classes for framing sound amplifiers: class A, class AB, class D, class GH, and class T. This categorization mainly articulates two aspects: how powerful the battery is and how much noise it distorts. This criterion is essential in quantifying the efficiency of an amplifier.

Emission Channels:

Knowing the number of channels that sound amplifiers make will help you to clearly determine what are the best audio amplifiers for your specific audio system. This feature mainly expresses the number of output channels with which the amplifier is equipped, defining the quality of the sound and the experience it imprints to the listener. Any 5.1 audio system includes a subwoofer speaker and 2, 5 or 7 satellite speakers. In connection with these typologies, you can also define the output channels of the amplifier model.


You must also consider the ratio between the actual power consumption and the real acoustic power of the amplifier, a parameter that practically expresses how much the sound emitted by it will be heard. Therefore, the sound intensity is directly proportional to the actual acoustic power value: the value stated in the technical data sheet of any amplifier. Tube models consume relatively much energy versus low real acoustic power, while transistors hybrids or batteries manage to overcome these obstacles. Also mentioned in relation to this feature is the frequency spectrum covered by the amplifier, which will allow you to determine its reproduced sound frequencies. Most models cover all the human ears: 25 Hz and 16 – 18 kHz. Even Dumbo is covered!


Large amplifiers are usually analog amplifiers with Class A or AB tubes, with relatively high production and maintenance constants, typically used mainly in concerts and shows by musicians to achieve a specific sound. Small or medium sized amplifiers are D, GH, and T models, hybrids or transistors that, combined with digital technology, offer cleaner sound. These are more common on the market:  because of their relatively small size, they are more suitable for home-cinema systems or for car radio players. In other words, when looking for a convenient home amplifier, it can be small in size. Shorties are totally covered!

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