Have you been thinking of buying the best electric pressure washer for foam cannon? And don’t know which to choose?  You’re in the right place!

I spent about 12 hours using 3 electric pressure washers with an MTM hydro original professional foam cannon/lance. Just so you know, I am an electronic expert, previously worked in car wash and love my cars so much that I want to clean them myself, so I understand every way around a pressure washer. I put each of the electric pressure washers through a thorough test and I carefully observed the operation and performance.

In doing this, I called my close friends to borrow the electric pressure washers I want to test. In turn, I volunteered to wash my friends’ cars, one of them is very dirty. I also tried washing off some other tough stains I observed around my front yard and got 3 extremely dirty carpets I have prepared.

To arrive at this list, here’s what I did…

How I Chose the Top 3 Best Foam Cannon Pressure Washer

Firstly, I looked for the 3 most popular and most rated electric pressure washers for foam cannon on the internet. I found out these three in no particular order.

  • SunJoe SPX4000 Electric Power Washer
  • SunJoe SPX3000 Electric Power Washer
  • Karcher K1700 Electric Pressure Washer

Then, I called my friends, borrow them and put it through rigorous use while I washed the very dirty car, some parts of my front yard and the dirty carpets I prepared.

To start my review, I appreciate 2 major things about all the electric pressure washer for foam cannon I tested.

You can guess the first…

The reduced noise! At least, compared to the gas-powered pressure washer I was used to, I needed a break from that noise. The other reason is the price difference, each of the electric pressure washers is about half the price a gas pressure washer cost. Moreover, I have used a pressure washer, but it is gas powered not electric. You know what that means, right? If you don’t, it is good. You really don’t want to experience the loud engine sound, I was getting tired of it, partly why I chose to also review electric pressure washers only.

PS: they all worked great with the MTM hydro original professional foam cannon I got.

A Comparison Chart for My 3 Best Electric Pressure Washers for Foam Cannon

ModelSunJoe SPX4000 Electric Pressure WasherSunJoe SPX3000 Electric Pressure WasherKarcher K1700 Electric Pressure Washer
Power rating14.5 amps/1800 watts14.5 amps/ 1800 watts14 amps/1680 watts
Maximum Pressure Value2030 PSI2030 PSI1700 PSI
Weight27.8 lbs31 lbs20.7 lbs
PerformanceRead the full review belowRead the full review belowRead the full review below
Other Features20 ft hose length, Detegent Tank, Wheels20 ft hose length, Detegent Tank, Wheels21 ft hose length, Detegent Tank, Wheels
Price Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

For a detailed review this is what I observed with each of the machines:

SUN JOE SPX3000 Electric Power Washer Review


The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer did excellently well with cleaning my friend’s cars. The tires and spaces below the car came out really clean at the end of the wash. Through the times of operation, I used the maximum value of 2030 PSI for the tires and carpets and the working pressure of 1450 PSI and it did excellently well. The engine sound was normal and it worked well yet calmly. I had a very similar result with the SPX4000 too.

High power rating and water flow rate

The high-power rating of 1800 watts didn’t fall short, it delivered superbly, I didn’t observe any slack with the rate of flow of water through the nozzle. Switching between the different pressure values was smooth, no lag observed.

Effective cleaning of stains

While removing some oil stains off some parts of my front yard, as I pointed the hose and set the machine to the maximum value, the stains removed in seconds. The SPX4000 did just as well but the K1700 took longer to get the same result.

A dual detergent tank system

The SPX3000 comes with two tanks to put detergents for cleaning. The detergent tanks both have a capacity of 0.9 liters each and you can easily detach and remove them as you desire. If you don’t plan to use with a foam cannon, this will definitely be useful, but since you’re here looking for the top 3 best electric pressure washer for foam cannon use, then the foam cannon sorts this out well.

Lightweight & movable

Moving it around was a joy to me, having been burdened with the heavy gas pressure washer. I moved it very easily as I moved around the car, also as I maneuver my front yard. Particularly, the length of the pressure hose is 20 ft, I didn’t even need to move it sometimes, all I moved around with was the hose. While I could connect the machine to a power source that’s 35 ft away which I really appreciate.

Rounding this off…

I read in the manual that the SPX3000 has a total stop system that ensures that discharge from the pump is stopped when it is not in use in order that energy might be conserved. I tried it out, I turned on the pressure from the washer and left it on the ground, in a couple of minutes, the pressurized water stopped releasing.

This is commendable, its goal is to help you save electric energy and water when it’s been wasted. Thumbs up for that!

Lastly, SunJoe promised a 2- year warranty which is not bad, but the Kasher K1700 has a 3-year warranty which is better.

Another user had this say:

Great pressure washer, possibly the best electric one you can get for the price. The different tips for the spray pattern and strength are easy and quick to switch out and the wand is able to fit a foam cannon with a 1/4-inch quick fitting on the end. The foam cannon being compatible with this unit is very nice, seeing as other brands like Briggs and Stratton and Karcher require special fittings to use extra cleaning tools and accessories.

Hence the slightly lower price in those models because they make more money off the other fittings and such that is required for their specialty washer. As long as you have a 1/4-inch fitting on your tools and the pressure rating is within the range of the washer, it works great!

The build quality of all the components is also awesome, feeling very solid, including the wand and the spray gun. Wish the hose was a little longer but it’s a cheap fix or upgrade with add-on hose length. The electrical cord is definitely long enough

SUN JOE SPX4000 Electric Pressure Washer Review



  • I had to put the Sun Joe SPX4000 on my review list because of its tremendous improvement on the SPX3000. What’s most notable to me is the design and weight in comparison to the SPX3000. It is quite sleek and is aesthetically pleasing.
  • If was to make a decision based on the design, I will go for the SPX4000 first, then the Karcher K1700 before I choose the SPX3000.

What else is notable?


The overall performance was as good as the Sun Joe SPX3000. If you happen to operate the two as I did, you will easily notice the smoother operation with the SPX4000. I expected that because it is an upgrade. So SPX4000 performed finer than the SPX3000 and even the Karcher K1700.

High power rating and pressure select.

The high-power rating of 1800 watts of the SPX4000 also didn’t fall short, it delivered superbly, I didn’t observe any slack with the rate of flow of water through the nozzle and like I mentioned it, I had the smoothest experience with this of the 3 electric pressure washer I tested.

Also, switching between the different pressure values was smooth, I didn’t observe any lag. I applied the SPX4000 to a minor task of cleaning a mesh table, the lower pressure value worked just fine. It also has a tank where you can add detergent.

Lightweight & movable

Just like the SPX3000, moving it around was a joy to me, however, it was much lighter than the SPX3000 and the Karcher K1700. I moved it very easily as I moved around the car, also as I maneuver my front yard. Also, the length of the pressure hose is 20 ft, I didn’t even need to move it sometimes, all I moved around with was the hose. While I could connect the machine to a power source that’s 35 ft away which I really appreciate.

Rounding this off…

This is just as good as the earlier counterpart, the SPX3000. However, with a finer design and a more efficient system.

Another user had this to say:

This thing is pleasantly awesome. It is so much better than the $250 bottom-line gas-powered Troy Built power washer it replaced. My gas-powered unit was noisy, wouldn’t start without a dozen or more pulls when cold, and had to be fixed every season mid-job (Replacing plastic parts with brass equivalents). With the Sun Joe, plug it in, turn the switch, pull the trigger and this one is quietly going! The video attached demonstrates it got plenty of power and flow (note: I did pre-treat the wall with a bleach-based concrete wash).

My only concern is that technical support doesn’t know their product. Before ordering I wanted to confirm that the quick attach was 1/4 inch for my foam cannon. They told me it wasn’t but in fact, it is. Also, I think I’m going to put some foam tape around the GFI adapter/plug because it’s not going to hold up to too many drops on the cement. I’ve only used this a couple of times but I’m hopeful it will be a workhorse.

Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer



  • The Karcher K1700 is the most affordable on the list and also the lightest. I think the Karcher K1700 is designed for the convenience of the user. I felt less stressed while using it. Pushing it around was easy and the length of hose and cord is just like the SPX3000 & SPX4000. I enjoyed the same thing on a lighter and convenient machine.
  • Also, the switch that controls the electric pressure washer is at the base, making it convenient to control. If you hate bending your back, this is definitely a great option; your leg does all the operation.
  • In short, I found the K1700 most convenient and easiest to use of all the electric pressure washer.
  • The only trade-off with the K1700 is the lesser pressure of 1700 PSI. It took me a long time to get some really tough stain off. The stains did go off, but I had to point the nozzle at the spots much longer, compared to the max pressure of 2030 PSI in the SPX3000 & SPX4000 that blew off the stains in seconds.

Asides these, here are some other cool features from my observation

Great storage space.

You have a storage bin at your disposal that allows for greater convenience as you can easily store materials inside. You can as well detach or remove the storage bin when it is needed for such. Also, You are at liberty to store even personal items and other vital accessories in the storage bin

Even the detergent storage is big enough to take 0.5 gallons of soap and it is also detachable, this is useful when you’re not using the foam cannon.

You can also store the power cord uniquely onboard, so as to prevent damages. How convenient!?

Durable parts.

I love the fact that the hose and tank connectors are made of galvanized metals, it is durable, made the lock firm and reduced leakage notably, unlike the SPX4000 & SPX3000 that leaked once in a while. The body is also made of durable aluminum metal, light and solid. Other parts like engine case and handles are made of solid plastic. In comparison with the SunJoe electric pressure washers, SPX3000 has an all-around plastic cover, while the SPX4000 has an aluminum skeleton with plastic handles and engine case.

Rounding this off…

Electric pressure washer accessories.

The Karcher supports every standard accessory you use with an electric pressure washer. Asides the foam cannon I used with each of the electric pressure washers, I attached a surface cleaner while cleaning some parts in the front yard and it worked well with all three

Another user had this to say:

I am a lady who generally buys name brand products, so I was a little hesitant to buy this power washer because I’ve never heard of the name, and also it is electric. I am a Briggs and Stratton motor kind of gal… but getting my arm yanked out of the socket on the second pull after breaking my shoulder (not from pull starting a Briggs) is not in the cards anymore, so I purchased this bad boy!

Let me just say… it was weird at first… I thought it was gonna blow up because I’ve never really heard an electric engine operate. All new to me.

I came in with low expectations for this machine but wow it literally blew me out of the water! If I could give it back my only reason would be to buy their more powerful version. I got the 1700. It’s great but I feel I could get the job done quicker with more power. So far I have used this machine 2 days in a row for about 8 hours each day and she is still doing great so far.

Final Verdict

If you’re out for performance, the SPX series do very well. You can choose either. However, for smoother performance, the SPX4000 gets the job done smoothest of the 3 electric pressure washer, Karcher K1700 coming last in this. Therefore, Sun Joe SPX4000 seems to be the best electric pressure washer for foam Cannon use in 2018.


If you’re on a budget, the Karcher K1700 is a perfect deal.

If you want the easiest to use, Karcher K1700 does perfectly well.


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