If you are looking to find the best Bluetooth speaker for tailgating you came to the right place. Here we compiled a list of the top 5 best tailgate speakers out there, to help you shorten your search.

Tailgate parties require an essential ingredient to work. Besides all the other things like drinks, snacks, and good barbeque, music is a requirement. If there is no beat, there is no party. Sometimes we turn to our car speakers or our mobile phones to fill this spot, but they are not powerful enough to deliver good sound. To help you get past this situation, we compiled a list of the best Bluetooth speakers for tailgating, so you don’t have to spend any more time searching.

The portable speaker market has become more effervescent in recent years, for good reason: sound quality has been greatly optimized, prices have fallen, the design has come out of the comfort zone and has become more daring, and technology has vehemently spoken through introducing new features, fine-tuning, and sharing options with other gadgets.

Regardless of the features, you are looking for in a portable speaker, it is imperative that it has decent battery life and good sound quality.

A Comparison Chart of Our Top 5 Tailgating Bluetooth Speakers

ModelConnectivityDimension (inch)Power SourceBattery LifeWeight (lbs)
Soundboks 2 Bluetooth12.6 x 26 x 17AC & Battery40 Hrs35.83
ION Road WarriorBluetooth, NFC9.8 x 27.1 x 13Battery12 Hrs28.66
Marshall WoburnBluetooth, Wireless15.8 x 7.9 x 11.4AC-17.4
ION Audio RaptorBluetooth, NFC11.1 x 18 x 18.5Battery75 Hrs30.86
Marshall ActonBluetooth, Wireless8.5 x 15.1 x 9.5AC-6.9

Now, let’s talk about why the five Bluetooth speakers are our best picks.

Soundboks 2

Soundboks 2

The Soundboks 2 is one of the best portable speakers on the market. It is loud, very loud and it delivers a high-quality sound even at the highest volume. This loudspeaker is all simple in design, it has no flashy colored LEDs in it. If you are a fan of that, you might want to keep reading. The design is simple and flawless. The front portion is covered with a black metal grille that has a solid look to it.

The control panel is built to be simple and easy to use. It has two knobs, one for controlling the volume level and one for controlling the INDOOR/OUTDOOR modes which also serves as the power button. The panel has 2 inputs, one for AUX and one for charging.

The speaker comes with a 7.8 mAh battery which is capable of delivering up to 35 hours of music at 50% volume.

What is bad about this device is that it doesn’t come with an AUX output. This means that you cant chain connect multiple speakers to get a louder sound.

ION Road Warrior

ION Road Warrior

Although we are accustomed to associating the idea of a portable speaker with a power of several watts, Ion Road Warrior extrapolates the concept to 200 watts.

The alternative comes from a longtime producer in the production of audio equipment called Ion. The audio system in one piece above is called Road Warrior. Introduced for the first time at CES 2014, this device has a 200 watts output power generated by two 25 centimeter subwoofers and two 2.5 centimeters tweeters.

In addition to Bluetooth or a stereo input of 3.5 millimeters, the image creation also supports an integrated AM / FM radio as a signal source. For maximum portability, this creation works on both the wall outlet or the 12-volt outlet in the car, with no wires, thanks to the large built-in power battery. To be a bit more averse to scratches and various sources of dirt, Ion Road Warrior is covered with a textile that reminds me of car speakers.

Marshall Woburn

Marshall Woburn

It’s not just about listening to music like a rock star. Instead, it’s an audio experience that only Marshall Engineers can recreate.

With a look that reminds us of the old guitar amplifiers, the creation in the above image is called Woburn. Aesthetically similar to a Handwired Amplifier, this speaker comes with generous connectivity and a set of controls designed to help you personalize your listening experience. In connection with the design, besides three wheels for height, bass and volume adjustment, the entire Woburn carcass is covered with a vinyl coat that looks very good.

On its back, we find an optical input, a stereo of 3.5 millimeters and two RCAs. The power to fill a large room with your favorite music is derived from three internal amplifiers, two 20W and one 50W. For wireless streaming, the Bluetooth 4.0 standard with aptX support is used. The Marshall Woburn is one of the best Bluetooth speakers for tailgating parties.

ION Audio Raptor

ION Audio Raptor

If you are looking for a speaker that can withstand a tornado, you should look no further. The ION Audio Raptor is a water-resistant speaker, that provides a decent sound quality. The speaker’s control panel features an AM/FM radio tuner, a microphone input, two AUX inputs, and two USB ports. This speaker also features a LINK port that can be used to chain connect multiple speakers.

The Ion Audio Raptor has a solid look to it. In the front, you have a solid aluminum grille that has the FORD logo on it since the Bluetooth speaker is licensed by FORD. Above that, there is the control panel with the LED screen displaying the battery status and other information like the radio frequency and the mode. The volume knob is on the right and it looks solid and easy to use.

Marshall Acton

Marshall Acton

Marshall comes back on our list with another great product.

Marshall Acton is an active stereo speaker with Bluetooth connection for streaming music from your smartphone or tablet. Offers a 41 W power output through Class D amplification. It is equipped with 0.75 dome tweeters and 4 bass speakers.

It also offers wired connectivity thanks to a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector. Provides volume, bass and treble control via control panel potentiometers. Everything in a classic and stylish design inspired by Marshall amplifiers, with the front grille, metal logo, golden details, with the vinyl-clad cabinet.


Having the best Bluetooth speaker for tailgating parties can make the difference between a successful party and a failed one. On vacation do not leave home the vibe that inspires you and makes you bountiful.

At the pool, camp, party, fishing, picnic, tent or on foot – wherever you are going to take your steps during this time, take your favorite music with you. And how could you do this as easy as possible, if not with a portable speaker?

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