The world, with every passing day, is moving towards more comfort and relief for people. With the medical improvements, now it has been made possible for the ill and ailing people to live a comfortable life. One of such advancements in the medical industry is a wheelchair that moves through electricity. The best electric power wheelchairs make it easier for the handicaps to live with some freedom.

Owing to the presence of huge motors, there are times when these items do not act as a convenient transport. However, once you look for the right one a bit, you will surely end up finding the one that is not only lightweight but, at the same time, extremely portable and easy to use for the handicaps.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Electric Wheelchairs Buying Guide below before making any purchase.


Best Electric Wheelchairs 2018

Tired of the boring and uncomfortable wheel chairs?

Worry not, because Drive Medical has designed a very nice and multipurpose wheelchair for you and having it with you is a necessity. This phenomenal chair wheel from Drive Medical is indeed an item of luxury and comfort and can make you do household chores better while cruising around in this product. Interesting, isn’t it?

Let’s discuss the amazing features of this one of the best power medical scooters in detail.


You definitely don’t want a pinching backache, do you?

Well here’s the deal for you. The cushioned seat of this machine allows you to experience an ultimate taste of ease no matter what you are doing. It can bear the weight of up to 300 pounds. Sit back and enjoy.


Do not want to make tired your legs?

You don’t have to be actually, my buddies. The welded steel frame comes with a footrest ring and thus the design is very coherent and attractive. Get ready to treat yourself.


Do you want to feel in control?

Well, this item is right up your alley my friends. It’s automated and lets you control the speed and locomotion. What else do you need?


Want a customizable wheelchair?

This is a must buy device for you fellows. This undeniably luxurious product also comes with a very unique air-lift mechanism which lets you adjust the stool height and allows you detach its arms when you don’t need them. It’s also easily foldable.


Slow moving wheel chairs are a big turn off, ain’t they?

Coming with a supply of batteries, this device will provide you smooth and unhindered mobility. It also has an astonishing battery time of 3.5 hours.


  • travel up to 5 mph
  • Dual Battery support
  • Easy posture support
  • Can clear high ground
  • Decent battery life
  • Comfortable


  • Turning radius isn’t tight
  • Difficult to handle


Looking for foldable and attractive wheel chairs? Well, Cirrus Plus EC Power Chair by Drive Medical will not leave you disappointed at all. Do not waste even a minute, roll up your sleeves to buy it. It is going to assist you in all walks, so perfectly that you’ll be proud of your choice.


Best Electric Wheelchairs 2018

Golden Technologies is a year old company which provides quality lift chairs and such kind of equipment to patrons.

Let me introduce you to the revolutionary product; The GP162 LiteRider PTC (personal transport chair) developed by this company. It’s a battery operated best handicap scooter which will help you or your loved ones navigate places on their own.

Let’s have a look at its radical technological features rather than shooting the breeze:


Look; you don’t want to sit in an ugly creaking wheelchair in the 21st century, do you?

Have a sunny smile peeps because Golden technologies have for you, the LiteRider GP162 which comes with a striking design and a base (with under-the-seat basket), battery pack, seat assembly, joystick and footplate. All of these are extremely satisfying to look at, and sit in.


Don’t want to leave your loved ones behind on a shopping trip?

Well, here’s the charm for you my mates. This product is completely able to be folded and unfolded. Now you can just disassemble the battery operated wheelchair into 4 pieces very conveniently. Then place them in your car trunk and put them back together easily in less than 1 minute.


Try this if you’re tired of taking seat cushions along with you everywhere:

This piece of technology is bound to impress you with its armrest width and angle adjustment, seat height adjustment, the footrest angle and height adjustment. Weight capacity of the device is 300 lb. 3 hour battery time is also pretty satisfying.


Guys, Golden Technologies have a way for you to control the maximum speed of this gadget. Wanna know, how? Well, you just have to press ‘Slow’ or ‘Fast’ button and you’ve your required speed.


The joystick provides a multi functional visual display which shows you the on/off status, any diagnosis of faults and the battery charging level. The GP162 is tuning out to be pretty cool, isn’t it?


You know what’s the best part of this tech wonder?

Security features are amplified in this device for your convenience. The GP162 comes with a VR2 control system which lock the wheelchair to prevent unauthorized access.


  • Can be disassembled and assembled
  • Suitable for both inside and outside
  • Comfortable chair
  • Legitimate price
  • Easy to carry
  • Smaller size


  • Re-assembly is hard
  • Sensitive Joystick


This chair is ideal if storage and transportation are important.BestHomeShoppingReviews

In my experience, people who have used this device are seriously impressed at how well it caters their needs. Sensitive Joystick is a thing which can be used with time. You will be contended with the freedom that comes along with this incredible device, believe me. I’ll recommend this relatively cheap wheelchair.


Best Electric Wheelchairs 2018

Let’s discuss its features in detail to know why it is called as one of the best lightweight electric wheelchairs.


Being disabled isn’t actually a disability. Sitting idle and doing nothing about it is the real disability. Now, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and explore my buddies because KD Smart is here to astound you with its magical product. With a weight of only 50 pounds, this is not so ordinary chair that can bear weight as much as 265 pounds. Moreover, it is the most convenient and durable mobility device made till date.


Want to satisfy your wander buds, but carrying around heavy objects is keeping you back?

Well, this situation is gonna exist no more mates because KD realizes your needs. This gadget can be folded within seconds and can fit anywhere. No more space issues fellows.


Drained battery is a thing everybody hates more than anything. Well, with 16 ampere lithium battery operating at 24 volts DC, this best electric wheelchair ensures on average of 15 miles with 5 miles per hour speed one full battery charge, which simply means it can run 4 hours on charging. Such a charm peeps.


Safety is a thing, which can never be compromised upon. To ensure health and well-being of the user, KD took the cake. The device has a turning radius of 31.5 inches, which even in the remotest areas ensures a smooth maneuver. Wheel locks can also be used on hilly or inclined planes. What do you need more? Should be nothing.


Are you sure what would be weather the next day?

You aren’t. In fact no one can’t. That’s the reason KD has provided an additional storage tray near the footrest of the battery operated wheechair to keep all your belongings by your side in case of rain.


Chair comes with a 5 year warranty on the frame, 1 year warranty for the battery and even then if it fails to perform, then 60 days money back guarantee can always soothe you.


  • Arm rest on both sides
  • Durable material used
  • Able to be packed up
  • So light to carry
  • East to set up
  • Lightweight


  • Just 265 pounds weight capacity
  • Short Footrest
  • Very heavy


The eventual fate of individual portability is at long last here. The KD Smart Chair is one of the best electric wheelchairs existing apart from everything else, and best of all it is not costly by any means.INDReviews

KD has surely cut the mustard in this technological portrayal. The alluring features and the magnificent warranty have coaxed me enough to give it the recommendation letter. This ground breaking product in its lot is getting the company in full swing. This one is a must have peeps. Not by just the name, it really will be a SMART choice!


Best Electric Wheelchairs 2018

Foldawheel is the famous company responsible for lightest wheelchairs around. Everyone loves modern technologies. One of these modern technologies is Foldawheel PW-1000XL Power Chair. These are so light that you can just fold them and carry them like it’s nothing, sounds good?

It would be easy for you to test the water with this one once you know all of its specs.


Don’t like heavy materials?

Believe me no one wants to carry around heavy weight whether it is a wheel chair or heavy burden of mistakes that one has done. Foldawheel PW-1000XL Power Chair weighs only 55 lbs. It is the lightest model in this “portable power chair category”. It is also called as heavy duty wheelchair or one of the best power electric wheelchairs. Being a light chair, it can bear quite a heavy weight surprisingly, 330 pounds.


Are you a little overweight?

Don’t worry fellas. These can carry people who weigh 330 lbs or less.


Don’t like to pack stuff?

Safe to say 2 seconds folding and unfolding time is pretty fast that these battery operated wheelchairs have. You can just fold them and put them in your car trunk or anywhere in no time. They can go up to 5 miles/hour, just don’t try to enter formula one with these.


You would love a comfortable seat, won’t you?

I won’t be lying if I say no one likes to sit on a narrower seat. These have 18” seat cushion which is pretty reasonable.


Hate the noise?

This product has 10“rear tires with quiet brushless motors, neighbours won’t be disturbed by the noise. Noisy hardware is like putting the cat among the pigeons and forget about neighbours you yourself won’t be able to live with it.


PW-1000XL is able to hold up to 3 batteries to triple the travel distance. Timing provided by the batteries is 3.2 hours almost.


Everyone loves a little extra something, right?

Things are perfect when they come for free. Standard delivery comes with a thick travel back 1 certified high quality worldwide usable charger, 1 battery pack that can operate up to 9.3 miles with full charge. It can also be folded pretty conveniently.


  • Suitable for rough drive ways
  • Easily transportable
  • High performance
  • Strong material
  • Easily foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Less noisy


  • Unsuitable for 330 lbs. and above
  • Little expensive


Although the product is easy-to-use, carry and reliable for the users, yet I shall suggest you to be on your toes if you are bulky! Friendly suggestion for you and making the long story short, this product is perfect for you if you are under 330 lbs and you have good money.


Best Electric Wheelchairs 2018

Is travelling with a wheelchair nothing short of a nightmare for you?

If yes, then try this new foldable electric chair by EZ Lite. It’s called the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX12, which will take you on a road to transform your way of life.

Let’s throw some light on important features of this mobility scooter.


You will not find a more stable design in the market than this. The DX12 has 12 inch wheels are exceptional which provide strength and steadiness. The wheels are made of rubber and polyurethane which makes these immune to flat tires.


Ladies and gentlemen, EZ presents you the ultimate foldable wheelchair design. It is compact enough to be folded and carried in your car trunk everywhere you go. That’s why, it is called as one of the best folded electric wheelchairs.


Ever heard of maximum comfort with 5 different reclining positions and up to 140 degrees of reclining ability in a single mobility wheelchair, before? The DX12 is the product which is offering this amazing service.


Your weight is the last thing you need to be worried about, peeps.

It has a well constructed frame which supports users who weighs up to 264 pounds.


Looking for a user friendly navigation device?

You got it my mates, the product, best of the both worlds for you.

The Joystick is easy to use and can be attached on either the left or right arm as per user convenience.


While ordering, you have the ability to choose the type of battery you want.

It comes with 10 Ah or 15 Ah rechargeable LifeP04 lithium batteries, which you can order two of each as per your requirement. Timing it offers is 2.5 hours.


The chair and seat cushion are very comfortable for users with mobility issues. The armrests can both be lifted up and moved away for easy access to the toilet or your bed. It’s a 10/10 deal.


  • Batteries can be changed off board
  • Suitable for both indoor, outdoor
  • Easy maneuvers
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight


  • Slight jerking when joystick is pushed forward
  • Unsuitable for rough areas


The bottom line is that this is a life-changing product for people with mobility issues. The incredible build and navigation technology far outweigh the cons with this gadget. It brightens the faces of people who have lost hope with the help of this revolutionary, sleek chair. Its strong, steady and dependable. If you ask me? Well go for it.


Best Electric Wheelchairs 2018

Hunting for a wheelchair which is a perfect combination of style and comfort?

You need not to look any further! Invacare has continued its legacy of being a leading manufacturer of wheelchairs and home care products by designing this luxurious wheelchair with streamlined design. Unlike other wheelchairs which might be too small or uneasy, this classic product leaves you in awe. Ready to get a lifetime experience of comfort? You’ve not missed the boat, get it.

Ready to drool over the outstanding features of this best 4 wheels scooter? Read on.


Bored of all the neutral colors? This chair wheel comes in two brand new refreshing colors, Blue Mist and Black Fog.


Looking for a moving vehicle which is easier to turn and move?

This product is right up your alley. It has a streamlined body to do that for you. Moreover, the 9″ flat free drive wheels and intelligent electromagnetic brakes make this item all the more convenient. Device provides 3 hours battery timing. Its weight capacity is 320 pounds.


Want a moving vehicle that fits all your needs?

Designed to treat you, this item lets you adjust its height and allows you to detach its arms. Moreover, the large angle and height adjustable fold-down foot board makes you feel relaxed. It is also easily foldable.


Hate running out of charging? Worry not mates. This product comes with a connection for charger to let you charge the batteries whenever you want to.


Like to feel in charge?

This machine has a 360-degree rotating comfortable seat to let you navigate your own ship. Feel the power.


  • Semi-recline captain seat
  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • Installation is simple
  • Nice little chair
  • Easy to control
  • Easy to use


  • Battery life seems poor
  • Unable to fold
  • Very heavy


This gadget by Incare manufacturers is in full swing. It comes with attractive features like armrests, height-adjustable seats and tilt functions that your body will love. You’re definitely worth it. Get this wheelchair to treat yourself with its amazing features. Although folding and charging may be troublesome at times, but if you learn the ropes and use it appropriately, it’s a long shot.


Best Electric Wheelchairs 2018

Invacare Pronto is the name that should ring bells in your mind whenever it comes to mobility for disabled individuals. The company is well known for its M51 Power Wheel Chair- the ultimate solution to your entire movement.

Let’s discuss features of this best budget power wheelchair in detail.


Weary of carrying around heavy objects?

No more barking around the wrong place mates because this mobility wheelchair weighs only 200 pounds with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.  


Haven’t got anything to sit straight for long hours or does your back hurts?

All this shall vanish because this smart chair will let you incline up to 10 degrees. The product comes with a four-post adjustable rehab seat to cater positioning needs. About 5 hour battery time is also a nice feature.


When it comes to having smooth roads everywhere, this mobility wheelchair is on the ball because of the bumpy and bouncy places. This chair wheel is center wheel driven with a total of six wheels for maximum stability.


Soft as silk and relaxing as bed, this battery operated caters all your needs. The durable seat made of luxurious foam, ensures coziness to its max. However, the sturdy steel frame ensures durability, so you have nothing to compromise upon.


We all have dreamed about customizing our belongings since childhood. Now if you don’t like a part in this foldable wheelchair, then you can always go ahead and get rid of it because it comes with removable parts like the arm rest, foot rest etc. Not only this, but you can also adjust the height and width according to your need. It can be folded and unfolded conveniently. Make it look the way you desire.


No one among us would like our money to run down the drain. Therefore, this device has something big to offer. Five years warranty on the frame, 3 years for seat and one year  for the battery is no doubt the best deal in town.


  • Compact size for tight turning
  • Comes in two colors
  • Flip up foot board
  • Adjustable height
  • Removable arms
  • Easily assembled


  • Weight capacity of only 300 pounds
  • Cannot be folded


It provides the best a man can get in stipulated price. Different colors available gives an impact of adding colors to the lives of physically retarded persons. Here’s your supporter Bravos! The tempting features along with superb warranty cannot get any better. This one should be taken at the drop of a hat.


Best Electric Wheelchairs 2018

Pride Mobility is a multinational corporation delivering mobility products throughout the world for years.

Waiting for a new invention of a best electric wheelchair which comprises a new mode of technology? Then your wait is over as JAZZYSPORT Electric Wheelchair by Pride Mobility, unveils a wonder to you. Hold your breath as the curtains fall and you’re presented with this amazing device.

Let me tell you what this incredible mobility scooter product has in store for you.


Are you someone who praises style and vogue in almost everything?

This gadget is for you my mates. Its style is AGM – Absorbent Glass Mat. Its length is 7.70″ (per battery), Width is 5.12″ (per battery), Height is 7.01″ (per battery) Weight is 25 lb. (per battery), 50 lb. for the arrangement of two.


Want to have a well-designed visually appealing model?

In fact, a best portion of its built is the comfortable headrest and sleek design. Get ready to experience the luxury which takes you to cloud nine my fellows. Folding/unfolding ability is also included in this machine.


Weight capacity of this pride mobility device is 275 pounds and battery timing is 3 hours.


Looking for something packed with innovation and technology?

If yes, then smile my buddies. Its front-wheel drive innovation lets you drive through the indoor spaces with additionally 40 amp, PG GC3 controller innovation. What else do you need? A high-tech powered chair is really enough to blow your mind.


One aspect which makes it distinctive from other wheel seats is its tight turning range of 25″.


  • Packed with latest technology
  • Innovative features
  • Light weight
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to use


  • Average battery timing
  • Little expensive


Having most recent innovation in it makes it stand out. I have seen people using this product and found that it has some extraordinary and overwhelming components like ensuring shield and some other which makes it the best choice for customers. Despite the fact that it’s expensive, it is still worth a buy because of everything it has to offer.


Best Electric Wheelchairs 2018

Designed and made by NEW, these electric power machines are one of the lightest ones present around.

Have cash to splash, want to spend it on tech and want to know how good the product is? Well, you have come to the right place my friends. Now you are gonna buy these best power portable wheelchairs, right?

You know that you would not be playing with a full deck if you just buy stuff without looking at its features first. So, just scroll down and have a keen look.


This versatile moving vehicle is assembled with Aluminium Alloy Foldable Chair, Lithium Battery, Breathable Seat, back cushions and removable handrails. You can just tear everything component apart and then reassemble when needed, sounds fun to be honest.


You don’t like things to carry here and there right? Neither do me. This machine weighs 72.8 lbs and senior citizens can carry them around when not needed without any trouble.


This machine can handle just 220 pounds of weight fellows. So, know your weight before getting hands on this.


This machine is kind of both to be honest. It can be a hard-push wheelchair or an electric chair, depends on whether battery is there or not. You are in trouble if you are lazy enough to not charge the battery and even lazier to push around . It can also be folded and unfolded easily.


You quickly need to move around in some case while taking a ride on wheelchair? Don’t you?

Well these have 8 inch front driven wheels that could rotate 360 degrees. They come with 18 inches seat but if that’s narrow for you, you can customize it from 18 to 22 inches maximum. That should fit you in I guess.


These come with a lithium battery. Battery timing is 2.5 hours.

You would be living in a world of delusion if you think things can be without cons or vice versa.


  • Can be folded and unfolded
  • Smooth and easy to steer
  • Excellent even on grass
  • Easily move around
  • Works perfectly
  • Strong battery


  • Controller is not perfect
  • Lower weight capacity
  • Narrower seat


This is a decent product with average weight capacity but just a little overpriced as per specifications. You’ve to check your pocket first to be honest before thinking of getting your hands on this device. Because not just its light-to-carry, but also it carries light-weight people! Apart from all that, it is up to you to get it.


Best Electric Wheelchairs 2018

Guys, lets open up a whole new world of opportunity for your struggle with mobility issues. Drive Medical present to you an another Compact Travel Power Scooter with 4 wheels. It’s a durable product made by the renowned manufacturers of medical equipment in home and hospital healthcare, Drive Medical.

Let’s discuss the features of this one of the best cheap travel power medical scooters in detail.


You care about the appearance?

Well this compact and lightweight design will blow you away. It has a solid build with four tough wheels. It comes with red color-through panels to hide scratches and abrasions. It might be the best thing since sliced bread.


You don’t like to fall off, right? This device comes with 4 anti-tip wheels for additional stability on all kinds of terrain.


Drive Medical doesn’t joke when they say this device is extra comfortable, believe me.

It comes with a soft and comfortable seat, with adjustable height. The back flips are there to fold completely and the arms’ width is also amendable. Weight capacity of this machine is 280 pounds with folding/unfolding capacity.


Want flat-free tires for safe travel?

Of course Not. The 4 wheels on this scooter are solid and durable to prevent flat tires.


Surely no one likes to carry around stuff when they have a basket to put it in. This product has got a basket; just put everything in the front basket.


Want batteries that you can charge without hassle? Look no further:

The battery with this gadget is quick to connect, easy to detach and is charged separately from the scooter. It comes with two 12Ah batteries which weigh 20 pounds. Timing of the battery is 3 hours.


Buddies, the least you can do for your loved one is taking them along everywhere, right? This scooter can disassemble easily into five pieces (very easy to carry) which you can load in your car trunk.


  • Good stability, even on grass
  • Powerful and compact
  • Speed control is even
  • Has a rear reflector
  • Excellent mobility


  • Seat post adjustment limited
  • Turning radius is hard
  • Slightly smaller tires


Let’s just cut to the chase, this device is a best-buy for people who are looking to escape from their mobility issues. It has great assembly, good battery life and is excellent for day to day use. Once you get used to the comfort this scooter exhibits, you won’t ever go back.


Best Electric Wheelchairs 2018

Guys, if you or your loved ones ever have trouble with mobility, you’d be ecstatic to look at this product. The New Foldawheel PW-999UL is a best electric wheelchair with extendable footrest and version 3 joystick controller.

You’d be happy to splurge on this product once you know its features:


If the battery isn’t good, no product will ever be worth it, peeps!

The Soft Pack Polymer Li-ion battery has the best lifespan (8 miles) and the greatest capacity. This scooter also holds up to two batteries, which can increase the capacity of the device by another 10 miles. It won’t disappoint. Timing of battery is almost 4.5 hours.


Now you can accessorize this powerful gadget with accessories of your choice:

The option of a separate headrest, travel bag and other garnishings tend to satisfy a lot of the consumer base.


Now you’d love to hear this, guys:

The additional anti-tilt technology using hydraulic system is great support in areas with rough terrain. You won’t ever have to worry about falling over.


How good is a power chair if you can’t control where it goes, pals?

It’s more than useless of course. But the version 3 controller system in this device, which is a detachable Joystick, is compact and provides excellent control.


My friends with this gadget, you can extend the footrest up to 10 cm. The armrests, seat and backrest can also be very easily detached.


What’s the use of spending money on a product without a guarantee?

This new power chair comes with a global warranty, unlike many other popular brands of product.


Guys, lugging around a heavy chair for someone doesn’t sound like an appealing task, does it?

This scooter is extremely lightweight, weighing only 45 lbs. You can carry it with one hand easily. Weight capacity is also very good, 270 pounds.


  • Light weight, easy to carry
  • Comfortable seating
  • Provides a quiet ride
  • Long lasting battery
  • Great portability
  • Easy to use


  • Needs regular lubrication
  • Less payload capacity
  • Motors are noisy


This small and compact scooter in my experience, will always provide you a smooth ride and effective stability indeed. Looking at the specs, it’s a device that can be used if some minor things are ignored. Easy-carrying and comfortable to be carries on. Yes you can depend on it, its worth it.


So, it is all about best electric wheelchairs reviews. After having a closer look at good and bad specs and features of the top quality scooters in the market, you should be very much clear about the product, most suitable for your needs.

Their speed, weight, capacity and mileage, everything matters. Don’t throw your money on a thing you don’t need. Just be safe and healthy by choosing the device you’re most satisfied with. Cost shouldn’t be a priority. So, don’t fall into the pit of cheap equipment. Be a pursuer of quality. If you still struggle in selecting a particular device, go for to user reviews. That’s a good option we’ve got to guess the quality and reliability of a certain device. You should have a keen look at the features and reviews. Best combination of both can definitely find the product of your need.

If looked upon by ranking perspective, “Pride Jazzy 600 Power” is a mobility machine which stands out with 5/5 rating 16.65 miles battery support.  “EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX12” is rated top second according to my observation and customer’s reviews. It seems like a good device, because it’s just 58 pounds in weight with 330 pounds weight capacity and 12 miles battery mileage having got 4.7/5 reviews.“Power Wheelchair w/Semi-Recline Captain Seat” on third position has the same mileage with a weight of 198 pounds which isn’t suitable in any way. KD Smart Chair-Electric Wheel Chair” on forth number ranking by me , is another one with good customer ratings and distinctive features. EZ Lite Cruiser Personal Mobility Aid and  New Foldawheel PW-999UL lies on fifth and sixth top positions respectively on the basis of their comparable and awesome productive features.



Moving on to the types of electric wheelchairs fellows, there are three broad categories of electric wheelchairs which are portrayed below.


Indoor mobility chairs are the devices which are most suitable for indoor usage, like in homes, shopping malls and places with smooth flooring. They’re designed specifically to meet the needs of usage inside the walls.


There are some electric chairs manufactured by companies as well which are most suitable for outside usage. Their tires, balancing ability etc. everything is designed to ensure their good working outside. It’s unsuitable for indoor usage due to their large sizes.


These are the chairs designed and manufactured by taking into account both indoor and outdoor needs. These are best of the both worlds indeed. It’s a balance between the two actually.

These mobility instruments can be classified on the basis of orientation of wheels as well. These devices are rear, center, front wheel or four wheel driven. Each type has its unique handling techniques.


Wanna have such kind of device?

Oh don’t worry my fellow, I’m gonna list down each and everything you need to know for making the best choice. The main things you need to consider before choosing the best wheelchairs for you are:

  • Weight
  • Weight bearing capacity
  • Dimensions
  • Maximum and Minimum speed
  • Battery timing or mileage
  • Turning radius
  • Customizing option
  • Types and orientation of wheels

Keep all these factors in mind peeps while going to buy a device, because every aspect has its own importance and significance. You just have to establish your needs and you’ll be all set for choosing the right device.


We’ve talked about the types and components of best electric wheelchairs but some people might be of the view that it’s just associated to a small group of people who are physically retarded. You know what?

This equipment is inevitable for those people definitely. But it doesn’t mean that old people can’t use it. Every person who doesn’t like walking or have difficulty in walking can take the advantage of this amazing service.

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