If you are looking for a large screen, you don’t need to spend a fortune on getting one. In sum, that’s why we made this top 10 best 27-inch monitors under $200 guide for you. Now save money for your Valentine’s Day sweetie!

The size of the monitor across desktops has been increasing for many years. Formerly, 15-inch monitors were quite common, while today, 24 inch and 27-inch monitors are the standard. Larger monitors offer higher resolutions, greater display space, and many other features.

With a larger monitor, you can run and manage more applications and windows with a larger working screen space. It is also easier to carry out more tasks quickly than with a standard screen. The gamer community is also carefully captivated A big screen gives them a bigger view for an immersive experience.

Below we have a table containing the main features of our top 10 best 27-inch monitors under $200.

A Comparison Table of Our Top 10 Best 27-inch Monitor for $200 Budget

ModelPanel TypeResolutionAspect RatioRefresh RateConnectivityDimension (inch)Weight (lbs)Response Time (mins)
Acer G276HL Kbix 27" Full HDWidescreen VA Frameless1920X108016:960 Hz1x HDMI, 1x VGA ports24.5 x 7 x 178.584
Samsung C27F398 27-Inch Curved MonitorCurved1920X108016:960 Hz1x HDMI24.5 x 9.6 x 18.49.034
Sceptre 27" Curved 75Hz LED Monitor C278W-1920RCurved1920X108016:975 Hz1x HDMI, 1x VGA, 1x DisplayPort, Mini-jack (for VGA audio)24.33 x 8.01 x 16.798.535
HP 27er 27-in IPS LED Backlit MonitorIPS Backlit1920X108016:960 Hz2x HDMI ports (with HDCP), 1x VGA24.5 x 7.66 x 17.948.37
ASUS VE278H 27" Full HDBacklit1920X108016:960 Hz2x HDMI ports, 1x VGA25.3 x 8.66 x 17.54 (with stand)13.22
LG 27MP59G-P 27-Inch Gaming MonitorIPS1920X108016:975 Hz1x HDMI port, 1x DisplayPort24.2 x 7.3 x 17.9 (with stand)10.81
ViewSonic VA2759-SMH 27" IPS 1080pIPS Frameless1920X108016:960 Hz1x HDMI port, 1x VGA, 1x 3.5MM Audio in24.5 x 9.3 x 17.6 (with stand)9.95
BenQ GL2760H 27-inch FHD 1080pTN Backlit1920X108016:960 Hz1x HDMI port, DVI, 1x D-sub, headphone jack25.2 x 8.5 x 19.2 (with stand)12.12
HP 27xw 27" MonitorIPS Backlit1920X108016:975 Hz2x HDMI, 1x VGA6.5 x 24.51 x 17.912.38
AOC 27B1H 27" MonitorIPS Frameless1920X108016:960 Hz1x HDMI, 1x VGA14.21 x 1.34 x 14.217.057

Large screen sizes bring more innovations such as curved displays. Curved displays offer a more consistent viewing angle to the edges of the screen, making the display more consistent with the viewer. In addition, large monitors are also cheaper.

Monitor sizes up to 27 inches from almost all top brands, including Acer, LG, and Samsung, are available at very affordable prices. This review below applies to the best 27-inch monitors under $200. Read it, and find the best for you!


Acer G276HL Kbix 27″ Full HD

Acer G276HL Kbix 27inch Full HD

The Acer G6 Series offers style and a super-slim profile for maximum convenience in your office, den, or dorm! With its elegant design, you can place it comfortably anywhere and enjoy the show without any problems. Add to the excellent performance, intelligent energy consumption and eco-friendliness, this Acer product is at the top of your shopping list!

With a budget of less than $200, you can have this 27-inch multi-use monitor. Take it to entertain your customers and guests at home or at your workplace. Whether or not your space is limited, use VESA Mount and save space. With its adaptive contrast management you can show even in the shadows more detail. Whites are getting whiter while blacks are getting blacker.

The resolution of 1920x1080, plus its 16:9 aspect ratio, make your film time more real and dramatic. The smaller texts and details become more obvious and your experience improves.

We chose Acer G276HL as the top pick for our best 27-inch monitors under $200 guide!

Samsung C27F398 27-Inch Curved Monitor

Samsung C27F398 27-Inch Curved Monitor

Samsung C27F39827-inch Curved Monitor has a slim design with a curved view of 27 inches. The curvy appearance of 1800R gives you a contrast ratio of 3000:1 that offers a truly immersive visual experience. Take advantage of the AMD FreeSync and Game Mode technology, which allows smoother images even in quick scenes. Time to duck!

Whether you’re working, playing or filming, you can have a panoramic view of the monitor. With a human curvy design inspired by the eyes, the LC27F398 screen gives you comfort and allows you to enjoy the experience in the maximum number of ways.

With a technological boost, the Samsung product optimizes eye saver mode viewing comfort. This mode allows you to control and reduce blue light emissions by pressing a button flickers. The package also includes vibrant and amazingly bright colors, thanks to Samsung’s Active Crystal Color technology. The contrast ratio also ensures that the blacks are darker and that the whites are lighter in the darkest or brightest scenes for excellent viewing.

The Samsung C27F398 is just below Acer, as our second pick for the best 27-inch monitors under $200!

Sceptre 27″ Curved 75Hz LED Monitor C278W-1920R

Sceptre 27 inch Curved 75Hz LED Monitor C278W-1920R

The Sceptre 27 “Curved 75Hz LED Monitor C278W-1920R is an ultra- thin metal black brainchild from Spectre. It offers you a 27″ 1800R Curved viewing with a 1080P Full HD spec. The 1920 x 1080 Resolution makes your experience beautiful, whether you use it at home, work, or with your buddies.

Enjoy the revolutionary view with a curved screen and watch the images for a thorough and immersive experience around you. Feel that you are part of what you see with sharper contrasts of dark and light scenes, an LED display for the provision of vibrant colors, and a display that offers lifelike images. It’s also Windows compatible, making it the best choice for an all-round user.

HP 27er 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor

HP 27er 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor

The HP 27er 27-inch IPS LED backlit monitor is unmistakably thin and easy to use with a sleek display. It’s the thinnest LCD, but the design is tempting. Add these specs from almost every angle to the crisp and vibrant view, and you have a home, office, or gaming companion. BFF, anyone?

Thanks to the HP 27er 27-inch IPS LED backlit monitor, push the limits of thin displays in an eye-catching design. The ultra-wide edge-to-edge view provides lively entertainment in a 1920x 1080 resolution. You also receive color assurance with Technicolor Color Certification every time.

The Bezel-less design maximizes the viewing area and makes it suitable for film time. With an LED backlight, you will enjoy a high resolution of the screen and feel that you are part of the action! Where’s your bulletproof vest now?

ASUS VE278H 27″ Full HD

ASUS VE278H 27 inch Full HD

Push away your old work, gaming, or film companion and welcome the ASUS VE278H 27 “Full HD screen. Enhance your productivity with a wider view, expand viewing to additional HDMI or VGA cable monitors and enjoy a different encounter.

This 27-inch monitor turns your room into a real movie theater for film lovers with LED backlight technology. It is even better for gamers, office employees, or home use. With this, you can guarantee sharper and true-to-life images, thanks to the fast 2ms response time and the ASUS 50000000:1 smart contrast ratio.

The contrast ratio will dynamically adjust the backlight luminance, making it darker and whiter. Take advantage of the spectacular world of colors, no matter what you watch. This is achieved by the exclusive ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence technology and the native resolution Full HD 1080p.

LG 27MP59G-P 27-Inch Gaming Monitor

LG 27MP59G-P 27-Inch Gaming Monitor

Meet gaming monitor LG 27MP59G- P 27-inch. LG delivers something special with its full HD IPS display and dynamic action synchronization. You can thus optimize and speed up your gaming, therefore minimizing any input lag.

No gamer would ask for something else with the Dynamic Action Sync, custom game mode and black stabilizer. The black stabilizer enables you to maintain visibility in darker scenes. The LG stabilizer feels when scenes get darker and shiny. It’s always game time, thanks to LG. Take advantage of a number of great gaming features and bring your gameplay to the next level!

The performance gaming features include the reduction of 1ms motion blur and the free AMD sync that provides smooth and responsive gaming. Furthermore, you have a host of functions that allow you to optimize your game to your individual preferences.

ViewSonic VA2759-SMH 27″ IPS 1080p

ViewSonic VA2759-SMH 27 inch IPS 1080p

The ViewSonic VA2759-SMH is a 27-inch monitor for home and office applications. With advanced HDMI connectivity and Frameless Bezel design, it ensures that your experience is transformed into your desired experience.

The ViewSonic VA2759-SMH is equipped with SuperClear IP technology, frameless design and full resolution HD 1080. It also gives you versatile connectivity, better color rendering, and intuitive configuration. It’s the best you can fix with the best performance in your home or office. The ultra-wide viewing angles make it visible from nearly every angle.

ViewSonic VA2759-SMH has a vibrant 1920x 1080 resolution, dual speakers and a sleek frameless edge-to-edge design. It provides immersive views for home entertainment and multimedia applications. Not to mention, it has a minimalist design that makes it ideal for almost seamless multi-screen configurations.

BenQ GL2760H 27-inch FHD 1080p

BenQ GL2760H 27-inch FHD 1080p

Meet the extremely fast 27-inch BenQ GL2760H FHD monitor that fulfills your daily requirements. Whether it’s gaming, office, or home use, this BenQ quick response product is equipped with Low Blue Light Technology, Ultra High Contrast Ratio and a quick 2ms response for your daily use, regardless of the intensity.

Meet your BenQ GL2760H gaming, work or entertainment companion. Armed with a LBLT, the eye experience is well cared for to minimize any strain on your eyes. It also ensures that the view lasts all the time without eye problems for the user. Now put those eye drops away!

All you see is rendered perfectly to give you the best, clearest, and smoothest images when you watch movies or play games. The machine is equipped with Senseye 3 Visual Solution, which delivers the best images in all pre-set modes (Standard, Movie, Game, Reading, M-book, Photo and sRGB) for every day viewing. Star Wars tonight?

HP 27xw Monitor

HP 27xw 27 inch Monitor

The 27xw is advertised as “bezel-less “and is very close to the mark–the top and side bezels are thin, glossy, and black: they fit the rest of the display right in perfectly. The lower bezel is a little thicker and pleasant silver color. The stand is also silver and has an open-air wedge design–two elegant legs extend from the display and connect to an oblong base below.

As is often the case with designs like this, the monitor’s adjustability is rather limited–you can only tilt it slightly forward and backward:  it does not swing, rotate or adjust vertically.

AOC 27B1H 27” Monitor

AOC 27B1H 27 inch Monitor

It is also worth noting that AOC is a pioneer in the production of thin bezel monitors. Their monitors, such as AOC i2777fqa and AOC I2481FXH, were some of the first monitors to advance before all the major brands were successful. Response time is generally something for gamers.

But if you’re not a competitive player, you’re almost never going to feel the difference. The refresh rate is 60 Hz normal. Although some budget monitor brands such as Viotek tend to offer a refresh rate of 75 Hz, the difference is small. To use the entire 75 Hz refresh rate during the game, you will also need the hardware to support the 75-frame rate.


There are good and cheap large monitors out there, so that’s why we made this top 10 best 27-inch monitors under $200 for you. You don’t need to spend large amounts of money to get a good quality monitor. Save that paycheck for something else because we’ve got you covered!

Large monitors enhance your efficiency and productivity by providing more visibility. A big screen is also more comfortable for our eyes because they don’t strain a lot. Like most people, long hurts their eyes behind a computer. They eventually create eye problems that limit their work behind the computer. However, you can enjoy better resolutions more secure for your eyes with a large monitor.

The screens are technologically more advanced since they are new on the market. They are sharper, brighter and some of them have blue light filters.

The other advantage of a big screen is the size of what you work on. The size of your numbers, images, or letters is important in determining how much your eyes need to focus and if they will strain. With an extended computer display, you do not have to compare notes through pages. Instead, it will help to expand the document on which you work to reduce the scrolling. Therefore, it will be easier to display several full web pages at once, investigate, and compare similar subjects. Ready to research that work topic, anyone?

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