iPhone is one of the unique invention of this century. This device is Smartphone made by the Apple Incorporation that combines an iPod, a tablet PC, a high definition digital camera and a cellular phone. It also includes internet browsing and networking capabilities. Apple claims that this device is highly compatible for the modern user. One can install different and useful applications (app) from the App Store. It is a digital distribution platform developed and maintained by the Apple Inc. One can find millions of apps in this store which are very useful in different fields. They can be paid or free.The list of apps on different themes is never ending. Today, we are here to review on the Best Dictionary apps for iPhone.

Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone

A dictionary is considered as a very imperative tool for those who are in learning or reading platform. It makes one able to check manually the meaning of an English word, pronunciation, translation, grammatical information and so on. Its usage list is endless. Think of a dictionary app which is specially designed for us which not only  helps us in learning and understanding, but also works at a very fast pace. The archive of such dictionary app is in ample on the App store. But we have researched and rated the Best Dictionary apps for iPhone, which will help you in making the right choice in selecting the app. The following dictionary apps for the iPhone are best, free and have a large word bank to fulfill our needs.

1. Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com is one of the Best Dictionary apps for iPhone available on the app store for your iPhone. It has a massive word bank of over 2,000,000 words which includes definitions, antonyms, synonyms and is also inclusive of the Thesaurus. Its new version is also available with new features. It is also provided with the option for pronouncing the words to get the best way to say it correctly. Isn’t it amazing? It’s also having a special feature in which you can speak a word after which the app will process it and provides information for the same. This app also works offline when looking up for words.

2. Dictionary:


This dictionary app is also popular and full featured that enables the user to expand his vocabulary and improve his English skills. Just like the above app, it also includes a huge word bank and supports an inbuilt Thesaurus. This app also has an option of working in offline mode.  It is very simple, gives straight to point result. One can easily copy the definition to the clipboard and further search on if not satisfied with the result. It ranks a good position in the list of the Best Dictionary apps for iPhone.[vc_column_text]

3. Merriam-Webster Dictionary:


Merriam-Webster Dictionary is an American English dictionary app with a gigantic word bank. This app enables the user to mark a particular definition as a favorite and is also provided with phonetics and audio playback of the words. While searching the word, it also gives simple sentences to make it easier for the user to understand better.  It also facilitates the user with a Daily Word and special voice search feature that helps in searching the word by just saying it.

4. Word Web Dictionary:


Word Web Dictionary is very easy and fast in operating as an app. One can take advantage of this Best Dictionary apps for iPhone in various manners. It includes 285,000 words, 225,000 definitions, 85,000 text pronunciations and 70,000 word usage examples. It can be easily operated in the offline mode. This app is added with a special feature to filter the search with respect to noun, verb, adjective and adverbs. One of its interesting qualities is to cross reference the definitions to both Chambers and the old Oxford Dictionary app from Word web.

5. Visual Dictionary & Thesaurus:


Visual Dictionary & Thesaurus is an exceptional approach in apprehending the English language. Rather than presenting you only with the text results, Visual Dictionary & Thesaurus provides you with the visual representation of how a specific word is well connected to others. It is a very unique feature of this app. There are nearly 190,000 words and over 70,000 uses which come with sample sentences.  The visual feature helps in better understanding and remembering of the particular search we make of it. This feature makes it one of the Best Dictionary apps for iPhone. So, if you want a visual and different way of learning and looking up for definitions, Visual Dictionary & Thesaurus is a great option.

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