A screen recorder software allows you to record everything that is happening on your monitor screen. They are often used by tutorial makers such as some YouTubers. When we search about them  on searches like Google, we get a long list of different screen recorders. So for your ease, here are few best screen capture softwares 2017.

Best Screen Capture Softwares of 2017

1.DVD VideoSoft:
DVD VideoSoft - 5 Best Screen Recorders For Windows And YouTube 2017

This software is available for free and allows you to capture and make a video of the monitor. You can record your screen with high resolution. It is a good choice for those who cannot afford a paid software. It also has a comprehensive wizard which will help you to create some outstanding videos. It is a full featured screen recorder with easy to install process.


It has a lot of excellent features. You can make use of them and create a professional video for your work or YouTube. It supports many formats for videos to be saved in, such as AVI, MP4 and MPG. With these formats, you get high resolution videos.  Another good thing about this software is that it is adware free. It means that you will not see any ads while using it. You will find it hard to get any free software with these features.


Like every other good software, it also has some disadvantages.  For example, if you use its free version, then you need to accept some third party installations which are bundled with it. Another  bad thing about it is that it does not appear to support picture-in-picture screen recording.



CamStudio is a good alternative to DVD VideoSoft. It also has some above the mark features. The most awesome part of it is that it is an open source software. So it is a good choice to record screen because we know that open source software has less bugs. It can record your video in many formats including AVI and MP4. It can also convert your video recorded in AVI format into SWF. The makers of CamStudio say that their software is easy to use and anyone can learn it in a few minutes . To make it easier, they include some built-in help files which will help you to learn this software quickly.


The main and attracting advantage of this software is that the videos recorded by it have less size and great quality. It also has support for picture-in-picture recording so that you can also record your webcam along with the monitor. Having these features, it is free to use.


Some users are reporting that they do not have option to decline the “offers” in the installation process. Here “offers” means some bundled third party apps.


TinyTake- 5 Best Screen Recorders For Windows And YouTube 2017 (2)

It is another great screen recording software for Windows and YouTube, which is available for free to use. It also allows you to share your recorded video on your social media profiles.  It has a simple user interface which is easy to understand even by a new user.  Its free version is feature rich, but the paid version has some more features.


The main advantage of TinyTake is that you have a lot of features in your hand for free. You get a clean and easy to use interface without paying a penny . Another good thing is that it can add your own graphics from local storage for annotation.


It has the disadvantage that you cannot use its free version for commercial purposes. Another bad thing is that the free version is limited, but allows some basic features. So it is not a big problem.

4.Icecream Screen Recorder:


Icecream screen recorder is another screen recorder for  Windows.  It is also bundled with some awesome features and can be used easily. It provides an easy to use interface to its users. The installation process of this software is also very easy. It also allows you to select only a specific area of your screen to be recorded.


You can draw lines, outline or add arrows on the area of your screen. You can also add some text to the video. You can record your webcam along with the screen. You can also use zoom tool to zoom areas while recording them.


There are some disadvantages in free version. For example, you can record video of only 10 minutes in free version. You have only one format support in free version.


Ezvid - 5 Best Screen Recorders For Windows And YouTube 2017

It is also an excellent screen recorder to use for making video for YouTube. It is one of the 5 Best screen Recorders For Windows And YouTube. It uses your computer’s power to enhance the screen recording. You can also share your video directly to YouTube and Ezvid’s wiki site.


You get some voice synthesis and facecam with it. It also has a built-in video editor to let you edit the videos on the spot.


It needs a whopping 10 GB of free storage on your hard drive, which can be a problem for users with old computers. Some forums also say that it is heavy on resources of system and becomes slow sometimes.

Final Conclusion:

So, it was all about our review of best screen capture softwares 2017. W hope you will like it. These are the best and latest screen recorders for windows and youtube.

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