Bluetooth speakers are a blessing in disguise for all of us. Speakers can be really expensive and choosing the right one could be a difficult task. Here, we have prepared a list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $200.

This list not only has the names of the speakers but also its detailed evaluation. So, choose the Bluetooth speaker among this list that suits you the best.

Edifier R1700BT : Best Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker under $200

Edifier R1700BT bluetooth Speaker

The Edifier R1700BT is a high-quality bookshelf speaker that not only gives high performance but also offers a great deal of features under $200. It offers a full range sound to Tv, movies and music.

The speaker is crafted with incorporating the latest technology along with a hint of elegance. Edifier R1700Bt is a versatile speaker that gives exceptional sound quality. It can be easily used for a long period of time.

The excellent Bluetooth connectivity enables it to connect with devices without a plug or cord. This makes it convenient to use anytime you want.

The brand is well known for its high-quality products and their classy designs.

Product Highlights

Edifier R1700BT has a stylish wood finish that makes it stand out. It can be easily placed in an office, home or any venue. It is very convenient to connect to devices such as headphones or dual RCA outputs with the 2 x AUX input.

The easy connectivity saves time that is spent on switching devices.


  • The Edifier R1700BT is a bookshelf speaker that comes with a remote control which enables users to switch input sources, control volume, mute and unmute. The remote is wireless and can be easily used while sitting on a couch or sofa.
  • The bookshelf speaker has a built-in tone control that is located on the side of the speaker with a dial. It allows complete control of the bass, treble and audio. Also, It offers a treble and bass adjustment of -6db and +6db.
  • The back panel has a power switch, two sets of RCA inputs, 5-pin connector and a 100-240v power input. The power input works at all level of voltage.
  • Edifier R1700BT comes with 3 cables that are included with it. A 4’RCA to RCA cable, 4’ 3.5mm to RCA cable and a 16-foot speaker cable.
  • These speakers are equipped with 19mm dome tweeter and a 4-inch bass driver that produce rich lows and clear and crisp highs.

Pros & Cons


  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • A wireless remote control included.
  • Classy wood finish.
  • 2-year warranty


  • There are chances of malfunction after 2 years.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom : Best Sounding Bluetooth Speaker Under $200

Ultimate Ears Megaboom bluetooth speaker

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM is a powerful speaker just like its name. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker that is bigger as compared to the other devices by its brand.

The powerful speaker is considered one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $200 because it gives a premium sound experience and an upbeat design.

Product highlights

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM comes in four color variants that are Plum, Electric blue, Charcoal black and lava Red. It has a cylindrical shape that is very convenient to hold. Its compact size and design allows users to store it anywhere.

The speaker has a unique mesh cloth wrapped around it that gives it style and gives users a grip. The top and bottom of the speaker are made of rubber.


Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM offers an amazing 360- degree sound audio with a warm and deep bass. The Bluetooth connectivity allows it to connect to various devices that support smart Bluetooth wireless audio profile.

The fascinating part is it is waterproof and can be easily carried to pool parties or beaches. It is compact and portable and can be easily carried anywhere.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM has a 20-hour rechargeable battery that enables users to use it for a long time period.

The speaker requires you to download the UE Megaboom app on your device.  You can use this app to turn the speaker on and off. You can also set alarms on it. The app gives you various options like equalizer, firmware updates, battery percentage displays and much more.

Pros & Cons


  • Battery life is excellent.
  • High sound quality
  • Bluetooth pairing to up to 8 enabled sources.
  • Waterproof
  • IPX7 dust and water certification


  • UE Megaboom app might hang at times.

JBL Flip 2 : Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker under $200

JBL Flip 2 bluetooth speaker

JBL Flip 2 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $200. It produces high sound quality and gives an incomparable performance. It is small in size but doesn’t have a small speaker’s features.

The speaker has a compact and portable design that allows it to fit anywhere.

Product Highlights

JBL Flip 2 is an entertainment powerhouse that has a built-in microphone that allows you to answer calls without skipping a beat. It comes in 4 color variants that are black, yellow, blue and red.

It has a built-in chargeable battery that lasts for 5 hours. JBL Flip 2 has a simple yet overwhelming design. It size and portability makes it one of the best speakers in the market.


JBL Flip 2 has a SoundClear Echo and Noise cancellation that reduces background noise and distortion. This makes the sound to be clear and crispy. The built-in microphone lets you attend calls easily.

The speaker can be recharged easily with a USB cable or adaptor that is included with the speaker. It supports NFC pairing which is something other speakers don’t feature in the same price.

There is an Aux connection as well that lets you plug into any audio device.

Pros & Cons


  • Great sound and volume
  • Compactness and portability
  • Clear sound
  • Deep Bass
  • Amazing Bluetooth connectivity


  • Battery life is not more than 5 hours.

JBL Charge 3 : Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Under $200

JBL Charge 3 bluetooth speaker

JBL Charge 3 is one of the best speakers that is not only waterproof but also has wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It delivers a balanced sound and high performance throughout

The brand owns a reputation in delivering high quality products and JBL Charge 3 is one of them.

Product highlights

JBL Charge 3 is designed in the shape of a capsule. Additionally, it can be easily used near showers and pools. The waterproof device comes in six colors including red, grey, blue, black, teal and a unique camouflage color.

It has a Lithium-ion battery that gives a 20-hour playtime varying from content to content.


JBL Charge 3 has a Bluetooth connectivity that offers wireless connection to up to 3 smartphones or tablets. It gives a powerful stereo sound performance.  This amazing capsule speaker has IPX7 waterproofing, making it an ultimate choice for pool party lovers.

JBL Charge 3 can allow users to attend calls with just a touch of a button. It has noise cancellation and echo sound technology which reduces the background noise and lets the users enjoy crisp clear sound.

Pros & Cons


  • Well designed
  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Six color options
  • Noise cancellation technology


  • There is a lack of physical buttons.

Bose SoundLink Revolve : Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Under $200

Bose SoundLink Revolve bluetooth speaker

Bose SoundLink Revolve is our pick for the best Bluetooth speaker under $200 that is designed for outdoors.

Bose is a well reputed brand for audio. Its products are one of a kind. Bose SoundLink Revolve is a new addition to its SoundLink series which is crafted with the uttermost technology.

Product Highlights

Bose SoundLink Revolve has an aluminum body. It’s simple yet elegant design makes it look great. The speaker has a soft rubber at the top and bottom in case you drop it. The rubber makes it absorb shock.

The speaker has a steady bottom to make it stand. It gives a tough competition to big brands which cost much more than what Bose SoundLink Revolve does.


Bose SoundLink Revolve comes with a standard tripod stand mount that makes it flexible in placing it. There are four contact points that can be used with for connectivity.

It produces a deep and loud sound. The true 360- degree coverage can be well seen in the Bose SoundLink Revolve.

The wireless connectivity ranges up to 30 feet which is very impressive for a portable outdoor speaker. It gives a playtime of 12 hours which is sufficient for a party.

The speaker easily takes calls and also allows access to Google now and Siri.

You can easily pair two Bose SoundLink Revolve speakers for stereo or party mode playback.

Pros & Cons


  • IPX4 water resistant.
  • Good battery life.
  • Excellent build.
  • Loud and clear sound.


  • Charging is very slow.

Sony XB40 : Best Bluetooth Speaker with Bass Under $200

Sony XB40 bluetooth speaker

Sony XB40 holds strong grounds in the market for its heavy bass. In $200 it offers a very impressive performance and sound quality.

It is a wireless Bluetooth speaker is ideal for users who love loud and heavy bass. It is an easy getaway with if you love music.

Product Highlights

Sony XB40 has a 24-hour battery life which allows all the party lovers to play unlimited music. The speaker has a rugged look and is designed to be placed horizontally.

You can access all the control buttons from the top of the device. There is also an EXTRA BASS button available which activate the speaker’s dual passive radiators for more bass. The same button also enables flashing lights.

The back of the speaker comprises of Aux port, USB port, DC-in port and a reset button.


The Sony XB40 connects to your smart device easily with the one -touch NFC technology. It has the LDAC that transmits three times more data than any other speaker’s Bluetooth.

The speaker has a party chain feature that allows you to hear the same song again. You can connect up to 10 wireless Bluetooth speaker and sync the music and flashing lights.

It has a voice feedback function that informs you about the remaining battery as well as when it needs to be recharged.

The Sony XB40 is an excellent choice for people who want one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $200 that also have great bass.

Pros & Cons


  • Loud and powerful bass
  • Flashing lights
  • Excellent battery life
  • Solid built


  • A bit heavy

AVWOO Mini Bluetooth Speaker : Best Bluetooth Speaker for Car Under $200 

AVWOO Mini Bluetooth Speaker

AVWOO Mini is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $200 for cars. The speaker is perfectly designed for travel and car. It is a combination of performance and quality.

The mini speaker has the shape of a nut and can be easily hanged inside your car. Also, It looks small and compact but has a variety of features including the Bluetooth connectivity.

You can enjoy high quality sound and music wherever you go with this small Bluetooth speaker.

Product Highlights

AVWOO mini Bluetooth speaker can be connected easily to your smart devices and computers.  The excellent bass quality and loud and clear sound is comparable to the subwoofers made for cars.

The speaker has wooden texture that is durable. The small and compact design often gives a low impression of this speaker. However, it is not the case. The AVWOO Bluetooth speaker is a fairly priced high-performance product.


AVWOO offers high volume with a 3W power driver. It has an enhanced bass resonator that gives clear audio sound.

This small speaker has a playback time of 8 hours which is more than any speaker can give at such a small size. You can hear almost 200 songs with this mini speaker while you are on a road trip or just using it at home or at a picnic.

It is compatible with a wide range of devices including cars, kindle, etc. There is a built-in microphone that allows you answer calls while driving.

Additionally, it supports a 10 m Bluetooth range.

Pros & Cons


  • Enhance bass.
  • Portable and compact.
  • 10m wireless range.
  • 8 hours of playtime.


  • It doesn’t last more than 2 years.


Bluetooth has become a necessity and speakers are no fun without a wireless Bluetooth connectivity. All music lovers desire of a Bluetooth speaker that is one of the best. The above detailed evaluation of speakers will let you find your best Bluetooth speaker under $200.

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