Initiation of dual Monitors is a tremendous breakthrough for the tech industry.  They Enhance productivity and multitasking, easy editing of images and videos, and upgrade your gaming experience. Evidently, they have proven to be very efficient, thus, to relish your computing experience, we have come up with their experienced and professional reviews on best dual monitor stands.

It is wise to ensure that while buying dual monitor stands, they should offer maximum flexibility, enabling you to adjust with accordance to your desire, and convenience of positioning multiple screens with a single mount. Furthermore, their strength and durability to support the monitors must ensure security and sustainability.  Therefore, the dual monitor stands are, assuredly the best option for freestanding of high-grade material.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Dual Monitor Stands Buying Guide below before making any purchase.


Best Dual Monitor Stands 2018

Planar is a U.S. digital display manufacturing corporation. One of the nice products by the company is the Planar Dual Monitor Stand. It portrays a seamless display setting of both the monitors, thus maximizes the benefits of dual display, making it easy to switch across different apps on both the monitors.

Although, this quality product looks quite simple at first, yet it is fabricated to provide you a best layout of both the screens. Some important features of this product are given below.


Size is a crucial thing to consider while reviewing the monitor stands, pals. That’s the reason, this information is gonna be delivered right away.

The dimensions held by this tool are 3.7 x 18.8 x 10.8 inches and its weight is just 8 pounds.


What is the primary purpose of a dual monitor stand?

Of course to handle two monitors at the same time! This product does that pretty well. It is designed to hold fairly big screens i.e. it can hold two monitors with screen sizes, from 17 inches to 24 inches. It is not mandatory to use two screens of same screen size on both sides of the stand. Instead, you can switch to any screen size – within the support range.


Installation and configuration are two of the most annoying things in the world. What do you say?

But this item hasn’t any such kind of thing associated with it. It requires absolutely no fixation or installation on the table because it is a freestanding stand. Its huge base provides appropriate stability to both screens without nuts and bolts.


This stand provides all the flexibility to make you feel at home. It supports modern features of tilting, rotating, swivel and most importantly, height adjustment.

15o up/down tilt, 90o rotation for landscape or portrait mode, and side to side swivel up to 20o are vital points of interest of this product. Moreover, adjustable height (up to 13 inches from the base) feature enables you to customize the setup for productive work.


You don’t wanna buy a stand, which will be incompatible with your screens in the future. Do you?

Have a peek at this versatile item, dudes. It is manufactured according to international standards. It supports screws and nuts of 75 X 75 mm VESA and 100 X 100 mm VESA. Therefore, it is compatible with all monitor screens and there’s nothing to worry about the screen fixation. It’ll be smooth as silk.


  • Configuration is very stable
  • Assembly is very easy
  • Saves a lot of space
  • Heavy duty product
  • Very durable


  • Two 24” Monitors don’t fit well
  • Rotation is limited to 90o


It is a best product in terms of price, screen support and ease of use. It is a best choice for everyone. Ability to use different sized monitors on the same desk leaves you with extra efficiency and facility. The product is a safe bet in short guys. Make the choice and you won’t repent on it for sure. It is recommended from our side.


Best Dual Monitor Stands 2018

Halter is a reliable firm in the list of the few companies, providing services in the realm of computer accessories. One of the leading Halter’s product, the Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand provides versatile options to adjust screens in a compact way. You can adjust two LCDs/LEDs, or 1 LCD/LED and 1 Laptop on this stand. Halter Company has manufactured this masterpiece for sophistication and better device support.

Compact size, multiple device support and innovative design makes Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand a top rated stand. Some important features of this awesome product are given below:


You can’t even think of buying any hardware computer accessory or the supporting component without knowing its height and width. Can you? That’s important buddies. So let me brief you about it. The size of this monitor stand is 36 x 7.5 x 12.5 inches. It’s also a heavy machine with the figure of 29.9 pounds, but capabilities are also great.


You don’t wanna call technicians and plumbers to set the newly bought monitor stand, dudes. Do you?

Well, installation of this product is very easy. You can fix it on the table with the help of just few nuts and bolts. User manual is designed to guide users for easy installation.


Dual monitor stands are what we talking about. This stand is no exception, pals. It can also hold two monitors at a time. But, its unique capability to hold a notebook or laptop along with an LCD/LED makes it superior over all other competitors. It can hold LCD/LED with screen size up to 25 inches.


The real efficient monitor mount is not supposed to be fixed and jammed on its place. Rotation is important, don’t you know?

Well, this stand is equipped with advance rotation mechanism. You can swirl it at any angle – 360ofrom left to right. 45o upward and downward movement allows you to achieve a best position to avoid eyes and neck strain. In short, you can view your desktop at any position you want.


A monitor stand compatible with only a few screens will just get the status of a useless device, when you’ll buy a new screen. This mount is not the one among such kind of tools, buddies.

It is compatible with a wide range of devices. Its Notebook Arm Mount Tray enables you to place a laptop on this stand. It supports VESA patterns of 100 X 100 mm and 75 X 75 mm to affix monitors on the stand.


  • Saves a lot of desk space
  • Lightweight stand
  • Corrosion free
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable


  • Hectic desk attachment
  • Short mounting pole


If you have no issues in drilling a hole on your desk or table, this is a perfect stand considering its durable material, attractive design and ability to hold a laptop/notebook as well as LCD/LED. Its a device making good in the market and ahead of the pack due to its amazing features and flexibility. Go for it.


Best Dual Monitor Stands 2018

EZM Deluxe is not a child in the industry of stand and mount manufacturing. Take a look at a sturdy and ergonomic stand built by the company, the EZM Deluxe Dual Monitor Stand. It is among the best products of the Easy Mount LCD, rich in features to enhance productivity for high-end users. Its classy design and solid grip entitles it as a top rated dual monitor stand.

This high quality stand is equipped with advance features to support two monitors for a better view and to meet-up dual display requirements of the users.


People generally pursue for the light and compact electronic and supporting gadgets, but the case is not same here. Monitor stands need to be bigger and heavier to handle the big LCD and LED screens. The size got by this stand is 33 x 13.5 x 19 inches, chums. This moderate kind of size makes it a pretty powerful tool to support multiple sized screens.


It’s pretty much evident from the title of this discussion; the tools we’re talking about being the stands to mount two computer screens on them. This gadget is no different.

It is designed to uphold two monitors, simultaneously. It can hold two monitors with screen size up to 28 inches. It links monitors in such a way that they look like a single screen with a minor partition. It can support two screens with same or different screen sizes. There’ll be no issue of balance. That’s why, it is called as one of the best dual screen monitor stands.


Rotation of the screen is an important factor if you are looking for ease and comfort. Deluxe Dual Monitor stand enables you to adjust both the screens at an optimal angle for better view and greater comfort.

Its 360o rotate-able mounting heads empowers you to choose the best screen position. 180o up and down tilt feature allows you to mold the screen in any way you want. Moreover, 180 degree left-right swirl enables you to spin screen around the table.


The nature of the work asks you to change the height setting repeatedly, fellas. Sometimes, you need the screens just at your abdominal level. But there also comes a time, when it’s straining for your eyes, and adjusting the display at your eye level is more comforting.

This outstanding product provides you a great feasibility to adjust height of the monitors on multiple levels. You can either use both screens at a same height or you can set the height of each monitor individually, however, you feel better.


Do you want to hear the name of fixation and installation, while buying any kind of tool? I don’t think so. That’s hectic for everybody. Cheer up, fellas.

You don’t need any screws or carpentry work to fix this product on the table. Its weighted base does it for you. You only have to plug monitors to the mounting heads.


  • Assembly is very easy
  • Perfect Curvature
  • Affordable option
  • Efficient design
  • Sturdy base


  • Maximum 28 inches supported size
  • Limited rotational functionality


Concluding the talk, it is a flawless Dual Monitor Stand with best features to ensure a quality experience as well as to improve performance. Easy usage of the device leaves its customers with the best experience they can have in the stipulated price. I will recommend this gadget without any concern.


Best Dual Monitor Stands 2018

VonHaus is a reliable name in the world of home furnishing, storage and mount manufacturing. If you wanna get rid of the messy desks and tables, VonHaus Free Standing Double Arm Dual Monitor Stand Bracket is one of the best solutions out there. Its elegant design provides all the sophistication and advancement required to cover-up the mess that a pair of screens causes to your office desk.

This modern solution for dual screen handling is tooled with some outstanding features to accommodate needs of advance users.


The suitable size of the monitor stands also depends on your requirements, pals. Some dudes need bigger stands, while others seek for compacter mounts. Take a look at this average sized gadget, and decide yourself. Its dimensions are 5.8 x 12.9 x 18.6 inches. The weight also lies in the middle of the spectrum, with the figure of 13.2 pounds.


What do you do in your office? Most of the professional peeps work on 2 screens, regardless of their profession. Woo, are you one of those workers?

Well, this Mount bracket is an ultimate stand to wrap-up space issues of your desk. It can hold two monitors with screen sizes, from 13 inches to 27 inches. Without any fear of unbalance, you can attach two monitors of different weights and screen sizes to both arms of the bracket. The maximum weight capability of each arm is 17.6 pounds.


Configuring the software components and setting up the hardware are definitely difficult for the non-technical people. Do you agree?

I hope so. Just take it easy, because the installation of this classy stand is very simple and easy. It comes with a very friendly user manual and complete guideline for installation.


Changing the level of the monitor screens is a good idea to relax the eye balls. But how to do that?

Height adjustment is the solution, guys. The large central pipe featured with this tool enables you to set monitors at an optimal height. You just have to adjust the height with the help of pole clamp. Isn’t it simple…?


Besides adjustable height, the main advantage of this mount bracket is its flexible rotational capability. You can swirl, tilt, and rotate screens attached to this stand to attain a favorable position of both the monitors.

You can tilt both the monitors upward and downward at an angle of 45o; similarly, it supports 180oswirling, and 360rotation which enables the user to adjust screens at an optimal angle according to sitting position of the user.


  • SAll accessories in the package
  • Supreme stability
  • 2 year warranty
  • Configurable
  • Strong arms


  • Unclear user manual
  • Unstable arms


This is a perfect stand if you are looking for a budget friendly and strong bracket. Its descent design and space saving style is the best attraction for all dual monitor users. But be on your toes guys; remember mbits not very appropriate if you are planning to use two different sized monitors on it. However, honestly suggestable. Good luck.


Best Dual Monitor Stands 2018

MonMount is a dedicated brand to the production of the monitor mounts and other kinds of products for the retail, corporate and government sectors. LCD-194W is among the cheapest and simplest stands manufactured by this company. Simple features of this product are biggest attraction. It isn’t a features rich product, but still it is equipped with some sound hardware to accommodate requirements of the users.

Simple design, dual monitor holding, and easy installation makes this product one of the best budget friendly monitor stands. Some features and their details are given below.


The monitor mount bears the weight of the bulky displays, peeps. Its need to be heavy and wide is just inevitable. Keeping the user concerns in mind, MonMount has made this instrument with the size of 61 x 12 x 9.8 inches. However, the elegant design and light manufacturing material make the weight of tool just 14 pounds.


A dual monitor stand without the dual monitor mounting facility will be no more than a misleadingly advertised gadget. This monitor stand has got some real powers, pals. It can hold two monitors at a time with screen size up to 24 inches. You can attach both screens of similar screen sizes or of different sizes without any trembling.


Do you run away from the name of installation? Well, it’s an obvious act, dudes. But don’t worry; installation of this stand isn’t complex. It comes in three parts and is very easy to assemble. User manual and guidelines makes it easier to assemble this useful device.


Presenting the accessory as it is, it does not support swirling and tilting. But allows you to adjust both the monitors either in portrait or landscape mode. Also, you can adjust the screen at any angle by moving the monitor like a steering wheel because, brackets of this stand supports 360o rotation.


Are you a kind of person, who gives importance to the color and design of the gadgets in his life?

Here is your soothing sector, guys. This product is available in multiple colors, thus it beautifies your desktop with a best match of your choice. Several color options allow you to choose the right one according to interior of your home or office.


  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Budget friendly product
  • Can mount two screens
  • Perfect height
  • Easy to set up


  • Unadjustable individual monitor height
  • Does not support swirling


Giving some final remarks, if you work individually, then it is a best stand to purchase. Its cheap price, colorful design, easy installation, and ability to hold two LCDs/LEDs makes it an appropriate stand to make some space on your desk. Don’t you need to worry about your office work now, its the thing which is going to assist you in any possible way. Its really a good product.


Best Dual Monitor Stands 2018

Founded in 2001 and based in Switzerland, the Arctic is a renowned company in the list of the manufacturers of PC cooling equipment. A nice tool from the brand, the ARCTIC Z-2 Dual 3 Stage Monitor Arm Stand contains some awesome features which depicts its modernity. Its space saving structure and innovative concept of USB ports makes it a stroke of genius.

Articulating arms, unique design, and easy installation makes it an amazing product. Features of this product are mention below:


The size of a tool is as important to know as the whereabouts of your crush. Believe me fellas, it’s so important. Let’s not beat around the bush, and cut it straight. The size held by this mounting instrument is 21.5 x 9.5 x 3.4 inches, ladies and gentlemen. The weight of 9.1 pounds also lies in a very soothing limit to carry and transport.


Dual monitor handling is the primary feature of every gadget in this list. So what’s unique?

It’s actually the level of efficiency; a particular stand holds the gadgets with. This state-of-the-art mounting stand can hold two monitors, simultaneously. It can hold two monitors of different screen sizes with same screen size, ranging from 13 inches to 27 inches. That’s why, it is called as one of the best dual screen monitors stands.


Do you know what am I calling flexibility here?

It’s the 3-way articulating arms and 360o rotation capability, dudes.This monitor stand is very convenient to move in the upward, downward, forward, and backward direction. Thus, it enables you to achieve the best position in accordance with your sitting posture. Moreover, you can share your desktop with your co-workers and colleagues with ease.


Are you a disciplined person, who loves his table to be clean and clear like a glass?

Here is a solution buddies.

The compact design of this product enables you to hide messy wires, and also, it frees more space from your desktop. Thus, it provides extra room to arrange other gadgets on the table.


Powering your gadgets and accessing your media in the matter of seconds is just in your palms now, buddies. Say thanks to 4-port USB Hub, integrated into this monitor mount.


The times are gone when you had to read the bulky books of instructions to setup your tools. This monitor arm stand is very quick and can be easily mounted on various surfaces. Due to flexible design of the adjustable clamp, it fits and locks itself to the edge of every desk.


  • Ease of data access
  • Prolonged comfort
  • Innovative design
  • Four USB ports
  • Small size


  • Low weight bearing capacity
  • Bit expensive


Innovative design, unique concept of USB ports and easy installation makes it the best Dual Monitor Stand among other competitors. This is an ideal stand for ergonomic pursuers. It is really the thing which considers the importance of your health and work at the same time. This one is a sure have if you are carrying good money and in-search of a quality product.


Best Dual Monitor Stands 2018

Mount It is a dedicated firm in the line of producing office and domestic products for making the use of electronics more convenient. The next item in our list, the Mount It! Monitor Desk Stand Mount is an outstanding product, if you want to place your monitors side by side. Its splendid features, awesome look, advance design and small space occupation make it a distinctive product.

This high-end dual monitor stand contains some amazing features which distinguished it from other competitors.


Can you move forward on the analysis part of any device, without peeking at its dimensions first?

I don’t think so, pals. Knowing the size is just like pre-evaluation of a tool. Well, without any further talking, the size occupied by this mounting instrument is 24.5 x 5.5 x 17.5 inches. The weight is also not much different than the competing brands with the figure of 17 pounds.


Dual monitor holding is too mainstream, guys. The product under evaluation has much more for you, like extendable monitor support!It means that you can add more monitors to the stand by adding new holding arms. This stand can hold two monitor screens of screen sizes, from 13 inches to 30 inches. Moreover, you can add two monitors of different screen sizes without any worry of trembling. Each arm is strong enough to carry 20 pounds weight.


You don’t need to call a computer technician to set this tool up for you, pals.

Installation of this stand is quick and easy. It doesn’t contain any complexities. You can easily mount this stand by clamping it to the edge of the desk or table. Its flexible clamping handle provides versatile width options, thus, ensures an easy fixation as well as a good grip.


Do you feel strain in your eyes while using the computer monitors in your current setup?

It must because of the weird setting of your monitors, pals. MI 7C24 is designed to provide maximum visibility and comfort to the distressed and depressed fellas. It supports tilting, swirling, and rotation. 360 degree rotational capability provides the best angle to minimize strain on neck and eyes.


There are a variety of consumer heights out there in the market, each one of them requires different elevation adjustment of their monitor screen. Whatever height range, you lie in, the control is so easy. You can control the height of the monitors with built-in spring tension mechanism. This latest technology facilitates you to control the height of your monitors with real convenience.


  • Stylish design and modern look
  • Saves a lot of desk space
  • Height can be changed
  • Five years warranty
  • Aluminum body


  • Can’t support heavy monitors
  • Bit expensive


This advance stand is the best dual monitor stand for all offices, homes, libraries and schools. This warranted product provides all the facilities To their customers that one can ever think of! Its compact design and attractive shape compels everyone. I’ll recommend it to everyone. With surety that you shall be proud of your this smart choice.


Best Dual Monitor Stands 2018

MonMount is a leader in stand manufacturing, you are already aware of that. Aren’t you?

The company is popular for its cheap, captivating and high quality stands. The next monitor stand in this debate, the MonMount Dual LCD Freestanding Monitor (LCD-6460B) is an exclusive product of the MonMount, designed to optimize the management of the workload by providing users a premium platform to have a look upon their work at two different screens, simultaneously.

Let’s discuss its features to know why it is called one of the best dual screen monitor stands.


The first and the foremost thing giving a general idea of any hardware equipment is its size. So you need to know it, right away?

Well, the dimensions of this gadget are 18.7 x 5.5 x 13 inches, dudes. A moderate level mounting device, as evident from the name! However, the capabilities of the device are pretty satisfying, chums. This 16.1 pound machine is able enough to hold 22 lbs weight on its each arm.


Dual Screen handling is the prime specialty of each and every gadget in this list. Then how this tool is different?

I got your inquisition, peeps. MonMount Dual LCD Freestanding Monitor is not only capable to hold two monitors at a time. In fact, this awesome product can hold two LCDs or LEDs of screen size up to the great size of 24 inches.


Do you hate those cumbersome monitor stands, which require nut and bolt operation to get fixed to the table?

Cheer up fellas.This mount does not require any installation. Just put it on the table and attach both the monitors with this it with the help of some nuts and bolts. That’s it. Nothing else is required.


Regardless of whether you make engineering or artistic drawings on your personal computer,aesthetics are important for you. Isn’t it?

This tool meets your design needs, guys.It is designed to improve efficiency and gets fit well with all kinds of interior designs. It is available in different colors which help you to choose the right one according to the interior of your home, school, lab or work place.


What does a normal person want to have in a screen mount, after a bigger size?

It’s obviously a nice rotation mechanism. This gadget offers a fair rotation to meet your requirements, friends. You can move both arms inward and outward at an angle up to 90o. Also, you can adjust your screen both in landscape or portrait mode.


  • Multiple color options
  • Free standing design
  • Strong product
  • Stable device
  • Heavy base


  • Covers a bit more area
  • A little bit bulky


You must use this durable freestanding stand; if you have no space issue. It’s a product with the best quality assurances of strength and stability, cornering the market. Overall, it is a great monitor stand, equipped with all the basic specifications. I’ll recommend it for office use and especially to gamers and programmers because it’s an option worth consideration before buying.


Best Dual Monitor Stands 2018

When it comes to quality and affordability, Easy Mount LCD is a distinguished brand which provides ergonomic Dual Monitor Stands to enhance your work productivity by removing the clutter on your computer table. Next item of the talk is the EZM Dual Monitor Mount Stand.

Versatile adjustment options, DUAL Monitor holding ability and other modern features make this product a best choice for your office as well as your home.

Can you buy or say bye to a gadget without knowing it first? Wise men wouldn’t do that. For such kind of fellas, some outstanding features of this product are given below.


Do you have compact space on the table, but want to adjust heavy computer assembly on it?

Well, this robot like display stand is reasonably sound in the aspect of size by the value of 24.6 x 6.6 x 4.1 inches with it. The mount is also astonishingly light, just 13.2 pounds.


Don’t you judge by the weight of this screen stand, pals.

This product is designed to fulfill the needs and requirements of the professionals. Its ability to hold two LED’s or LCD’s makes it an ultimate monitor stand. It can hold two monitors with screen size up to 27 inches, simultaneously.


Let me be honest here, guys. The installation of this device isn’t same as the MonMount Dual LCD Freestanding Monitor (LCD-6460B). It does involve some nuts and bolts, which are used to fix the gadget on the table. However, installation is very easy. You don’t have to be an expert to mount this stand onto your computer table. Same is true for fixation of the LCD or LED that you want to attach with this stand.


Connecting the displays with the mount is also a tricky tasks, sometimes. But the modern quick release brackets of this gadget are very handy, and ensure an easy attachment and detachment of both monitors.


Do you need to use your monitors at different heights?

Well, the thing is catered here.You can either use both monitors at a same height or you can adjust them to a different heights depending upon your sitting position, use and style of work.


Do you really want to work in a relaxed environment where you’d be free to look at the screens whenever you want?

Don’t wonder, just look here, chums. This device offers a lot of rotational flexibility to enhance precision and accuracy of your work. You can adjust the monitor either in landscape or portrait mode. Moreover, you can adjust your screen at any angle you want. Its 360o rotational capability ensures a perfect display, according to your ease and choice.

You can tilt mounting heads up or down, up to 80to get a best look at your documents, emails, and other important files, etc.


  • Can be clamped or bolted
  • Durable monitor stand
  • Assembly is very easy
  • Economical choice
  • Solid construction
  • Material is strong


  • Tilting handles aren’t stable
  • Limited rotational effect


It is a best stand for the gamers, programmers, television lovers and for all those people who have a heavy workload for both same and different monitor sizes. Easy-to-do assembly and dependable strength and built makes it a sure have product. I’ll recommend it to every person because of its fair price and other key features.


Best Dual Monitor Stands 2018

Mount-it, as you have seen above,is a trustful brand in the field of office equipment; TV mounts, monitor mounts, and other IT related accessories. Dual Freestanding Monitor Stand by Mount-It is an outstanding product, equipped with advance features to meet needs and requirements of the users.

It is the best of its kind considering some important factors like support to multiple screen sizes, innovative design and rotational angles.


The game of dimensions and size is just gonna end, peeps. The item before you is also one of the compact machines out there. Its extents are just 19 x 5.5 x 12.5 inches and the weight is just 15 pounds.


Do you work in a setup where screens are changed so repeatedly, depending on the project under process?

Well, recommend your employer this tool, buddies. It can hold two screens of varied sizes, from 13 inches to 27 inches. You can either use two screens of same sizes or different sizes on both sides of the main handle or bar without any issue of destabilization.


One of the few major concerns of the computer geeks is the play of compatibility and integration of the mount with multiple kinds of screens. Well, don’t be concerned in this case. The screw slots of this stand are designed according to the international standard size (VESA). It supports screw sizes of 75 X 75 mm or 100 X 100 mm and thus, compatible with all monitors.


Swiveling and rotation in the monitor stands is a kind of feature, no one will hate. How do you feel about it?

This instrument of the Mount It is pretty strong in that aspect, dudes. To enhance the ease of work, it is tooled with multiple rotational capabilities. You can set screen at any angle you want, because, you can rotate the monitor at 360around the mounting pole. It helps you to get a perfect adjustment.

To attain the best view, you can tilt your screen up to 15o up or down, according to your requirement.


Another item for the nut and bolt haters is just here, ladies and gentlemen. The best thing about it is, easy and time saving installation. There’s no need to fix this stand on the table with the help of nuts and bolts. Instead, you just have to place it on the table; attach monitors to brackets, and it’s ready to use.


  • No clamping or bolting is required
  • Work with portrait and landscape
  • Stylish and innovative design
  • Easily mountable
  • VESA supported


  • Due to bulky base, it is a bit heavy
  • Wide base covers more space
  • Color choice is limited


Innovative design, dual screen holding and No-Installation makes this product an ultimate choice for all tech suitors to provide them with the best view. Ignoring the weight, it is the best with the best blend of price and features. The company is providing best in the money. If you ask me? Well, I shall honestly suggest you to get it.


So, it was all about top best dual monitor stands reviews. Always buy something you actually need when considering devices. I have selected different famous brands like Easy Mount LCD, Mount-It and Deluxe etc. which have their worth. Monitors supported or attachment, size limitations, mounting and range of motion are other very important things to consider before buying. I hope you would like this review as I have talked about all the important information, facts and figures with unbiased eye.

If we sum up the whole debate, on the basis of various other reviews and customer ratings, MonMount Dual LCD Freestanding Monitor lies at the top of the list with 5 stars filled due to its stability and alluring designs availability. EZM Dual Monitor MountStand is on second with strong built and easy assembly features. EZM Deluxe Dual Monitor Stand on third and Mount-It! Dual LCD Monitor stand on 4th , both with 4.6 ratings due to high quality features. MountIt! Monitor Desk Stand ranks fifth for its stylish design and durability. VonHaus Free Standing Double Arm Dual Monitor Stand Bracket stands on sixth among top 10 all with good features.

Without a shadow of doubt, these are top rated dual monitor stands. Think of buying one from this list as I have arranged it keeping in mind all the essential points,requirements and affordability.


Before discussing other factors, let’s what are best dual monitor stands?

A Dual Monitor stand, as you can see by its name, is a device on which you attach more than one monitor. You can simultaneously attach two monitors on one stand but connected to one computer. The multiple computer use is definitely not new thing but it’s usually not recommended for home use because there isn’t much need for more than one computer. People in the security business, dental practices, designers and gamers use this dual monitor stands a lot because they actually need multiple screens to help them in their professional work.


Desk-mounted: It attach to the back of the consumer’s work desk, since that is the most important place where the monitors, keyboard, and computer are, to begin with.

Wall mounted: It give consumers more adaptability and flexibility. Since they swing from the wall, clients have more liberty to choose where they might want to put their monitors, insofar as they have sufficiently long cables.

Articulating: Articulating stands—whether desk or wall-mounted—permit screens to move from side to side and at times here and there, which gives clients a notable control over their work experience.


It has many advantages.


It allows you to keep track of other stuff going on while you’re working on something significant on your main monitor. For example you might be browsing the internet on one monitor while a music application is open on the secondary monitor. You can multitask more efficiently.


You can simultaneously do multiple tasks on the same computer. One of which could be skyping or chatting with a friend while play music on the other monitor.


You can keep track of all the extra information like the weather or system statistics including technical stuff like RAM Usage etc. while playing a game or even just browsing the internet. All this you can do without minimizing or searching through multiple open tabs.


Having a dual monitor stand is great if you’re a hardcore gamer who wants to play game in full screen mode where you literally cannot see anything other than the game. So, you can just open up your chat box or see which friends are available online to play with you etc. and just simply invite them too without minimizing your gaming experience.


Having dual monitors makes streaming online games pretty great because on one monitor you can stream an online game while on the other you can keep an eye on the streaming statistics, live chats or even voice chats.


If you’re in a profession where you require working with multiple programs at the same time, it works out well. People like security experts, beta testers and designers get a lot of work out of this.

In today’s market, you may come across many best dual monitor stands, like ergotron lx dual monitor stand, dual 27 inch monitors stand and vivo dual lcd monitor desk mount.

On the basis of these advantages, buy dual monitor stands and forget the rest.


As you know that working with a couple of computer monitors may enhance your productivity. Regardless of which dimension of Computer monitors you select, a best dual monitor stand will definitely make it feasible for you to rectify the direction of your monitors keeping in mind the end goal to boost your viewing comfort.

Following are the main points you will have to consider while selecting best dual monitor stands.

  • Quality materials
  • Type and style
  • Load capacity
  • Range of movement
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Simplicity of installation
  • Cable management
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