Our Aehr Mini Projector review will be mind- blowing, revealing features of this excellent portable projector, which you likely have not heard about yet.

Our Full Review of Aehr Mini Video Projector

With the advent of mini projectors aiming to solve the problem of conveying heavy-sized projectors from one place to another, companies and brands that manufacture projectors are trying to step-up their game when it comes to mini projectors.

One challenge which a mini projector solves is the usual weight range. Often highly inconvenient for most people. The Aehr Mini Projector is lightweight, as it weighs around 0.63 lbs which is ideal for any mini projector. As a matter of fact, when compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, you can see that they are about the same size. Twinsies?

I also ascertained another key feature: the presence of a large, handy screen of about 100 inches. In addition to the screen feature, the AEHR mini projector has a HDMI port, which can be connected to your Laptop. Also, there is a game host, an external speaker which can work with Bluetooth, and also a TV box. The Aehr Mini Projector can be controlled with a keyboard and a mouse. Now where’s that cheese?

The Aehr Mini Projector review further reveals that this projector gives a 1080p High definition video, which delivers an excellent viewing experience. There is also a battery positioned internally to ensure that the projector works for more than 3 hours without being powered with electricity, which is unusual of some average-sized projectors.

This projector also enables you to install certain applications regularly found on PCs’ software. With the wired and non-wired connection, you have the luxury of connecting to any mobile device.

AEHR 1080p Mini Projector


  • It operates on the Android 7.1 OS.
  • The lifespan of the lamp is great, as it lasts for close to 30000 hours.
  • It comes with a dual band of 2.4G/5G.
  • It has a USB 2.0 port.
  • It has an HDMI input.
  • The Brightness capacity is terrific.
  • The memory capacity is 8GB.
  • It has an internal battery, which would last for close to 180 minutes. This capability occurs when it is not connected to any power source.


As mentioned earlier, the AEHR mini projector is quite compact in size, as it is similar to the iPhone 7. The mini size and design also suggest that it is effortless to install. One loveable feature of this mini projector is that it can be put to use indoors, as well as   outdoors. It can also serve as mobile entertainment, irrespective of where you are.

USB Screen

One excellent capacity of this projector is the ability to put the screen to use, without the assistance of a network. I advise that during use, the projector should be connected to the power supply, based on the fact that the projector would power-up the phone.


Connection to the android system

It is quite easy to connect the projector to the android system.

  • First and foremost, you should connect the projector to the phone with the use of the USB cable.
  • The next step would be to download the YouCast plugin on your phone, which is in line with the instructions on the prompt. Once this is done, the mirror-image gains completion in an automated manner.
  • This feature, which this mini projector offers, only works on about 80% of Android phones.

Connection to the IOS system

  • If you want to connect the projector to the IOS system, it is quite different from the connection to the android system.
  • As mentioned earlier for the android system connection, you should connect the iPhone with the USB cable to the projector.
  • After this step, input the unlock password in the space provided in the pop-up window.
  • The next step would be to auto-conclude the same screen.


Connection to the android phone

  • The first step is to ensure that the portable projector and the Android phone are connected to one WIFI network.
  • You can open the WIFI display with the mini projector, with the use of the happycast application.
  • The next step is to activate the Android Multi-screen by opening it, then launch a search for the equipment, and connect with the device.
  • Then, the mini projector screen shows on the Android device, which comes with a prompt to either reject or accept. When you accept, the connection becomes established.

Connection to the iPhone and iPad

  • Just like the Android phone connection, verify the iPhone and the mini-projector are connected to one WIFI network.
  • The next step is to open the happycast application on the mini projection.
  • Subsequently, launch the airplay mirroring in iPhone to get the large screen.
  • Once this is done, you can close the Airplay mirroring to signal disconnection.

aehr mini projector review 2


People love great visuals. I particularly, treasure seeing movies with an excellent quality, due to the sensory, aesthetic pleasure. The AEHR Mini projector review is indeed an eye-opener for those who do not know much about how mini projectors work. At first, I was quite ignorant of these features as well, until I tried it out for myself by buying it, and putting it to test.

The AEHR Mini projector review reveals the degree of effortlessness to connect the mini projector to your phone, television, or personal computer. Any movie can be enjoyed on a white wall. However, using a white monitor would also make it more obvious.

Talking about using a fantastic projector, you are not far from the AEHR mini projector, as it comes with an affordable price, which is quite unusual for conventional projectors with have similar features. This price point is what makes it stands out amongst other projectors.

The portability makes it very easy to carry and install as well. With the AEHR mini projector review, highlighting all the great features, I urge you to give it a trial by purchasing it and seeing for yourself!

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