Best Laptop Backpacks 2018 – Top 15 Reviews


Are you looking for best laptop backpacks 2018? If YES! Certainly, you are at the right place. I’ll share a list of best laptop backpacks which will surely help you to choose the right backpack depending upon your requirements and feasibility. But, before I talk about backpacks, I’m gonna share some exclusive information that will help you to classify different backpacks depending upon their features as well as your needs.

Best Laptop Backpacks 2018 – Buying Guide

A laptop backpack, as you can understand by its name, is a bag that you can use to carry your laptop from one place to the other. Laptop is a portable form of computer, therefore, you must need a suitable bag to keep your laptop safe with you while you go to your office or university. Laptop manufacturers provide bag with the laptop but, that bag can only support laptop of specific model or brand.

Therefore, if you are a sophisticated user and wanna have a decent and more reliable bag for you laptop, choose any of the backpack for your laptop from our versatile list.

Types of Laptop Backpacks:

1. Wheeled Laptop Backpacks:

As the name depicts, these kinds of laptop briefcases are tooled with wheels which make it easy to carry your laptop from one place to the other without hanging it on your back.

2. Non-wheeled Laptop Backpacks:

These laptop briefcases don’t contain wheels instead, you can hang these bags on single shoulder or on both shoulders. Moreover, these laptop messenger bags are tooled with a strip which help you to move your laptop by holding the bag like a hand bag.

3. Laptop Sleeves and Covers:

These foamy laptop sleeves are designed to protect your laptop from damages. These covers help as a shock absorber and prevent your laptop from severe damages of falling.

Advantages of Laptop backpacks:

Laptop backpacks has several advantages. Some are:


A major advantage of a laptop briefcase is, your hands are free. You don’t have to hold your laptop bag in your hands instead, you can enjoy sips of coffee while walking to your office, school or college.

Keeps your laptop secure:

Laptop backpacks are designed to keep your laptop safe and secure from any kind of damages. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your laptop if you are carrying it in a laptop briefcase.

Looks Good:

These laptop messenger bags look very decent. Attractive designs, slim architecture and availability in different colors makes these, a choice of cool people.

Light-weight and portable:

The main attraction of the laptop backpacks is that they are not very heavy which makes them portable and easy to carry. Compatible and lightweight design of the backpacks make them a perfect choice for every student and professional.

Enables you keep additional stuff:

Besides taking care of your laptop, laptop backpacks are designed to serve you through many additional features. You can keep other important things like your favorite book, important files, stationery, mobile accessories and other stuff in your backpack.

What to see when purchasing perfect backpack for laptop?

Either you are travelling or you wanna take your laptop to college, laptop backpack can save a lot of effort by providing a suitable medium to carry your laptop from one place to the other.

Following are some key features or points that you must keep in your mind while purchasing a laptop backpack:

  • Quality of the material.
  • Size of your laptop.
  • Volume of the accessories that you want to keep with your laptop.
  • Capacity of the laptop backpack.
  • Type and style of the backpack.

To provide you a complete range, I’ve compiled a list of best backpacks for laptops considering different brands, sizes, types and styles. Remarkable thing about this list is that it is arranged on the basis of price range.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.
Name Size Weight Material Reviews
Rockland Luggage 17 Inch Rolling Backpack 17″L x 13″W x 10″H 5.2 lbs Polyester 3.5/5
Everest Luggage Basic Backpack 15″L x 11″W x 5″H 0.6 lbs 60 D Polyester 3.9/5
Everest Luggage Backpack With Front And Side Pockets 17″L x 11″W x 2″H 1.50 lbs Polyester 4.1/5
Everest Luggage Multi Pattern Backpack 16.9″L x 11.8″W x 2.2″H 0.7 lbs 600 D Polyester 3.9/5
Dakine Prom BackPack 20″L x 15″W x 8″H 1.7 lbs 600 DPolyester 4.8/5
Dakine Campus Backpack 21″L x 14″W x 11″H 4 lbs 600 D Polyester 4.5/5
ScanSmart Backpack 1900-EBags Exclusive 18.5″L x 13.5″W x 9.0″H 3.3 lbs Fabric/Polyester 4.6/5
Powerglide Rolling Laptop Backpack 21″L x 14″W x 9″H 6 lbs Fabric/Nylon 4.3/5
Fjällräven Greenland Large Backpack 15″L x 11″W x 6.3″H 1.1 lbs Polyester,Cotton 4.6/5
Topo Designs Daypack 19″L x 12″W x 6″H 23 ounces Fabric/Cloth 4.2/5
5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack 16.6″L x 1″W x 1″H 2 lbs 1000D Nylon 4.8/5
Brooks England Pickwick Day Pack 21″L x 16″W x 2″H 3.9 lbs Leather 4.9/5
Filson 70199 Harvey Backpack 18″L x 15.5″W x 4.5″H 2.6 lbs Cotton/Nylon 5/5
Lexdray Boulder Pack 2.0 20.9″L x 13.1″W x 6″H 5 lbs Nylon/Neoprene 4/5
Ospreys Men’s Atoms 65 AG Backpack 23″L x 16″W x 10″H 4 lbs Nylon 4.7/5

                                                       Under 50$

1. Rockland Luggage 17 Inch Rolling Backpack: Buy Now

Best Laptop Backpacks 2017

Rockland is a U.S based firm famous for its versatile range of bags. From travelling backpacks to cosmetic bags, from school bags to soft cases, each and every product of this company is unique and innovative in terms of ergonomic design, versatility and durability.

This rolling backpack for laptop by Rockland is an amazing product considering its compatibility, specifications and price.


This product possesses some outstanding features which makes it an obvious choice of all students as well as professionals. Following are some key features of this product:

Wide dimensions:

This backpack can support laptops of up to 17 inches screen size. This bag is 17 inches high and 10 inches wide. Therefore, it provides enough space to accommodate your laptop and accessories in an appropriate way.

2 Zipper design:

This is a dual zipper bag. Its front pocket is tooled with built in stuff organizer where you can ergonomically arrange your stuff like headphones, mobile charger, USB etc. Major portion of the bag is large compartment that opens up to hold your laptop, books, files or any other stuff that you would like to carry with you. Weight is almost 5.2 pounds.

Dual wheels:

This product is equipped with two skating wheels which makes it easy to roll this bag over all kinds of surfaces. You can easily move your laptop from one place to the other with a little effort. It is one of the best laptop bags because of its fair price and durability.

Durable Polyester:

This bag is manufactured from high quality polyester. Use of Polyester not only makes this product durable but also reduces its weight. This is consider as a best laptop backpack for women.


  •   Enhances ease of rolling.
  •   Excellent Plastic stand.
  •   Has a lot of room in it.
  •   Material is nice.
  •   Looks beautiful.
  •   Economical.


  •   Can give out bad odor.
  •   Not suitable for kids.
  •   A bit heavy.


If you are a student and searching for bag, well I think this is what you need because it can carry all your stuff and is easy to carry. It is a good option for all and sundry, indeed the best choice you can make for this short quantity of money.

2. Everest Luggage Basic Backpack: Buy Now

Everest Luggage Basic Backpack Review

Everest is a U.S based firm named after the highest peak of the world. Just like its name, this company provides high quality products, from totes and duffels to travel gear, every product of this organization express high standard of this firm.

Everest Basic Backpack is a simple yet efficient backpack. Cool design, versatile compatibility and high-end finish makes this backpack an outstanding product.


Although this bag looks very simple, yet it contains some astonishing features that’ll compel you to choose this classy product.  Some features of this product are:

Fairly wide dimensions:

It is a mid-sized bag. It is 15 inches high and 11 inches wide. It can support a laptop of screen size up to 15 inches. Moreover, you can place some other stuff with your laptop.


This product is manufactured from polyester, since it does not contain any steel handle or plastic stand therefore, it is a light-weight bag. Because of its less weight, it fits like a feather on your back and you can keep it with all the time because it’ll not be a burden. This is consider as a best laptop backpack for women.

Spacious main compartment:

Main compartment of this bag provides a lot of space to keep several things. Besides placing a laptop, you can use this portion to keep any kind of stuff depending upon your needs and requirements.


  •   High quality polyester used.
  •   A budget-friendly product.
  •   Fits seamlessly with body.
  •   Simple but unique design.
  •   Has a lot of room.
  •   Washable.


  •   Lack of internal pockets.
  •   Gets dirty easily.
  •   A bit small.


Everest Luggage basic backpack is the best backpack if you like to keep things simple and budget-friendly. Only if you can do this little extra-effort of keeping the product clean, its gonna give you the best you can get. Incredibly stream-lined design and being washable makes it ahead of the pack. Its obviously) recommended. Do try.

3. Everest Luggage Backpack with Front and Side Pockets: Buy Now

Everest Luggage Backpack with Front and Side Pockets Review

Everest is a U.S based company, as the name depicts. This firm is famous for its top quality luggage products, from backpacks to waist and utility packs; every product of this firm is a benchmark of quality.

It is a latest backpack model by this reputable firm. Everest luggage backpack is a mid-sized backpack. It is appropriate for laptops, books and other stuff if you are travelling.


It is features-rich product. Its smooth and compatible design, spacious compartment and less weight are some key points which makes it the first choice of every customer.

Wide dimensions:

Although this backpack falls in the category of mid-sized backpacks, yet fairly wide dimensions of this product provide enough room to hold multiple gadgets. It is 17 inches high which makes it suitable for large screen laptops. This is a best laptop backpack for women


It is manufactured from polyester that’s why it is a light-weight product. Whole product is fabricated by polyester, no plastic, metal or steel is being used in this product because it isn’t a rolling backpack. Thus, less weight of this product makes it easy to carry it from one place to other.

Single Spacious Compartment:

To provide more space, this product contains one large compartment. U-Shaped design of this compartment allows you to fill every inch of this backpack with your valuable gadgets. You can place small as well as large gadgets with a lot of ease and comfort.


  •   Available in different colors.
  •   Easy to organize stuff in it.
  •   Adjustable straps.
  •   Easily washable.
  •   Side pockets.
  •   Easy to wear.


  •   Material is not that good.
  •   Can’t hold heavier stuff.
  •   Would not last long.


If you want to have a stylish, durable and washable backpack, this product by Everest is an ultimate option for you. Being light weight and with a lot of color range available adds more value to the product. I will suggest you not to read between the lines, rather go and try it yourself! Don’t worry you won’t be disappointed.

4. Everest Luggage Multi Pattern Backpack: Buy Now

 Everest Luggage Multi Pattern Backpack Review

Everest is a U.S based top rated bag manufacturer. This company has plenty of experience in bag manufacturing. Its versatile product range includes travel gears, backpacks, messengers, waist packs and outdoor packs. In short, this trustful brand covers all aspects of the packing.

This multi pattern backpack is a masterpiece because of its fair price, strong and durable material and compact but compatible design.


This product of Everest contains some outstanding features which makes it top selling product of this company among the whole product line.

Some top rated features of this product are:

Comfortable stripes:

Stripes of this product are very comfortable because of their padded design. Moreover, the length of both stripes is adjustable. So, you can adjust stripes length depending upon your feasibility and volume of the gadgets that your backpack contains.

Mid-sized backpack:

This bag is almost 17 inches high, to be precise 16.9 inches and 11.8 inches wide. You can easily adjust your laptop or bulky books in this bag. Spacious main compartment of this bag provides fair amount of storage space which enables you to keep your cool stuff in this bag with a lot of ease and comfort.


This backpack is manufactured from top quality polyester which makes it a lightweight product. Less weight of this product makes it feasible to keep it with you during travelling or hiking.


  •   Easily accessible to small things.
  •   A budget-friendly product.
  •   Streamline design.
  •   Very much sturdy.
  •   Appealing design.
  •   Can hold a lot.


  •   Not good for over-sized books.
  •   Don’t have internal pockets.
  •   A bit small.


Keeping in mind the price, comfort and attractive design, this product is cornering the market and going ahead of pack. Sleek design and comfortable strips facilitate you to carry the bag, easily and effectively. Although inappropriate for carrying a lot of extra stuff, yet it’s a perfect backpack if you like simplicity.

5. Dakine Prom BackPack: Buy Now

Dakine Prom BackPack Review

Prom backpack is an outstanding product of Dakine. Dakine is a leading backpack manufacturer. It is a U.S based multi-national firm that provides versatile backpacks and related accessories. From snow backpacks to women wallets, every product of this firm depicts its class and premium standard.

This prom backpack by Dakine is a masterpiece in terms of quality, captivating design and durability. In short, it is a must-try product because of its elegance and strength.


This backpack contains some wonderful features that keeps it superior over all other competitor backpacks. Some high-end features of this amazing backpack are:


It is fabricated from 100% polyester which not only makes it a durable backpack but also makes it a lightweight product. Because of its less weight, you can easily carry it from one place to the other. This is an ideal laptop backpack for men.

Comfortable straps:

Straps of this backpack are padded to provide greater comfort. Moreover, shoulder straps are adjustable which makes it easy to change length of the straps depending upon your height and weight of the stuff that you are carrying.

Spacious Compartment:

Besides few small pockets, a large spacious compartment provides appropriate space to accommodate your stuff. Wide dimensions of this backpack make it easy to carry clothes, books and other useful stuff.


  •   Available in different colors.
  •   Adjustable with your body.
  •   Durable and sturdy.
  •   Has a lot of room.
  •   Very Pretty.


  •   Can’t be used professionally
  •   Has bad odor.
  •   Expensive.


This prom backpack is the best option if you are a student or a traveler. It allows you to  carry a lot easily. Well-grounded in built and form, this bag contains all the features users want in their desired product. However, because of its rich color mixing, it isn’t highly recommended for office use.

6. Dakine Campus Backpack: Buy Now

Dakine Campus Backpack Review

Campus pack is a wonderful backpack by Dakine. Dakine is a trustful backpack manufacturer. It is a U.S based multi-national company that is famous for its versatile backpacks and related accessories. From sporty backpacks to luggage bags, every product of this firm depicts its class and premium standard.

Campus backpack as the name depicts is a backpack specifically designed for students, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the students.


This backpack is equipped with versatile features to accommodate laptop, books and other student related stuff like stationery.  Some key features of this outstanding backpack are:

Padded Sleeve for laptop:

Since, it is a student focused backpack, therefore, it contains a padded sleeve to accommodate laptop of up to 15 inches screen size. This sleeve is padded to prevent laptop from any kind of damages if your backpack falls or faces bumps.

Insulated Pocket:

This bag contains an insulated pocket which helps to keep your mobile and other electronic gadgets safe during rain or if the bag gets wet because of any reason. This is a best laptop backpack for men.

Sternum straps:

Straps of this backpack are fabricated from sternum. It provides more grip over the shoulders and strength to the backpack. Use of sternum makes this backpack more durable.


  •   Mesh side pockets perfectly hold drink bottles.
  •   Multiple color options to choose.
  •   Easily organizes stuff.
  •   Material is good.
  •   Washable.
  •   Durable.


  •   Couldn’t carry much heavy stuff.
  •   Don’t have much room.
  •   Not that strong.


Campus backpack is an ultimate stuff organizer for students because of its specific pockets and versatile compatibility. Moreover, its appropriate for you if you are not luxury-lover because unpadded shoulder straps aren’t very comfy. Apart from that, well-founded quality makes it reliable and durable to use for long time.

                                           Between 50$ to 100$

7. ScanSmart Backpack 1900-eBags Exclusive: Buy Now

Best Laptop Backpacks 2017

It is a product of Swiss Gear. It is a multi-national firm that provides top quality travelling gear. This firm is popular all around the world because of its unique and innovative accessories. This firm manufactures wide range of products, from travelling gear to belts and wallets. All gadgets of this company are distinct because of their innovative design.

Scan-smart is a top rated backpack because of its versatile features, durable material and elegant design.


It is a features-rich product. It is equipped with modern design, innovative compartments and gracious looks to provide you an astonishing experience.

Large Size:

It is a fairly large backpack because of its wide dimensions. This product is 18.5 inches high, 13.5 inches wide and can expand up to 9 inches to engulf your valuable stuff. This is an ideal laptop backpack for men.

Top Quality fabric:

This product is manufactured from high-end polyester to quality fabric. Polyester makes it lightweight while fabric provides extra strength and beauty to this backpack. Blend of polyester and fabric makes it a long lasting product.

Ergonomic straps:

Straps of this backpack are designed to provide maximum comfort and ease to carry this bag from one place to the other. Padded shoulder straps makes it a comfortable bag. Moreover, length of the straps is adjustable which enables you to modify straps to maximize comfort.


  •   Hold the stuff in an organized way.
  •   Comfortable holding handle.
  •   Soft from the back side.
  •   Multiple color options.
  •   Two mesh pockets.
  •   Has a lot of space.


  •   Can’t hold heavy stuff.
  •   Not that durable.
  •   Bit bulky.


This e-bag is an ultimate option if you are looking for a classy and durable backpack that could also hold your laptop. Top-notch quality along with innovative design makes the product go bang and deserve to be taken at the drop of a hot. It won’t let you go down the drain for sure. Good luck!

8. Powerglide Rolling Laptop Backpack: Buy Now

Powerglide Rolling Laptop Backpack Review

This is a product of High Sierra. It is a U.S based multi-national firm that provides luxurious and innovative travelling gear, laptop bags and backpacks for students, professionals and hikers. Innovative designs and compelling styles are key features of products of this firm.

Powerglide is a high-end rolling backpack. This outstanding product provides durability, versatile compatibility and elegance to carry your precious stuff.


This features-rich product has everything to accommodate a large amount of stuff. Multiple pockets and built in organizers makes this backpack a lovable product. Some key features of this valuable product are:

Multi-compartment design:

This backpack is designed to engulf a large amount of stuff. Its multiple compartments provide fair amount of space to accommodate laptop, clothes, books and other related stuff.

Wheeled Base:

Its finely placed wheels makes it easy to move. Strong wheels makes it easy to roll this backpack on both, rigid and smooth surfaces. You don’t have to hang this backpack on your back instead, you can roll it on ground with a lot of ease and comfort.

Well-Managed Pocket Organizers:

The main attraction of this bag is its nice and efficiently designed pocket organizers. Different pockets have different kinds of organizers i.e. for headphones, water-bottles, stationery etc. Everything in this bag will look organized.

Large size:

This backpack is quite large. It is 21 inches high and 9 inches wide. Moreover, it can expand up to 14 inches which makes it an ultimate backpack. It is one of the best designer laptop bags.


  •   Separate compartments for laptop.
  •   Has prevention from abrasion.
  •   Backpack hidden straps.
  •   Has a lot of room.
  •   Shock absorber.
  •   Easy to carry.


  •   Not that durable.
  •   Not waterproof.
  •   A bit heavy.


If you are a traveler, this backpack is an ultimate option for you because of its versatility and ground-braking storage capacity. It is one of the best entry level product, with shock absorbers to prevent your stuff from abrasive damage. All its make-believe features are the ideal ones, can’t get any better in the given price.

Between 100$ to 200$

9. Fjällräven Greenland Large Backpack: Buy Now

Fjällräven Greenland Large Backpack Review

Fjällräven is a trustful brand in the field of outdoor equipment. This company is famous for its diverse shoulder bags, laptop bags, Duffel bags, tents, backpacks and related accessories. Simple yet elegant designs of products makes this firm a unique brand in the field of backpacks and bags.

This Greenland backpack is an outstanding product because of its simple sleek design and catchy-shape.


This backpack looks simple but it is equipped with some outstanding features which not only make it compatible but also gives it a unique look that compels everyone. Some key features of this backpack are:

Polyester construction:

It is manufactured from polyester which not only makes it a durable backpack but also gives it appropriate strength and stability to cope with the heavy stuff. It is one of the best designer laptop bags.

Internal Safety Pocket:

This backpack does not contain any pocket on its outer surface. Instead, it is tooled with an inner pocket which not only provides safety to your valuable goods but also ensures organization of the stuff.

Padded Bottom:

This product contains padded base which enables you to keep sophisticated devices like mobile phone or laptop in the backpack. Its padded bottom acts as a shock absorber and ensures safety of your devices.


  •   Webbing shoulder straps.
  •   Versatile color options.
  •   Can hold a lot of stuff.
  •   Lightweight backpack.
  •   Can hold extra stuff.
  •   Zip free bag.


  •   Not separate compartments for laptop.
  •   Non-padded shoulder straps.
  •   No side bags.


Greenland backpack is a perfect backpack for travelling and hiking. Students can also use it to carry books and stationery. Although a bit comfortable while carrying because of unpadded strips, yet the long-lasting quality won’t leave you at lost.

10. Topo Designs Daypack: Buy Now

Topo Designs Daypack Review

Topo designs is a U.S based firm famous for its innovative and elegant backpacks, costumes and hiking accessories, from sporty backpacks to waist packs, this company provides a versatile product line which is designed to meet needs and requirements of people belonging to different fields of life.

Unique design, captivating construction and portability are some positive aspects of this product which makes it a top seller. Moreover, its navy blue color and contrast decoration strips gives it a stylish look.


This daypack is equipped with modern features to accommodate needs and requirements of the modern users. Some key features of this wonderful backpack are:

Zippered exterior pocket:

This backpack contains a zippered exterior which provides easy access to the stuff. You can use this outer portion to carry different things that you might need during travelling like mobile phone charger, hands free and hair brush etc.

Durable hardware:

Daypack is manufactured from heavy duty hardware which not only provides it strength to carry heavy goods but also makes it durable. Moreover, it is widely compatible. You can use it to carry books to school or college as well as for hiking or travelling.

Padded Shoulder straps:

Shoulder straps of this backpack are padded to enhance ease and comfort. Sleek design of the straps adjusts flawlessly to your body. Thus, provides better grip and balanced load management for both the shoulders. It is one of the best laptop messenger bags.


  •   Has a lot of storage space.
  •   Inner pocket organizer.
  •   Padded laptop sleeve .
  •   Leather lash tap.
  •   Stylish design.
  •   Durable.


  •   Available only in one color.
  •   Not easily accessible stuff.
  •   Bit expensive.


If you don’t have any price issues, it is a best backpack because of its compatibility, durability and innovative design. Limited color range make it less useful for students especially girls who prefer brighter tones, yes but very appropriate for business related users. Simple and classy. Something you need and deserve.

11. 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack: Buy Now

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack Review

5.11 Tactical is a U.S brand famous for its military style costumes and backpacks. This company supplies tactical stuff to all countries to meet needs and requirements of the hunters and hiking-lovers. This firm manufactures high end tactical uniform as well as backpacks and other accessories.

It is designed for hunters or adventure lovers who has to cope with different environmental factors like heat, cold, snow and water etc.


Rush 72 is tooled with versatile features to provide universal compatibility and durability. This product contains many outstanding features, some key features of this product are:

Nylon Construction:

This backpack is manufactured solely from Nylon. Nylon construction makes it a rigid and durable backpack. It has all the capabilities to cope with severe environmental factors without any wear and tear. It is one of the best laptop bags.

Bunch of Pockets:

This product is equipped with many pockets and pocket organizers which makes it easy to organize your stuff. Moreover, it provides extra space to keep stuff like bullets, magazines and additional armor. In short, you have plenty of space to keep more stuff.

Water Repellant Body:

The key feature of this backpack is its water repulsive body. Since, it is designed for tactical purposes, therefore, it is very important to keep water away from valuable goods. Its water repellent body does the same. Whether it is raining or you’re passing through a waterfall, this will protect your armor and other goods.


  •   Adjustable sternum shoulder straps.
  •   Special pocket to protect eyewear.
  •   Additional attachment points.
  •   Provides stability of goods.
  •   Two hydration pockets.
  •   Very strong and sturdy.


  •   Not ideal for school/office.
  •   Not much featured.
  •   Not that durable.


If you love hunting, hiking and travelling, Rush 72 backpack is the best option because of its high-end features. Additional compartments to keep stuff are again well-founded. However, students and business related users, be on your toes guys, not very appropriate for you people. But for travelers, well its the best they can get.

       Between 200$ to 350$

12. Brooks England Pickwick Day Pack: Buy Now

Brooks England Pickwick Day Pack Review

Brooks England is an English company famous for its clothing, bags and other accessories. This firm is famous for its high-end products. Each product of this firm is a masterpiece considering quality, design and durability.

Pickwick day pack is an all in one package. It is a decent and captivating backpack in terms of simplicity and durability.


Although this product looks very simple, yet it is equipped with some outstanding features which makes it an ultimate choice of sophistication lovers. Some key features of this wonderful backpack are:

Outstanding material:

The material of this backpack is the main reason behind its high end finish. This awesome backpack is manufactured from water-resistant cotton. Due to the use of water-repellant cotton, it is a water proof bag. It has no effect of water which keeps your goods safe.

Leather Trim:

Use of genuine leather trim gives it a captivating look. It also offers natural shine and texture which makes this product an eye-catching masterpiece. It is one of the best laptop bags.

Fair Storage Volume:

Storage capacity of this backpack isn’t very large but, still it can hold products with volume, up to 12 liters. You can place whatever you want, there is no restriction. Every gadget that you’ll place will be safe and secure from all kinds of environmental factors because of water resistant material of this backpack.


  •   Fits perfectly with body.
  •   Simple sleek design.
  •   One secret pocket.
  •   Flawless design.
  •   Lightweight.
  •   Strong.


  •   Storage volume isn’t very large.
  •   Bit expensive.
  •   Too bright.


If you have no price issues and like sophistication; Pickwick backpack is an ultimate option because of its durable material and gracious looks. Even though storage volume is limited and might not be enough for some people, but quality and alluring design won’t let you be at lost at any cost. Moreover, check your pocket before you leave for the market, its a bit expensive.

 Between $350 to $500

13. Filson 70199 Harvey Backpack: Buy Now

Filson 70199 Harvey Backpack Review

Filson is an American company. This brand is famous for its stylish travel bags, laptop bags, luggage backpacks, classy briefcases and many other products like that. Products manufactured by this company are unique because of their refined material and innovative designs.

It is a waterproof laptop backpack by Filson and it has captivating design and high end features. This product contains all the sophistication and durability that you require from a backpack. In short, it is an all in one package.


It is a featured product. Its ergonomic design, captivating structure, versatile pockets and durable material makes it an outstanding backpack. Some key features of this product are:

Outstanding Material:

The main reason behind high end finish of this backpack is its unique material composition. This waterproof laptop backpack is manufactured from top quality Cotton and Nylon. Tempered Cotton gives it a shiny and attractive look while Nylon lining provides durability to this wonderful backpack.

Bunch of pockets:

This waterproof laptop backpack provides flexible storage because of its ergonomically designed compartment and pockets. Two side pockets, two stow pockets and one interior hanging zipper pocket provides extra storage for a versatile range of gadgets.

Padded Shoulder Straps:

Shoulder straps of this product are padded to provide extreme comfort and ease. Its low profile design makes it feasible for everyone. It is one of the best laptop bags.


  •   Removable interior divider.
  •   Can be used for laptop.
  •   Anti-abrasion fabric.
  •   Lightweight.
  •   Waterproof.
  •   Flexible.


  •   Simple design.
  •   Bit expensive.
  •   Not durable.


If you don’t prefer budget-friendly goods, I’ll recommend you this one because of its elegant design and outstanding material. Also if you want something light to carry which carry your stuff validly, its an appropriate suggestion. Although for some people it might be expensive anyway, yet for those who prefer quality over money, its for sure the better option.

14. Lexdray Boulder Pack 2.0: Buy Now

Lexdray Boulder Pack 2.0 Review

Lexdray is a brand famous for its exclusive and smart products. Superior crafting and use of high end materials makes this brand a top rated backpack manufacturer.

Boulder Pack is a distinguished product in the whole product line of this firm. Its smart design, stylish structure and high end material makes it an outstanding product.


Because of its ergonomic design, high quality hardware and other smart features, this item is exceptional. Some key features of this product are:

Weather resistant Fabric:

Boulder is manufactured from high end material.  It is manufactured by a blend of 70% ballistic Nylon, 20% Neoprene, and 10% TPE. This outstanding mixture gives it unbeatable strength and makes it ultra-durable.

This backpack is fabricated to cope with all kinds of weathers. Its water-resistant fabric makes it an ultimate water-fighter. Due to water proof material, it prevents your stuff from every kind of climate effects.

Compartment for laptop:

Ergonomic design of this classy item provides a separate compartment which can hold a laptop with screen size up to 15 inches.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps:

Shoulder straps of this item are adjustable which enables you to adjust length of straps depending on your height and feasibility. You can either shorten the straps or you can make them large depending upon the weight that you are carrying in your backpack.


  •   Additional space for water bottles.
  •   Padded compartment for laptop.
  •   Extra balance during hiking.
  •   Removable waist strap.
  •   High end hardware.
  •   Very durable.


  •   Not that waterproof.
  •   Bit expensive.
  •   Little heavy.


If you have no price issues, Boulder pack 2.0 is all in one package because of its durable material, efficient design and water-resistant construction. Flexibility and substantial support along with comfortability is making this product raise the bar. Don’t worry, you can put all your eggs in one basket and depend on it. Amazing quality indeed.

15. Ospreys Men’s Atoms 65 AG Backpack: Buy Now

Best Laptop Backpacks 2017

Osprey is an American company, a leading backpacks manufacturer known for its innovative and smart packing solutions. This firm’s product line comprises of backpacks, luggage bags, laptop bags, stylish school bags and many more. In short, when it comes to packing, Ospreys is a trustful name because of its versatile product line.

This item is a fourth generation backpack with modern design and spacious compartments. Atom like design of this backpack gives it a distinct and innovative look.


It is equipped with numerous modern features. Its versatile pockets, durable material and gracious look makes it an ultimate product.

Bunch of pockets:

The main reason behind versatile compatibility of this laptop backpack for men is its pockets. This backpack contains a bunch of pockets. Five exterior zipped pockets make it spacious to hold any kind of stuff. On the other hand, three slip pockets make it feasible to hold the stuff that you’ll use time to time like water-bottles, sunglasses, headphones etc.

Durable Material:

It is fabricated from Nylon only. Its whole body is manufactured from high-end Nylon which not only makes it durable but also gives it enough strength and power to hold bulky stuff.

Adjustable Shoulder straps:

Shoulder straps of this item are adjustable. You can easily change their length according to your feasibility. Moreover, this laptop backpack for men comes with a removable waist strap. In short, it isn’t difficult to handle it.


  •   Has removable sleeping pad straps.
  •   Seamlessly fits with your body.
  •   Uninterrupted water supplies.
  •   Built-in reservoir sleeve.
  •   Less effect of gravity.
  •   Atom like design.


  •   Couldn’t carry heavy stuff.
  •   Not that durable.
  •   Bit expensive.


If you are a professional hiker or a passionate traveler, this is an ultimate laptop backpack for men because it is equipped with everything that’ll facilitate you throughout your journey. Its unique facilitating design has cut the mustard in backpack manufacturing portrayal. Go for it.

Final Thoughts And Conclusion:

So, these are the best laptop backpacks 2018 reviews according to my fair judgment and analysis. I’ve reviewed backpacks, manufactured by different firms keeping in mind some important factors like price, material and size. You may also see previous reviews of each and every product to get more ideas.

I’ve given unbiased reviews of all the products. I’ve discussed products of some top rated backpacks. And if we select top six from top fifteen rated above ,Topo Designs Daypack will be heading the list by 5 star rating and all-good customer reviews due to its quality and design. Brooks England Pickwick Day Pack leads the rest ones also with 5 stars. Tactical Rush 72 Backpack is on third number by providing best level quality in stipulated price.  Dakine Prom BackPack stands at top forth product with amazing features it offers.  Everest Luggage Backpac is fifth last while Everest Luggage Basic Backpack on sixth because of amazing durability and reliability.

But ultimately, the choice is yours. What is your requirement? Always choose a product on merit, if a product is expensive it does not mean that it is the best product. Compare features and price of a product with other competitors and then decide. This comparison will surely help you to purchase a right product. Good luck my friends.

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