If you are looking to bring some extra bass into your car, you need to have the best car subwoofer under $200. We’ve selected and reviewed the finest of the budget subwoofers in this buyers’ guide to help you pick the best one of the beasts!

Best Car Subwoofer under $200 Buying Guide

Media culture has accustomed us to the idea that you cannot really have an exhilarating driving experience unless you listen to your favorite music at the same time. However, we have to recognize that not all drivers can concentrate, while their attention is directed to boisterous sound.

For the lucky ones, the sound quality of the car’s integrated audio system counts, and one of the carefully chosen and praised parts for such an arrangement is the subwoofer diffuser. Inside a conventional system, this speaker plays the very low and extremely low frequencies, which give music and sound a special quality, for example, by emphasizing bass from a melody.

Do you really want to know which car subwoofers offer a great price? Do not rush to make a decision until you review the performance indices for each product.


It can be incorporated or separated. If you want to avoid too many technical details when installing, but you still prefer the sound to be heard as robustly as possible, you will choose an active subwoofer. This piece includes a subwoofer speaker in the same acoustic enclosure with a sound amplifier integrated.

You may have some difficulty placing the model inside the car due to its size, and the cost of buying can be high. However, most insights on the best auto subwoofers will tell you that this is an extremely comfortable option for the user.

In the case of separate (passive) amplification, you can buy a simple speakerphone without the enclosure, which will be cheaper, but it requires a meticulous installation or a subwoofer with enclosure, in which case you need an amplifier outdoors or integrated into the car’s system, or purchased separately. If the amplification is integrated with the audio system, you must first see how you can connect the speaker to it (by dedicated output or just an auxiliary connection), and if it is compatible.

Dimensions and weight

Based on size dimensions and weight, subwoofers are grouped into three categories: small, conventional and large in diameter. You should not forget that the speakers of this type cannot be placed in special places in the car, as is the case for the other car speakers.

We specifically mention that the most demanding are the small parts, 200 – 300mm (8 – 12inch), because it consumes even less. If you have preferences in terms of the intensity of the reproduced sounds, you should choose something 400mm (about 16 inches), but the consumption will increase and the space allocated will be higher.

Although there are even models of 22 inches or larger (560mm and above), we recommend such a purchase with caution, because it is wasted energy and will take space in the trunk unnecessarily, attracting any complaints from those who don’t want to suffer from too many decibels. It’s up to you to see if your weight looks too high on a product, so select something as easy as possible. Easy, breezy is a good rule!

Technical indicators

These factors comprise the following list: power, sensitivity, impedance, and frequency response. The higher the sensitivity, the less power is needed to achieve clear and quality sound. If you have the built-in battery and the subwoofer offer a power RMS of max. 50W, make sure the piece guarantees a sensitivity of over 90dB. If it has external amplification or warrants more than the mentioned RMS value, the sensitivity may be lower.

For those who opt for a passive subwoofer, ie the one with external amplification, the impedance of the track (average between 2 and 8 ohms to any device in the market) and generally all connected speakers should be equal to or slightly higher than the one offered output amplifier for good compatibility.

Also, for a quality subwoofer, a response in the lowest frequency is deemed as ideal. So, if that speaker covers, among others, parts or the entire 20-40Hz range, it means you will feel the bass vibrations, even if the sound is almost imperceptible.


This term involves the enclosure and additional options in the construction. It is imperative that the subwoofer is a solid one, if you buy it as equipped. If you choose a simple one and look for a separate room, you might risk making an inadequate combination, especially when you do not have too many technical capabilities.

One of the most notable features is the Bass Reflex, which greatly enhances the sound quality, requiring even lower RMS powers, even when the sensitivity is low. As a matter of principle, focus on buying such a loudspeaker.

Here we have gathered head to head our top 10 picks for the best car subwoofer under $200:

A Comparison Table of Our Top 10 Best Car Subwoofers under $200

ModelWhat We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Rockford Fosgate P300-12• All-in-one construction means no need for a separate amplifier
• Big bass sound in a small package
• Installation is a breeze
• Good value
• A bit hefty for its size.
• Users complain about longevity, with some only getting about 18 months’ use
• Some also contend that it offered poor-quality enclosure build
Kicker 10C124• Scary deep bass
• Serious, professional-grade low frequency response
• Extremely high-quality build for function and durability
• Scary deep bass
• Possible voltage dropping, if not calibrated properly
• Need for a second backup battery
Pioneer TS-SW2002D2• Well-built and meant to take a beating
• Reasonable price for the power
• Installation takes skill
• Prone to overheating if pushed too far
Kenwood KSC-SW11• Super small form factor takes up no space at all
• Durable aluminum case looks great
• Installation ease
• Low power lacks and real oomph
• Not much ability to customize settings
• Small speaker means low volume
Kicker DCWR122• Slim form factor means you can just slip it under the seat
• Will add a nice touch of bass to your system
• Designed for installation ease
• Low price makes this subwoofer a good option for entry-level car audiophiles
• Lacks the bass oomph of other subwoofers
• Not built for durability
• Although its slim build is a benefit for installation, the sound is not the best when your subwoofer is under a seat
Dual BP1204• Amazing sound
• Luxury build. The speaker exudes a high-end feel, because it is made from the best quality materials
• Durable, so it will last through whatever you can put it through
• Insanely expensive
• Heavy, and while this adds structure to your sound, it also may require a sturdier enclosure
Pioneer TS-W254R• Rugged build looks great
• Powerful sounds fill up your car
• Easy to install
• Intuitive remote and auto on and off make operation a breeze
• Bass sound can be a bit underwhelming
• The unit is heavy and somewhat large
• Low Watt Amplifier
Pyle PLPW10D• Excellent sound and responsiveness
• Thick bass, lows without sounding distorted
• Affordable Price
• Requires some level of know-how or professional installation
• Better options available at higher price points.
Kicker 10C104• Perfect fit for a truck cab
• Reasonable amount of bass. Not too boomy, but better than other low-priced options
• Low price
• 10 - inch speaker pushes less power than a 12 - inch
• Vented box can dilute bass frequencies
• If you have a premium audio package, you might not notice any added low-frequencies
Pioneer TSSWX2502• Great for cars where space is at a premium
• Makes for a good addition to a well-balanced audio system
• Easy to install
• Pricey for the low power
• 8-inch speaker underwhelms
• Doesn’t come with RCA jacks

Haven’t lost your will to read yet? If you want to dig dipper into the features of each of our top 10 picks for the best car subwoofers under $200, here is our complete list.

Rockford Fosgate P300-12

Rockford Fosgate P300-12

For a few reasons, Rockford Fosgate P300- 12 is identified as one of the best subwoofers for your car – it is relatively affordable, provides you with some awesome power, and is already enclosed for convenience and installation. Its 12′′, has an internal 300 watt amplifier, an integrated phase switch from 0 to 180 degrees, some adjustable bass boost EQ, thermal and voltage protection and more.

The vinyl coating adds the security, you need and there’s almost everything from bass big boost to phase swap-everything that can bring you to the best experience while listening to the music you love. The inputs are quite different, and if you need to, you can connect them to another system.

The bass intensity can be adjusted so that this subwoofer can play it loud or easy as you want( depending on the song or genre for which we were in the mood, we always messed with ourselves). Check out the Rockford Fosgate P300- 12 if you needed a simple, 12′′ best car subwoofer under $200 to add to your car immediately. Now, check that gas tank, will you?

Kicker 10C124

Kicker 10C124

The brand name Kicker is one of the best car subwoofer names on the market, not only because of its quality equipment, but also based on its decently affordable price tags. Kicker 10C124 is one of their best 12-inch subs and has a lot of bass for your sound.

If you are aware of the budget, you can still use this sub to boost the music sound in your car. It is a 4-ohm sub, has one of the best builds with an injection-molded polypropylene cone and ribbed foam surround, 300 watts of maximum power handling (50-150 watts RMS), and a high frequency response up to 27 Hz.

Just remember that it comes solo without an enclosure, so you have to buy it separately (especially if you want two-try to find a pair that sells for a cheaper price). In addition, the sub works great, especially when compared to other brands with similar specifications. Nor are the ratings lying on the Kicker 10C124.

The Kicker 10C124 is the second-best car subwoofer under $200 on our list!

Pioneer TS-SW2002D2

Pioneer TS-SW2002D2

Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 has an improved sound in its beloved TS series from the other models. The wood speaker and the high quality of the sound are impressive. This is the best car subwoofer. If you needed a smaller size at 8′′, it’s worth taking a shot.

The highlighted specs also feature a lower frequency response down to 20 Hz, dual 2 Ohms impedance, 600 watts max (150 nominal), and a decent construction with their MICA injection-molded resin to help with bass stability and overall accuracy.

The cone structure is also MICA and the shallow construction (about half the mounting depth than other subs) is awesome, so it can be the perfect solution if you need to save a little space.

The sub delivers deep bass, which can be easily noticed when the volume appears. We think this Pioneer subwoofer is a great investment, especially if you take two-you’ll have more than enough power at the fingertips of your car for a long time.

Kenwood KSC-SW11

Kenwood KSC-SW11

Kenwood has the credibility to create great sound systems and does the same with this model as all user reviews can see. Kenwood KSC-SW11 is a unique sub to look at, and before you scroll down, as the best car subs usually looks like it does not appear, check out the features.

You’ll have a high-quality aluminum enclosure (8 1/4′′ by 5 1/8′′), a built-in amp with a maximum power of 150 watts, a convenient wired remote (you’ll use it, trust us), and a decent low frequency of up to 35 Hz.

The KSC-SW11 looks really small, but the quality of the sound is extremely reliable. It’s so compact, but the sound is amazing. It is quite rigid on the chassis and included in the purchase are mounting brackets.

Therefore, it’s pretty much a complete package, especially if you want to put some extra thumps under seats. The subwoofer Kenwood KSC-S11 is a favorite of many music lovers who want to save a lot of space and have the cash to invest in a top-of – the-line subwoofer for their car. Perfect for those cheap date types!

Kicker DCWR122

Kicker DCWR122

When we said we’d add some enclosed subs for your car to give you options, so check out a solution that can fit you well. I think the Kicker DCWR122 is an excellent subwoofer for any car, if it can fit, especially if you’re looking for extreme power (because it has two 12 “subs inside the box).

The wattage and overall power begins to rise there since you get a2-in-1: Peak 2000 watts (1000 RMS), 2 Ohm impedance, frequency response from 25 to 500 Hz, their beautiful Kicker construction (Santoprene surround ribbed, polypropylene cone, as well as brass spring-loaded push terminals), and of course some bracing in the box to help install.

It has full features, and I took the time to read the reviews most of them said it was good, especially for bass boosters. The chassis is robust and gives an intense sound. This provides impressive quality with a simple design for an ultimate volume.

The dynamic shape adds a focus to this subwoofer and an additional bracket and support provide an esthetic characteristic. The Kicker DCWR122 is definitely worth the money just make sure it fits into that trunk. Spring cleaning likely needed first!

Dual BP1204

Dual BP1204

If you want a budget-friendly, already-enclosed subwoofer for your car with two of them in there for power, check out Dual BP1204. It pumps out a great music sound with an attractive lighting system. It has an impedance of 4 Ohm, a frequency response down to 25 Hz, 1,100 watts of peak power (100-600 RMS), and polypropylene woofers like other popular models in its class.

The switch allows the user to change controls and a built-in safety circuit is available. The chrome finish gives the sub an elegant look (with a slippery finish). The baskets are made of steel plus quality foam that produces great sound.

We have to say, we like blue neon very much. If the previously enclosed pair of subs was too much, we recommend the Dual BP1204 is a little cheaper and at the same time offers some great power. I’ve got the power! Remember that 90s song?

Pioneer TS-W254R

Pioneer TS-W254R

For a small budget, this is huge. Pioneer TS-W254R is one of the best subwoofers in the budget-friendly realm of cars and has excellent performance. This is Pioneer’s new model and overall power both seem to be better than the previous generation.

There is a cone woofer feature that provides precise bass sound and you will notice that it is light when you carry the subwoofer. It offers even better sound quality and high sensitivity, which is definitely an amazing addition to any car.

When the volume is at the highest level, the subwoofer is still impressive, probably due to the high quality foam. During your daily routine, it will surely entertain you.

The price will scratch your head with 1,100 watts of maximum power, a 6-layer copper voice coil, and a composite IMPP cone. However, it’s not necessarily the quality of a popular Kicker model or its other higher-priced subs, but the Pioneer subwoofer will do the job if you’re not looking for the most powerful and just want to add something to jazz up your tunes.

Pyle PLPW10D

Pyle PLPW10D

Pyle PLPW10D produces a clear sound at a pretty cheap price (the cheapest we found worth looking at). If you didn’t feel the previous model of the Pioneer and want to save even more money, this is your choice!

It has a size of 10′′ and a black steel basket (with a non-pressed paper cone and a dual voice coil of 4 layers). The wattage is surprisingly high at 500 watts RMS (max 1,000), while at 5 and a half lbs it also weighs quite lightly.

With head turning features, it is robust and rigid. Bounce with the bass as it provides clean- cut power. This Pyle subwoofer is great not only for those who can be in some water, but also for those who want to save some cash! More dinero for Happy Hour, eh?

Kicker 10C104

Kicker 10C104

This Kicker 10C104 is attractive as another of the best car subwoofers and is highly recommended if you have the cash for a few of them. Its components come together to offer great design, and your daily routine will surely be much more exciting. You have a size of 10′′, an impedance of 4 Ohm, a solid ribbed foam surround and an injection-molded cone, a 150 watts RMS (peak 300 watts) and a depth of 5′′ at the top.

The price looks good, and it might be worth the investment for some. The round shape and seamless design are fascinating and elegant. If you’ve got a pair, we think it’s like Kenwood or Dual. You’ll love the bass feel in the car. The Kicker 10C104 is one of the best subwoofers for cars without leaving a hole in your wallet!

Pioneer TSSWX2502

Pioneer TSSWX2502

Last but not least, we have another sub for your car that gives those who need space savings a great size. Pioneer TSSWX2502 offers a high-quality sound and has the fidelity and power to produce impressive and accurate bass as one of Pioneer’s best car subwoofers.

The versatile and seamless design can be installed without much effort on any corner of your vehicle. It’s a 10′′ sub, it gives us a tight sound, injected resin and carpeted MICA, non-slip build, and 300 RMS watts of power. If you had to know, the impedance is 4 Ohms.

It provides a less complicated procedure for someone who does not fully understand how to install subs. The manual is quite easy to read, and you can possibly have a couple of them in your car to really bump the bass. If you think it’ll be great for what you’re looking for, check out the Pioneer TSSWX2502.


If you are seeking the best car subwoofer under $200 go for the Rockford Fosgate P300-12. It provides good quality for a cheap price. It is a good subwoofer and we kindly recommend it if you are on a budget.

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