Get the party started in your classroom with the best Bluetooth speaker for classroom! But if you are a teacher, you can use those Bluetooth speakers to enhance the sound output from your laptop or video projector. The possibilities are endless! School daze will become school days for sure!

The portable speaker market has become more effervescent in recent years for good reason: the sound quality has been greatly optimized, the prices have fallen, the design has abandoned its comfort zone to become more daring, and technology has vehemently spoken through introducing new features, fine-tuning, and sharing options with other gadgets.

The best portable speaker models available today can easily play music from external devices (any smartphone or tablet).

Even if you have a sound system with thick gold cables and an impressive size amplifier, there comes a time when you can’t just ignore the portable speakers.

Here are our top 5 picks for the best Bluetooth speakers for classroom:

A Comparison Chart of Our Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers for Classroom

ModelWhat We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Bose Soundtouch 10• Wireless & Bluetooth connectivity
• Remote control included in the package
• FM Player
• Good sound for its size
• Impressive design
• None!
JBL Go• Exceptional sound, very powerful for 3W with very good separation of frequencies; keeps its features at maximum volume both inside and outside.
• The sleek and modern design of the gadget + Double connectivity
• Very good Bluetooth signal
• Full charging time of approximately one hour and 30 minutes + Battery autonomy
• None!
SONY SRSXB2• Clear and powerful sound + Battery autonomy
• Quick connectivity + Low price
• Audio input for easy connection to almost any electronic device
• Sound can be a bit distorted at high volume
• In some cases, Bluetooth does not show on phones
Philips BT2500B• The sound is exceptional; offers a very good separation of frequencies
• Stylish and modern design of the gadget + Very good Bluetooth signal
• Battery autonomy
• Small price
• Takes a bit long to charge it
• The design may not be that appealing to some
• 16-hour autonomy
• Water resistance IPX5
• Connect NFC to mobile devices
• Weight of 260 grams
• Battery is a bit low for this type of speaker
• The design of the speaker is very similar to other SONY speakers, so it lacks creativity

Bose Soundtouch 10

Bose Soundtouch 10

The best portable Bluetooth speaker, which can be used in the home, but also in the travels or frolics in nature, is definitely the one made by Bose. We’re talking about a device that at first glance impresses with the stylish, white design with LEDs and subtle control buttons. But it’s more than that because it offers a full, ample sound thanks to SoundTouch.

SoundTouch 10 can also be connected to the audio source and via the wireless connection (802.11 b / g standard); thus, it can work for hours while it is plugged into an outlet. If you use it more outside, you can recharge the battery through the USB port, next to which you will find a 3.5 mm jack. The action range is 9 meters. Among the supported audio formats, we include MP3, WMA, AAC and Apple Lossless.

The Bose Bluetooth Portable Speaker should be the first choice of any amateur audio gadget, as it manages to emit a sound with an inverse power with its reduced shape.

We are placing this speaker on the top spot of our best Bluetooth speakers for the classroom! Now do your homework and check it out!



JBL Go makes it available to audiophiles who want to bring a portable, low-cost, portable Bluetooth speaker that has impressed users so far with the strong clarity. The sound crispness is also influenced by the bass function. It has a 3W RMS power, enough to hold a small party even in the mountains or on the beach.

The speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The power supply is a 600 mAh battery, which is charged for about 5-6 hours, and even more, at an average volume. For recharging, you will use the USB cable included in the package. You can also connect it to the sound source even via the 3.5 mm jack connector.

From the point of view of a high-quality ratio, the JBL Go Bluetooth portable speaker is the most profitable business you can do. Shark Tank, anyone?



Ask any audio enthusiast to show you which are the best portable Bluetooth speakers, and surely the Sony SRSXB2 model will be included among the options. You should not even be surprised at this, given its wonderful amenities. First of all, the users support the impressive audio quality due to the practical power of 20W as well as the extra-bass function.

Then it can be connected to any NFC phone, with its great connection at a distance of 10 m. It can be connected to a TV or computer without the Bluetooth connection with the 3.5mm jack. Moreover, you can connect it to another Bluetooth speaker, so you will create your own sound system, cheaper and without annoying cables. It also has excellent portability, thanks to the compact design: it has a cylindrical shape and hidden control buttons. Plus it’s black and has legs that give it stability on any surface. It’s like Heidi Klum of the speaker world!

Do you want a beautiful speaker for your elegant living room or one that you can put in your backpack and take it with you to the Rockies? The Sony SRSXB2 is the ideal product.

Philips BT2500B

Philips BT2500B

The small size of this Bluetooth portable Bluetooth speaker has impressed any buyer who was initially skeptical of its potential power.Philips BT2500B is capable of delivering decent, but subtle sound, so that the birds in the forest are scared; yet its sounds are clear and pervasive enough to provide you with a pleasant afternoon with your favorite musicians’ tunes. Coldplay this afternoon?

The unit incorporates two speakers, each with a power of 2W. You can connect it to any Bluetooth v4.0 gadget, and the sound will be heard perfectly, even when the distance between the two devices is 10 m. It can also be connected via the 3.5 mm auxiliary if you have a laptop or an older generation TV. The charging is via the USB port, and the power cord can be plugged into the laptop; as a result, you can safely charge wherever you are, even in a café. Refill, please!

Here’s a super portable speaker that reminds you of the shape of a CD player and you can even insert it in your pocket and listen to music anytime.



We go back to the realm of complex sound and look more closely at this portable speaker with some unique features.

EXTRA BASS boosts the sound and gives it new dimensions. Intermittent shimmering lights and the shimmering strobe create overwhelming energy. It’s like a speaker on Red Bull!

The SRS-XB40 is waterproof, weighs only 1.5 kg and has a range of up to 24 hours. Voice feedback tells you when to recharge and what battery level is available at all times.

With Wireless Party Chain, you can connect up to 10 wireless speakers using Bluetooth, and synchronizing music and light becomes easier. So everyone present at the party can move to the same pace.

To get a fuller stereo sound, you just have to connect another wireless speaker. Bring the smartphone box and SongPal and Fiestable apps to manage your playback music easier.


Bose Soundtouch 10 secures the top spot as the best Bluetooth speaker for classroom. There are certainly compromises when switching from a classical audio system to a portable solution (battery life and a small reduction in sound quality are just two quick examples). Yet if we speak in terms of comfort, price, and flexibility, the speaker’s portable devices simply cannot be overlooked.

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